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From Jenny - Wednesday, 16th January 2008, 20:49 (GMT)
Hey the big smiles in your pics, looks like you girls are having a lot of fun. I officially started work TODAY! So I will be checking your blog and leaving you messages daily...can't wait for more photos! (now I know how people feel on the other end of this blog) MISS YOU!! xx
Hey bud,boo work..maybe you can be my sugar momma when i get home..haha. Good luck back behind the ol desk..tell Toni I say hi! miss you.x
From Sarah - Thursday, 17th January 2008, 06:33 (GMT)
Hi ladies!!!
Havent heard from you in a while. Hope your having a blast. God sorry to sound like im stalking you but Janice you were here everyday you were home basically haha and so were you Nat!!!! Miss you ladies tonnes. Will and Liam say HI
Hey who doesn't love a good stalking...err stalker..ah you know what we mean...we miss you loads as well.think about ya lots!! give your men hugs for us..x
From Chantel - Thursday, 17th January 2008, 14:40 (GMT)
GREAT pics girls! Again, I must say that I love the zoolander references and quotes...made my morning! Miss yous!
hey hun,I do it all for you!! haha miss you too
From Camrynn - Friday, 18th January 2008, 01:47 (GMT)
Hi Aunty Janice,
It's really neat, I can't believe you are in front of the Statue of Liberty and I think you are funny when you are being a mama bird to the elephant. It's funny when you said Bernard is good at peeing and walking. I miss you. I scored two goals in a row in hockey on Sunday. I'm missing you and I hope you are having fun.
Hi hunny, well I think I am pretty funny too. Thanks its nice you think so as well..haha. I miss you too..keep on scoring goals..that is good. Love aunty
From Cole - Friday, 18th January 2008, 01:50 (GMT)
Hi Aunty Janice,
It must be cool in travelling in boats everywhere - no potholes. Don't you know tigers are dangerous carnivores? The Statue of Liberty looks pretty cool. I have a hockey tournie this weekend. My new teacher is great. Hope you're having fun.
Hi Cole, yes I know they are dangerous however these ones have been saved from poachers by monks and are used to humans no worries! Good luck in hockey...and have fun in school. Love aunty
From kailyn - Friday, 18th January 2008, 02:08 (GMT)
hey antie it is kailyn it looks like you are haveing sooooo.... much fun we have are first basketball game on tuesday how exciteing hey will it would be fun to ride elephants and pet lions and do all that kind of stuff that would be fun to do cant wait to see you when you get home and hope to hear from u love you lots

Hey kiddo..good luck in the old basketball game..ill be cheering you on from here..tell the team i say hi..miss you aunty
From - Friday, 18th January 2008, 02:09 (GMT)
Jan and Nat
What did I tell you about playing with wild animals!!
Great pics, check everyday for your updates-sometimes 2x
Miss you. Be careful in those not so safe countries.
Love Mom
Well they weren't exactly wild mom..we are very careful..not to worry.time is flying we will be home before you know you
From J-DAWG - Monday, 21st January 2008, 00:56 (GMT)
So Janny how much street meat have you been eating and how are them there "buckets" tasting???..o how jealous I am...Nat have you strangled Janny yet, she is quite the thing to travel know I love ya. xxx
Wozinator..yes the street meat is still tasty as ever and my middle name was bucket this week on Koh Samet (just next to Ko Chang..and just as nice) Weather was nice, working on my tan...too many old topless ladies tho..puts a bad taste in your mouth..haha..ciao ya x
From Lisa - Monday, 21st January 2008, 04:52 (GMT)
I've been busy as usual...haven't had any time (until now) to look at pics. I am soo jealous...Letterman! I would have paid good canadian $$ to see his show. Who cares about Oprah, lol! Looks like fun ladies! Thinking of you always, please stay safe.
Hey Lisa,hows the beer. Ya I will defo go back to NY and watch all those shows..having a blast as usual..and always safe..
From Alison - Monday, 21st January 2008, 15:30 (GMT)
Wait - you got to see Beyonce? I'm so jealous! I am also jealous of the laying on the beach photos... it is so cold here! Glad you are having fun and I love all the pictures!
xoxo Gator
No no B just her house..but I felt like she was in there haha. Love ya lots hun..x
From Lindsay...M not J - Monday, 21st January 2008, 16:09 (GMT)
Hey guys. Trip looks awesome, everything just seems so amazing. I won't lecture you on playing with wild animals cause Janny's mome already did, but I better not see you with any foreign snakes! Glad all is well, keep up the good pics.
No no...there will be no snakes. one of those thigns you do once and then realize o okay i dont want to do that again.haha. We'll try on the pics
From jane - Monday, 21st January 2008, 17:58 (GMT)
hey always miss you so much. north battleford is a lonely quiet place with out you here. went to banff this weekend it was tons fun so cold and can't wait to go to mexico. got to work on my tan you guys are gnnna be so dark when you get back.
love you always jane
Miss you too Janey...should be cold in Beijing when we get there so we can't brag about the hot weather for a little bit...time is a flyin...Love us.xo
From Janice #1 - Tuesday, 22nd January 2008, 03:43 (GMT)
As if you played Crib without me....did you at least eat Bannanas and listen to you used to be my Romeo???

