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From marisa - Wednesday, 6th February 2008, 04:40 (GMT)
oh my god kimi is so grown up!
you better keep up with these blogs and photos my dear!
please saty safe...the world needs sam b!

From Amy - Monday, 10th March 2008, 00:40 (GMT)
hey peoples :)
photos are beautiful
love you guys lots!!
take care xoxoxoxoxo
From Mum - Sunday, 23rd March 2008, 02:41 (GMT)
Hi babe yep this is proof we been here really cool site keep it up the photos are awesome but dad says you werent on the great wall of china is memory says it was heaps bigger love u guys with all our hearts n will keep reading this now hi marisa and cameron long time no see gotta catch up bye babe
haha nice to see you finally made it on here. Yeah I was only on the miniture great wall.. much easier to walk :)
From Marisa - Sunday, 30th March 2008, 02:08 (GMT)
Loving the photos...still
Hi Leonie!!! :o)
Love to you and miss you :o)
From - Tuesday, 5th February 2008, 22:37 (GMT)
looks like you guys had a fun and exciting NY. That place is beautiful that you stayed at. is that the camping ground you were telling me about at work with the kayaking? i'm boring, I got 2 hours of beauty sleep that coincided with the whole 12 o'clock NY thing! we did have a party here which i slept most of!! :)
No that is a beach that we have been hiking in to since we were about 15. Really nice cause you dont get too many others there (& if they do its only for the arvo) as it is a mission hike in there. Hope your beauty sleep paid off :-)
From Stace - Wednesday, 6th February 2008, 21:54 (GMT)
Hey guys - missing you already but knowing you your having a blast so that makes me happy (and well to be honest completely jealous!!!) keep in contact, and dont be strangers!! You guys are awesome!!

