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From Katrin - Thursday, 6th March 2008, 15:55 (GMT)
Hi haven't read your blog for awhile and you've done so much and been to so many places! Photos are great - one question at VIctoria falls how did you not fall off the edge when you were swimming - were you attached to something? Great photo. All is well here and Mum is coming to visit me in april for 6 wks can;t wait otherwise it is the mundane world of work and normal 'life' stuff which is not half as exciting as your life at the moment. Enjoy every day and keep having a brialliant time. Best Wishes xxx
Thanks! actually was not tied to anything but the guide was holding my feet at one point... only in Africa! Have a great time with your Mum and remember we all have a Dim Sum date when I get back. It might please you to know that it seems Nutella is available all over the world. No flies on the Fererro Export team! Say Hi to Enguang from me Cxx
From Joan - Tuesday, 29th July 2008, 21:08 (GMT)
Hi Claire
Just been showing mum your amazing pics, she is well impressed. You look great and seem to be having a wonderful time. We go to Portugal in 2 days not quite as exotic as some of the places you've seen. Take care and i will be in touch after my hol.

Thanks Joan - have a lovely time in Portugal, things are going to calm right down for me here in Sydney too... back to the working world sadly!
From Stef - Saturday, 26th April 2008, 03:22 (GMT)
Hello reading the blog, sounds so wonderful. I was in England the other week....popped by to see Prospect and review all the changes the new owners have done to the place. Also saw your mum and dad....they seem fine and well!
Yes they said! Glad to see you still know your way home! Say Hi to Brain from me...Cxx
From Jane - Thursday, 20th December 2007, 07:25 (GMT)
At last: the withdrawals symptoms were getting unbearable. We need our fix of the intrepid traveller's tales. Keep up the good work, it's just what we need in this miserable cold weather.
Happy Christmas wherever you will be from all of us at Pyewell. xxx
Thanks Jane! hopefully more will be coming soon and Merry Xmas to all of you too..
From Haley - Saturday, 20th October 2007, 05:58 (GMT)
Hi Clare,
Really looking forward to seeing what you are up to on your travels.
Keep safe and see you in Melbourne next year!
Haley x
Thanks Haley! can't wait till Melbourne either to see the new addition to the Bigely family...follow what I'm up to and see you soon! x
From lucy - Sunday, 27th January 2008, 22:22 (GMT)
mate - come on - I am dying to know what the meditation was like!! can you talk yet? I am seriously realising that I actually could not do that - it is against my religion!
religion? who are you kidding?! Yes all fine - read all about it!

From Kate and Rik - Wednesday, 19th September 2007, 18:25 (GMT)

Haha! We are the first idiots on your blog, and you're still in the country.

We won't be reading your blog once you've gone though i'm afraid as we'll be far too jealous and travelling-sick.

See ya!

The Whoots xx
thanks for your message of support guys! was great to see you both this weekend - promise not to bug me too much about updating this?!
From Alex - Wednesday, 28th November 2007, 09:45 (GMT)
Hi Clare,

Just wanted to leave you a message to say hello!

Hope it's all going well.

One thing I learnt whilst travelling was that the frequency with which you write blogs, emails, uploading photos etc. is inversely proportional to the amount of fun you are having and therefore I can only deduce that you are having a great time.

All the best,

Thanks! hopefully you can now actually find out a bit more of what I've been up to... you're photo uploads while travelling are putting me a bit to shame! xx
From Nancy - Tuesday, 9th October 2007, 14:24 (GMT)
Hello dude, how's the packing? Loving the blog already... despite you having not yet left the country... Not got very far yet have you.. make sure you pack that Clider House video for the lonely moments. lots of love, Nx
Ahhh foe one terrible second I thought I had deleted it - but its still there on my camera so I can look back with fondness.. or loathing... hope you and Steve are settling back in temporarily? keep me in the loop on your plans xx
From Jess - Tuesday, 9th October 2007, 15:38 (GMT)
hello hello! This is very amusing...! Looking forward to Tilbury Tales for across the globe. But, as with most of your other friends I won't be looking on here too often as I will collapse from jealousness!! LOVE YOU LOTS xxx
Ha Ha! thanks hon.. hope the TV cabinet is doing you proud? I found the instructions on how to stick together last night - shouldn't be needing them though! See you soonish xx
From Stef & Brian - Tuesday, 9th October 2007, 22:59 (GMT)
Okay, so we're the dorks who are posting second! Who cares if you're not on your way yet.....I just love the fact you have this....hee hee. See you in Thailand....woo hoo!!
Yay!!!! roll on Thailand let me know when you are thinking about as plans keep altering slightly..currently on track to be there around May time. xx
From Ryan - Wednesday, 10th October 2007, 08:50 (GMT)
Actually, I don't think they have mirrors in Africa, so you should be fine! x
bog off... I actually managed to transport my own mirror home without a hitch so perhaps its just those whish belong to other people?
From Rhian - Wednesday, 10th October 2007, 11:34 (GMT)
well if they don't hassle you about updating this I bloody well will!

