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From - Sunday, 15th June 2008, 11:29 (GMT)
Hey there - have been checking regularly - fingers crossed scheduled trip home goes to plan. Cheers
Sharon & Barry
Thanks folks. We have everything crossed! Still hoping for arrival on Monday next week.
From Stef - Sunday, 15th June 2008, 08:12 (GMT)
Nice metal work! Should cause some issues getting through the scanners on the way back. Is the bridge work there for good or will it be removed at some stage? Make a nice memento if it comes out and you get to keep it.
Latest info suggests that the metal work will be removed & replaced on our return to Australia. It may be the only way to properly knock the infection over. So long as they don't think Dave is going straight from the plane to hospital. He will be injecting antibiotics from now until our return. And something for thrombosis too while we're on the plane. All we want now is to get home & spend some time with the kids & dogs. A night in our own bed & a decent coffee. Will let you know as soon as we do, what's happenning.
From Mum and Dad - Tuesday, 6th May 2008, 23:25 (GMT)
Great to hear the bikes are as you had hoped and that the weather is good. We hope all the good things go with you throughout yourt holiday. I'm speaking this morning on Stan Thompson's program about the history of Christ Church at Wendy Monger's request as History Week is coming up and one activity is to have the various older Chuches open for one afternoon in that week. Love, Mum/A.
Hope the radio session went well Mum. We're in Salisbury today and the living history is stunning as you know. We've had several beutiful days in the South of England. Off to Cornwall tomorrow calling in on Aunty Clare for a cup of tea on the way. Expecting rain tomorrow but its a bit hard to grizzle about after such an ideal start to our trip. I reckon the environment in this part of the world is a nice as I've seen anywhere, its like a travel program. Love D & D
From Bron - Thursday, 8th May 2008, 01:11 (GMT)
Don't worry about the pics updates - just make sure you spend every waking moment enjoying yourselves. you can make us even more envious with the beautiful photos when you get back. Surgery on 26th May with a 5 day stay in hospital. Rather be on the back of a bike instead feeling like I had been! The joy of children. Take care and live it up. Bron
Thanks Bron. We will be thinking of you. As we get better at blogging, I'm sure we'll get more stuff on line for everyone to be jealous of.
From Mum and Dad - Monday, 30th June 2008, 23:44 (GMT)
Thanks for the great pics. Brought tears to my eyes which are still there! Dad will see the pics in a few minutes, so I'll hold this till he comes. Looking forward so much to seeing you both safely back. Sad that the grave is so overgrown. You'd think there'd be some authority that would at least keep the grass cut. It's always been left to rellies, but when rellies move away or forget their ancestry, neglect happens.
Love Mum and Dad.
Glad you've got to see the pics. Yes the grave is overgrown but not too bad.The actual headstone is 3 very low blocks stacked up as you can see which makes it look a bit lost in the longer grass. Diana pulled some weeds out around the stone but I think the lawnmower was definitely overdue for a run the day we were there. We saw a local news item somewhere, maybe Devon, about a controversy over whether sheep should be allowed to graze in churchyards - local opinion seemed to be in favour. The cemetery is very big and overall we thought it's pretty tidy. Counting the hours till we get on that plane.
From Mum - Thursday, 1st May 2008, 23:06 (GMT)
Have just found I can forward your blog address easily, so have sent it to Clare and to Vic and Lilian, telling them you intend to visit some time, so I hope they'll contact you via your blog. Love, Mum.
Currently in Cambridge beautiful as expected lovely sunny warm day perfect. Took back roads from Felixtowe to avoid motorways - the GPS is brilliant for finding alternative routes. Went through one postcard village after another. Trying to find accom in Salisbury for tomorrow - it all costs an arm and 2 legs. We have an eccentric B&B landlady in Cambridge - 'if there's any problems, don't bother ringing, I'm off home to have a glass of red'!! Love D&D
From John & Mary - Sunday, 11th May 2008, 01:10 (GMT)
Hi, Love Dave's thumb, best of all the pictures, how about the rest of it. All jokes aside, looks as though you are having a marvellous time and good weather as well. I don't think you could even go to the loo at Harods for 3.50
Hi John and Mary we're way behind on replies due to our slight divergence from the schedule. In Truro now as explained on the phone today. Weather now more 'classic English'. Love D & D
From Mum and Dad - Thursday, 15th May 2008, 00:08 (GMT)
It's good to catch up on your blog after your unhappy interval! Good to see you both enjoying yourselves so much in the various wonderful places, to see you with Clare and both of you looking well, the picturesque shots of the villages and of Truro. We'll all be well aquainted with Truro by the time you leave there. Dad loved the pics of Salisbury of course. It's also a blesing to be able to see you both smiling - David in bed, Diana showing off the spectacular bruise. We hope it hasn't been too painful for you, Diana. At least it's somewhere where you can show it off! Rachel tells us the doctor and his wife, Terry and Mo had you to stay overnight and offered to have you for longer. That was so kind. Take care of yourselves whether in bed or out of it! Love, Mum and Dad. A. and B.
