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From Jane Hurst - Thursday, 23rd May 2013, 20:27 (GMT)
What's the scoop, Rick? You haven't updated your blog in months!!! How's it going over there? Should be nice & hot for you soon.
Loved the "Salt" story. I'm sure you'll have plenty more before you come home. When is that, BTW? Take care & stay safe.
I'm sorry, you are right i need to update, will do shortly. Thanks and should be back September timeframe!
From Mom & Neil - Thursday, 14th June 2007, 02:35 (GMT)
This is a great way to keep in touch. Thanks for posting all this info.
Wondering what a 50 caliber bullet would do to a Jeep?

All is well in Ohio, we think about you all the time.
Love from Mom & Neil

Hope you guys had fun looking at properties..glad you like the site!
From bo - Thursday, 5th July 2007, 01:24 (GMT)
Hey man,

Happy 4th! Hope all is well and quiet on the Baghdad front. Laura and I will be thinking of you tonight when watching the fireworks over the Mississippi.

finally got back on...thanks for the kind thoughts man..enjoy a beer for me...
From Angela - Thursday, 14th June 2007, 02:11 (GMT)
Glad to hear that you are surviving the training. Love this website of yours. It is a great idea! Take care and talk to you soon
thanks for the email... and thank you for serving already, i'm just trying to catch up with you guys.. See you Rosa next year!
From Kurt - Thursday, 14th June 2007, 00:51 (GMT)
Commandeering Commodore Geekus Erectus ! AWESOME photos man, this is a cool site! Your diary and photos, that's perfect, keep it updated for all of us.

I just got off the phone with you here, I'm going to show Dad this site now, so I'll check this site and e-mails more often now and after your 2 weeks in Kuwait is up.

Good talking to you, I'll send you pics from out here too. Take care, watch your back -

Little KJP Geek
From Barb - Wednesday, 20th June 2007, 01:01 (GMT)
My Good Commander,
You created a great and interesting site. Thank you.
Reading it is almost as good as sitting in front of the Captain's desk sharing stories every morning. Love your photots. Take care and be safe.
thank you for visiting barb, miss our morning talks too!
From Lizzy - Tuesday, 12th June 2007, 11:19 (GMT)
This is very cool! Love the pictures and the diary! Miss you too!
thank you lizzy leuver...glad you enjoyed the site!!! I'm trying to get the big weapons photos up tonight, they didnt take last night....miss you too,
From Eddie Montero - Wednesday, 13th June 2007, 23:49 (GMT)
Love the site. I am saving it to my favorites. Give yourself great credit for the work getting this up and poipulating it.
Miss you my friend and tkae good care. Keep in touch. Eddie
thanks man. I miss you already too, get the orders in Oct and hope to be almost neighbors for three years!
From Marky Mark (Lucky) - Thursday, 14th June 2007, 12:07 (GMT)
Hey Rick,

What a cool site. We will be thinking of you. Can't wait to look at more lake lots when you get back...

From CDR Chad Snee - Friday, 15th June 2007, 16:18 (GMT)
Greetings Rick,
Learned of your pending MOB ISO OIF via email from LCDR Katie Boyce. I returned from 9-month MOB to Afghanistan last month. Happy to answer any questions from you/keep the dialogue going. Keep your head down and your SA up!
CDR Chad Snee SC, USNR
Alameda, CA

P.S.: I live and work in west-central Ohio.
From CAPT K - Monday, 18th June 2007, 18:53 (GMT)
Rick, great web-site. Bet you taught them a thing or two on convoy how to hide the vehicles in a lake! Man looking at the picture of you in battle rattle made me want to drop my gun and raise my hands! House is fine, mail still coming but definitely slower. Work is work. Shot a 68 last weekend at Andrews. Everyone misses you here. Keep your chin up and head on a swivel. JK
thank you sir...nice that you remembered my submarine tactics, never was one, only a wanna be. \sister is getting mail now so hopefully that will stop, but thank you so much for watching the place
From Danman's Big Sis - Monday, 18th June 2007, 21:39 (GMT)
Good luck, and God be with you! Will have a "toast" of support in your honor with little brother this summer. Sue
thank you very much. you got a great little brother
From Kurt - Thursday, 21st June 2007, 15:31 (GMT)
Commander !
Again, this is a great site, it's good to see your diary updates.

If you pretend that your personal things are being transported via convoy and the
"civilians" are trying to get close enough to steal them, maybe then you will find your agressive combat stance. See if that works...
Wow this is from June 2007, dont know how i missed this five years ago!
From KRNC - Friday, 22nd June 2007, 19:03 (GMT)
Rick, everything here is still the same. Chief has now replaced me....sits in my chair uses my trivia book. Josh's vehicle got hit by an IED. He wasn't physically injured...thank God. House is OK still some mail but bulk has been diverted. We all miss you. Keep your head on a swivel. JK
thank you sir..just like the tickler i'm behind in my journel...i'll get posting
From CDR Johnny Wolfe - Tuesday, 26th June 2007, 11:24 (GMT)

Where are you located? I have been looking for you. Thanks.