Have fun matey, be sure to drop by this lowlife in Hawaii on your way home....:0)

Hey Rhi!! I certainly intend to 'drop by' so sit tight for while there - I don't want to moving off to somewhere boring before I get there! cxx
From SueJay - Monday, 15th October 2007, 22:53 (GMT)
Testing to ensure I got this sorted - Have a GREAT trip! Will look forward to reading of your adventures
Thanks Sue! glad you found the site okay and thanks for a lovely evening of being repeatedly thrashed at Scrabble!
From Beth Walthew - Tuesday, 16th October 2007, 15:27 (GMT)
Hello the Clare
Just tried to ring you so you could gloat at me, but no luck catching you in!
Will try again before the end of the week so I can say cheerio
Love ya
Hey Booth! phone is now dead due to giving it back to work but I got a new sim so will email you all the number cxxx
From Katiebell Whoot - Thursday, 18th October 2007, 14:03 (GMT)
Hey Clareee,

My second post already and you're still in the country!

Just wanted to wish you a fantastic time yet again.

Stay in touch amigo xxx
Awww honey, miss you guys and yes I totally know what you mean about messages saying update the blog! I will try harder! xxx
From Lucy - Wednesday, 19th December 2007, 01:06 (GMT)
Hey Honey - nearly finished here for Xmas - doing nights this week - Oh the joy! Will be strange meeting in the thatch without you - we are planning to meet on Xmas Eve this year as I will be travelling back on boxing day. Sounds like you are having an ace time. Keep up the news on the blog... No real gossip here - just plenty of work!
Its Chris' last day tomorrow and we're going on a backwater cruise in Kerala...have had lovely day in Cochin, but its really sticky and humid here - just like home I expect! I'll call either yours or Chris' phone on xmas eve round 2pm your time so keep an ear open!
From Jane - Sunday, 21st October 2007, 07:58 (GMT)
Hope you had a good journey and that you found your hostel OK. What's it like being in South Africa after they won the World Cup?
Have a great time.
Lots of love from us at Pyewell.
Thanks Jane! It was okay - luckily they all just had big hangovers so didn't emerge into daylight for a day or two! by that point it was bearable! Trip is going really well and we're off to ther beaches this week... yay!
From Stef - Sunday, 21st October 2007, 17:34 (GMT)
We're looking at June......I see you're thinking of SE Asia between May- July so it should work bloody exciting!
Sounds perfect! I've been getting tips on places to go from the guys on the truck so we'll have a ball! Yay! xxx
From Claire Titterington - Tuesday, 23rd October 2007, 08:12 (GMT)
Hello you ... all the best on your travels ... try the hot cashew nuts in the market in Maputo (Mozambique)
Hmmmm good tip, will do my best if we can onloy get some money changed! Thanks!
From Boots - Tuesday, 23rd October 2007, 13:36 (GMT)
Boo hiss - can't believe you went to the 'victor's' county. Very disappointed with the rugby - didn't even properly look at their thighs I was that blue!
How was the trip lady - everything going well?
I know! what a disappointment... yes, trip is great... finally in the sun and its set to get hotter! how's the recording going? xxx
From Kate - Thursday, 25th October 2007, 07:51 (GMT)

Now you know how I felt : )

Hope you're having a blast baby - we miss you!

Ha ha! I've updated it now so stop whinging! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Helene - Monday, 29th October 2007, 17:08 (GMT)
finally I get time to check out your blog!! nothing new here as you can imagine, not very exciting.
Hope you're having loads of fun. Let us know you're OK XXXXXXXXXXXX H
Hey you! sorry about the rugby and yes I am having lots of fun - how's the JBP prep going?!!
From Katy - Tuesday, 30th October 2007, 13:16 (GMT)
Hello! Hope you're enjoying your new found freedom... I'm still incredibly jealous... Just thought I'd share the good news that we've had emailed today and let you know that Dave is now Daddy Dave to Grace Thea Evans, born on Saturday. Mother & baby doing well, Dave lost for words! Keep in touch. Kx
How exciting!!! I'm finally on email after 10 days so lots to catch up on... updating Blog today too...
From Jane - Thursday, 1st November 2007, 10:44 (GMT)
Great to hear from you, it sounds as if you're having a 'wicked' time. Glad the Arnica worked. Keep the news coming, it brightens up our dreary winter-time days. Looking forward to seeing the piccies.
Jane xx
Thanks Jane! hope you enjoy this update - its taken me about 4 hours and I now have quite a sore bum! xx