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From Saz & Mike - Tuesday, 8th April 2008, 13:57 (GMT)

Fab reading about your Californian Adventures ! Just in case you haven't seen your email - we got tickets for Mr Setzer and pals ... something to look forward to when you get back ! xxx
Hola! Great news about Setzer too!
From Bert - Friday, 25th April 2008, 16:07 (GMT)
If you get a chance you gotta try the '6 dollar burger' at 'Carls Jr.' BLOODY OARSOME!!!
There's one on 'my' road! They do low carb options and a premium salad menu. It's like having no-alcohol lager...
From mum - Thursday, 24th April 2008, 23:07 (GMT)
It's a very vivid picture you paint. Wish I was with you for the sun and sea. Not so sure about your room neighbours or the black flies. Daniel was pleased about the Villa match too. When's Anja joining you? Much love, mum
She's here from May 6th
From wendy - Thursday, 20th March 2008, 12:13 (GMT)
Bon Voyage Master of the Universe!
Cheers, oh Queen of the Seas!
From Brettster - Thursday, 20th March 2008, 12:16 (GMT)
hmm... still not done much have you...?
From Kelly (Panic Cell) - Tuesday, 25th March 2008, 11:00 (GMT)
Fella, have a great time out there. Panic Cell are lookign to do a USA tour very soon so maybe even see you out there :)

If you're in LA or SF during late May or early June, I'll get my moshing pants on!
From Dan - Monday, 31st March 2008, 12:37 (GMT)
Sounds bloody marvelous bud. We will try to check your travels out regularly. Don`t get caught speeding in the hire car. Aces!
They throw away the key if you get stopped for speeding. The steering wheel is right in the way of the speedometer tho'...
From Bert - Tuesday, 1st April 2008, 09:12 (GMT)
Flip! You're there! Magic!
Have a flippin' smashing time like!


I wruddy will (leek).
From mum - Friday, 4th April 2008, 15:58 (GMT)
Lovely to be in contact and to hear (read) your news. All well here. Kate comes on Tuesday, so we'll be gadding about. Supposed to be really cold again this week end, so think of us! Only just realised your reports are in reverse order! This technology is too much for me!Sounds great. mumxxxxxxx
Ah, t'internet!
From mum - Sunday, 6th April 2008, 15:12 (GMT)
Keep the messages coming! You write so well. Ever thought of doing it for a living? Much love, mum xxx
Nah, there's no money in it...
From Bert - Monday, 7th April 2008, 14:19 (GMT)
ere... when you get to SF there's a great cd shoppe called 'Amoeba Records' it's on Haight/Ashbury - loadsa cool shops and eateries thereabouts too. ooh and if you head back 'into town' (i.e. towards the bottom of the hill) there's a great pub 'Mad Dog on the Fog' a few blocks down - run by a (brummie ex-pat) Villa fan - if you need a bit of a Premiership fix. An pint a o' London Pride, natch. (Shocking WC's tho')
You had me at "ere"...
From Jimmer - Monday, 7th April 2008, 15:03 (GMT)
Goden Monkey eh? Is it better than my old silver one? Sound like you are having a hoot!
It's bigger, but not quite as...well, simian...
From Anja - Monday, 7th April 2008, 15:41 (GMT)
Seriously stop watching the bloomin telly & get out there... How's the LOTR trilogy going??? Ha ha! Well, tis snowing again here so hope the sun is shining on you! PUT THE DONUTS DOWN...!!! hugs & kisses, your wife, who's now stuck in the ruddy UK, wishing she was in Africa, looking forward to her stateside trip... oh where is the sun???
The sun's over here, dear. Mmmmm...donuts...
From Alex Bradley - Tuesday, 8th April 2008, 19:29 (GMT)
COOL go you livin the dream in america you diary entries are very entertaining. Lots a love Alex Olly Lisa Maddie
Rosco and peanut
Li'l Al! I try my best...
From Bert - Thursday, 10th April 2008, 15:45 (GMT)
'ere... lets have some pics eh?
I've left the camera leads at home... ;-o I will once t'wife brings 'em out.
From t'wife - Thursday, 10th April 2008, 18:58 (GMT)
I don't know what I find more entertaining - your blog or these messages!! And you know you're just jealous of Aragorn... my future husband... now, where does he live again??? tee hee!
He's married to Steven Tyler, isn't he?
From Rob - Friday, 11th April 2008, 15:26 (GMT)
Glad to see that you are still enjoying yourself. If you get a minute can you nip over to the Napa Valley and tell them to get bottling up for when i'm over in June.

There was something on the news that you were coming over. I think they've heard that it was you and I who drank four bottles of red in one afternoon. 'Napa Wine Lake Set to Reduce'!
From Loops & the B Team - Monday, 14th April 2008, 10:58 (GMT)
You jammy git - nice one on on having the time of your life. I should do a blog about Small Heath, though it probably wouldn't be as funny. There'd be be more chavs though ......
Played for and got...
From t'wife - Wednesday, 16th April 2008, 09:34 (GMT)
I see you are trying to disguise your eating cheeseburgers, fries & onion rings with witty anecdotes about sour dough bread & root beer! I'm not fooled for an instant... xxx
Scurrilous lies...
From Marky Mark - Wednesday, 16th April 2008, 16:12 (GMT)
I like to think of the baby Jesus as a litte kind of mischevious badger…
And that's why you're not allowed anything sharp in your cell.
From Badger Madge - Monday, 21st April 2008, 12:47 (GMT)
Did someone say Badger? xx
I believe so...!
From t'wife - Monday, 21st April 2008, 19:28 (GMT)
In-N-Out Burger? & so it begins.....!!!
And that's what happened: in, and then out! You'll see when you come over...
From Sah - Wednesday, 23rd April 2008, 20:26 (GMT)
The blog's brrrrilliant, Simon. You've painted some very good mental pictures. Not mental as in mentalist. Mental as in of the ment... Aaaaanyway...
So glad you're having a good time.
Do they not sell camera leads in that Hamerica then?
Hey! I never thought to actually buy some leads here...Gawd!
From Marky Mark - Friday, 2nd May 2008, 09:34 (GMT)
Howdy partner, just googled Goleta beach OMG (thats oh my god in text speak by the way). Can't remember Cali lookng that good! Mind you it was winter and I was hanging with a crazy guy from Denvar and a mexican…
Nursing hangover at the mo, popped out to watch Vampire Weekend last night (mediocha, epiphone casino playing new york punk pop etc). Which brings me to the question… where are all your hangovers?????

It sure is a purdy place! I don't have hangovers 'cos I'm a professional...!
From Joe - Saturday, 3rd May 2008, 12:46 (GMT)
It's good to see you're having a good time, and you have your priorities right. There's been a hell of a lot more about your culinary antics than your six-stringed desires.
Oh, and seething with envy at the Tommy Aldridge spotting. He's been touring with Lizzy, dontchaknow...
Anyway, I hope it all goes well for you. Bring me back a Les Paul ;)
And he played with Ozzy. And Whitesnake! And loads more! A major thrill! A Les Paul? Sure...