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From dianne - Saturday, 14th June 2008, 10:39 (GMT)
Hey sis and Jon , Well time is going fast here so much happening with the boys. they go on there first weekend respite on the 20th ( phew it has been 4 long years since i have had any real time to myself)bugger my car playing up tho on the black friday !
well i have perused yr photo's kids are asking where are the close ups of the polar bears, and walrus! lol had to explain thefact you could become there dinner if you got to close!
wow im jealous of yr trip north justwatching a show called " ice truckers" they drive the ice highway from yellow knife up 300klms north.
im still stunned.
wales my dear and jons roots, hehehe my mind conjours up heaps of funny visions of him being the milk man !
well hope you catch up with martin and alice and enjoy yr time in the uk.
finally have my laptop on wireless it is so neatto be able to be in my room leaving a message, with out being asked to " hurry up mum ".
lol hope to talk to again real soon probably wont be next weekend its my birthday on the weekend they are away ! yippeee!!!!!!!!

lots of love dianne lance kane william and heath
ps kane won at his footy today .
hi di and guys
yeah looking at the photos of the polar bears is a bit of a let down, but the real thing was worth it. we hope you have a great day for your birthday and you really really enjoy your time alone...sorry kids but she does work hard looking after you lot!
stay happy
love marion and jon
From Wendy - Monday, 17th September 2007, 04:23 (GMT)
Hi Marion & Jon,
I'm glad your enjoying New Zealand, I know the muscles are fantastic there...yummy. Well we survived Lozza's 21st & I'm busy busy working to pay the bar know what it's like when we have a party....All the visitors have gone home and now it's back to normal (hahahahaha) if you can call my life normal, anyway have a great time, looking forward to your next insalment
your right wendy, the muscles and mussles are fantastic here, cant work out which ones i like best thou!!! you abnormal life interests me greatly, so feel free to email me and we can have a chat there. love to you M and J
From kane - Sunday, 30th September 2007, 10:11 (GMT)
hi aunty marion hows your trip going mum and the boys say hi geeglong won in afl and i would loved to see you again i love you aunty marion hope you get back safely
Hi Kane, we are having a great time. thanks for leaving us a message on our blog. the world is a wonderful place. we will get back safely and thankyou for your thoughts. love marion
From Ann Davies - Monday, 18th February 2008, 23:16 (GMT)
Hi, all well here with no news - Marnie well, Lib and Andy stayed, Tim in La Paz and Ben has picked first part of vintage.
Very hot again but finally the chance of some rain this week. Couldn't find Mt. Fitzroy on map but will try El Charlten. I think Tim has been in this area as the mts look very similar. Off to Perth on 15/3 for Harry's 1st birthday - it will be nice to actuallly travel ourselves!!!
Heaps of love and when you return to civilisation look forward to news - loved the photos so far.
hi anne
wow harry´s 1. time flies. have a great time over there and give them all our regards. all ok here, just gotta get some time to do some journal entries and i will be a bit happier
love to you and cam
m n j
From dianne - Wednesday, 27th February 2008, 03:59 (GMT)
hey sis and jon,
hm just wondering what you guys are doing now? maybe if the living has become so wild like caveman times, maybe you should skip venezuela and go to where it it is civilized like canada or aus! lol .
how are the weary legs holding up and the hikers back is still strong i hope?
well since you have left it has rained, and rained some more, oh and did i tell you rained again, oh and not to forget the hail. it is crazy weather here.
all seems to be well at this end. heres hoping this finds you soon and that you are well!
love di and the boys:)
yep skipping venezuela and going straight to columbia!! lol
we are in peru, inca trails macchu picchu and all that. very hot, wishing for antarctica again
love to you all
m n j
From Alice and Martin - Tuesday, 31st July 2007, 00:16 (GMT)
Hi there, looking forward to reading lots about your travels on here Love Al and Marty
Hi guys, We r lookn forward 2 doin it so u can read 'bout it.
From M&J - Monday, 17th September 2007, 01:55 (GMT)
Hi,Glad you and jon are starting to relax,enjoy your h/day,where you're heading is a bit hectic,locals a bit restles,beware the kiwis,lost against inda.cold and windy today with sunny breaks,got an almighty dose of gout, pain,pain,mums feeding a couple of orphan calves as I write this,both of us are well,love mum n dad.
Kiwis...what kiwis, we have barely seen a soul!!! the busiest place was the beach. it was like a highway! sorry to hear about the gout, you will have to get of the grog man!
glad to hear you are busy. love m and j
From Jacqueline Lee - Sunday, 2nd December 2007, 04:00 (GMT)
Hi Johno & Marion, good to read that you've landed home safely. Whew ! what an adventure. Have been reading your blogs but responding for the 1st time. WELCOME HOME and on terra firma! Dad (Evan) has been stationed in Antartica Mawson Base in 1963 and 65's, but he never had so much 'fun' like you 2 had :). Anyway, just to invite you two to join our table at the Market XMas Party on Tuesday, 6th Dec at 5:30pm onwards, afterall you did both work here. Won't take anymore of your time. Glad you're HOME ... cheers take care. Luv Jacqueline (Party Shop in the Market ... just in case you've forgotten).
Hi Jacki, give Evan a hug from Jon and tell him we did a Shackelton! sorry we missed the festivities but we hope to catch up with the prahan market soon. cheers
marion and jon
From GTED - Saturday, 4th August 2007, 12:16 (GMT)
Hurry up and leave already, I want your stuff. Wilsons Prom isn't exactly an exotic overseas location. Smile mum i am sure you and Jon wil have fun and cant wait to hear/read all about it.
Hi Guys, wont b long now and u will b waving us goodbye with one hand and juggling all our stuff with the other! luvyas
From Michelle - Friday, 5th October 2007, 03:37 (GMT)
Yet another country! :-) It's good to see you both keeping the tradition of taking control of the plane at takeoff and landing times.. someone has to do it! lol Nothing much too exciting is happening here, although I'm heading off to Bathurst for the race this weekend, should be exciting! I'm going on a plane tomorrow too, so I'll have to teach Amanda how to do the take off manouvre, I hope she understands (I too could get those queer looks, but hey, it happens).
Take care guys, make the most of the attention blondey! :-)
Love to you both,
Michelle and Anthony xox
hi shell, you should have seen jons face when i told him you went to bathurst...we probably wont even see it on tv! probably going to get up with all the other yahoos here and watch the rugby in the morning. let us know how bathurst is. luv2u and anthony. m and j
From Margot Hays - Wednesday, 17th October 2007, 01:22 (GMT)
Dear Jon and Marion,
Found your sight at last. Second try. Glad to read you are having a great time. Travelling is so exciting. Go with the flow and all will go well. Loved all the phots. I am busy drumming and singing here in Albury. We have a Murry Music Club that gets to gether every second Sunday of the month above a Restaurant. Great local talent. Lots to do. Off to the Blue Mountains next Friday 26th Oct for a week. Catch up with Mum's friend Rob and help her out. Take care. Love Margot/Albury
hi marg...see, its not so hard!!! you should try it from this end!!! spanish lessons were ok, still cant speak it very well...but we will be practising often from here on in. though the number of english speaking people keeps saving us from having to try too hard!
chow my friend. jon and marion
From Alice and Martin - Saturday, 18th August 2007, 20:25 (GMT)
Hi Mum, when do you think you'll be in England? i wonde if we will be there to? we'll be there from Oct to about April
Hi dear ones, we will be hitting the UK in June to head to the Faroe Islands, sounds like we might miss you, boohooohoo. Anything could happen between now and then though. Luv2u. Mum
From Glen & john - Thursday, 25th October 2007, 02:22 (GMT)
The silos have a new roof and are being insulated for ?. Maybe so garret can give up his day job and go back to music? lol.
puter not happy just now hope it's sorted when you get access again. Enjoy!!!my tums not happy thinking of easter so take care.xoxoxo
we reckon b and b or hostel....hopefully not the noisy type! tummy good in easter island, not so good in santiago. postcards on their way.
love yas
m and j
From Wendy - Wednesday, 29th August 2007, 23:32 (GMT)
Hi guys,
Well only 12 sleeps before you fly out of here...I wish you a wonderful and safe journey and I will be thinking of you and looking forward to following your adventures around the world
Love to you both

