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From Trevor - Saturday, 10th September 2005, 09:25 (GMT)
G'Day Young Fella!! Well I have just taken the time to update meself with your travels after having let it lapse for a bit long. Apart from wanting to see how you are, what you've been up to and where you are headed next, I was motivated to check out the pictures of Iran, having just met you friend Asal yesterday!!

Brad what sorta blows me away is both the smallness of our world, but also the vastness of the planet. What I mean here is this. Here we were, down at Warners Bay just last night eating a good ol' Aussie hamburger (with the works may I add) with a beautiful young vibrant full-of-beans- and-curiosity-and-stories of a land that we (who haven't been there) have only heard of.....Iranian lass by the name of Asal ......and to think that she only recently just happened to bump into you on a busted bus somewhere in Iran.....and here we all are sharing stories, laughter, fun, culture, heritage, a beer etc etc all in such a chance, serendipitoneous (just made that one up) coincidental, arbitrary, sorta way, finding out from her that even she only knew she was coming here a month or so ago and knew nobody, not a fri..gin soul, yet came anyway!! It rings of just so many things: how small the world is....that we have so much in common with her (and her people) on one level, yet are so different on other. It tells me how small the world is, that it really is so easy for you to have travelled there, and for her to have travelled here. It tells me that there is no excuse, NONE (!) for the misinterpretation of cultural intent that our governments (western) and stupid media have foistered on us under the heading of fear and terrorism and national security. It tells me that all people.....ALL have such basic things in common, being the need for a sense of belonging, of curiosity, of peace and good will and desire and hope. Of being a part of the human race, well before being partitioned into the man made categories of race and religion. Mate it told me of the specialness of each and every one of us. The need for us to show tolerance and interest in one another and to keep our borders and cities and houses and hearts open to one and all at all times, with no exceptions. It told me, and I have always suspected this and you are proving it (as I did too in what now appears like another life, during my Canadian ventures) that 'fortune favours the brave'. It is all there, and has been for ever, and awaits those of us with enough smarts to go find you have. Look at the stunning depths (and width and breadth) of cultural experiences you are having. Why are you having them? Because you had the dream, the foresight and the b...lls to get up off your ass and go see them. Yet so many of us (me included in this sorry stage of my current existence) choose to stay put and be routine, and boring and go look for ruts to jump into. This is where ignorance and intolerance and prejudice breeds like a rotten old toad-stool.....all in the dark and fed on bullsh..t. Ah mate......I am just SO proud of you and what you are doing and the style in which you are doing it. And the impact it is having on us all. Me for one, you are bit by bit opening up my curiosity and need-to-travel bug again!! When you come back I want you to spend aw, a couple of nights with me and teach me all your knowledge of music and how to appreciate all the different types and styles that you have sought out and experienced over there (it'd only take a night or two wouldn't it?) Ah mate, you just enjoy every moment and remember that this trip is charactising not just who you have become, and who you are, but what you will be and grow into as you go through your life. This trip is just an appetiser not just for future travels, but for thoughts, feelings, knowings, senses that you will carry with you for the rest of your days and that you will spread amongst those with whom you mix and share the stories. With each day and each experience your senses and spirit and being are being molded and tempered into something different, something deep, profound and intrinsic that will lead you to new places both in the physical world and within your psyche. This is what travel does, when you test yourself and expose yourself to new and different things and are open like a big fat sponge and let it soak into you. What occurs to me and what is making me wax so prolific right now, is the incredible depth of culture that you are experiencing. It is so goddam old and so profound. It is awe inspiring if for just one moment we can picture or remotely conceptualize all that has gone before, when you are standing at a given ancient place or tomb or mosque or wat or what!! Ah mate, it makes our country (white australia that is) just so damn shallow or, to be fair, because each culture must have a starting point, perhaps I should say 'so new'. You are in the cradle of goddam civilisation, the birth place of cultures seeing what has always been there......and yet to us living and remaining within the confines and security of our all-so-powerful-and righteous west totally invalidating all other cultures, especially poorer and or indigineous, less developed and lacking Macdonalts, characterising them as a bunch of crazy extremists, a bunch of oil wells to exploit, and a culture and set of languages that we don't understand, so therefore are suspicious of. No........meeting Asal (Sall we've nicknamed her) confirmed my suspicions. There is a world out there and it is full of wonderful cultures, beautiful personalities (ah the little Bedouin (spelling?) girl to whom you gave the pin, and the other who sang to you....and the mischeivious little urchins in the streets of christ-knows-where....ah each one of them touched my goddam heart. What beaut kids...Brad, these are special moments. Enjoy mate. Big thanks for the special postcard from Bam. Ah but in my humorous musings about the place with you (derived from the crazy sounding name it has) I missed the fact that it has suffered such tragedy. Yep, I probably heard the news report of that earthquake, and probably muttered "poor bastards" to myself, then went on to spend the remainder of that day cleaning the engine bay of some busted truck that I imported. Meanwhile, what did you say....20,000 poeple lost their lives and ten times that lost their homes, while the western world went and had a hamburger. There is something wrong here. As the joke goes, god in his heaven is probably lying on a cloud peering down, with moses or one of his other mates checking out the progress of the world, and is quietely shaking his head, muttering "you've gotta be joking". Meanwhile George Bush has just given another address to the nation, extolling the virtues of his presidency and ending with "god bless america"!! Ah but there is something wrong with this picture. take care as agreed. Have fun, and keep up the correspondence when you have time. Trev
Hi Trev,

