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Belinda and Erwin's Messages

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From marg byrne - Sunday, 18th November 2007, 01:06 (GMT)
Have a wonderful holiday!
All the best,

Marg and Michael
From Marg and Michael - Sunday, 25th November 2007, 04:47 (GMT)
Hi again to you both,

Your adventures are looking awesome! The gnome certainly is fitting in well. He seems to be having a "gnomesome" time. Did he take you for a ride on a scooter?

We hope your "private transport" today goes well for you - looking forward to hearing about it.

Continue to enjoy!

Marg and Michael

Our private transport was a car ride from Dalat to Nha Trang. It was a drive that should have really been done by 4 wheel drive. Check out our photos and more details of our trip. The gnome is still recovering in his room from the drive.
From Suzan - Monday, 12th November 2007, 11:06 (GMT)
We've wondered: are you going alone and leave the kids behind??
Be carefull and have a wonderfull time outthere.

love Suzan(Rene & Dominique)
Alysha has just finished school so is staying home alone and Nicole has moved out into her own place wo our first big holiday alone.
Having a great time
From yasmin - Tuesday, 13th November 2007, 08:42 (GMT)
thanks for the e-mail, have a great time.look forward to seeing you when you get back.

thanks, share photos when we get back
From amanda ryder - Friday, 16th November 2007, 01:32 (GMT)
what a great idea to do a website. ken lloyd wants you back before christmas to take him to christmas lights. but erwin, you mustve burned the pizza cause you are uninvited! Its raining and beautiful here - cant believe its summer. Loved the flight training story - larfed alot! Continue having a great time. love amanda xox (but not to erwin cause he burned the pizza??)
Thanks. Tell Ken that Christmas lights a definately on, we will buy pizza and Erwin does not do Christmas lights.
From Leanne - Friday, 16th November 2007, 02:28 (GMT)
I miss you already!
See you next year, Leanne who......

Just joking having a fantastic time
From carmel - Sunday, 18th November 2007, 10:14 (GMT)
Hi Belinda and Erwin,
Very excited for you both finally to be on your way.
Hope you have a sensational time and look forward to hearing about all thats going on.
Sleep tight.
Carmel and Bob.
Oh and Mandy she is here for the kids in the morning.
Thanks, having a great time... See you in 3 weeks
From Nicole - Sunday, 18th November 2007, 23:52 (GMT)
Hello Mum and Dad,
Well you should be on your plane right now, landing in a few hours. that is so exciting, i can't believe you waited until your daughters were old enough to stay at home alone, it is so not fair! i think that you should have made it a family holiday lol! well i hope that you are having fun and i will keep you up to date with our move. I love you both so much and miss you already. love you nikki xoxo
Thanks Nikki, it is so cheap here we could have afforded to feed you. We found you a cheap place to stay at the Mekon Delta have a great photo when we get home. Shopping is good.
From Helen - Sunday, 18th November 2007, 23:57 (GMT)
Hi Belinda & Erwin

Hope you enjoyed your flight -guessing that if you get to read this that there were no "snakes on a plane" - but if there were - way to go - the training must have worked!!! Have a great holiday - but don't drink the water!!
No snakes but nice food, great service and glad I watched view from the top.
From anneke - Monday, 19th November 2007, 22:24 (GMT)
how was the flight? How is Belinda feeling, hopefully getting better.
Flight was good Belinda feeling better, having a great time.
From Ma & Pa - Tuesday, 20th November 2007, 06:59 (GMT)
Hallo, We hope you had a good fligth.
love from the little house on the prairie.
Thanks, will try and ring when we can work out the phone system
From Deb - Tuesday, 20th November 2007, 06:59 (GMT)
Hello weary travelers. Hope you arrived safe and well. Have a fantastic time.
PS I killed a toad!!!! Bet you wish you were here.
Deb how could you, poor toad you should be ashamed. Long travel but having a great time and no we do not wish we were there.
From James Barber - Wednesday, 21st November 2007, 02:42 (GMT)
What you SHOULD have watched was Con Air - then you would be prepared for all manner of things, including a crash landing on the Las Vegas Strip, sharing the plane with a dying diabetic and conversing with a mass murderer.

I can't wait for the first update - have a safe trip!!
James B
Vietnam airlines did not handcuff us to the seat. Tips in this movie might not have applied, but landing on any road here could be a problem
From Ma & Pa - Thursday, 22nd November 2007, 03:44 (GMT)
Hi Belinda and Erwin,
I just can see you between that traffic and crossing the roads, this is an experience by it self. What is Belinda eating on that photo? It looks like a fish, but not so appetising! Today we went to the DFO, Alyshia came with us, no we did not buy any shoes!!! And opa did not like the shoes made from snake skin, I wonder why not?
The web site is great. Have lots of fun, and relaxe. love from us.
it was fish and it was very tasty.....the fish even had a smile for us!