Hi Wendy, we are going to miss ya heaps my friend, but i dare say you will give us a fair bit of cheek on here so it will be like you are with us on our adventure. How's Lauren's 21st coming along. got a gazzillion dollars put aside for the bar tab. Happy birthday Lozza! luv2u Canberra-ites!
From Michelle - Sunday, 2nd September 2007, 10:44 (GMT)
Hi guys!
It was great to catch up with you both this afternoon. I hope you both have an amazing and safe adventure, lucky buggers!! :-)
Like Wendy, I'm also looking forward to following your adventures around the world.
With love,
Shell xx
Hi Shell, very happy to see you and glad to share our adventure with you all. loveya. marion and jon
From Martin - Tuesday, 4th September 2007, 03:20 (GMT)
Well hi mum and Jon,
This is a bit different but very exciting at the same time I am writing to you on your travel page waiting to see your photos and stories, I am so excited for you both that is a lot of excited in one line but you will be like us soon broke. But some of the best memories one could Eva ask for and money does not mean a thing in this world. Well it is good all the packing went well and you got the stuff to grandmas house and others (did you win the race or did black beauty take the win) well New York what a grand place I really donít know how to describe one place so cool but I loved it Alice not so much and you might ask why well I donít know why I just like it ok, (everyone is asking why I like it) Well you hit NZ first correct that will be cool have you decided where you are sleeping hostels or hotels just wondering as I was thinking one night we were in a 10 bed dorm when there were 4 girls and 4 boys role in at 2am drunk doing stuff. (I know you can handle stuff but the small talk when you wake up or the next time you see them, the small talk every where I find very hard to deal with and you and I are pretty similar. I am finding it hard when they are young like 18 to 22 years of age just unbearable for me like sheís fat or I drink this much who gives a two shits but you are a big girl good luck with that also donít forget to lie about how old you are and (only joking) I really hope everyone will be nice to my mum because you deserve it and you are a fantastic mum and I love you. ( This is all the stuff I have found I Hope you are not offended by it by as I was wondering I thought I would get it to you I really love you it is the 4th here so only 7 more days love you both love always love Marty and Alice xoxoxox
Hi Marty, hmmm doesnt roll off the tongue like Martin but i can see i am going to have to get with the program! havent had the race yet and the way we are going i will be towing the black beauty so looks like i am a dead set ringer to win! we have a camper van booked for NZ and not too many thoughts for accom after that. very excited and very exhausted. i love ya heaps mate and a big big hug to alice too.
From Ash - Wednesday, 5th September 2007, 12:29 (GMT)
Hey mate,