Wow! Thanks for such an impassioned, honest message - rather than reply to it here (I'd take up half the web page) I've sent you a big long email.
Cheers, brad
From Bill and val - Sunday, 2nd October 2005, 09:02 (GMT)
Hi mate we heard you've been sick hope alls well now we think you are now in India how is it this is a short message We have Ryan sitting next to us to guide us through the internet! You can see we are still in the learning process :-) so will close down now and hope you are back to good health see you later mate all the very best.
Yeah, I got really sick while I was in Pakistan, it was terrible. I'm feeling much better now, but don't ever want to go into a third world hospital again! I hope you are both well and enjoying the beginning of spring!
Love brad
From Rostas - Wednesday, 29th June 2005, 02:29 (GMT)
Hey mate. Don't worry about putting your trip on hold to go to a music festival. Sounds like you've been able to be part of some amazing concerts, and lets face it, if you hadn't have gone, you'd be kicking yourself anyway. So don't worry about it. Bad news about the soup! That's horrid, but at least your staying true to yourself and always trying new things! Something which I am trying to do more often. I have to tell you about a bar in Melbourne called the Transfer Bar. It's linked to the stock market and the price of the different beers change every 7 mins according to the stock market. There is a screen that shows all the relevent information. A great place to go if you want a different beer every time, but a beer like coopers can change from $4 - $7 in ten mins. =] Good fun. Well, I'll talk to you soon no doubt! Have fun, Rostas
Hey mate!

Nice bar, that sounds awesome...although I'm going to be reluctant to pay more and 50 cents for a beer from now on! :) Yeah, I've withdrawn that comment about the festival, you're right of course, I was just feeling a bit fed up whe I wrote that... Have you been able to find another job? Hows the band going - I hear you have a new drummer...sounds promising. Anyway mate, will write you a big update soon.
love brad
From Ellee - Monday, 25th April 2005, 02:06 (GMT)
Hey Brad,

Those photos are amazing, and the people in Turkry sound like fun. Maybe you have a possible career as a carpet merchant if the composing dosn't work out....

Welcome back to the world of meat eaters!!!

Have you come across much folk/street music? And what was the Turkish Pop like?

