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From Carmel - Thursday, 20th December 2007, 18:50 (GMT)
Hi Hannah, No we havn't forgotten you, just having a break! Nearly Christmas now so I hope you are in the right mood, spiritually I mean of course! No over indulgence or anything like that! Gran & 'others' say hello and send you their best wishes also. We'll talk over Christmas. 'Bye
From - Tuesday, 6th November 2007, 00:06 (GMT)
Hi, heard you have a rotten cold, Hannah..poor you. Do the chinese know how to make a hot toddy? Put some of the ould vicks vapour rub on your chest and you'll be grand in no time. I don't know what they call it in that part of the world! Probably ........chow mein!
Great photo's.
From ciara - Wednesday, 7th November 2007, 03:16 (GMT)
oh my god, i'm so jealous, those photo's look glad you two are having a ball..i've very few photo's myself, hostels/cafes don't accomodate the uploading of such things :( but soon, i promise!! met some fantastic people in california, i'm up and running on facebook now just to keep in contact with all the international folks!! just reached new zealand, being pissing down all day long, i'm in shorts, new tattoo on calf that doesn't appreciate the rubbing from jeans so i'm freezing my ass off...and there was me thinking i'd be keeling over with heat..fingers crossed the sun will breach the clouds..heading off on a six day bus tour of north island the day after next, and then i'll do an extended one of south island, lookinf for a job in darwing as we speak (pete has taken a job and will be over in early january), just doing up the ole cv, had i have had any foresight i'd have done it before i left home ground but sure heck, you know what i'm like...keep us updated and keep the bebo's coming!! xxxxx love you xxx
From the cuz - Friday, 26th October 2007, 12:44 (GMT)
well cuz, look forward to hearing from ya! just said id say hello!
Hey cuz.. is this Ivan? We weren't sure if it was hannah's cuz or mine! Hope it's you!How's things? x Kim
From christine - Friday, 26th October 2007, 15:53 (GMT)
were the news hannah?!
From Carmel - Sunday, 28th October 2007, 21:52 (GMT)
I found my way in here also and here's the proof!
From Carmel Bonheim - Tuesday, 30th October 2007, 09:59 (GMT)
Hi all, I loved the photos, keep them coming! My feet are getting itchy just looking at them! Granny said that her great wall is the stairway to her bedroom. Hi from all here and don't forget, enjoy life to the full, you can sleep when you're dead! X
From Sarah!!! - Wednesday, 31st October 2007, 18:27 (GMT)
OMG Im lovin frank!!!! The photo's look fab, hope your all havin a ball. It f--kin freezin over here and its dark at like half 4!!! Working tonight so better go!!! Love ya's!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
From christine - Friday, 2nd November 2007, 20:18 (GMT)
we need more news miss u maxie still in good form.
From April Kayleen - Monday, 5th November 2007, 15:59 (GMT)
So good to hear from you guys. Glad you are enjoying it. Hope Hannah feels better soon. Loved the pics. Look forward to more. xx April and Emily
Hey America! Good to hear from's thing's goin with the move, u have the date fixed yet? All's good here but i need to get to some sun fast..pasty isish and all that! Hope you're well.. x x Hi to Emily! Kim x
From fran - Tuesday, 6th November 2007, 03:24 (GMT)
hi guys! hope yer having a ball- pics are class, hurry up and get to sydney, it's feckin roasting here! c ye soon xxx
Hey Francois baby! I can't get onto bebo so can you send me ur e mail? I'm at Can't wait to get to you guy's gettin on? Hi to Elaine and Kevin!x x x
From Jess - Tuesday, 6th November 2007, 09:49 (GMT)
well guys...looks like ye're havin fun. Shanghai by night looks amazin!!!! lookin forward to the updates! so long for now x
From dee - Thursday, 8th November 2007, 17:50 (GMT)
ah girlies!! the pics are absolutely fantastic!! looks like ur having an amazing time! are you gonna be in aus for chrissy?? im going to sweden - ah found out last nite it gets to minus 20!! what the!!!?? um how does a melbourne girl deal with that!!?? i dont even own a hat!!!!! or a scarf.. or gloves...hmmm shopping!!! yippee!!!! anyway ireckon you should send postcards cos they are fun!! u know my address so get on it!!! :)
love yas, Dee xxx
Hey baby! No we'll be in Bangkok for xmas..which will be weird! Minus 20..f*%# that! It's about +28 here 2day heehee! Much more our kind of weather! hope ur keeping well.. K&H x x
From Char - Thursday, 8th November 2007, 20:27 (GMT)
Hey there. K I've only just noticed i can leave messages here!! Photos are saw a white tiger!! Jealous! Any chance you could I dunno "rescue" a cub and send it this way? The balcony is big enough and I have a spare bed :)
From ivan ( the cuz! ) - Thursday, 8th November 2007, 20:43 (GMT)
well cuz, yes its the ivan lad! just lookin at your pictures here, wishin i was der hope your keepin well?!x
Hey cuz! thought it woz you alrite! In Hong Kong at the mo, loving it here, my fav place so far..and it's hot so the pasty legs are out haha! Should have more pics up soon so keep in touch! kimx
From leona - Friday, 9th November 2007, 14:39 (GMT)
hey there u guys. so cool being able to follow u around. i love the pics of the zoos. nice penguin pic....soooo cute. how u guys keeping?? missing u lots. esp seeing the photos!! :(
mail me all ur thailand detils ok, wanna start organising our trip over there for christmas :)
love u lots, lee xxxxx
From Vicki - Sunday, 11th November 2007, 10:55 (GMT)