Does Pa want snake skin shoes from here??? or does he want some snake skin so he can make his own shoes??(laughing)
From PA - Thursday, 22nd November 2007, 05:33 (GMT)
Prachtig,we recognise many of these tinghs from Indonesia
Yeah....had said to Belinda a lot of times as we saw things that it looks just like slides from Indonesia...amazing though they have peas in their fried rice here
From deborah & greg - Sunday, 25th November 2007, 11:38 (GMT)
Hope u r enjoying yourselves?
Yesterday was a Ruddi good saturday.
How is the food? Have u been sick yet?
No new drum additions Erwin as Ben can't compete with that!!
How was the elephant ride?
Will you ever complain about Qld taxi drivers again?
Don't forget I love presents erwin.
Love deborah
Having a ruddi good time everyday. The food is fantastic and the real highlight. No we have not been sick. We have been cautious particularly with the water and what we drink. Everything we eat is cooked or peeled (advice from the lonely planet - although we have taken a few chances).

The elephant ride was awesome and scary. We will never complain about QLD taxi drivers although the amazing conditions people have to drive in here I think they are actually very good drivers to still be alive on the road.
Will continue in search of drums........
From Suzan(Rene & Dominiq - Sunday, 25th November 2007, 15:16 (GMT)
Erwin & Belinda,

You didn't bring your kids, but a Gnome?? Why you didn't invite me, i could act like one?
Have a wonderfull time!
Gnome is quiet does not spend money shopping, does not eat very much perfect companion.

Vietnam is a great location you should go for a holiday, maybe on your way to Australia....
From Anne - Monday, 26th November 2007, 03:41 (GMT)
Sounds like you are having a great time. How does the food compare with the dodgy Darra?

It is definately better than dodgy Darra. We have been very adventagerous, heaps of noodles, rice and seafood.
From Leanne - Monday, 26th November 2007, 04:37 (GMT)
Hi Erwin

Hope you managed to keep track of the election results. What a big weekend!

Sounds like you're having fun.

We got to watch it live on the Australian network in our room. It was such good luck as it has been the only hotel that has had this network. So we had our own election party.
From Pa & Ma - Monday, 26th November 2007, 08:50 (GMT)
What a luxury barber chair, in Indonesia it would have been a timber kitchen chair.
Maybe you could go to the barber before you come home, Erwin.
Nice blue shoes Belinda. Would you buy a motor bike now? What a pitty that there is no water in the swimmning pool.
Erwin has Asta, she would be very cross if he went to someone else. I think we might give the motor bike a bit of a miss. Although if we find a town that is nice and quiet we might hire one and drive ourselves. The roads are just too crazy so far.
From Rick - Monday, 26th November 2007, 09:50 (GMT)
f--k dont come home there is a labour govt in power, or should I say a socialist govt and union thugs.

God help Australia is all I say.
You are such a stirrer...... Home will look ruddy good now, good pay conditions.....The fair deal is no longer out the back door.. Enough Joshing. Good to hear from you hope all is well.
From Christine McBride - Monday, 26th November 2007, 11:04 (GMT)
Hi Erwin and Belinda,
Sounds like a fantastic trip so far! With all the dangers of cars, motorbikes, elephants, dodgy roads and traffic.... you'll probably get through all that just fine and then sprain your ankle walking down the stairs when you get home! (touchwood that it doesn't happen!). Keep having a great time.
Lucky our house is low set, but we might trip over the dog.

From Jos - Monday, 26th November 2007, 11:59 (GMT)
Hi Erwin and Belinda

M gave me this site - glad she did. $2.50 spa treatments and all that shopping and exercise. I envy you. Hey Erwin - found a place right across the road from me that does Cert IV in TESOL - 10 week course - good huh! Keep up the good work. Cheers for now. Jos
Thanks for the message having a great time
From Rick - Wednesday, 28th November 2007, 10:58 (GMT)
G day folks, things are getting bad here already. I was beaten senseless to drop my coffee prices as the union boss wanted a cut. Ha Ha
And go figure Airlines going on strike for Christmas. well stuff them I will just drive to the UK and Scotland, bugga not Scotland all shop stewards come from there.
Enjoy the third world because by the time you come home we will already be one, I will buy you a scooter before the union boys snap them up as part of their racketeering. LOL
Yes I can imagine the capitalists will be crying in their congac sipping out of their crystal glasses......Cheap mopeds for all I say!!!!!
From Lisa - Wednesday, 28th November 2007, 17:12 (GMT)
LOL I cannot believe you have a gnome. I never thought of swapping kids for gnomes. Great way to holiday - have you been able to keep him away from the local night life? I have found this to be the scariest part of gnome holidays.

Have enjoyed hearing your extreme sport challenges and the photos are great. Erwin I cannot believe you are looking for drum kits!

Have a great time
Lisa & Eve
(would have incuded Brent & Buggy but we are the only 2 up at the moment)
No this has been a respectable gnome holiday, although he has got pretty friendly with the happy buddha. Having a great time, expanding our extreme sports challenges everyday. Yesterday they included hiring a moped and driving ourselves in the crazy traffic and eating some of the food is in itself especially the locations is definately extreme sports. Our motto is to try someone thing new everyday.........