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From Marian - Monday, 30th June 2008, 23:14 (GMT)
Hi girls,
Sent you a rather important email....check it out and get back to me or Michelle, ok?

Hope you're enjoying the cruise...wish I were there...hope you have sunscreen!

Oh ya, Paula and I are off to 'Las Vegas baby' !! on Saturday for a few days....going to take in the American Idol Top 10 concert too...Jason here I come!!! Paula plans to hold a sign that says "David Cook I love you" haha Hope you're wearing plenty of sunscreen!!!
David Cook I love you..haha oooh Paula. That´s pretty sweet about Vegas though, I actually feel kind of bad though because I kind of had a cow when I had to learn about the trip from Shelby first..but I guess if I had checked here I would have seen you telling me first...Woops. But yeah we totally wore sunscreen like 24/7. I´m not going to lie, but you would be proud if you saw us. Love and miss you!
From mom/Marian - Saturday, 14th June 2008, 06:44 (GMT)
Hey girls, Thanks for the update - you guys are a riot! I can just picture you running and screaming through the forest...hope there's no lasting scars from whatever it was! Wie gehts to all my family in Deutchland...wish I was there too! Hope you're taking lots of pictures. Sar, did you see anyone from the science olypiad thingie?? That's who I thought you were talking about. Had a great time in Nanaimo...we were living the life of the rich and famous, for a few days. Think I'll send dad to medical school! Take care, have fun. Be good! Wiedersehn! love mutti xoxoxoxo
Haha hi mom, I think we're pretty funny as well. Yeah wow Germany is gorgeous, kind of want to come live here haha. But the cousins are just stuffing us with delicious food! It is ridiculous. So much for our diet. Thanks for being the ONLY one to comment on our brilliant diary entry!
From Julie Twordik - Monday, 2nd June 2008, 06:10 (GMT)
We are missing you already. Hope your trip to TO was long are going to be there? Have lots of fun. Love you lots,

Awe I miss you guys too! I'm leaving TO tonight..Love you!!
From Sarah's mom - Monday, 2nd June 2008, 17:17 (GMT)
Hi girls, So glad you made leg 1 of your journey! Don't forget to keep in touch with your families!!! Especially you Shelby...your mom was surprised to learn that you were spending a week with Sarah's cousins!! Love the journal idea and look forward to reading it. Have fun, be safe. Much love mom/Marian
From Yan - Tuesday, 3rd June 2008, 04:51 (GMT)
Have fun Sarah and Shelby! Eat lots, drink lots (responsibly, of course :-P) and enjoy the sights!!!
From Glenn & Judy - Tuesday, 3rd June 2008, 14:46 (GMT)
Please stay save and have a fantastic trip. We will follow you as your trip evolves.
Awe thanks you guys! I can't wait..we'll be on the plane to Europe tonight! Woo Hoo!

Love Shel
From Julie Twordik - Tuesday, 3rd June 2008, 16:16 (GMT)
Oh my goodness you two must be getting excited!! Just a few more hours and you are off to Europe!! Be safe, have fun and remember that we love you so much. XOXOXOX
We are soo excited! I promise I will stay safe! xoxo!
From Auntie Leah - Tuesday, 3rd June 2008, 19:07 (GMT)
Hi Shelby & Sara,
Glad you made it to TO alright. Isn't Niagara Falls amazing!! Obviously it was nice if you got a sunburn... when I was there it was raining and cold! Have fun!
Love, Auntie Leah
From Lynda - Tuesday, 3rd June 2008, 19:34 (GMT)
Hello travelling ladies!! Hope you come back from Europe with lots of presents for me! Just kidding!
From Laurie, Dana and gir - Wednesday, 4th June 2008, 02:53 (GMT)
Hope you girls have a blast and looking forward to reading lots of entries on your blog.
Awe thanks guys!
From Michelle - Wednesday, 4th June 2008, 14:59 (GMT)
I can´t believe you have received more messages already than I did on my whole around the world trip! How sad for me!! Anyways hope you have fun, and if you decide to come to Spain, you still have a place to crash at!
Hahaha kind of funny, yes. Anyways sorry I never responded to this..but we are in Lindau now and I'm still waiting for a message back from you! GET ON IT! haha kidding, sort of! talk to you later!! -sar
From auntie irenei - Wednesday, 4th June 2008, 16:21 (GMT)
Well ladies by now you are probably in Europe. Hope you had a great flight. One more day & I'll be in Ont. Have fun. Miss you....Love Auntie Irene
From Lynda - Thursday, 5th June 2008, 01:42 (GMT)
Are you there yet???
Miss yous,
Heyy!! Yes we are here and we are LOVING it!! missing you! Can't wait to see you..again! Love you:)
From Lo Rida - Thursday, 5th June 2008, 06:07 (GMT)
LOL!!! Hey girls. Shelby, I can't believe you already got sunburned! Maybe you won't be see-through anymore. I just had my two days off and I was bored and I realized I didn't have either of you two to call. It's going to be a long summer:( But I know you guys will have a blast. Can't wait to hear how it's going and what shinanigans you two will be getting into (that's my irish word for the day!) Bye!
LORETTA!!!!!!!! we miss you sooooooo much!!! (and keeley too..!!) oh my goodness it's so good to hear from you! we had a sweet day in northern ireland today, and we're super duper excited to come back with you on our uk trip! haha (like how i used duper..hahahaha) we'll be home before you even know it and we can't wait to see you! love ya!
From Julie - Thursday, 5th June 2008, 19:37 (GMT)
Was just thinking of you. I am sure that you are having a blast. Looking for some more Diary Entries girls...keep us updated....Hope things are going great. Love Julie
Hey!! I'm always thinking of you guys.. Today was actually sooo much fun!! And we're off to a new place tomorrow so that's always exciting!

Miss yah!
Love Shel
From - Friday, 6th June 2008, 13:26 (GMT)
Auntie Irene here...just woke up at Lynda's. Grace is gone off to school. They really miss you guys. I miss you too. Glad to here your having a great time. Take care
Hi Auntie Irene! How's Lynda's going?? Tell everyone we say hello! We're a bit outside Dublin tonight in a cute area, but nice to hear from you! love you:)
From dad - Friday, 6th June 2008, 17:01 (GMT)
Hey Girls,,, glad to hear you are having a good time... How was the pub crawl last night?? (not tooo good I hope!!) Mom and I are at Gramma Ruthie's and Gramps Jim's yesterday and today and heading over to the Piedmontesi's tomorrow... Looking forward to the Dublin update...
When are we going to see pictures? Have fun.....
Hi dad! nice to hear you're having a nice time in BC, I'm a bit jealous.. We're in Dun Laoghaire today, had a bit of a stressful day getting around Dublin but it was alright. This little area is super pretty..anyways nice to hear from you! bye, love you, miss you
From Momma - Saturday, 7th June 2008, 15:54 (GMT)
Hey girls, Sounds like you have lots of people following you through Europe...Ireland sounds great - is it as green as everyone says it is? Having a nice time in Vancouver - off to Nanaimo on the ferry this morning. Enjoy! much love, mom/Marian
Helloo. Ireland is even better than I imagined. I love it I love it I love it. Want to go back right now. Can't wait to explore Germany though! Tell Omi I say hi from Lindau! Love you
From heather - Sunday, 8th June 2008, 04:12 (GMT)
guess what movie i watched the other night... P.S i love you! Now you get to live my dream... meeting a hot irish man! im so jealous..
Oh you know it! Hahah I've been keeping my eyes out hahah..they aren't hard to find!
From Auntie Leah - Monday, 9th June 2008, 19:47 (GMT)
Hi Shelby,
Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Shelby... you get the idea! Have a great Birthday in Ireland. Have fun!
Love Leah & Larry
Thanks you guys!! Love yah!!
From auntie val - Tuesday, 10th June 2008, 03:19 (GMT)
heh shelby, great to hear you have arrived in belfast and are enjoying touring:) look forward to hearing of your adventures...thinking of you, cheers ps-have a guiness (or two) for me:)
Hey thanks! haha I love LOVE's so beautiful over here and we've had nothing but nice weather! I'm getting a tan in Ireland..who would have thought!??
Love yah
From Shelby - Tuesday, 10th June 2008, 04:57 (GMT)
We are having trouble with our email. We've sent you numerous emails, but don't look like they are getting through. We sent Happy Birthday emails, but you may not have received. We hope you had a good birthday. We think of you everyday, hope your having fun. Love you and miss you, Love Mom and Dad
Hey I've gotten the birthday emails..all of them haha..but none of the other emails..anyways..thanks for the birthday wishes!

xoxo shel
From Loretta - Tuesday, 10th June 2008, 16:24 (GMT)
Hey guys! Where's our update. You know I check my computer morning, noon and night to hear from you. Happy Birthday Shelby! I thought of it yesterday but I didn't get home til late, so don't worry I didn't forget. I watched P.S. I love you last night and thought of you two. Hope you had fun in dun loug eh harry? (that's for you SArah!)
Lovely Little Lo Rida! New diary entry has finally arrived, thank you very much! Shel says thanks for the birthday wishes! And we did so have a good time in Dun Lao-g-haire haha! Love you and miss you!
From Gramma Ruth - Wednesday, 11th June 2008, 20:04 (GMT)
Hi Sarah and Shelby.
Your dad left this site on my comp. so i could follow your adventure. Just thought i would say hi and wish you both a great adventure. It was great to see your mom and dad, the weather was god awful , but not much we could do about that. Anyway just wanted to wish you well,looking forward to your entries. love G.R.
Hi! thanks so much! Glad to hear you had a nice visit! Hopefully one day we can visit too! Love Sarah
From - Thursday, 12th June 2008, 12:57 (GMT)
Hey girls, missing your diary entries. You must be having a great time. No time to write? Oh well, continue having a great time, everyone here misses you. Take care....Auntie Irene
Hi auntie Irene, sorry about the delay in diary entries! One is on the way, I promise! We are having the best time, hopefully your visit went well too! Miss you!