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From Rhian - Tuesday, 8th July 2008, 02:17 (GMT)
Ha - love the camel!

April, I got you penciled, no going on cruises next april......i'm holding you to it!
No problemo... April it is girl, Hawaii here I come!
From Katie Whoot - Tuesday, 15th July 2008, 09:17 (GMT)
Claree Clogs!

Still loving your blog - great to read when I need a break from work :)

Where to next? How long til i see your smiley face again? We all miss you!

PS I fully understand the descent into airplanes rather than overland after 8 months on the road...

Little Whoot! hey there girl, I know, I know, I was meant to overland but really, enough of those rubbish overnight buses I'm 30 years old goddamnit! Blog might slow down a bit once I get to Oz (tomorrrow!!!!!!) but will be with Carrie and Jezzer so will be talking non-stop for about 3 weeks I reckon!
See you soon,
From RHian - Thursday, 18th September 2008, 23:55 (GMT)
Dude, i'm dying without the blog updates....can't you just start a "i'm working away" type blog?? Send me an email when you can so I have your email address -


Dude I know! sadly my internet access has been limited to free time in the library... boooo. Hoping to remedy that very, very soon though watch this space!!
From Beth Walthew - Monday, 21st July 2008, 14:56 (GMT)
Hi hun - KL sounds wicked. You and Amy look very 'I'm going to save the world' in your picture!! REALLY looking forward to seeing you in September. Love lots, bxx
Thanks Boot! need to put up some more pics soon but can't find anyone with image resizing software - grrrr. See you kids soon though! xx
From Graham - Wednesday, 23rd July 2008, 13:11 (GMT)
Clare - you appear to be having way too much fun & seeing brilliant things. Can you please calm this down as it makes my view at work of a grey warehouse seem all the more depressing. Although it does glisten in the sun. What was it like standing where Lara Croft fell through something? How exciting!
I know! I was right where Lara once was....sigh. Anyway back to that warehouse, tell me more...
From Chris - Thursday, 31st July 2008, 08:20 (GMT)
Hey up chica - wow you are really doing the world, we miss you though! ANy chance you might hop back for a bit after all at some point while in Oz?!?!

Enjoy those home comforts and being somewhere so comfortable and familiar - I cried when I landed in Melbourne )but that was more about the memory of my ten year old self who thought neighbours was the best thing in the world!)

Hugs xxx
I know. I know, its like I've blotted out squat toilets already... my first day in Sydney I gazed in wonder at a shaving of Parmesan cheese!
From Greg from Ghana - Wednesday, 13th August 2008, 00:09 (GMT)
Hi Clare, just checked your blog for the first time in a while and find you are in Melbourne (I think still). Send me an email and let me know if you have time to catch up for a beer!! Maybe a Club?!
Good Plan! I lost your email address so good timing on checking the blog! See you soon (have replied to your email with more info..)
From Nina - Thursday, 14th August 2008, 13:01 (GMT)
Thank you!
We had a lovely day and honeymoon in the Maldives.. lots of reef sharks, mantas etc!
Readin your write up of Oz so far... particularly the part on Canberra... may I suggest Bill Bryson 'Down Under' as a spot of light reading.. hee, hee!
Mrs Kyp x
Yay! Congrats to the both of you... I had forgotten about Bill Bryson but I should definitely be reading him right now... Cxx
From Pringle - Thursday, 14th August 2008, 21:40 (GMT)
Tilbury! - how the devil are you? Love logging on here to read about your travels.....very envious! Rumour has it you're back here in a few weeks time for a night out? Might see you then. Em x
Indeed Pringle! I very much hope to see you there too... can't beat a London night out with the old CTB crowd! xx
From Joan - Tuesday, 26th August 2008, 21:52 (GMT)
Gosh Clare, I can't believe that your travelling has nearly come to an end. You must be looking forward to seeing your mum, dad and Daniel and I'm sure they will be getting really excited. We must all get together sometime to hear all about your fantastic experiences. Joan xxx
Hi Joan - I know I can barely believe it either, although my bank balance is beginning to show the toll of a year without work! I hope to see you all soon, though with me heading back to Sydney in October, I'm not sure it'll be all that soon - you'll just have to keep reading about that chapter!
From Jane - Wednesday, 27th August 2008, 07:27 (GMT)
I know you'll soon be back in the UK and we'll see you then but I just want to thank you for taking the time to keep us all abreast of everything you've been up to during your time away. You have no idea what a pleasure it has been to find another episode when I log on in the morning. I've printed them all off and have quite a book now to enjoy re-reading when the nights draw in. I'm glad you have remained safe and well and look forward to seeing you soon.
With love
Jane xx
Thanks Jane, I think you must qualify as my keenest blog reader! I'm very much looking forward to seeing you all again soon as well. Will do my best to get the pictures I'm missing uploaded soonest.
From Jess - Tuesday, 2nd September 2008, 19:45 (GMT)
So looking forward to seeing you travelling lady! You've done so much!!! Looking forward to catching up over a glass or jug or two of Sangria! See you soooooooooooon!! XX
Thanks Jessa... can't wait either.... Spain here we come!
From Katrin - Wednesday, 10th September 2008, 16:48 (GMT)
Hi Welcome back!

Hope you aren't suffering the post holiday blues too much. I have loved reading your blog and seeing your pics. Cant wait to see you again soon.
Much Love Katrin x
Thanks Katrin! Really great to get a message from you... am actually heading back to Aus in about 2 weeks to work in Sydney for a while. Will drop you a facebook message to catch up.. Cxx
From David - Thursday, 25th September 2008, 18:18 (GMT)
Enjoyed reading your blog and viewing some great pics.
Hope you have a great trip down under. Look forward to seeing you when you return.
Dave & Fiona.
Cheers Dave! was great to see you all in September too... Hope the hot tub is still getting used now the weather is drawing in?