I guess u r busy with preparing for the trip and what not.

I just wanted to check out the site and make sure I keep in touch.

Anywayz, take care and we will all miss you at the organic fix.

Hi Ash, sorry you did not see the black beast but mate you should see how it goes!!! But you will have to wait that year. Stay cool. Jon
From Martin - Thursday, 6th September 2007, 05:41 (GMT)
only 4 sleeps love to you both love from Marty and Al
2 beaches, 362 to go!
From T & C - Thursday, 6th September 2007, 08:11 (GMT)
Found you, can't hide from us now, thanks for our brekky
and lovely crystals.
Anthea was OK today, thanks to your training, we miss you though.
guess you know you had me in tears most of the day,shouldn't have read the card after you left of course !! after looking at the list of great things my stone does i'm thinking of having it implanted just to be sure...what do you think ?? thanks for brekky, hope all plans go well and you get to the airport on time...miss ya xxooxooo
Implanted where? just out of idle curiosity of course!!!
all good here, glad anthea is going ok, did you get bilby sorted? I have changed my mind....i think our animal friends should have eyes. got some great photos of us sitting round drinking and eating green lipped mussels on mt wellington...will send them on friday nite ready for saturday for you to enjoy!
remember those crystals now and all those properties you are supposed to be imbibing! where has tim put his???
catchya soon. marion and jon
From Martin - Friday, 7th September 2007, 22:20 (GMT)
Hi well not long now just a quick thought as i have now had for the last 3 days the Shits yes everything going throught me like water so some tables to help theat is a must also we have being bitten by things that swell like nothing,So some allergies tables are a must I know you have them but just in case love to you love from Marty and Alicexoxoxxo
got more pills in our pack than anything else...jon is going to be hours going thru customs!!! try 1 part salt and 2parts sugar as an electrolite suppliment and use wipes instead of paper...they are a bit softer on the tush! good luck with that. m n j
From John Turnbull - Sunday, 9th September 2007, 22:50 (GMT)
Hi Jon and Marion,
First off an apology for missing youe birthday Jon I hope that you had a very enjoyable day on Tuesday.
All our very best wishes to you both for a wonder filled, safe and healthy year of adventures. We look forward to reading all the news.
John and Nela
thanks John and Nela..your messages to us will show up on our page after we have checked them to make sure you arent an undesirable type. love jon and marion
From Alice and Martin - Monday, 10th September 2007, 02:20 (GMT)
Only 1 day to go, have a great trip and keep us updated you might be able to get skype at some hostels so we can still catch up around the world stay safe we love you Al and Marty
cant even find a telephone box here let alone a place with internet connection. they are fighting hard to limit all conection to keep the kids safe. go figure
From judi - Saturday, 10th November 2007, 03:33 (GMT)
Hi 2 you both.Congrats on the wedding proposal, we wish you both our best wishes.l am still working a five day fortnight,but not for much longer,as we will slow down for exmas.Gee you sound like you are having a wonderfull time.Hi to jon. love judi
hey judi and arn. yep all is good here and thanks for the best wishes. so what are you going to do with all your spare time? thank Arn for me for the capital letters. i keep forgetting to use them!
love to you both
marion and jon
From dianne - Monday, 10th September 2007, 21:50 (GMT)
hey you lucky duck! im so envious of yr trip but not of the physicallity of it . lol
finally got yr page up but cant get martin and alice's up! so if martin and alice see this could you drop me a link to your blog please!!!!!!!
so jon i may be the baby in the family but bring her back in one piece or else! lol
just havea great time and lots and lots of pics, the boys are curious as to what it all looks like.
lots of love travel safe and enjoy
love dianne and boys!
Hi Di, all good here...looks alot like Oz so far. been here 2 days seen 2 beaches and thats about it for the moment. very happy to not be doing too much. martin and alices blogg is try that and see what happens. stay in touch. love marion and jon
From John Turnbull - Tuesday, 11th September 2007, 10:23 (GMT)
Hi Jon and Marion,
By now you are in NZ and chillin', I tried a post yesterday but it hasn't appeared...missed your birthday big fella sorry about that...have an excellent trip,
Cheers from,
John and Nela
Thanks John .... the chillin is getting easier each day while looking over the beach with white wine in one hand and green lipped mussels in the other....hard to take mate!!!!! Love Marion and Jon