I'm out of hospital now Mum and Di has driven me into Truro. Everything's going well. Truro is a lovely town which is a good thing because we#'' be seeing a lot of it. \love from D & D
From Locky - Wednesday, 14th May 2008, 23:49 (GMT)
Ouch! A bit of a shock to hear the news :-( but glad to hear you're not seriously injured and that, all things concidered, Dave is progressing OK. If you were going to have a patch of bad luck it was certainly tinged with some good fortune with the assistance you received so quickly. The ERT so be so good at getting the right people on the scene so quicky! Sounds like you might have made lifelong friends with Terry and Mo. Things could certainly be worse than being stuck in the UK for a few weeks. Keep your spirits up, we're all thinking of you both. Locky.
Everything has a positive to it & Terry & Mo were certainly that in this case. They were fantastic & we hope to maintain contact with them.
Another positive is the fact that this place is so lovely to look at & has so many interesting things to see. I'm sure we will be able to fill our time in in a relaxed manner anyway.
And there's always next year!
From Robert Bellman - Thursday, 15th May 2008, 23:46 (GMT)
Hi guys. Sorry to hear about your accident. Hopefully Dave is keeping a stiff upper lip: you are in Britian after all! Look after yourself and get well soon. The thoughts of many people are with you. I think think heavy metal festivals are safer!!!!!!
Hi Robert great to hear from one of the team. Stiff everything Robert not just the upper lip! I'm an animated plaster cast at the moment. Yes, metal usually doesn't involve snapped tibias and fibulas and its hard to throw a convincing Rock God shape from a wheelchair. Cheers Dave & Di.
From Michael Coke - Wednesday, 21st May 2008, 01:36 (GMT)
Hi There,

Pleased to see that you are Ok after the termoil of last week. At least you can still play guitar with a broken leg !!
Did you run into any "Pirates" in Penznance??

Hi Cokey what a disappointment, not a SINGLE pirate singing jolly music hall songs and dancing in a suspiciously gay manner (thank God for small mercies). I'm buying a small bodied Martin travellers guitar here as we can't leave for several weeks (I'm not allowed on the plane) and obviously transporting the guitar on my bike is no longer an issue. As I mentioned elsewhere on this page we grooved along to a great Celtic/Cornish jam session last night - guitars, fiddles, pipes, squeezeBoxes, mandolins) and I was busting to get up there and quietly play some chords in the background. I know it sounds like the music was crap - no Gibsons blasting through pedals into a Fender Twin - but it was great for something different. Being left handed they have to get the guitar converted by a luthier so they'll need cto get it done quickly or it won't be worth it. Keep in touch if you like, hope the gigs are going well. Remember if you ever need a left handed bass player...(joke) Cheers Dave & Di
From Gloria Duurland - Thursday, 22nd May 2008, 00:42 (GMT)
Hi Dave and Di
It is a real surprise to return from leave and hear about the accident. However, I am pleased to hear that you are both making a speedy recovery - although not sure just how speedy with Dave on those crutches! Trusting that your holiday will still be a fantastic one (it's already very memorable!) and look forward to hearing more about your travels.
Regards - Gloria
Hi Gloria thanks for the contact. I hope you're own holiday was restfuil and you avoided nasty motorcycle accidents. We're focusing on the good things that can come out of this but the leg and medication is a serious restriction with no exxaggeration. I can't go far under my own steam and as noted on previous messages we're not allowed to leave the Cornwall area by the treating medical team. But we're still having some nice experiences. Regards Dave & Di.
