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From Elaine - Saturday, 27th November 2010, 21:06 (GMT)
Hi Ali, The pumpkin carving is just fantastic. How many hours do you take to do them.
Loved reading about the Malta Trip.
Ali spends on average 5 hours to do each pumpkin. She uses a small surgical blade, slightly finer than a scalpel. Whenever she makes a mistake she throws out the whole pumpkin and starts again. The blades are diamond tipped and have to be ordered 6 months in advance from a small tribe of pumpkin carving artisans located in a village, 60km inland from the coast of Zanzibar.

Or if you come over here, we will show you how it's done :-)

Love, Jase & Ali
From elaine - Saturday, 15th January 2011, 22:16 (GMT)
My what a difference. It looks really, really nice I'm quite envious. Where did you put the hot water thingy!!.
I expect it is totally completed now. Has your weather started to improve, that you could get out into the garden. We are still having a wonderful sunny and warm summer. next week however they are talking about cyclones. Will wait and see what happens. Love Mum C
The kitchen is coming along. The granite was templated last week and is due to go in on Friday 21. So fingers crossed we will have a new working kitchen by next weekend. Weather is still shite. Need to wait till April before it starts improving. Will be nicer when it is light at 5.00pm!!
From Marg & Grae - Sunday, 19th December 2010, 20:49 (GMT)
We are in the South Island this year so are having a family chirstmas up at Neill's
Love the snow pictures.
Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas too and to all the clan as well.
From Elaine - Sunday, 19th December 2010, 03:18 (GMT)
You have snow and we have rain. Lots and lots of it. Everything has that awful damp moist feeling, even the carpet feels wet to walk on. The dehumidifer has been going flat stick in our room. Starting to feel nice in there.
Two of the Nepresso coffee's I like are Finezzo and Ristretto.
At this moment in time your snow looks more appealing than our rain. Only difference we have not had to wrap up warm to go outside. Look after yourselves and have a great christmas. Lots of love Mum C
Thanks Elaine. We had a lovely Christmas with my mum and dad.
From Robin Dactyllicus - Saturday, 18th December 2010, 22:24 (GMT)
On our landing window board
called by some a window sill
(although I reckon
the sill is outside the door
whereas the board is inside)
there sits a tiger.
It is only a stuffed toy
but the question is: what for?
Stripey (the tiger) is dull
and lacks all motivation,
unlike his friend Streak;
that cat is a world beater!
Streak has nuzzled Julietís breast;
Streak has a website;
Streak has been to New Zealand.
(Not bad for a stuffed cheetah).
Streak leads an active lifestyle
and embraces novelty
(within strict limits).
On some some things he has to pass
Ė heís only a stuffed cheetah Ė
but heíll have a go.
His friend Stripey is sedate
and stares through the quiet glass.
Ah, but how little we know!
all that studied nonchalance
is a superb act.
The race of cats is cunning
and mockery of humans
is their national sport.
The moment our backs are turned
Stripey is off and running.
* * * * * * * * * * *
For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: 'It might have been!'"
From Fay Gray - Wednesday, 4th March 2020, 08:38 (GMT)
Sounds hairy - we are not used to roads like that in the UK, but Jase is a good driver. Thanks for the Northern lights picture. We are just off to Glyndebourne.
Mum xx
Yes he's done very well on these roads.
From Fay - Ali's mum - Friday, 23rd October 2009, 11:19 (GMT)
Don't the two mums count as family?

Not exclusively!
From Stripey (Streak's br - Friday, 23rd October 2009, 11:38 (GMT)
Hi Bro
Hope you're not too cold up there in the UK. Love reading about your travels tho' you haven't featured since May 16th - did you decide to stay in LA or are your 2 mates just hogging the limelight? Let me know if you need help sorting 'em out.
Stay cool tiger!
Stripes xx
Yo Stripey, i been out and about, just those two are cr@p at updating my page and they don't tell me the password after that virus thing I downloaded off that site you sent me... I went to Scotland after I broke out of Alcatraz and it was wet as bro. Thought I was gunna drown.
Weren't u on Passport Patrol? Saw the dogs sniffing a rug that looked like u?!? WTF dude? Sweet as bro, c u in December, Streak.
From Stripey - Wednesday, 15th December 2010, 14:29 (GMT)
Hey Streak,
What's all this about blades and pumpkins? Some wierd human habit or what? What's a pumpkin anyway? Can you eat it, does it have bones, does it run fast? I guess they've got you out catching them now? You gotta be careful man. Don't like the sound of them blades she's using - you better not get too close in case she makes a mistake and throws you out as well LOL. Remember it's a jungle out there and I'm not there to look out for you.
BTW - I think I know that village they're talking about in Zanzibar. My cousin wandered in there once and they are sooo wierd - all dressed in rags, painted faces and shaking sticks at each other. I tell you, he was well freaked and got the h--- out of there!
Keep safe Bro - see ya!
That's nothing bro. They just took me to a parade where everyone wore black pointy hooded robes and half of them were carrying flagellation equipment!
From Fay - Saturday, 27th April 2019, 13:25 (GMT)
Sounds like a fabulous holiday. But where is Streak?
We donít know! We think he might be in storage (because we decluttered for the move).
From Ali's Mum - Wednesday, 25th July 2007, 23:39 (GMT)
Hi Ali & Jase
Really looking forward to seeing you on 3rd. The cats have arrived safely and are making themselves at home. Tosca seems to like sitting under my chin, as near as possible to my face. Last night he nibbled my ear lobe and removed my earring - I thought he had swallowed it but it had dropped onto the chair!
I was assured by the estate agent that your house was not flooded, but that was 2 days ago. Earl St and East St were both on the news, the water was 3ft deep. Best bring your kayak!
Have a good flight, see you soon.
Kayak duly packed.
From Carl Morgan - Monday, 6th August 2007, 10:12 (GMT)
Drop me an email - all your old address have gone :-)

Looks like you are having a good time.

