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From Richard - Saturday, 22nd December 2007, 14:23 (GMT)
At long last you 2 have surfaced with some great pics but you are about to enter the daddy of all landscapes and the home of one of the most populist of all b/w landscape photographers Ansell Adams check out the likeness. He was a good friend of Georgie O'keefe famous for her flower paintings and the lover of Alfred Stielglist. Ok you can get back to shopping now.
Stay safe Love Dad
Yo slaphead- whats your skype name? I msged someone before but no response...?
From Rachel Miles - Wednesday, 31st October 2007, 17:07 (GMT)
Bon voyage! Have a fantastic time.

P.S. I'm enjoying the dvd's!!!

luv Rachxxx
Cheers hun x.
Whats it like in the office without me, and dont say quiet!?
Kepp watching those Dvd's im going to want a file review on each and everyone when i get back.
From Lexi - Thursday, 1st November 2007, 21:28 (GMT)
Hello!! Am I the first to message you?! How was the flight? Hope you both having a great first day, love Lexi xxx
Your were nearly the first, but Rach pipped you to the post!
The flight was k but really really long. I was quite impressed how well i coped, especially as i had hardley anysleep at all.
We had a lovely time in Singapore but i dont think i would go back, it was just so humid i thught i was going to die!
From mummy - Friday, 2nd November 2007, 14:40 (GMT)
Oh dear Ellie i'm missing you sooo much already, but i am glad you have touched down in Singapore i can sigh a slight of relief. I bet its busy there having one of the most dence population. If you see any nail bars get me their leaflets/ price list. Speak to you soon, over and out mummy xxxxxxx
Well as you know mum, im already at the airport heading towards Sydney but if i see any on the rest of my travells i wil pick them up. Actually i didnt even see any nail bars, they are big on massaging here!
From Sadie - Saturday, 3rd November 2007, 08:18 (GMT)
Hi Ellie & James,

Firstly, I miss you soooooo much already. This is going to kill me I think.

Anyway, I can't beleive you have done your first pit stop already. I see you're off to Sydney now which I know you will be there for a bit longer. Enjoy every minute. And be careful! xxxx
Hey hun, just arrived in Sydney and its poo weather so im a pissed off about that already! I miss you too but before you know it i will be back...... Hope you have a nice weekedn and i will give you a tinkle next week. xxx
From Alexi - Saturday, 3rd November 2007, 11:25 (GMT)
Hey you too, off to Sydney already?!! I didn't realise you were going there so soon. Your gonna love it i'm sure! Make sure you go to the Opera House, its the best! Let me know if you manage to go see a show there, I was gutted that everything was sold out when we were there. I would also recommend Darling Harbour for a nice seafood meal, although the mussels weren't quite as big as the ones we had in Majorca! Lexi xxx
Evening lex, we went to Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House today, it was definately worth the immense heat and then wse took a ferry back to Darling Harbour which had a conceet going on so it was all very busy.
We ave just booked to go see the Ballet at the Opera House on thursday evening, im very excited!!
From mummy - Saturday, 3rd November 2007, 12:20 (GMT)
Mornin' elles Oh my its quiet without you. My phone only rings with boring work, now your travelling and i've kicked my friends to the curb ( Julie no mates ) Take some pic's please Over and out mummy xxxxxxxxxxx
Evening mummy no really if that the case (that you have kicked 'them' to the the curb,) then im pleased cause they were horrible to you. Plus who needs any friends when they have a dughter like me.....hahahaha!
Imiss being able to just pick up the phone to you and im starting to be become aditcted to seeing if you written on this instead.Lots of love, Over and Out me xxxxx
From Richard - Saturday, 3rd November 2007, 13:45 (GMT)
Hi you two isnt this exciting I am please that your ok. You must sort out the photo thing these are all precious moments that must not be lost that at the time may not seem valuable do not be fooled. I have just discovered all the other messages below and read them I feel some what out of touch or as James would say you old git. I will try to be a bit more together on my next posting. I am going get the Atlas out and leave it by the computer so I will feel more in tune with your journey stay safe have a great time Dad
Err... Cheers Dad. If i had the ability of a red pen to correct the grammatical mistakes in your message; I would. You old git! Catch ya later x
From mummy - Sunday, 4th November 2007, 14:18 (GMT)
mornin' you two, i was thinking last night i hope you are using your carbon monxide and fire detector (just to be on the safe side) Is your accomodation ok ? And are you getting enough to eat, dont forget i'm here if you need me. Ellie i feel like a piece of me is missing i cant wait for the 2nd Jan. I
Hey Mum, yes i am using my carbon monoxide detector. The accomodation isnt great but it is quiet clean, although i do have to wear James' flip flops into the shower coz im not keen on the idea of standing in someone elses pubes!!!! :(
We are definately eating enough, although a load of shit as its cheap and we are trying to budget. We did go to the supermarket today to get some fruit and stiff though.
Email you xxxxx
From Ange - Sunday, 4th November 2007, 19:53 (GMT)
hi you too
glad to see and hear you have touched down safely and seeing plenty of sights already, freddie saw the pics on the computer and said ellie and yams and waves to the planes in the sky and is still stiring his dinners as if they are cups of tea for you both 'yams and ellie'!!!
have you contacted niki yet? take care will keep in touch ange xx
aah bless...