Have fun
Hey Ellee!
hehe...I think I'd rather just cut rug occaisionally! hmmm...anyway, yes, I have come across a bit of Turkish music, its mostly catered for tourists though. It sounds very typically middle eastern, sort of harmonic minorish with quartertones added in! Turkish pop is interesting though, it is pretty western in terms of beat but uses the same traditional scale, so also sounds very Turkish!
all the best,
From Andrew & Jess - Saturday, 30th April 2005, 13:08 (GMT)
Hey Brad,

We'd forgotten the name of the website as you said you'd email it to us.... But it's all ok as it suddenly came to me! We had a great time reading about your travels! We are both very jelous and interested to hear what you do next. Wishing you all the best and we look forward to hearing about your next adventure.

Be safe.

PS Jess says, thanks for letting us know you arrived safe!!!!!!!! Hold onto your wallet and I am so TOTALLY jelouse because it sounds amazing!!! Did you email Will????
Hey guys!
Great to hear from you, will send you a big update soon. Sorry...though I had emailed the site to you. hehe, I hope this inspires you to save your money and come and join me, both of you!
love brad
From ryan - Saturday, 30th April 2005, 11:15 (GMT)
hey brad,
It sounds like your having a fantastic trip. I think you need to do some work on the public transport system though! that photo from the ferry across to istanbul looks awesome! I wish i was riding through that island with you, that would have been great. (dodgy bike! ;) ) oh well i'll talk to you soon HAVE FUN. Love you and miss you,
Love ryan
Hey ryan,
yeah, things are pretty cool, you would have loved the ride around the island. Keep that datsun running!! Miss you too.
love brad
From mum - Sunday, 12th June 2005, 02:29 (GMT)
Sunday 12 June Midday
Bradley it's all so amazing!! We're not sure that you should have gone off on your tour on your own!! Sounds a bit risky...but you are that's the main thing.We can't imagine what you have just experienced! We are so glad we have photos to look at. It's so hard to believe you have been to all these places. WOW!! How much did Becky pay? i would love to see a photo of your guide and the car you travelled in. Can you download some. Is that you on the camel? Awesome!! Ryan thinks you should try cutting your hair yourself if that's the standard of hair cuts!!It does look a bit hacked!! I will write an email to you soon. I'm glad you ended your trip on a good note. Don't worry about the money. In Australian terms it's not too much and you just contributed to the economy over there! Take care. Please travel carefully..maybe with a companion. We are all a little worried about you. Keep having an awesome time. We love hearing from you. Lots of love Mum and Dad xx
Hi mum!
The tour was totally safe, the guide was with an official company, I saw their offices and was never concerned at any point about my safety. Just the money. Backy managed to do it for about $100, it cost me $300 (US - so much for Australian terms). I didn`t take any pictures of the guide because I didn`t really like him, and our car was just a terago style thing, really standard. Yeah that is me with the camel, the guy who took it is always taking people out into the desert for weeks on end, something I have in mind for the future (not this trip!) The next three weeks are going to be really cruisy, I`m going to try and save some money a bit and only spent it on concerts. I might end up just eating kebabs in Istanbul! Everything I have done thus far has been really safe, don`t worry. The guy I met told me in an EU study Syria came out as the third safest country in the world, which is rather interesting. By the way, can you email me asap the most recent bank statement and account number? My netbank is frozen and I am getting concerned about my level of spending. I definantly have to cut back...Anyway, looking forward to your email.
Love Brad
From Cath - Thursday, 21st April 2005, 23:48 (GMT)
Wow Brad, A fascinating start to an incredible trip! This page is an awesome way to keep in touch and up to date - it's just like having your own TV documentary! ... (is that the next big plan? Complete with original Turkey inspired score?)... Anyway just thought you'd like a msg to say hi and we appreciate your site! Take care *hugs* Cath.
Hi Cath,
Good to hear from you! Indeed, the site is very useful, and surprisingly easy to use. All the best, brad
From mum - Friday, 22nd April 2005, 11:46 (GMT)
Hi Brad,
Fantastic to hear your voice yesterday and know that you have arrived safely. We miss you so much but now that we know that you are safe and are having a fantastic time we all feel a lot better. We have just opened your planet ranger site and seen the fantastic photos and read your news. WOW! Its amazing! I can't believe you're really there. Last night when we picked up Ryan from The Cat Empire concert we went with Alex and Gemma to a Turkish kebab shop. We met the Turkish owners who assured us that Turkey is a very safe and hospitable country. They gave us free genuine Turkish tea and free Baklava! They were so friendly and want you to visit them on your return to share your experiences. I felt so much better after meeting them. I haven't cried at all today! I'm feeling so much happier now. Take care mate and stay in touch. We love you and hope you are not homesick (I don't think you would be yet!) Lots of love Mum xox
P.S I'm glad you didn't buy the carpet! Istanbul looks amazing
Hi mum,
great to hear from you, Istanbul is sooo amazing. Hehe I've had so much free tea here too, it must be a turkish thing! Glad to hear you are all good, missing you all but not homesick!
love brad
From Shellwell - Saturday, 23rd April 2005, 01:07 (GMT)

