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From Dee - Wednesday, 9th May 2007, 21:17 (GMT)
Fantastic stuff Em! It all sounds (and looks!) soooo awesome... Make sure you get into those games of mpira!! :) we are 4 from 4 so far this season... Dee :)
Rafiki Dee... great to hear from you. I am so proud of you guys winning all games so far. What have the scores been? Close or easy wins? Stay in touch... Em
From Flo - Wednesday, 9th May 2007, 17:48 (GMT)
I love yr pictures... and soon !yey! we'll be together on the same photo somwhere on a beach in Zanzibar...

*hugs & a rose* from da Cape of Africa
Hey there. Yep I'll see you in Tanzania and good luck with your Kili climb!! I wish I had a t-shirt - 'Kili - it's a killer!' Baadae...
From ainhoa - Thursday, 24th May 2007, 03:13 (GMT)
mambo vipi? unakuwaje?
seeing your pics of doors i remember in Tunisia me and my family did the same, take pictures! Dulla in the photos the same i am emailing for the spanish lessons?
you know that bomba in spanish can also mean cool?
Cant wait for you cats collection.
muak muak
Hey lovely guapa! How's Australia treating you again? Good to know bomba is cross-cultural! Hmmm the cat collection is coming soon.. :) I will look at your page soon also! Hi and a hug to Nandy. Hope you are both really well and happy.. Love Em
From Mang - Thursday, 31st May 2007, 04:02 (GMT)
Hola Emma,
I apologise for my lack of communication, been very busy. Zanzibar looks beautiful! Very interested in the NGO work that you will be involved with. Will email you shortly. Take care, with love Amanda x
Hi Mang. Great to hear from you. What's been keeping you busy? How's the self defence going?? Take care.. Love Emma
From Mike - Tuesday, 3rd July 2007, 04:40 (GMT)
Woops, haven't I been a bit slack getting back to you!!! I'll put that down to working my butt off (but I'm just glad I get a shower each day unlike you!! crikey's). I have to admit I am a visual person so I've checked most of your pics (and picked up most of your travels and adventures) but as yet haven't read your stories. I get them from your MVP reader Jane anyways so know all the goss :) What an experience you are having, good on ya!! ps. my soccer is going good apart from 4 weeks of rain and no games. sitting in top 4 so happy with that and even got a few goals!!! indoor must have helped my outdoor cause. pps. Promise I'll check it my often, Jane is right, it is amazing reading what you are up to. Bye for now, Mike, xx
Hey Mike,great to hear from you! thanks for looking at my pics even if you don't get time to read. I know each entry looks massive but I think it's interesting! I hope so anyway, cos it's interesting living the real thing here!! Keep up the good work with your soccer,.. take care x Em
From mum - Wednesday, 9th May 2007, 03:19 (GMT)
Nice to see some photos. Glad you're enjoying it. Put up some photos of the markets.
Hello... here are some more pics. Tomorrow I'm going to the markets to be a real mzungu and take some photos just for you!
From ainhoa - Wednesday, 6th June 2007, 04:36 (GMT)
so...where are the cats??
we are so busy working we have no time for internet, but we have just ten more days to go!
i sent you an email.
mua mua
Hola lovely rafiki.. There are no apples here but everything is apples anyway.. maybe I should change it here 'She'll be bananas!' more appropriate for Uganda. OK cats will have to wait until I'm back on Zanzibar! Samahani (sorry!).. Thanks for email, I replied too!!
From Muzz - Wednesday, 4th July 2007, 00:38 (GMT)
Yes it is a Kenyan version of kiswahili as it is more precise than other countries. Your translations are very good but your swahili needs a little bit of work. Ha ha. Take it easy. Tushekiana.
Hey, kiswahili is from Tanzanian Coast!!
what's your latest email signature anyway??
Hmmm just you wait 'little bit of work'!!!..... baadae!
From Amy Wiles - Monday, 25th June 2007, 03:54 (GMT)
Hi Emma, I got your web address from Murray - love the photos. You look great, the stories (I have managed to read at work) are hilarious, sounds like a fab time. Makes me more and more interested in travelling again. The soccer team is going well but we definatley have a gap on the wing.... Enjoy!
Hey Amy, great to hear from you! So Murray must still be reading my page even if he doesn't leave messages! Tell him I want to at least know what email signature he is using each week!! I love his email signatures.. I'm so proud of the team, you guys are doing really well. Glad to hear you enjoy the stories too :) Take care, say hi to everyone... baadae!
From Susan - Tuesday, 15th May 2007, 02:10 (GMT)
Hi again, em,