Ellie says YumYum in her tum.

Hope everyone is well and will try to call soon xx
From Sadie - Sunday, 4th November 2007, 20:28 (GMT)
Wakey Wakey rise and shine! So what have you planned for today then? Lots of exciting things i'm sure. Up date me soon. Love the pic's, post losts more!xxxx
Well it would be wakey wakey if it wasnt 7am and i was still in my bunk bed, yes thats right we have bunk beds, i feel like im in prison.
The weather has been so bad again that i have been forsed to buy some t-shirts as i have packed mainly vests and even have my leggings on with my shorts.
We were going to go for a picnic in the Botanical Gardens today but as the weather was shit we just walked around for about 4 hours and did practically the whole of Sydney.
See the new pics.....xxxxx
From The Brother (elder!) - Monday, 5th November 2007, 06:44 (GMT)
Hello the intrepid explorers!
I never knew that our mother was so proficient with the 'Tinternet', you've had more e-mails/posts after being away for three days than I've had in the three years I've been away! haha (taking note mother!). This website's a great idea, really keeps you in touch with everyone (well those interested!) as you go from place to place. Although I'm perturbed as to why you didn't tell me about it and I had to find out from Luke!
Enjoy Aussie, and we're looking forward to seeing you both, I've not got anyone to bully here! Haha. See ya Sis.
Have a look at your facebook some time moron... or it could be Tehzeen's...

How is the weather, cos its rubbish in Syndey. Any news on the baby front?

Speak soon and looking forward to being bullied.

Lots of Love


From Richard - Monday, 5th November 2007, 22:11 (GMT)
Hi you two, still trying to climatetise? What did James say when the tranny hooker told him he was the only one in Sydney. "We have some thing similar in a village in Wales" Is there a mode on the camera that will sort out the contrast for you or is it my computer? If there isnt try using the flash in daylight to lift the shadow areas. Hope weather improves for you isnt it summer their at the moment? Come accross any wild life creepy crawleys? Good luck shark watching stay safe.
Piss off.

Anyway, think we are in need of some Photographic advice... funny messages are appearing on the screen when we take some at night (underdeveloped??)- do you know anyone who might know something about cameras and stuff? HaHA!

Speak soon

Love James
From Alexi - Tuesday, 6th November 2007, 10:15 (GMT)
Hello there! Guess what? I stayed in a hostel in Kings Cross, it was quite an experience walking around there, even in the day! We even saw some weird girl being arrested in the McDonalds! What did you think of Bondi? I think you'll be more impressed with the NZ coast, its less like a british seaside resort!

