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From Alexi - Tuesday, 27th November 2007, 17:46 (GMT)
I am so jealous that you went to see Justin!! Did he have loads of dancers too? Me and Gareth are going to see kanye West tonight, but not sure how its gonna go as his mum has recently died whilst in plastic surgery, so he might not be at his best!!

Im glad you like NZ, are you gonna get a car while your out there? Is the weather hot? Its cold and miserable here so enjoy every moment!!

Speak to you soon
Lexi xx

PS, More photos please!!x
Hey, yeah Justin was really good and the dancers were really really good. How did Kayne West go? It is actually a bit chilly here but it hasnt really reached there summer yet, that is around December time. We have taken the Overlander down to my brother who lives about 20 mins outside Wellington so its cheapwer to get the train which is right at the bottom of his road.
We have travelled up to Taupo today whoch is really nice but really chilly as there is a big breeze coming off the lake.
Looks like you had fun at your Halloween party and look at you with your new fringe!
lots of love
From sarah - Sunday, 2nd December 2007, 20:51 (GMT)
hey, how are you both?

glad you're enjoying nz, your little neice sounds beautiful - aunty ellie and uncle james now!

nothing really happening this end after the excitiement of last week. i have so much to show you when you get home tho, menus, timetables, dresses, flowers,'ll love it!

i went to cribs today cos it's our xmas party next friday and i must've tried on at least 15 dresses but diddn't like any - so annoying! am gonna have to go one night after work this week when it's not so busy i think, it was crazy there today, you literally couldn't move, plus every shop had xmas tunes playing - very annoying!

anyway, hope you're both having a fab time! will write again soon.

lots of love xxx
Hey Sarah. NZ was amazing, i really enjoyed it, much more than OZ.We have left now and i am emailing you from Fiji which i have to say is possibly one of the most beautiful places i have been. We are staying in this really posh hotel with infinity pools and a Spa! Im definately living the life...
How was the xmas party? where did you get your dress from in the end?
I cannot wait to see all the stuff and get planning with you. I willhave to come round on a weekend and we will have to have a whole day looking things through. Have you seen any dresses you like, either for yourself or me and Charlotte yet?
Off to LA tommorow which im looking forward to. Remember to keep an eye out for a job for me at work.
lots of love
From Alexi - Wednesday, 5th December 2007, 09:21 (GMT)
How are you travelling around south island then? Are you on the Kiwi Experience Bus? Well done with the Glacier, we did the Franz Josef one, and it rained the entire time!! My mobile phone got drenched and never worked again!

Very jealous of the Ice Bar, I didn't even know it was there! Are you staying in hostels? Have fun on the jet boat, its well good!!xxx

PS, I already hate my fringe and am now growing it out again!x
We were on a tour called Connections Adventures, it was an 18-39 group of 32 people and we went all around the South Island for 7 days. We had an amazing time and saw some may beautiful things. We were lucky with Fox Glacier as we had a really clear day until we got back on the coach to go to Queenstown when it started to rain. Actually the whole time we went around, it never rained even on the Doubtful Sound where it rains 2 out of 3 days and gets 8mm of rain a year!
We were proved our accomodation for the tour and they were all hotels and ski loges so that was really nice (especially since we had Sky tv to induldge in)
So your like me, i hated mine within about 3 minutes!
From mum (d) - Wednesday, 5th December 2007, 13:05 (GMT)
Hallo you two,
Just to say hallo, it was nice to talk to you yesterday. I hear you had a word with Freddie who had ‘germs’. Hopefully it is nothing else.
Much the same here, weather as expected (horrible). Trying to do some Xmas shopping this weekend. It will be sad for Ellie to say goodbye to her brother and baby Holly this weekend - lots more adventures for you both to look forward ove the next month. Take lots of care. Talk soon. Love mum (nan also sends love and grandad). xx
From LAURA - Wednesday, 19th December 2007, 11:24 (GMT)
hey ellie welly wobble, me and emma are not happy with the lack of posts and pictures. we check everyday and nothing!!! we want to know what you have bought in old navy, we are having withdrawl symptoms!!! england sucks, america rocks. hope you and james have a good christmas. see you when you get back. lots of love the cranes xxxxxx
So very sorry, how could i have not stopped what i am doing to find a computer!!! Well i am in Bakersfild today which is a stop after Death Valley and one before Yosemite. We have just been to Las Vegas for 3 days which was wicked.
What have i bought....well i havent been into Old Navy yet but by God i went mental in Abercrombie, Macys and Victoria Secret! I am saving myself for the San Fran Old Navy Em was telling me about.
I am really missing home now and have even bought a christmas CD for in the car but its not as good coz its all carols i now sand by people who i dont! I mean who the hell is Joe?
Anywho, i am going to do a post now and add some pics so you craners can have your fix....ho ho ho
From Alexi - Monday, 24th December 2007, 08:41 (GMT)
Merry Christmas!!!! Its Christmas eve and im in work, woe!! But im so excited about getting all my presents tomorrow that im beginning to make myself feel sick with excitment! Where are you gonna have christmas dinner?

Don't worry about the photo situation, I will sit through the mega slide show no problem!! Maybe we could make a night of it and get some popcorn?!

Have a fab xmas and new year, can't wait to see you both!!

Lots of love
Lexi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Mum (d) - Monday, 24th December 2007, 09:06 (GMT)
Hi you two
Lovely to see your new pics. It looks fantastic and great to talk to you the other day. Enjoy your last bit of your holiday and will talk on Christmas Day. I am at work (only three of us in)
but hopefully a short day
Love Mum xxxx
From Dan & Louise - Monday, 24th December 2007, 15:36 (GMT)
Just a quick message to say have a great xmas. Louise and I are now in Cyprus and enjoying a bit of warmth. Paid a brief visit to Agia Napia today and it looked a bit like your piccies of L.A. Take care, see you in the New Year.
From Ange - Monday, 24th December 2007, 17:06 (GMT)
Just wanted to wish you both a wonderful xmas and look forward to seeing you when you get back. Thanks for the happy birthday song for Freddie he will miss you at his hat party but find yourselves some hats, have a drink to celebrate it and send us some pics. Freddie keeps moving the presents around and tidying them up, think he would be happy to do this all christmas! You look to be packing in all the sites and not missing a thing looks amazing, you lucky things. Anyway am off for a little tipple and we are going to attempt to put a carrot and all the usual suspects by the fire and see what Freddie's reaction is to that!!!!
From Sadie - Tuesday, 25th December 2007, 12:08 (GMT)
Hi, and Merry Christmas! Hope you have a lovely day.

Enjoy New Year, and hope to speak to you soon. xx
From Richard - Tuesday, 25th December 2007, 14:48 (GMT)
Hi you 2 a very Merry Christmas and a very rewarding New Year
Love Dad
ps. The exposure system I spoke of earlier was called the Zone system.
Amazing light in a few of the last set of pics. Drink sensible. Cheers