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From JaMaHa - Thursday, 14th May 2009, 21:22 (GMT)
Hi there,
I thought I'll give it a try today: broke into Hajni's email and searched on Angi and found the link with this site sent in 2007 when you were planning the South American here I am!
Really beautiful places you're in my friends!!! Well done! I wish we were there with you. We're missing you and the sunshine from your pics, looking forward to seeing them all! I'm going to Lisbon at the end of July so there's plenty of time to catch up. Janka is missing Tomas's belly...
Can you please let me know when you're in BP?
Well done to you, I am very sorry I did not tell you about it... we are in Armenia now and we love it here! The internet in Iran was very slow that is why I could not put on any pictures. I will try it here! Take care and see you very soon. We are back to Bp on the 5th June and will stay for few days. Britain on the 15th June.
From Dominika - Sunday, 17th May 2009, 21:09 (GMT)
ahoj! Teda Angelice ten habit nezavidim, tady je normalni kvetnove teplo, uz probehlo i par opalovacek, ale predstava te saly a tak... brrr... A beha alespon Tomas solidarne taky navlecen?
Jinac uz je ale to prave sklipkove pocasi:-))) Tesim se na vas
Sklipek mate v Cervnu (5-7). Uz jsme v Armenii a tady je nejvetsi pohoda!!!! Uz konecne nemam na sebe kabat:))) Bylo to opravdu tesky, hlavne kdyz bylo 40stupnu. Promin za to cestinu....
From Veronika&Franta - Wednesday, 20th May 2009, 11:37 (GMT)
Hello you two, love your messages. Hope you enjoying the hot weather there. Well make most of it because it is cold in Uk. Noooo, it is not 2 bad right now. Have a good time on you last days of traveling and call us when you get back in UK. Take care. Vi and Franta
Thanks yes we are having a really good time!!! It will be hard to go back... we are in Yerevan now with my friend who is a university teacher and it looks that half of Yerevan is a university! Lot of students and great atmosphere. See U in few weeks somewhere in the UK :)
From Denise - Friday, 29th May 2009, 17:29 (GMT)

Cognac? Without me? How dare you! :)

Looking forward to you coming back and seeing your photos. Enjoy the rest of Turkey and then Budapest!

Dee x
Thanks and see very soon... I promise we will bring something to drink with us!
From Kev - Wednesday, 3rd June 2009, 12:10 (GMT)
Hello travellers!

Hope all is well and your enjoying yourselves.
A work query for Tomas... was an order placed for all 50 permanent pipe hangers on the west deck and should they all be on site???

Sorry to put that one on you mate.

Speak soon