How long are you gonna be in Oz for? Are you gonna be there for your birthday?xx
Hey. Bondi would have been lovely had it not have been raining. We had a nice time walking along the coast tho. We dont leace OZ til 23 November so we will be on Fraser Island for my birthday which should be really nice. Did you go to Fraser Island and also did you go to Whitsundays and out to the reef coz we have just booked that as well. We are then in NZ for about 18-19 days but am staying with my bro and the new baby (yippee) for 5-6 days in Wellington and then have a south island tour for 6 days.xxxxx
From Emma and Lynnie CRan - Tuesday, 6th November 2007, 10:54 (GMT)
Why Hello! your posts are really interesting and funny - r u sure ur writing it!!!!!!! Glad to hear ur enjoying urself and the pics are amazing aswell - let us no in advance when ur going to san fran so we can give u a heads up on where to go, keep safe and say hi to James from Lynnie crane and Emma xxxx
What are you trying to say, im not funny....everyone knows i am!!! We are heading to Brisbane on friday and then have booked trips to Fraser Island and Whitsundays to see the Reef, which should be amazing. We wont be in San Fran yil 23 December but wiull definately take you up on your offer of places to go. Hows the freelancing going Em?xxxx
From mum d - Tuesday, 6th November 2007, 13:19 (GMT)
Hi you two
Only just got access to your web page having not been at work. Itís great. Lovely to see your faces. Do hope weather improves for you. It is supposed to be a lot better in Brisbane. Sent messages to Nikki so she will see you. Will confirm though. Enjoy your evening at Opera House and take care. Lots of love M
From mum d (again) - Tuesday, 6th November 2007, 14:04 (GMT)
Did you get my message? About half an hour ago
You are such a div head! Your message sent half an hour ago? Thats 1 in the morning here!!

Anyway, yes we're very well- meeting up with some friends we know from Bristol tonight, which should be good.

We booked the trips to Fraser Island and The Whitsundays so they should be good.

Hope you're ok.

Be in touch soon

James x
From Lesley Hasler - Tuesday, 6th November 2007, 15:16 (GMT)
Hi Ellie, just looking at your entry on the 6th, the David Jones you refer to should be on par with John Lewis or better. Definitely not Debenhams! But my reason for making contact is concern that you haven't been able to make contact with Nikki. I have phoned and emailed Simon, her brother, to get him to let Nikki know James has been calling. I can always direct you to her place, from the airport, even if she is working, it is not far at all - contact me on the email address above and I can let you have more details if necessary. You can phone Simon who is in Adelaide I'll let you know it if necessary on the email
Hi Leslie, thanks for getting in touch. Dan has emailed James today and given us Niki's mobile number which James has just left a message on so hopefully she will get back to us soon.
Hope everyone is ok, speak to you later.
From Mummy - Tuesday, 6th November 2007, 22:28 (GMT)
HI ellie and James Hope your both ok and enjoying your trip. I think the weather will better later in the week and you can get the 30 factor out. I do believe Darren is slightly jealous that i've been e mailing you but this plant ranger is brill the one thing i found easy. Dont forget what i said about the texts love you loads, give my love to James and be careful
over and out
Mummy x
I know you are sleep but i have free internet access so thought i would respond anyway. I know, this site is really good and at when i get back im going to print out all my entries so i have them forever. You text and said you had sent me an emial but i havent received it which means you most likely got the address wrong. Just in case its, Go into your sent items and resent the message to the above address, save you writing it all again.
I looked on the net and Brisbane is like 30c so at least i wont be whiter than when i left when i get back. Lots of love, over and out Me xxxxx
From Lil Bro' - Tuesday, 6th November 2007, 22:33 (GMT)
Just read all your entries, sounds pretty hectic. Lol raining in Australia, I've always associated Australia with major sunshineage all year round. Guess your just unlucky. How are you and james and I will be waiting for your next entry.

