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From - Thursday, 16th October 2008, 21:02 (GMT)
I reckon you guys may have gone to the same tequila factory i went to! i remember the guide downed more tequilas than anyone and then drove us around town, laughing hilariously, one of the things you only do when overseas.... Enjoy your final days in the guapo Mejico!!
Brilliant! I assume this is the darling Emily. I can´t believe we didn´t get driven around town! What a rip off.
From Sarah - Monday, 12th January 2009, 01:38 (GMT)
I trust your visit to Philadelphia included a wander down a gloomy street mumbling lyrics by The Boss.... In fact, I'm surpised about your lack of Boss comments
You're right, it is a deficiency of the page. Rest assured he is in our hearts.
From Peter - Tuesday, 11th November 2008, 09:35 (GMT)
Your alternative reality TV idea of discarding wannabe bridesmaids is unacceptably gender exclusive.

How about you identify during your travels exotic wedding customs and let the audience choose the best for your Special Day.

They break porcelain in Germany.

They kidnap the groom just before the honeymoon in Saudi Arabia.

In Taiwan, apparently, people ask the groom "about the bride's private things" (whatever that means) and he pays out money if wrong.

Fun for all.
Brilliant! You've jsut been hired as our wedding planner!
From Sarah - Wednesday, 5th November 2008, 22:54 (GMT)
Fantastic ring. God I hope you got hitched in Vegas. By Elvis.
Hope you're in London in April!
Vegas was way too seedy to be exciting.. can't believe we were so surprised! Yep, plans are to be in London then, pray tell you will be there then too!!
From Ella - Wednesday, 5th November 2008, 17:43 (GMT)
Hi hi

Congratulations! I am so happy for you both - as is my entire office ( I announced the news to everyone when I opened your email this morning) Josh and I look forward to celebrating with you when you arrive in DC.

I have a splitting headache but I can't stop smiling - what a night what a night.

Absolutely - and now we can talk about important things like what dog the Obamas will buy... Can't wait to be in DC soon. We're in Utah doing rounds of south west canyon country. You should make plans to come here, it's another world. xo
From Peter - Wednesday, 5th November 2008, 09:27 (GMT)
What completely splendid news.

Yet very disappointing that you chosen to close off the option of exploting a captive audience for a possible reality TV show "So you think you can marry?" - where each week we get to vote off some tawdry excuse for not doing the bleeding obvious.

The people will not be denied. We demand that an electoral college be duly constituted to ratify this landslide of mutual respect and trust.

Spondulus is a nice touch. Not only pretty, but a pretty clever analogy of unity from pre-Colombian times. Also laden with fertility symbolism. But I guess you knew that already.
Perhaps we can arrange a show around the actual wedding itself, where perhaps choices of bridesmaids could be lined up and voted off..
From Deidre/Graham - Wednesday, 5th November 2008, 06:46 (GMT)
Guess what!, we had breakfast in Three Rivers, one of our fun memories of the US of A. Congratulations again!! and thanks for the great email on the election. How amazing that it was all over in a couple of hours. Carry on travelling (safely). love to you both.
p.s can't blame Graham sleeping through some of the canyon areas, some of the scenery is so barren!
From Sarah - Tuesday, 7th October 2008, 03:32 (GMT)
You guys are such nerds. Its tremendous. And I'm glad to hear the mullet has appeal outside Australia. On that note, my hair is now white-blonde. Like Debbie Harry blonde. My brother tells me its "very Smith St". Canberrans are unsure how to react.
Missing you a lot :)
p.s. I agree with your evaluation of Atonement. I think his writing made the story less believable for me. And I was annoyed with some of the 'morals' of the story. It has been further sullied by that movie.
But on a shallow note I did love that green dress!
p.s we hated the English Patient even more. Stay tuned for that review. Debbie Harry is pretty hot.
From Derre & Anat - Wednesday, 5th November 2008, 01:42 (GMT)
Congratulations to you both. What great news. Can't wait to see you both and swap travel stories, and check out any rocks that may be on hand. Please tell me this election nonsense will be over soon (and that Sarah Palin has been savagely gored by a moose!)
More satisfying was that she was gored by over one half of the American people! Does Anat even have a rock yet?
From Lucy Menezes - Monday, 28th July 2008, 03:47 (GMT)
Hi Brendan and Lavinia

Can't believe your on the other side of the world! Looks like you guys have settled in very well. Amazing shots of the Andes, the food looks good and the tripe looked good till I realised it was tripe! Keep on having fun. Love always, Lucy xoxoxox
From Shaz - Friday, 12th September 2008, 02:49 (GMT)
Hi Lavinia

Hey, the same gringo keeps popping up in your travels!!! Is he stalking you????

your Gringo spotter pal, Shaz (and Di)

Getting to the States in two weeks, should have a replacement gringo then!
From Daniel W - Saturday, 30th August 2008, 23:34 (GMT)
Witches market. Llama fetus. Road of death.