STill checking your movements and still sounds as thought you are loving the experience ;-) Loved the market photos too. Amazing how other people live. Glad to hear the classes are growing in size you may have a full classroom soon ;-) Things going good here. Weather absolutly beautiful still 24 and sunny! Soccer still undefeated YEAH. Keep having fun looking forward to reading the next update ;-) xoxo
Hey Sus! Thanks for message, always nice to know people are reading my page! :) I am putting up a new entry maybe tomorrow... Congrats to the team once again!! You guys are kicking butt.. x Em
From Jane - Wednesday, 23rd May 2007, 04:13 (GMT)
Inakuwaje? Bomba? Hope so :) Am keen to see your cat page....hope they aren't skanky cats like Greece!! ;) Baadae!!
Hey Mrs Reid! Great to hear from you as well. I am bomba for sure! Are you shuari? Like I said to Ainhoa, the cat page is coming soon. Maybe after Uganda! I've been so busy. But I will get them for sure. I have already filled 2 CD's with pictures. I hope you're still at Fuji when I get back! ;) Hi to Michael and everyone. How's the team going? Still winning all games? x Em
From James - Monday, 14th May 2007, 01:20 (GMT)
Jambo rafiki!
Speaking of Africa on TV...Zanzibar was on tv twice last week! On Amazing Race (they caught a dhow from Dar to Zanzibar, visited Stone Town and had a Maasai club throwing contest!). Also re-runs of The Best of Race around the World had a story on the gigolos of Zanzibar!! Real thing sounds so much better....fanya sheri. James.
Mambo ashunta bunta?? Great to hear from you. I would be interested to see the stories on Zanzibar and how they portray it. Hmmm I know 'fanya' (to do), but I don't know 'sheri' - I'll get back to you!.. nime furahi :) tutoanana baadae...
From Ciara - Tuesday, 22nd May 2007, 01:33 (GMT)
Hey Emma,
Wow, I am so jealous! You look so happy in all your pics and I am so glad to see that smiling face! Still expect to turn around and see you as life has become sad and lonely again without you here! =P Keep smiling and having fun - you are doing such a worthwhile thing. Will try to e-mail properly soon. All the best always! Love, Ciara xox
Hi Ciara. Nimefurahi sana to hear from you. "I am really happy to hear from you!"... Well on thursday I am off to Uganda to start teaching at the school there. I'll let you know how it goes! How's your family and your man?! Hope Pastiche is treating you well. Hi to Phillip and everyone there. Love Em
From Anni - Sunday, 10th June 2007, 00:27 (GMT)
Hi Em. My first visit to your amazing pages (the baby sleeps...) You are doing fantastic things pal. So great to hear and see how you're getting on. Josephus and Rosemary rock :o) You look so well and happy. Keep up the good work. Lots of love, Anni x
Hi Anni.. great to hear from you! Are you getting used to be a Mum yet? I'm sure you're loving it. Can't wait to meet her! Thanks for the message.. Hi to Si. Love Em x
From James - Saturday, 16th June 2007, 02:52 (GMT)
Hey Em, Just a quick one. We just got the Kathmandu newsletter and noticed a photo of a very familiar looking won a $100 gift voucher! Well done!
Hello! Yes I did! Ahsante sana :) I put a photo of it on here too!!
From Answers - Monday, 25th June 2007, 00:42 (GMT)
Okay ; ) there's the White Nile in Uganda/ Rwanda... but its not the real Nile.
Oh, really? And from what source is your information on the source of the Nile? Rwanda's will beg to differ and so will Ugandans. Do you want me to throw something in the source here in Uganda and you can go see if it arrives in Egypt? I will put a message in a bottle addressed to 'the mysterious answers'
From muzz - Tuesday, 3rd July 2007, 01:15 (GMT)
hey em, can you send me the postal address again too. Thanks!!
Hi Muzz, about to answer your other message too!