Good to chat to ya Han on Saturday! You're doing a great job keeping up to date with your photos, they're really great to see. Have a safe trip to Vietnam, miss you all xxxxxxx
From Matt & Rebecca - Sunday, 11th November 2007, 14:36 (GMT)
Hiyer....we are at Grannies in Ireland....wish you were here but looks like you are havig a ball :)
Not sure of your route in Vietnam but we have good friends in Mui Ne, 5 hrs north of HO Chi Minh and where we stayed when kitesurfing in Vietnam. If you fancy kitesurfing or want to hook up with our great friend, Twan then stop of at Mui Ne. Twan is a right laugh, teaches kitesurfing. along the Mui ne rode there is a restaurant bar called Mellow, the owner Paul also has an Ozone shop next door selling my kites... Twan lives there.

Anyway...have fun and see you in Oz soon... we fly back to NZ from France on the 10th Jan.
Loads of Love ....Matt, Bex and Ruby xxx
From Carmel - Monday, 12th November 2007, 09:16 (GMT)
Hi Hannah, So jealous of you having such fun! More pics please!! Had eight hungry students visit for the weekend; now we have no food left in the house. Great way to loose weight. A big hello from all here. x

Hi ya! I love reading all the comments you leave... Heard about that alright... Pesky young ones, eh! Let me know what you think of the HK photos!
From karrie - Tuesday, 13th November 2007, 11:56 (GMT)
hey there hows yous going.. photos are deadly so jealous my little trip to oz has ended im back home depressed but will defo go back soon.. speak to yous soon enjoy xxx
Hey missus..good to hear from ya! Glad the trip went when you thinking of going back? I'm in need of some sun! Talk soon x x
From April Kayleen - Wednesday, 14th November 2007, 10:25 (GMT)
Hello hello! Loved the Hong Kong pics. Got confused, you went to Amsterdam. Lay off the weed yo.
Ermm,,, Cali on 12/29. But next year.... Australia.
oh yeah, when you were tanning it up - you still looked pasty to me. keeping working ot it... muchos loveso
AMERICA!! My irish ass is as white as when i left! We hit the end of a cyclone so still no sun ;( Will be in Cambodia in a week tho so there's still hope! That's cool bout cali.. roll on new years eh?!! Hope all is well and talk soon, love irish x x x x x
From Carmel - Wednesday, 14th November 2007, 18:34 (GMT)
Hi Hannah & Fellow travellers! I like the pics and glad to see you are still smiling! I'm really curious about the next part of your trip so more pics please. When do I get a postcard?!! Hi from the guys here. Enjoy.
Hi Carmel and all in Wexford! Glad you are enjoying the photos... Should have more after our overnight boat trip of Halong Bay in Vietnam! Love to you all!
From Mam - Wednesday, 14th November 2007, 19:33 (GMT)
Hi Guys,
Any more photo's? Want to see Frank on his travels!! Ha Ha . No, messing want to see what ye look like just in case ye changed in the few weeks!!
I think he's pretty close to being a black sheep now! He went motorbiking the other day and he's a bit dusty from the dirt tracks!!
From Teresa - Wednesday, 21st November 2007, 19:00 (GMT)
Hey Guys,
Waiting for more photo's!!
Any from Vietnam?
Sorry!! Internet is very slow..nothing to do with the fact that we're in a cool beach town.. i promise!!! Will have some up soon, love you x x
From Teresa (Mam) - Friday, 23rd November 2007, 15:17 (GMT)
Hi Kim,
Just looked at at photo's from Vietnam, they are cool!! It just looks like I imagined. Take care in Cambodia and love you all. Keep the photo's coming!
Mam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx