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From Ness - Wednesday, 3rd September 2008, 11:27 (GMT)
Hi Jess, wow i really like ur site!! Sorry it's taken so long to get my ass over here but now i'm here I'm really impressed! I'm at Carlene's at the moment, chillen. Miss you and look forward to hearing and seeing more about your exciting travels! xo
Thanks Ness girl, give her a cuddle for me and i'll chat soon hey, maybe during one of your rowdy friday night sessions... there is no roof bar at the new building is there?
From jane - Saturday, 21st March 2009, 22:52 (GMT)
great to read about and see your adventures..we loved the mow shot with up morocco
ah the mow shot!
that was a classic few days of looking creepy! ha
From Gympie Ren - Monday, 5th May 2008, 23:34 (GMT)
hey hey
pics are great... i miss the eagle - must have been the strangest feeling to be there and see all those people again back in the same environment you left them!!
happy days
was a bit funny, but mainly it was just great to see we are all moving on doin our thing but can all share a pint and chat the same anyway!!
From mum and dad - Wednesday, 14th May 2008, 23:37 (GMT)
good to hear all the news and see great pictures...sounds like it's all coming together and miss you heaps
slowly, kinda, but yeah it is. tough couple of weeks of work ahead, 2 full time jobs simultaniously! very clever but hopefully after that i'll be rewarded....
From jesse - Wednesday, 16th April 2008, 11:31 (GMT)
hey everyone!!!
i'd love it if you could leave a message while i'm away, and i'll try to answer it quick smart :)
just like this!!
From Donna - Friday, 2nd May 2008, 15:02 (GMT)
Hey Jesse, I hope you are having a great trip so far :)
it has been great so far.
now the searching for job part!! though dublin has been sunny and nice so far :)
From Caitlin - Sunday, 4th May 2008, 01:59 (GMT)
Jesse, these photos are so beautiful, thanks for keeping this journal so that I may travel vicariously through you from the horrible corporate safety of my desk!
xx Keep safe, have adventures xx
thanks! can't wait to go somewhere i haven't been before! ha ha miss you, going to see iron man soon, wish you and gav were here to go with xo
From Jo - Sunday, 4th May 2008, 18:28 (GMT)
Heya, Love the site. How's Dublin treating you? I just got back from Berlin...most amazing city. Cheers.
ah i haven't been to berlin, really wanna go!! apparently Kris and Neatt will be living there, can't wait to visit em there... dublin is grand, we have a house now, pretty nice and job hunting today
From Carlene :) - Monday, 5th May 2008, 06:49 (GMT)
hey stranger, hows the travels going? just checking out your pics, your looking good :) hey - i was soooo close in the bottle top comp... who won anyway?? xx
you reckon you were close! Ness actually won, i spent her winnings for her on a good bottle wine :)
From Ryan Clarke - Wednesday, 7th May 2008, 08:37 (GMT)
Hey Mate,

It is plain to see you are already having a f--kin ball. It was great catching up at ur bash before you took off. Sorry I didn't say goodbye and did a disappearing act around 1am..... I was rather intoxicated, and also hate goodbyes. I was doing the right thing by you in fact, saving you from lots of my tears and kisses etc..... ;)

I will be a regular on this site mate, making sure you are keeping out of trouble.

Talk soon

well if you only check it to keep me out of trouble maybe you shouldn't check it! ha ha there will be trouble ahead, i can see it now, another pint anyone?
From Emma - Wednesday, 7th May 2008, 08:56 (GMT)
Jess and Jess I miss you guys so much!!!!! I didn't realise you were leaving so early and I went round the next day and you were both gone gone gone!!!! I don't think it hit me until just now looking at your photos and I got a little sad :( Just make sure you have lots otherwise I'll be pissed off. Oh and make sure you come back when the peak oil hits we need you in the commune ;) Take care guys love you long time
i am hoping the commune will be well and truly up and running by the time we get back! i'll contribute my knowledge of.... well i'll learn something soon! miss ya heaps Em x
From Kristen - Wednesday, 7th May 2008, 10:40 (GMT)
Heyha Jesse,
Can't keep up with you these days!! Catch me a leprachaun and make sure you let me know if you'll be flying back thru Indo...Njoy!
if i am in indo anytime soon then your couch (or grass mat) will definitely get a visit! ha ha
From Carlene :) - Wednesday, 7th May 2008, 12:54 (GMT)
hehehe, nice work!
i thought so!
From Gwen - Wednesday, 7th May 2008, 19:09 (GMT)
Waiting in Paris!!! ;-)
Cooper's are in the fridge!!!
pale ale i hope!! well i'll have to look at when i can get there then hey!
From Ren - Thursday, 8th May 2008, 05:20 (GMT)
Not even going to try to put into words how jealous I am that you had beers and the quiz at the Eagle. That's all I have to say.
ha yeah the quiz was a bonus! and we lost by half a point!! who gives out half points? really!!
From Ros D - Saturday, 10th May 2008, 08:10 (GMT)
Grandma told me where to find your pictures.
ha ha cool!
From Kylie Bonafini - Wednesday, 14th May 2008, 08:04 (GMT)
Hey Jesse, It is good to see the photos and see all the places you are seeing. How is the job hunting going. I completed a fantastic ref check on you yesterday so hope it helped :-) Take care.
wow! it must have helped cause i just got a pretty cool job starting on friday through the agency! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Jess - Wednesday, 14th May 2008, 08:54 (GMT)
Missing you already
hope you're well! i want photos asap ha ha
From mick/daddy - Thursday, 15th May 2008, 00:08 (GMT)
in dublin, fair city, where the girls are so preety.....aaaeee, all sounds good and your bed looks big enough for all of us when we arrive....dave danes decade party went off...your mum and me last to leave...lovely autumn days, lifes good...keep up the good work jesse' ya's
aghh i'm sure you guys were the last to leave! we wouldn't be haines' if we weren't hey!
From lozzie - Thursday, 15th May 2008, 03:42 (GMT)
there is just one word to describe how it feels to check out your page jes... JEALOUS!! hope the party and exploration continues.. xx
ah you can come up with more words than that! ;-)
From jill & ilze - Monday, 19th May 2008, 11:06 (GMT)
Keep powering on Jess. You are a wonder and we are so proud of you. Keep on keeping on and we look forward to hearing more of your travels and experiences. love from us2 to U..
and so much love back!!! the world is the wonder not me, i just gotta keep seein more of it, thats all xo
From Pip - Thursday, 29th May 2008, 19:47 (GMT)
Hey Jess, love the website, keep the thoughts coming. Great to hear you guys have a base and are starting to find your pub feet!
Hope the jobs are turning out ok for you both! Still looking forward to catching up at some point...x
yeah the catching up thing should happen sooner than later! we've come to far around the world to let a little channel stop us from hanging out!!
From annika - Friday, 30th May 2008, 18:27 (GMT)
crazy dear jess,
sorry i couldnt make to your pup revival in londin, i was stuck in germany. anyway if you will cross the ocean to europe i'd love to see you and catch up with you. so long love and life, life is great right now and i am happy to hear from you! love and a hug like always *annika*
ah you always had great hugs! i will definitely take you up on your germany invite. not sure about when yet but it will happen, can't wait! xo
From Renoir - Tuesday, 3rd June 2008, 08:49 (GMT)
Jes girl is looking especially beautiful in the last set of photos. I like her with her hair a bit longer. xox xox
yeah longer hair suits her i reckon, and most people for that matter! ha ha I can't wait for our letter writing renior!!
From Fiona - Tuesday, 10th June 2008, 08:59 (GMT)
Hey Jess!!! :) Sorry I missed ya at the Eagle xxxxxx probly my ankle was still broken at that point :(
See you soon I hope!
london in 2 weeks purple Fi! hopefully see all you lot then xxx