Jim Education Centre
Josephus Gavah
PO box 287
Uganda, East Africa

Josephus will love you!! Make sure you mention my name so he knows how you heard about them.. Thanks Muzz!!
From Kimbo - Wednesday, 9th May 2007, 23:14 (GMT)
Nice work Em, good to see you're enjoying yourself! Stone Town looks beautiful - very, very jealous... Take it easy (or pole pole), and remember to teach them all about 'Kim-isms'.
DONE AND DONE!!! Well if I had that shirt it would be so much easier to spread the word but I'm sure I'll pass it on to a few. I'm already teaching everyone about budgie smugglers and 'tight asses' etc. What's news with you? How's the army - did they let you in?
From Susan - Wednesday, 9th May 2007, 23:16 (GMT)
Hey Em, Your experiences so far sound absolutly incredible. I am hooked ;-) even my work mates are waiting for the next instalment. You sound as though you are doing what you set out to achieve. Look forward to hearing the next instalment. ENJOY and stay safe xoxo suz. We are still undefeated in soccer! YEAH
Hey Suz... How are you? I'm glad my intalment wasn't too boring then! And a big congrats on the team's wins to-date! Keep kicking butt won't you? And keep kicking the ball as well! ;) take care.. Em
From melanie kench - Thursday, 10th May 2007, 00:48 (GMT)

now the travel definitely seems worth it, eventhough we all miss you. the photos are great.

love mel
Miss Mel, Pantone queen... How are ya? what's the goss? How's college? Great to hear from you, thanks for the message! Keep Kim and Steve in line won't you? xEm
From ainhoa - Thursday, 10th May 2007, 03:31 (GMT)
hey guapa so you are now a computer geek too ;) You look great on your pictures!
When we are back in Lorne we have to tell Dale of the news about the stars, he is not going to like it! or is he right? i am confused! anyway, keep enjoying! we have five days left in NZ....much love, xxxxxx
Hola mzuri rafiki! Mambo? I will have to look at your page now and see what you've been up to in NZ. So many people here say 'hola' or 'ciao' to me because they get a lot of spanish and italians here and they think I am one. I still have your anklet from Thailand on, it looks good with my new masai anklets! love to you and Nandy as well... :) (are your apples ok? I'm still apples)
From Jane - Thursday, 10th May 2007, 04:01 (GMT)
Hey Em, Well i read the whole wasn't boring...the more you write the more I learn about Africa! Glad to hear you are enjoying it. Still undefeated in soccer (touch wood) but we are missing you! Take care & I can't wait for the next installment. Jane xx
Hey Mrs Reid! Congrats on soccer!! That's so awesome, wish I was playing with the team. Keep it up. Hi to Mike and everyone... x Em
From muzz - Thursday, 10th May 2007, 04:45 (GMT)
Hey em!! Those africans are hilarious. Keep up the diary entries, it gives me something to do at work. Speak to you soon you little mozzie.
Hey mwalimu mpira! OK will try to make your days at work as interesting as I can. So where did you find that swahili anyway?? You must be doing some good coaching this year - all wins so far! Baadae
From Shaz - Thursday, 10th May 2007, 06:01 (GMT)
Jambo Em!!!

Sounds like you're settling in well....very jealous! There was a special on ABC las t week. Sigourney Weaver returned to Rwanda to visit her gorilla's from when she made the movie. It was great! They visited where the mzungus do their trips and Francis was there! I got a bit excited. Poor Daz, I dont think he believes I'll get over that Africa trip. Oh well... you stay well.

Hey fellow ashunta! So Francis has made it to TV! How cool... :) Yeah, I don't think you will get over the Africa trip either.. Hope all's well with you. Hi to Daz.. Em
From hola again - Friday, 11th May 2007, 02:25 (GMT)
did you show them my picture? didnt they think i was so beautiful?
Well is this rafiki yangu Ainhoa? If it is, then yes they did think you are mzuri sana!