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From Helen - Thursday, 24th April 2008, 09:48 (GMT)
Matt and Collette, really enjoying reading this blog, and it all sounds so exciting. Thanks for your letter ......Thailand seems amazing! You are storing up so many memories. Nothing will ever be the same again..
lots of love
Helen xx
From Bren & Sarah - Monday, 28th April 2008, 06:12 (GMT)
When you getting to OZ?? Any Dates sorted yet? All the best.
Yeah on May 15th arrive in Sydney, got a month, dunno when we will be hitting Brisbane will keep u updated!
From nina - Thursday, 8th May 2008, 09:17 (GMT)
hey guys
all of wot ur doing sounds amazing and im glad ur having a great time missing u loads say hi to sarah and bren when u see them ok
love ya both.xxxxxxxxx
From R.Pennells - Saturday, 10th May 2008, 12:59 (GMT)
Thanks for the lovely postcard from Nepal.Am enjoying your blog,the descriptions and comments are brilliant!You're certainly making the most of your travels and I'm looking forward to hearing about China and the rest of your explorations......Love, Rosemary.
From - Tuesday, 13th May 2008, 18:10 (GMT)
So you felt the China earthquake, an experience!
Heard from Linda that you're ok. Enjoy Australia, and take and have fun,
lots of love,
From Fiona - Thursday, 15th May 2008, 11:56 (GMT)
This planetranger page is fantastic. I love reading about all your wild antics.

I am so jealous I want to scream and cry!!

Be safe, have fun....

Miss u xxxxxxxxxx
From peter (bro) - Thursday, 15th May 2008, 12:05 (GMT)
Hope ur long flights went well, Have you done a touchdown count of your trip to date!!!!!! Australia should be completely different from all you have done so far, so hope it is cool, lots of extreme sporting opportunities I hear, Matt you will have to make sure you talk Collette out of jumping off bridges etc, as I am sure she will be eager to!!!. Look forward to reading a blog about Singapore/ China.
From Stephh (sister) - Wednesday, 21st May 2008, 12:09 (GMT)

im missing youuuuu, mum counted the days till u come home the other day, thought you would appriciate the gayness of it! ha


i hear im crap at keeping in contact, it because it pains me to much to keep in contact as i miss you so much!!

hurry up and come home!

Hope your both well :)

Awwww, i miss you too (sometimes!). We went to see the Blue mountains just outside of sydney the other day, and they have three big rocks which are called "The three sisters", and it reminded me of you. (because the three of you are also lumpy and thick! hehehehe)
Lots of
From mumsy - Wednesday, 21st May 2008, 13:12 (GMT)
hi! Love reading your blog! dad recons that Australia must be on 'red alert', as major disasters/crisis follow you both! 1st the riots in Katmandu, then the cyclone that hit the boarders of Burma/Thiland, where you both had not long finished your 3 day trek, then the awful earthquake in China, whilst you were there. I think our prayers are working! We hope you both continue to enjoy this fantastic experiance. miss you loads, love you lots. mumxxxxxxxx
Nothing bad seems to have happened since our arrival to Oz, except we've heard rumours that their alcohol supply has started to run low since we arrived! Purely coincidental, obviously!x
From Geoffrey and Jenny - Wednesday, 21st May 2008, 14:09 (GMT)
Amazing reading of all your travels and what you have done - and you are only half way through the trip. Look forward to hearing about Oz. Take care. G and J
From Rebecca - Sunday, 25th May 2008, 16:56 (GMT)
Hey there young things, sounds fab - like what hasn't these last few months?! summer was here for a week... now it's hiding again, think of us! Have a great time and look forward to talking soon, love you both lots, Rebecca x
From rebecca - Monday, 26th May 2008, 08:58 (GMT)
hey there kids, glad all goes swimmingly - safe to say jealousy has set in, although i'm excited about SA too so it's not all bad! Rain here today :-( do you remember what that is???
Love you x
hey sis, we hadn't experienced rain for a while actually but got a good soaking in Fraser Island!
From phil - Monday, 26th May 2008, 20:01 (GMT)
very jealous of you both, sounds like you're having an incredible time! i'm sure you have, by now, discovered the delights of goon and if you're really keen make sure you sample something called witches grub! put another shrimp on the barbie!
Ta mate, lovin the goon just not the aftermath! seem to be having BBQs every other day - too many steaks! U up north yet?
From nina - Wednesday, 28th May 2008, 22:19 (GMT)
hey guys sounds like ur having a great time got ur postcard thanks loved it.xxxx

say hi to bren and sarah for me plz have a great time
love ya miss ya.xxxxx
From - Saturday, 31st May 2008, 15:46 (GMT)
From Helen
Enjoy Oz! Fascinating reading about Beijing; so glad everything's going well and what a lot of experiences and memories you're building up.
God bless, take care, lots of love, Helen x
From Sister number 1 - Friday, 6th June 2008, 13:46 (GMT)
Hi babes (and matt)... just a quickie to send lots of love and missing.xx
From Helen - Sunday, 15th June 2008, 14:47 (GMT)
Great to read more news; East Coast sounds fabulous; enjoy NZ
Lots of love Helen
From Fiona - Monday, 16th June 2008, 15:27 (GMT)

Glad to hear you are both still having loads of fun jet-setting round the world.

Cet- we missed you on the hen weekend in Brighton. We had a really wicked time!

.... But i'm pretty sure it doesn't compare to your round-the-world trip.....

We really did miss our little hitler though.... our drinking games didn't run as smoothly as they could have ;-)

Miss you millions. Be safe!!!

Missing you all lots too, the photos from the Hen weekend look amazing, i want to see that music video when i get home!xxx
From - Monday, 7th July 2008, 12:09 (GMT)
Good to hear you're enjoying NZ :sounds fabulous; it's on my list of places to see one day!
All well here; enjoy the USA
love Helen xx
From Pat Smy - Wednesday, 9th July 2008, 15:48 (GMT)
Be amazed - I am - the dinasaur has entered the 21st century - I'm so envious of your travels - take care and se you soon xx P XX
Thanks Pat/Mum, enjoying the US off to New York tomorrow!