Lots of love,
Luke x
You've only just read my entries! How rude :) I Know its pants having this rain, i have been in my jeans and water proof coat all week! Will do another entry on friday probs once i have been to the Opera House and flown to Brisbane. Lots of love Puke. xxxx
From Mum D (again) - Wednesday, 7th November 2007, 11:21 (GMT)
Just a quick note as I am at work (as usual). Will have to contact you from Andrea's over the weekend. The photos are great, everyone at work is very jealous! (and me). Weather here is awful, wind and rain for weekend. Haven't got much planned. Have a bit of a rest.
Flooring man coming round (very interesting).
Take care. Lots of love to you both. Mum
Hey Mum,

Will probably have spoken to you by the time you read this... but just to say missing you and everyone else. Hope you don't get washed away by the big tide!

From Louise and Dan - Thursday, 8th November 2007, 13:03 (GMT)
Hi both of you....
We have both been keeping up to date with what your doing by readin your blog. Shame about the weather at the moment, but fingers crossed it'll pick up for you! Hope you didn't spend too much at David Jones' the other day Ellie.... you're supposed to be travelling light remember!! Have you planned any more trips yet? Had to laugh at the emptiness of Bondi Beach... you've obviously just been really unlucky. I'd go back when it's sunny to check out the surfer dudes!!! Take care both of you, and look forward to the next diary installment.
Love from Dan and Louise. :O)
Hi guys,

I do go on this you know... I'm sure people are under the impression this is all Ellie's work. DOUBT IT; with all the witty banter that is being thrown about!

Anywho, hope you're both well. Thought the pictures may have looked a bit sunnier/warmer than it actually was but obviously not...

Catch ya later


p.s. So where's my Friend request Louise?!?!
From Sadie - Thursday, 8th November 2007, 18:09 (GMT)
Hi guys, So how was the ballet? Amazing I guess. What have you planned for today. How much longer do you have in Australia? How's the weather now? Right thats enough questions for now. Up date me. I'm looking forward to reading your next entry and more photo's please xxx
How was the ballet, well lets say....our tickets were so high up i had vertigo and then we were sooo bored we nearly fell asleep but couldnt because we were freezing to death, anywho at least we can say we saw somthing at the Opera House!
We have another 14 days left and then off to New Zealand. We got into Brisbane today and im glad to say the weather is much better but im still lilly white.
Will post some more pics in a day or two. Lots and lots of love Ellie xx
From laura - Thursday, 8th November 2007, 21:44 (GMT)
hey ellie and james....i have to say i am a dedicated reader of this site in between all my hardcore work. im glad your having an amazing time on your travels. still not happy you didnt take me along. im sure ellie we could have shared a bunk bed, you love my teeth hehe. keep up the blogs as im am imagining i am off travelling. take care. lots of love your fav coz xxxxxx
Hard core, my Ass! Remember you cant kid a kidder, your probs revsing in the Bar!
How good is this site, im loving going on here although it is becoming a bit addictive. We are in Brisbane as of today, which i have to say i prefer to Sydney and the weather is definately much better. We are meeting up with James' cousin tomorrow, which will be nice and then off up the coast.
Speak soon, love Us xxxx
From mummy - Friday, 9th November 2007, 08:39 (GMT)
Hi Ellie and James Glad you arrived safely in Brisbane. Tell me more about the island your going to for your birthday. But i will be really sad that i wont be able to talk to you on your special day (the first we have been apart) Spoke to Darren today i'm afraid we have no baby yet but as soon as the baby arrives i'll let you know. What is your hotel/hostel like, more bunk beds
Over and out
mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hey mum, actually our hostel is soo nice, its brand new with air con and TV and ensuite...its luxury compared nto the last one.
We are going to be on Fraser Island for my birthday which is the largest sand island in the world. The Rep has said he thinks there is a pay phone so hopefully we will be able to speak on my b-day. I know i cant beleive we are going to be apart, what will i do without the balloons, banners and Stevie Wonder 'Happy Birthday' on repeat???
I have been texting Darren asking him about the babay and he has said he will keep me updated but make sure you do too. I have text you today but you havent replied??!!
Lots of love xxxx