Are you sure it was the ride that made L sick? It might have been the llama fetus soup!
From Derren - Tuesday, 2nd September 2008, 01:13 (GMT)
Glad to see the trip is taking the well worn gringo trail. So how cool is La Paz hey...did you go into Coroico on that nasty road I mentioned? It would appear from your pic's that you went from Puno to the coast (Arequipa) and forgot to go to Cuzco & Macchu Picchu..surely not!!
All booked in for the bike ride and ended up spending time with upset belly etc. Very typical gringo travel tale.. (Yep went round in big circles back to Peru, we´re hopeless on the organisational front)
From Bob - Thursday, 17th July 2008, 09:32 (GMT)
By hook or by crook,
I will be first in your book!
From lize & dyl - Sunday, 20th July 2008, 06:55 (GMT)
at e55 drinking strong arse coffee where da photos at?
be patient my amigos!
From Mark Heeney - Friday, 25th July 2008, 08:15 (GMT)
Hey guys....
so by the looks of it you have seen some rocks the outside and the inside of cows dead and alive and some buildings. Cool.

Hope you two are having a good time, hurry up and get some better photos and captions to go with, j/k. No i'm not!
Cheers, Mark
From Keils - Friday, 25th July 2008, 08:22 (GMT)
Yum Franks in Bacon!
From mum & dad - Friday, 25th July 2008, 08:50 (GMT)
great to see you eating steak ha ha we enjoyed photos keep them coming
Which mum and dad is this? My bet is the Mitchells!
From Heeno - Sunday, 5th October 2008, 04:50 (GMT)
Greetings Lovely Lavinia & Beautiful Brendano, I'm so dam jealous of you guys, Isla of Margarita and looks amazing, pity about the surrounding beaches. Hope you two aren't going any where near Tijuana. Good to see you have stopped climbing mountains and started eating regurgitated lamb! See you guys in a few months in the UK, Yay!
Love Mark
When we´re in the UK we´ll be living on tuna and pasta due to plummeting aussie dollar
From Patrick - Thursday, 7th August 2008, 02:55 (GMT)
Buenos tardas, amigos. Buono natale, y dos billetes a sombra. I think that means happy birthday and two tickets to the bullfight in the shade, although it might actually be Eva Peron's hairdresser's paella recipe. While you're living the Indie dream, watch out for the ants, muchachos. Hasta luego.
From Daniel W - Thursday, 7th August 2008, 08:21 (GMT)
There seems to be a focus on food there.
From Mike - Thursday, 7th August 2008, 10:23 (GMT)
Hey Indy, you realise that you are supposed to be wielding the whip not your lady friend? Still, even a one-handed whip-wielding Mitchell sounds pretty frightening. I'm afraid no amount of beef can turn you into the power partner in this little movie.

Wish you were here and we were there.

Mike, Tanja et al

p.s. rescued the bounty from your old office by the way. Many thanks. Even managed to do it before Alex noticed the smell!!
Excellent to hear! Let us know how the cooking progresses.. Perhaps your own planetranger of dishes? xo
From Bob - Thursday, 7th August 2008, 10:34 (GMT)
Great photos... and descriptions! Keep up the good work. You have set a high benchmark in editorialising.
Young Ok and I are now going to the gym 3-4 times a week. Will need to keep at it in preparation for the meat in Argentina.
Don´t worry no one else seems to exercise here!
From mum & dad m - Thursday, 7th August 2008, 11:09 (GMT)
nice horse riding skills but where are the cowboy hats
All out of stock, although Brendan now has himself a revolutionary cap in preparation for our meeting with President Chavez...! And we have would have looked even sillier with cowboy hats on - we do have some dignity?!
From Sarah - Friday, 8th August 2008, 03:20 (GMT)
I hate you both - horrible, taunting people with your photos of exciting/beautiful places that are not Canberra.
It looks like I might swindle my way to Vienna (via London) for a conference next April though - perhaps you'll still be in the UK?
That would be bloody great!! We need to continue our international tour of meat, so schnitzels it is!