From Jacquie, Willie, Lil - Tuesday, 26th June 2007, 22:18 (GMT)
Hey Rick! Liz sent us your website. I think it's great! We are thinking of you! We will check back often! Love, the Tucson group!
thank you!!!
From SKC Bryan - Wednesday, 27th June 2007, 12:09 (GMT)
-Hope this finds you and your team well. We think of you often, also Josh L. Our son-in-law found out last week he is to go back to sandbox (7 mos home since last there). SELRES/FTS E-7 list just came out (2 SKC selectees in the NR FISCN 206 unit) SK1 here is on edge waiting for REGNAV results. I'll try and dig up a copy of a cool MRE cookbook and send it your way when I can. Recipes for cappucinnos and how to make different "dishes" with various menus. Hope your transition to the climate isn't too rough, keep that water pumpin'.

Stay Safe, Our thoughts are with you.

Chief B
thanks chief! I've been behind on diary..i'll get posting..thank you for writing..
From Cathy Pearson - Wednesday, 27th June 2007, 13:26 (GMT)
Hi Rick!

This is so cool-I'm glad you're sharing this with us. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and please keep posting things on here when you have time. Take care of yourself, OK? Bye for now.
thanks for the card cathy! That was nice of you, have a great summer
From Caro - Wednesday, 27th June 2007, 15:13 (GMT)
Loved reading all this Ricky! Try to keep the writing if you can, we all love to know how things are going over there.
Everyone here is soooo relieved that your girl, Paris is out of prison. Now we can all sleep much better. Ha.
Leave it to you to take the great pics. Just wouldn't be Ricky without the camera in tow! Love ya,Caro
I gotta keep the photos going...and i'm sleeping better knowing paris is free...FREE PARIS! cant wait till next year to see you,
From Linda B (cuz) - Wednesday, 27th June 2007, 16:38 (GMT)
Cuz, This is a great web-site. I am going to try and print the pictures to show to my dad. I know he will be very impressed. I will be telling eveyone about this site so look out for family messages. Take care lulu
thank you!!!i havent been on in some time..thankyou for messages...rick
From Your Cousin Lisa - Wednesday, 27th June 2007, 17:50 (GMT)
Love your entries and all the info you are able to share with us. Your photos are amazing too. So hard to imaging going through what you do on a daily basis. Thank you for serving our COUNTRY! I will tell Uncle Teddy all about this, I know he will enjoy it :)

Stay strong & safe
thank you! I havent been on since in country...thanks for thoughts and tell uncle hi for me...i'll try and make him proud...I'm a "dirt sailor" they all us! In the NARMY!!!
From Zita(Mark's Aunt) - Thursday, 28th June 2007, 12:53 (GMT)
Our thoughts and prayers are
with you-stay safe.
I find your diary very interesting.
thank you, i gotta get back on the site more oftern..
From Janet Thuringer - Saturday, 30th June 2007, 22:31 (GMT)
Hi Rick,

Finally someone is in a location that is hotter than Arizona - I cannot imagine what it is like to carry a pack in this heat too.

Seeing Die Hard tomorrow and will send a movie review.

Read about your Captian and his change of orders - major bummer!

What is with the Army - the Army might think all that sand will remind you of the beach and the Seabee's are used to beaches/water. Perhaps they think you will feel more like home, how thoughtful - NOT.

We should hit 117 this week - how about you?

Janet and Franz
thank you! we've been dancing around 120 but havent really hit summer yet...i know its coming! dust storm yesterday made it 'cloudy' kind of in a not so pretty way..
From Mardee Briscoe - Monday, 2nd July 2007, 15:32 (GMT)
Hi Rick! I am a friend of Janet Thuringer's, Mark's mom... actually, we've been friends for 25 years... Janet forwarded your web site, which is great! Just wanted you to know that we soooo appreciate all that you guys are doing! Be safe, be strong. Warm hugs, Mardee
thank you for the kind words..i'm behind as you can see, but its great to know someone is checking the site out..thank you,
From Mrs. P. - Tuesday, 3rd July 2007, 11:58 (GMT)
Rick--Work on that aggressive stance! I am proud of you and your fellow navy me. Keep working to make the world better for everyone. Here under the dome is surreal when one thinks of Iraq. This new iMac makes getting this site easy. Mrs. Pine would be glad you are continuing your journals. Maybe you'll write a book one day. You are quite man. Mrs. P.
thanks mrs p...been gone for awhile, i'll try and be better about updating...
miss you,