From Mum and Dad - Friday, 23rd May 2008, 00:17 (GMT)
Great letters and fantastic photos. My printer is caput but will print the letters when I can as it's nice to have a hard copy too for us oldies! I want to find out how to print some of the photos too - haven't worked that out yet. It's lovely that you seem to have made real friends in Terry and Mo. There is always some good comes out of mishaps! If you are agreeable I'd like to send a thank you from your old Mum and Dad to them for all they have done for you. Please let us know if you are comfortable about this and send us an address. Life goes on its busy way here. Dad as Vicar-General has to chair the annual Synod at Kingston on Sunday and Monday. I'll go with him and sit as an observer as I usually do. Satima came back yesterday from Perth but only for three weeks then she goes back, still on kindly given Fly-By points! At this stage she does not know how she'll get back. Something will turn up, she says. She will be doing more house-sitting while she's there. Rachel is busy preparing for her new room to built on her house. When that is done she'll be on her way. Satima says F and A are well, thank goodness. J. comes this evening so that will be nice for us. Linda arrives on the 30th for her mother's birthday on the 7th. Lots of people enquire about you both. I spoke to Mark P this morning about my printer and to his wife too and they were both very concerned for you. It sounds as though you really are enjoying the sights of Cornwall and learning heaps. That's terrific. Must away, Lots of love, Mum and Dad.
Hi Mum yes by all means contact Terry & Mo but we don't have an address. We'll get you one but we'll give it you by phone so its not all over the internet. Had a nice contact from Satima the other day, seems like she's doing well. By for now. Love D&D
From phil argy - Wednesday, 28th May 2008, 04:08 (GMT)
Hi Dave and Di, sounds like you are making the best of the situation and still soaking in the tourist and hsitorical stuff. I was most impressed with the radiography you posted of your serious fracture Dave, it looked nasty but I guess you already knew that...hmmm must work on my perception over the next 6 mths. It sounds like the NHS does have excellent medcial staff but there seems to be an exodus of people becasue of the working conditions??? Last night spent a few hours at a jam session and they want to sign me up for tuesday nights every week but I haven't told em my plan to escape from W.A. yet! No where near as good as the Gary Briggs nights....Dare I ask how the bikes are coping in the situation??? Have you sent them back to Australia?? kind regards phil argy
Hi Phil great to have your contact again. Yes NHS staff are leaving the system - my "pain management co-ordinator" is emigrating to Perth in a few weeks and the medical staff seem to be very stretched. But they've brought in laws to prevent the situation still occuring in Oz i.e. interns working 26 hour shifts etc. I think the legal limit is 12 hours. You'll see some updates of my leg next time you look at out blog. No running for at least 6 months I'm told, I'm going to go nuts if I can't keep my fitness up its a big part of how I percieve myself. Crutches maybe a couple more months yet, I'll have an X-ray either here or back home so they can check out the calcium growth. With 2 wacking great plates and a hardware store full of fasteners I'm confident my leg will be strong as ever with time. Bloody sore though. I miss playing music very much and may be picking up a small travellers guitar today as I'm so restricted in my physical options. I could have joined a jam last week if I'd had a guitar. We're moving on from Cornwall in a couple of days - I'm very glad. Its a stunningly beautiful, wild place just fascinating and exotic in its history but now the hospital has cleared me to travel by road we're off to the Cotswalds for a badly needed change of scenery. The bikes are in Manchester at the UK insurance Co's depot where all the assessments are carried out. Rather sad and sorry looking from my last memory of them but as I was lying in the middle of the road with Ambo's & cops all around me the memory's not that clear. I'm ringing them today as I'm a bit anxsious to have some oversight of the repair process, plus its the insurers who'll have to deliver them to the shipping depot as we'll have left the country by then. Hmmmm...but I have to say they've been very good so far. See, not enough activity I'm allowing myself to worry over stuff I shouldn't bother about. Di's recovering well, still sore in her joints and muscles partly because she's had to spend a fair bit of time pushing old 'Wheelchair Dave' around when she needed some TLC herself. Lets chat again Phil, our regards to Julie, Dave & Di
From Paul Conlon - Thursday, 29th May 2008, 23:10 (GMT)
Wow Di & Dave hope the trip is getting a whole lot better then the start, tell ya what Dave nice job there mate you done a good number on your self, Di whats with the graphic picture nice work.
Anyway knowing you 2 you will make the most of what you you have left of your self and battle on take care and stay bloody safe will ya.

Despite the set back the trip is going well. We got to see a lot of Cornwall, which although not planned, turned out to be a great experience. And now we are in Wales, visiting with our rescuers.
Thanks for your good wishes & we'll do our best to stay safe from now on!!