Hey you,
How about you think of your big cous when out shopping for carpets eh??!!
Great to hear from you, love the site - it's like I'm travelling with you... in my red office chair surrounded by stinky nappies!! Huge love from all of us. xxxxx and a big one X
Hehe, I don't want to go near another carpet shop for at least a month...actually, I'm thinking about getting one in Iran, so if you want to put in an order...! I hope Jarvis is feeling better, and so much good luck for the solo directoring! love brad
From Gem - Saturday, 23rd April 2005, 13:16 (GMT)
hello..hello, this site is sooo cooool, everyone is so stoked we can follow your adventures. I'm so jealous..everythings sounds so amazing! how is the language thing goining?? whats the night life/ like? whats the weather like? we miss you ...its so quite around the opera..anywho keep us updated love Gem
i'll email you any seminar questions!! its on Friday
Hey Gem!
I miss you all too! Yeah, the site is great and really easy to use, mabye you sould get one for Borneo? The language is no problen, everyone here speaks at least three different languages, it puts me to shame...The nightlife around Taksim Sq is really kicking, millions of people everywhere! As for the weather, it's a beautiful day today, about 22 degrees and sunny, but they last two days have been cold and rainy. Feel free to ask me anything for the seminar, and play some of The Magic Flute for me!
love brad
From mum - Saturday, 23rd April 2005, 13:52 (GMT)
Hi!Aya Sophia sounds amazing! I read about it last night in the book on Turkey. what trinkets did you buy? Have fun in Taksim Square!! What do Turks like to drink? What sort of beer do they have? Have you tried it? Is it nice? Who did you meet at the Grand Bazzar? Can't wait to hear your Day 3 adventures!
We got a small letter from the Kitami family in Japan and some really nice photos with Gemma and Yukie cutting their "20" cake as well as photos all of us with their family. Bill and Val are arriving tomorrow for Anzac Day. We are going to the dawn service and then the march at 9am. Ryan is playing in the Marching Band and Bill and Val will march. We will think of you at Gallipoli. I'm sure you will be moved by the service. You will be the only family member ever to have attended the Gallipoli Service so you are representing us all. Give a thought to your two great grandfathers who served there. We are all lucky to be here!! We are all going to watch an excellent documentary on Gallipoli at 7.30 on the ABC tomorrow night.We will look forward to hearing about your experiences at Anzac Cove. I'm sure it will be a memorable occasion and deeply moving.
Take care. Love mum XOX
Hi mum!
Hehe, lots of questions! Turkish beer is good, they only have one type, Efes Pilsen, but all the locals seem to drink it, I havn't seen much else. Anzac day sounds good, at least you don't have a multiple hour bus ride to sit through first! Our departure got moved back to 11:30 instead of 4:00 because Prince Charles is coming...anyway, everything is excellent, I'll be in touch.
love brad
From D'fa - Wednesday, 27th April 2005, 05:21 (GMT)
Brad... love the website! What a great way to keep people up to date and in touch.
I also found one of the most annoying things about travelling, esp. in the third world, is the number of people hammering you to buy something. You've only got to look Western and have a camera and you're fair game.
Try wearing grungy clothes and looking spaced out and destitute.... shouldn't be a problem for a recent Uni student.
Keep it coming mate.... it's very intersting.
Trev's email is
Hi Dave!
Thanks, yeah, its really handy and ends up looking pretty good too! Yeah, the sellers are a real pain, but Turkey is very much a first world country, it must just be the influence of global capitalism :-)
All the best,
From mum - Wednesday, 27th April 2005, 14:20 (GMT)