Miss you
Love you
No no just the crib, and if it makes you feel better. Nat kicks the crap out of me at it..however I am stubborn and coninually want to play..haha...miss ya more...x
From Sarah - Tuesday, 22nd January 2008, 20:13 (GMT)
HELLO!!! Missin you ladies alot. Yes Liam is growing amazingly. Ill post some new pics of him on facebook. i think im having DTs of seeing you guys. Hope your safe!! and having a blast!. Love ya tonnes

Hi..havent' heard fromyou in a few days...was like ugh i didn't force them to get a computer for nothing..haha.. what's a DT? miss you loads as well us x
From kailyn - Wednesday, 23rd January 2008, 23:50 (GMT)
yea i am haveing tori kandra and halley over and we will email you that night will love you xoxoxo

ok..Happy Birthday ya
From Jen Dub - Friday, 25th January 2008, 16:51 (GMT)
So is the Chinese food better there or in North Battleford???...haha. I am antsy to see some pics of China. I am sure you are a giant compared to all those little people Janny...Nat make sure you warn her if there are low hanging signs so she doesn't hit her head...remember to stay safe. Have a great day ladies!!!
Hey wub wub..won ton soup is pretty good here..altho i've had to design my own way to eat with low signs good to go...MISS you so much hun
From Ashley - Saturday, 26th January 2008, 05:24 (GMT)
Finally have internet and cable again. I've felt out of the loop. So glad you could make it to the wedding Janice. I had lots of fun, wouldnt change a thing if I had to do it over, but I dont think I will :) Just checked out your pics and stories. Keeping have fun and keeping us posted! Smell ya later.
Hey Smaash..the wedding was excellent..told everyone about it. How was the honey moon? take care
From Blonda - Tuesday, 29th January 2008, 01:50 (GMT)
Well, I am happy to report to you both that it is a balmy -51 with the windchill this evening. I am NOT kidding. It is so blinking cold here! Storming and blowing like crazy. Can't wait to see your new pictures. Take Care!
O good i was waiting for somoeone to report on the weather. Well we are in Beijing at the moment and its pretty nippy here as storms all over China..but no Canadian winter I guess. back to vietnam where it will be sweaty hot..yay..thans for the message.
From Naomi - Wednesday, 30th January 2008, 14:04 (GMT)
Hey Girls!! Looks like you're having a great time, NB isn't the same without you guys. Miss you lots, stay safe, can't wait to see you and keep the pics a'comin'
Hey Naomi..good to hear from are to come soon no are ya? mis syou too
From Chantel - Wednesday, 30th January 2008, 15:16 (GMT)
Oh god, I am having a good ol' laugh at imagining you trying to not buy a kimono....mental picture is hilarious!! P.S with your tall stature would you even fit into a kimono????? ahha! Can't wait to see some pics! Nat, I love your pics on facebook! Soooo good! Miss you both!
Yes the kimonos do add a do you say..haha. and altho my stature is huge the tailor actually commented on the length of Nat's arms..haha which happen to be longer than mine..haha posibly the best day ever...miss u too
From rhonda - Thursday, 31st January 2008, 02:47 (GMT)
HI Janny and Nat,
It's warming up - only -44 here with the wind chill. I sure hope you do get out of there -sounds like you're not having the bestest time. Be safe.
We feel much better now, just lots of frustration but we are still smiling..most of the time!! will write one hel of a blog entry once we are back on the beaches...missyou
From JLW - Thursday, 31st January 2008, 16:07 (GMT)
Ladies...I can't wait to see you model the kimonos! Hahaha...that is hilarious. I think you can make them work in Canada. I finally got my first paycheque which makes this work thing worth while...still need to save up some more to meet you in Ireland in March...x
Excellent...hint hint sugar momma woz..haha. good idea on the march thing..ill keep a pint cold for ya..big xo
From Chalene - Thursday, 31st January 2008, 16:34 (GMT)
Hope you get the hell outta there soon; be safe and take care!!!!!

The Hawkes family
We are now in Vietnam..hah still cold, but we are heading south for warmer weather..feel like the geese
From Gary & Sonia - Sunday, 3rd February 2008, 05:06 (GMT)

I've heard about your 36 hour bus trips and near hypothermia experiences on The Great Wall of China, and I'm wondering to what lengths will my little sister go to avoid staying home and living the life of a normal human being? I'm thinking great lengths, considering how far from home you are right now. Alas, this gallavanting around is fun for you, and I'm glad it fulfills you and makes you want to do more of it. We're thinking of you back home in frozen Canada. Keep on expanding your worldview, petunia. We miss you.


Gary & Sonia, Genna & Gabe
trust us our world view is expanded..especially after the China experience..and yet i wouldn't change it for the world...pretty good stuff...thinkin of you guys too..give the kids a hug from their far off auntie.
From Mish - Sunday, 3rd February 2008, 05:26 (GMT)
Hey hotties you guys look amazing!! I have enjoyed the pictures and the blogs. I would love to have a pail full of booze as well that would be enjoyable. Take care and get out of there!! I love YOU LOADS...xoxos!!
hey hun, thanks for the compliments even tho it seems like all we do is eat and eat some moer...meh whose complaining..theyll have to roll me off the plane back to canada...hope ur good. xxo