From Mum and Dad - Sunday, 1st June 2008, 09:56 (GMT)
Sunday evening, 1st June We are having fun following your journey by using the G. B. Road Atlas. It's great you are able to visit Terry and Mo. When we ring you, we must get their address so that we can write to them. The highways sound horrendous, perhaps even worse than when we were there in 1996. Por old Britain - far too may people in a small space.Yet it still has lots of beauty. We are enjoying seeing Linda and had a happy lunch here today, then the three sisters and Linda went out to a new coffee shop. Dad needed a good sleep. The strain of last weekend finally caught up with him. We were supposed to be at a meeting tonight but Dad was so tired we decided it was better to stay at home. There are some good things on Sunday evening telly - one about the wildlife of China then a new series of Jane Auten stories starts at 8-30, so it should be a good night's viewing which is a welcome change. We mostly sit and do crosswords or read. I sometimes draw. The art class is holding an exhibition at Studio One at the end of this month. David, do you mind if I borrow your birthday pic. of the Bird of Paradise flowers? I'll mark it not for sale of course! On the political scene, the honeymoon is over for Kevin Rudd and the poor fellow is copping lots of flack over the rise in costs of petrol and interest rates as if the international money market is all his fault! Must go and prepare something for us to eat. Take care of your selves and regards to Tery and Mo. God bless and lots of love, Mum and Dad.
Hi Mum, yes of course borrow the picture. Hope the exhebition is great for you. The political issues here are IDENTICAL. Talk to you soon by phone. Love D & D
From Alison - Sunday, 15th June 2008, 04:31 (GMT)
Hi travellers! Adrian & I are just back from AGM Townsville & heard about your misfortune. Talk about BUGGER! A novel (?) way to travel England. Can't wait to hear about the NHS (being in the trade), sorry but there has to be something to come out of all this. You're travelling home soon?, catch up then. Take it easy, Al
Hi Al. Great to hear from you. Really pleased to see you back on your bike too. I'm sure Dave will enjoy telling you about our NHS experience. It has been varied but generally good, despite what you may hear in the media. A bit like our own.
Hope to be home next week & we'll catch up as soon as we're able. Di
From Mum and Dad - Thursday, 19th June 2008, 00:56 (GMT)
Thanks Diana for updating the blog when life is so topsy turvy for you. We feel for you very much as well as David with his bad leg. You are doing a great job in holding things together. We look forward to all being well and you both being able to enjoy a comfortable journey home. Your offspring will be so thankful. Keep us up to date on the progress. Loving hte photos. You'd better get David to take one of you by the bedside and get someone else to take one of the two of you. The scenery is absolutely superb. Your artistic skills come to the fore in your photography. Our love to you both. Mum and Dad.
Looking forward to getting home too & I know the girls have a few treats planned for us. Apologies that the photos have been a bit thin on the ground lately but I hope to turn that around a bit. Having trouble loading them up again at the moment.
Love to you both & see you soon.
From Cousin Sue - Tuesday, 22nd April 2008, 03:03 (GMT)
This is so NOT your 'once in a lifetime' experience! From now on for the rest of your lives, you will be planning and enjoying more adventures!
Have a great time - you deserve it! Sue x
From John & Rosie - Sunday, 22nd June 2008, 04:18 (GMT)
From John & Rosie. G'day Di & Dave, thanks for all the great photos and story/journal could be a good addition to the motorbike diary. Publish eh. Get here safe, be good to have the coffee at C&C and chin wag. Cheers
Hi John & Rosie & thanks. We are certainly looking forward to getting home soon. Dave is very much looking forward to a decent coffee too as there is certainly no such thing to be found in England. A chin wag is also high on the list. We'll be armed with plenty of info about insurance & the NHS too for those contemplating a "similar" holiday adventure. Di
From Bill - Tuesday, 22nd April 2008, 18:35 (GMT)
hope you both have a safe and enjoyable trip, the website is very well done, hopefully one day I will be able to put mine on there,
Happy riding,
From Rick Sims - Wednesday, 23rd April 2008, 07:21 (GMT)
Wishing you both well and a safe and unbelievable journey.
From Linda Ivezic - Monday, 28th April 2008, 13:04 (GMT)
Loved reading it all but the photos finished it off. Put in as many photos as you can with good captions. Happy traveling to you both!
Love Linda
From mary holland - Tuesday, 29th April 2008, 00:43 (GMT)
Hi D & D great web site and look forward to reading about your travels.
As Nana would have said "mind how you go "

All the best John and mary xo
Thanks to everyone for your best wishes. Can't believe that it's finally going to happen.
From Mum A and Dad B - Thursday, 1st May 2008, 22:54 (GMT)
Thanks, great to read your starting blog and to see the photos. We are thinking of you both this morning. Enjoy every moment! Is it possible for you or us to forward this to Clare. She'd be interested to see the phots and to read your blog before you meet. Vic and Lilian would too, I'm sure. I'll send you their email addresses if I can't forward your blog. Love from us.
As you now now Clare isn't really knowledgable enoujgh to access the blog, she might be able to if you're on the phnone at the same time. She's been generous with offers of hospitality and I'm sure we'll catch up with her again soon.