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From leona - Tuesday, 29th January 2008, 12:43 (GMT)
hey there guys,

hope ur having a blast. u in oz yet?? hannah babe, check ur bebo mail k. xxx
From Rufie - Monday, 11th February 2008, 18:44 (GMT)
Hi Kim
I see you are having a ball!! I'm doing same travels myself in June! Do you have an email address? Myself and kyle are heading to Hong Kong first and spending a few months between china, thailand etc then our flight to Cairns is in September from Singapore.. my email address is maybe you can tell me some places to go stay in or a route that we should take from Hong kong to Singapore??..
Take Care and Chat soon!! Hopfully even see you On Sydney Harbour for New Year's!! xoxo
Hey there! Will e-mail ya with all the info soon! Good to hear from ya.. will be seeing ya for big celebrations on New Years! x x
From Teresa (Mam) - Monday, 18th February 2008, 16:21 (GMT)
Hi Kim & Hannah,
Just saw all the pictures. They are georgous. Not a very exciting looking Xmas dinner!!!!
Aren't you lucky you didn't see the pics from xmas lunch.. that was in Mc Donalds!! Dinner was much better, I even got sticky toffee pud (not my own recipe but not half bad!) Haha x x