Hello again! It was great to talk to you for so long tonight. I was so interested to hear al about your experiences at Gallipoli. We are hearing a lot of different reports about the behaviour of the Aussies, the rubbish, the inappropriate music and people sleeping on graves. It was good to hear what really happened. I told Gemma you shook John Howard's hand and what was on the tip of your tongue to say to him (which I won't mention here!!). She thought it was very funny!!! You must be still so tired after your ordeal going to and coming back from Gallipoli. I hope you can catch up on some well deserved sleep. The photos taken at Gallipoli are fantastic! It must have been an amazing experience that will stay with you forever.
We are looking forward to hearing about your next adventure. Take care. Luv mum
hehe, no one was supposed to know about that!! Yeah, I was wasted for a few days after that...still, it was well worth the experience!
love brad
From Rosie - Wednesday, 27th April 2005, 15:07 (GMT)
Hey Hey! Hows it going you crazy adventurer! Sounding freaking awesome! Wish I could have seen you off! China was awesome, had some mighty weird times. Don't believe we don't get to see you till next year- thats crazy! Will send you a big long email soon (so busy at the moment tho). Will prob send it on saturday- 30th of april. Want to talk to you sometime- hows the phone situation work?? Well, am off to bed. I'm going to orchestra nova tommorrow night, haha, my cello days are underway. Keep having an amazing time (like I need to tell you hehe). Missing you, love Rosie xo
Hey Rosie,
great to hear from you, and I'm looking forward to hearing of all your stories from China. I'd love to talk too, but it's probably easier if I just call you. What day and time is good for you? Good luck with orchestra nova, I don't think my pain threshold is that high...
talk soon, lots of love
From Carol Posselt - Thursday, 28th April 2005, 12:42 (GMT)
Hi Brad, greetings from us all in Queensland. What an amazing web site! I have sent Heidi and Amanda your web address and I'm sure they will follow your trip as well. Steve and I have vivid memories of the war graves at Tobruk in Libya, acres and acres of white crosses with names, ages and personal messages from familiy. It was a very moving experience. The surrounding desolate countryside made you realise just how horrible it was for the boys. They were all so young, about Steve and my age at the time. Anyway, I hope you continue to have the most amazing trip and we look forward to following it through this site. Love Carol and Steve.
Hi Carol,
Great to hear from you! How is everybody going in banana country? I've only heard a few stories of your time in Libya, but that sounds like an amazing experience! The Gallipoli peninsula is filled with graves like that, half with messages from family, the other half are unnamed. It's really awful to think of the soldiers experiences and the waste of life. Anyway, keep in touch, all the best!
From Mike Power - Monday, 2nd May 2005, 05:05 (GMT)
Heya Brad!
What an awesome adventure! This site is awesome - I love reading about you're crazy expeditions across Turkey - I think thats the only world worth describing it - crazy! haha. The photo's are awesome! I hope you realise how jealous we all are of you right now! haha I hope you didnt contribute to the rubbish left at Anzac Cove! It looks awesome there! And I'll be looking forward to hearing that recording on your minidisc! Anywayz, behave, wash behind your ears and keep us updated! Take care,
Hey Mike!
Hows things going? Yeah, I'm having a pretty cool time, I'm leaving Istanbul today for Edirne. The rubbish thing was trickey too, there was no bins and everyone was given breakfast in these huge styrofoam containers. Anyway, all the best!
From Ellee - Wednesday, 4th May 2005, 00:11 (GMT)
Hey Brad,