Love you lots and lots and lots

From Amy - Thursday, 7th February 2008, 20:23 (GMT)
hey guys :)
love the photos of the Nam Liam Gardens!!
missing you guys loads xoxo
From emma - Saturday, 9th February 2008, 00:01 (GMT)
Hi Guys,
You sound and look like your having sooo much fun. Love the pics! xxx Em
Hey Emma, great to hear from ya... Hope your keeping everyone in line back there :-) Take care!
From Kez - Saturday, 9th February 2008, 06:32 (GMT)
Looks like you two are having a blast, just love the photos! Take care and enjoy every moment of your adventure together.
Love always xx
we are :) Its so nice over here. Although I really miss the summer weather :( Its FREEZING over here.. well maybe it only seems that way after all the 30's :)
From marisa - Saturday, 9th February 2008, 20:50 (GMT)
LOVE the photos babe!
i was just saying to alex that you'll take random photos like i would!
so needless to say theres another country on our list of places to go!
cheers :)
love to you and take care :)
Its awesome here although I would say its more of a "stop over" type place.. feels a bit small after a few weeks (and I'm from NZ!!). The only problem is you begin to feel like a frumpy giant when you start to look at all the TINY hot stylish Asian chicks :) Needless to say Craig has mastered the art of looking like hes not looking :)
From cameron - Sunday, 10th February 2008, 21:13 (GMT)
hey guys whats with me having to find out you have this web site thingy through others jeez and i thought i was your favourite!! lol hope you guys are having heaps of fun!!!!...
Hey ya spaz.. CHECK YOUR EMAILS :) or our Bebo sites.. ya know how mine has this address plastered ALL OVER IT :) Missing you hun :)
From - Monday, 18th February 2008, 20:24 (GMT)
LOVE the "where are we?" . .. .. . . ON SUM STREET!!!! hahaahhaa
Yup.. pretty cool photo.. had me buzzin out :) Who ever this is can you leave your name.. I have no idea who it came from :)
From kez - Monday, 18th February 2008, 22:45 (GMT)
well i always said sam would end up in a monestry. ye ok spelling is crap. love the photos of the budda's.
that be me.
love ya both, talk to u again lata. ps. kimi came to the shed buzzing after she rang u the other day. thinks she all grown up, can ring her aunty on the other side of the world without mum. toad.
chow babe.
Haha I cant ever see me ending up in a monestry without paying some sort of fee or taking lotsa photos :) random tourist that I am :)
It was so cool to talk to the kids. as usual I think they were more interested in Uncle Craig. Keep in touch ok? Wont have great net access for the next month though ok..
From kimi - Tuesday, 19th February 2008, 07:05 (GMT)
i miss u when u be online next
realy want to talk
Not sure but whenever I am I will check to see if your on Skype. I love you lots & miss you too!
From Amy - Thursday, 21st February 2008, 02:01 (GMT)
haha sorry it was me :)
xoxo love yas
From Hamish - Monday, 25th February 2008, 20:03 (GMT)
Hey brutha and Sista, so im wondering, a new credit card has arrived for you at my place, im thinking with no permanent postal code, it must mean i can look after it? just throwing it out there...
Bounced it around for a while and decided to throw it back with a big fat NO attached :)
From Dean and Peta - Tuesday, 22nd September 2009, 15:10 (GMT)
Hey hey! I was cleaning out my waaaaay overloaded e-mail inbox and found your original message from when you guys left Aus. So your old Glenferrie Rd neighbours are now in the UK for a year or so, too. Living in Edinburgh at the moment. Let us know if you ever come up north... we should have a pint or two!
Hey just checked this, Sam & I have been really slack with updating this over the past 6 months or so since our laptop broke. Will definately let you know if we're heading north, likewise if you're headed to London. Take care in the meantime!!
From kez - Thursday, 6th March 2008, 07:22 (GMT)
hello, thinking of you both heaps, hope (nay) know u have'n a ball. would love to gass bag, maybe we can arrange a time by email to skipe. luv ya. kez
Online now... Ja, we're having a blast so hard to get net time though. hopefully it will get easier as we get a bit further along. Missing the kids alot though. will def arrange some net time.. the 12 hr difference makes it a bit harder though.. will mail ya
From Hamish Falconer - Wednesday, 26th March 2008, 12:21 (GMT)
Wow, I really should have got onto this site earlier, so many good pics and some sweet lookin powder runs. The van bunk looks ghetto. Noice 1.. WILSON, the BMW sold?!
Yeesa.. it sold from what I can tell. You oughta get a holiday & catch up somewhere!!
From Kerry - Saturday, 10th January 2009, 10:21 (GMT)
Hi Sam & Craigo,
Just a little hi to see how my friends are doing?! Happy belated new years to you! Hope you are still having a wonderful time exploring new places. Love reading your info and looking through photos. Keep it coming! Here's to a fab 2009! Miss you guys, Love Kez xxx
From Mum - Monday, 14th April 2008, 14:34 (GMT)
Hi Marisa next time i up in auckland i will call n we can meet up email me u cell
hi craig and sam this site is not up to date so fix it babes havent heard from u guys n need to know u r ok
Hi cameron about time u said hi back or i come to the shed
love u guys heaps but let us know what u r up to
Hi ma!

Sent an email your way hopefully it made it.. you nevber know what with internet elves these days.. Give us a call sometime k?
From kez - Wednesday, 16th April 2008, 08:11 (GMT)
hay, touch base guys, just 10 words so we no all is good, bn 2 weeks since we've seen any sign of u.
love u both, hope/sure ur haven a ball, but try and keep in touch.
Hi I sent a quick email but net access is a little slim.. i sent you a number to call on :) missing you guys like crazy!!!
From Marisa - Monday, 12th May 2008, 08:20 (GMT)
Hey guys!
Hi Leonie i'll email you my cell now....well in about 5 minutes :o)
Missing you Sam! xxxx
From Hamish - Sunday, 18th May 2008, 10:58 (GMT)
Always wondered what sam would look like without a hair cut every 2 weeks or so......
Hey Im still cutie cutie :)
From Marisa - Sunday, 14th September 2008, 07:35 (GMT)
aww the sweetness of it.. I actually just left you Love as well.. Great minds my Poppet.. Great minds....