I will get Ali to do that tonight. Cheers, Jase
From Aaron - Monday, 20th August 2007, 06:39 (GMT)
"Plank Holder", so Ali was either one of the first to take a ship to sea... Or, she was used to hold a plank with grilled fish on it...

Anywho, a good read guys, and look forward to reading more in the future.

Yep, can just imagine Jase in a Ford Focus wagon.... NOT!

Oh, and tell me when you are checking out the Isle of Man. Would love to go there myself one day... Especially during TT week.

Take care, Aaron.
I will send pics from the IOM, might even get my licence and do a lap.. :P
From Mum - Tuesday, 4th September 2007, 04:35 (GMT)
Just read all of your adventures to date. Sounds like a lot of fun.
We are enjoying ourselves, we're trying to make the most of weekends. How are the scallops this season?
From Graeme & Margaret - Wednesday, 31st December 2008, 21:46 (GMT)
Merry Christmas and a happy new year, thank you for the dos and don'ts of the tube we will file this you never know when it may come in handy.
We are down at Anna's for Xmas and new year the weather hase been great if you are NOT a farmer.
Have a great ski holiday .
Hi to both you and Anna and the little one, hope all is well. When do you start the gypsy lifestyle? Is the vehicle far away?
Jase & Ali
From Annette (Netty) - Thursday, 29th November 2007, 04:04 (GMT)
Good to see that you are alive and well. Drove past the house yesterday - still there! I was on my way to the Gables, actually.
It's grand having Thalia back in the country - now we just have to wait for Nathan.
Have been swimming at 'our' beach a couple of times lately. No frosts here, mate!
Hi Netty, lovely to hear from you, hope you had a great Christmas!
From elaine - Wednesday, 3rd September 2008, 04:35 (GMT)
still waiting for the updated house photos. 2008 scallops season hasn't started yet, but I'm sure to manage a feed.
Maybe we'll put up the 'before' photos up when we get home from Malta ... perhaps!!!
From Netty - Thursday, 25th December 2008, 06:13 (GMT)
Happy Christmas! Thanks for the card and letter - oh, so busy all round. Like a moment of blissful peace when the motormower switches off, Barry and I have sunk into holidays. A few days in Sydney to get it started - now lots of swimming, gardening, admiring the pohutukawa along the beach - you poor people can keep your chilly grey Europe!
Love and hugs,
Happy Christmas Netty, it's lovely to hear from you. Hope your summer holiday is filled with blue sky and sunshine.
From elaine - Monday, 7th July 2008, 04:57 (GMT)
still no photos of the outside yet. even one of the loft would be nice!!!
Sorry, no photos of the outside yet but we'll try to arrange.
From elaine - Sunday, 12th October 2008, 00:01 (GMT)
As promised I got of the phone and logged into your blog site. Thank you for putting your updated pictures on. The house looks very different from what I thought it was going to look like. Newer in fact. Loved seeing photos of some of the places you have been too over the past year or so. More determined to be over in June 09 . Lots of love
Hi Mum, the place is actualy starting to look like a home now. We have a lot of unpacking and assembling to do, but we are actually starting to feel like things are happening.
From Kris and Casey - Thursday, 30th October 2008, 23:53 (GMT)
Loving the website and photos guys, very cool and nice to see what you guys get up to. Great way to keep in touch!
Take care adn hope the man flu has gone Jase. Hugs to Ali. The Empsalls XXX
Hi guys, nice to hear from you, hope all is going well with the three of you, Jase is pretty much over the man flu now, thank goodness!
From elaine - Tuesday, 16th September 2008, 06:03 (GMT)
Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Malta. I guess Jason that holidays might soon be a thing of the past once you begin at your new job!!. Still waiting with bated breath for house photos!!
Your wish is our command. There are heaps of new photos up for you to enjoy.
From Fay - Ali's mum - Monday, 20th October 2008, 18:18 (GMT)
Can we please have a pic of Dangermouse in a DJ?
Now showing in the Jase & Streak in Belgium album.
From elaine - Monday, 9th November 2009, 03:40 (GMT)
what great looking kittens. At the moment Georgie is wanting my attention so he is trying to walk across the keyboard. He is presently sitting on top of the printer. The tonkinese has similar features to our boy. You will have to wait until xmas to see him properly. luv mum
The boy is a lunatic. Absolutely no fear whatsoever. He seems to have only 2 speeds, fast and mad fast. He has also discovered the keyboard and that the screen has interesting moving pictures on it. Looking forward to the holidays, see you in a bit more than a month.
From Nadine - Monday, 2nd March 2009, 06:41 (GMT)
Hello, Hello!
Just read a little of your of your diary and I'am envious. Such a contrast to our heat and dust. Whilst you ski, we have been battling 45oC days, smoke and dust. Don't you wished you lived in Australia, ha.
Hope this finds you all well.

Hi Nadine, long time no hear. The weather's certainly not like Australia here. Lovely to hear from you.