Those Mosques are amazing! Have you been to any while there is stuff going on? I am now a fan of Istanbul looks like a great place.
Keep the journal entries rolling, back here Sam and I are getting itchy to travel...
Keep being awesome

İstanbul ıs an amazıng place. It`s a really cool cıty, I`m hoping to make İt back here for the Internatıonal Musıc Festıval ın June. I`ve made so many frıends here, I thınk I`d come back anyway! I`ve managed to sneak a look ınsıde a mosque during prayer tıme but they don`t lıke tourists comıng ın, I guess for they bıg ones there`d just be constant photos. I want to check out a muslum servıce, mabye somwhere a bıt smaller.
All the best!
From Amanda/Mandy - Wednesday, 4th May 2005, 07:26 (GMT)
Turkey by yourself! You're amazing, or crazy, which seems to be the recurring theme. I'm so envious my eyes have glazed over with a new shade of green. I am following your journey daily which helps keep uni a little more exciting! Looking forward to the next instalment and eventually the stories when you get home!
Party hard.
hehe, yeah, ıt seems a bıt that way but once you go places lıke thıs you fınd its not really that crazy, just a dıfferent culture, people are stıll the same. Goodluck wıth uni, is this your last year?
All the best
From mum - Wednesday, 4th May 2005, 10:50 (GMT)
Hi! It was great to talk to you for so long on Monday night...but I think it's going to cost me a fortune!! Oh well, it was worth it!
I received both your messages last night. Did you get my messages on your phone? I sent two from dad's phone. My phone only receives messages and won't send them overseas. I'll have to get International roaming.
If you didn't receive anything let me know and I'll try and find out why not.
GUESS WHAT...There's an article about you in the Star newspaper today. The article is called, "Bradley hits all the right notes"! It has a great photo of you in your academic dress with the university medal. There's even three quotes from you!(?).. I wonder how that got in there?!!! Mmmmm!!! Well... I'm a proud mum..what more can I say... !!! You deserve it!!

Have fun in Edirne! It sounds like another amazing place. I'm sure you'll meet a whole lot of new friends. Where are you staying and how long will you be there? We're all looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!! Take care always. love mum (It's Mother's Day on Sunday!! Bill and Val will be here so we'll have a nice dinner together.)
...thanks...can you scan a copy and emaıl ıt to me? It`d be cool to see ıt. Edirne was a cool place but I only stayed one nıght, I`m ın Çanakkle now. I`m stayıng ın thıs huge dorm, but I`m the only one ın there! Had a hardcore Turkısh bath last nıght ın thıs ancıent hammam, I thınk I`m goıng to be sore for quıte a few days! I dıd get your messages, thanks, I`m stıll workıng out how to use my phone. I`ll probably stay here for two nıghts, I`m goıng to vısıt ancıent Troy tomorrow!! Anyway, wıll update the page soon.
love brad
From Rosie - Wednesday, 4th May 2005, 13:11 (GMT)
I missed your call! God damn it!!! Would have been home too, but did some last minute baby sitting for Sam. Was really hanging out to talk to you too! :( Ahh well, need to talk soon. Did you get my couple of msgs?? I got you pressie today- thankyou so much. The earings and georgeous, the cymbals are awesome and thats one mighty swanky belt!! All so deliciously purple as well. :) Am not offically doing belly dancing this semester, but will be dancing around the house in that awesome belt clanging the cymbals :) Made my day. Well, really hope to speak to you soon, lots of love rosie xox
Damn eh! ah well, I was callıng from a really expensıve place so couldn`t have talked for long anyway. I`ll gıve you a call soon and we`ll have a good chat. I can`t belıeve your prezzıe got there so soon! It`s from the Grand Bazzar ın İstanbul, so I thınk ıts all pretty authentıc! I dıd get your messages, sorry I havn`t replied, still figuring out my phone! Anyway, we`ll talk soon!
love brad
From Phoebe - Wednesday, 4th May 2005, 22:57 (GMT)
Brad, it's so exciting to read about your adventures - what a fantastic and exotic land Turkey is, with so much history too! I'm glad to hear that you're having a wonderful time and recording it all as well. Keep well and I'm thinking of you :)
Hey Phoebs!
So nice to hear from you! How`s everything going up in brizvegas? Hehe, yeah, Turkey is an amazing place, you would really love some of the places I`ve seen. All the best, brad
From Ellee - Thursday, 26th May 2005, 04:43 (GMT)
Hey Hey once again,
Still all looks very awesome, that blue water is really really really really blue, if only all the water around was that pretty, imagine blue sparkley water comming out of the taps....

Olyimpos looks very quaint and kind of never-ending-story-ish, good photoes of the tombs too, I imagine that they are spectacular!!!!!

Wedding is now 6 weeks away and thesis due in 5 weeks. Both are coming along well but its very busy, I would much prefer to be over in Turkey hanging out with pretty water and funky cliffs. Ready to murdur all computers....

Well keep the amazing photoes and stories coming, make us all realise that there is an awesome big wide world just waiting to be looked at...
Hey Ellie!
Yeah, the colour of the water was amazing, it was even bluer in the blue cave if you can imagine it! That is s an unfortunate collision of dates with the wedding and thesis, I`m sure you`ll manage though. You must be getting pretty excited, I can`t wait to see the pictures from the big day! Good luck with it all, you should have your honeymoon in Turkey!! Let me know how it all pregresses. Anyway, have to go, dinner was just served! Stay in touch! Byeeee!!
From mum - Friday, 6th May 2005, 13:28 (GMT)
Hello again!! It sounds like you've had another great couple of days! photos are amazing!
We received your parcel yesterday. It had all split but had been taped up by the post office. Luckily nothing was damaged. The Gallipoli programme was really good. A fantastic momento! I will post Jim's and giver Bill his copy on Sunday. They will really appreciate them. Thankyou.
Gemma loved her earrings. She wore them today. They looked great on her...gave her a slightly middle eastern look!!
Tomorrow we might be buying another Datsun!! It is only $150!! Ryan wants it for parts so he can "do up" yours!! If it all works out you won't recognise your car when you get back...because it won't have any dings!! Ryan is going for his licence next Wednesday, the 11 May.
What are you going to do for your birthday on Monday?

IT'S BRAD'S 23RD BIRTHDAY ON 9 MAY!!!! (Just in case anyone is reading this and wants to know!!!)

Send me another message on your phone soon to make sure it's working ok. Glad you got my messages.
Take care.All's well here. miss've only been gone 16 days. It seems like ages. Luv mum XX (PS I posted book and photo to David Banney yesterday.)
Very glad the parcel arrived, I was rather concerned about it falling apart. YEAH, go the Datsun!!! Good work Ryan, I`ll buy it back off you when I get back! Good luck for getting your licence too Ryan. Glad Gem liked the earrings. As for my birthday, it may be a bit of a non event, I`ll probably be either in Burga or on my way to Selçuk but I`ll try to do somthing interesting :) and of course I`ll give you a call.
love brad
From gem and Alex - Saturday, 7th May 2005, 00:56 (GMT)
Heellllooo i'm just looking up some island stuff for you! whats happenin' its raining and cold here now :( no more beach for a while. Me and Alex have started our run of imunisations ooouuchch. we are getting excited now! i'll keep you updated on our adventures. Miss you
Hey Gem,
thanks so much for all the info! It was very helpful! It`s getting nice and warm here but today is really windy so not so nice. Yay not long to go until Borneo!! You`ll have to get one of these pages too. So I can see waht you get up to.
love brad