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From The Greens - Saturday, 13th September 2008, 11:55 (GMT)
staying with poppa and nanna.the kids had agreat day on the bike. got you post card loved it.
it brings up a lot of good memories. have fun
lots of love Anat
Anat! Lovely to hear from you. The kids will be so big when we see them again. Take care xo
From Deb - Wednesday, 17th September 2008, 06:51 (GMT)
Gee, watching your adventures certainly brightens up my very boring life. It all looks so fantastic. I particular liked Brendan's yellow rain gear and the little monkey.

You both look very happy and healthy. Please continue to enjoy for the rest of us boring old people. cheers
The monkey was completely gross!
From Dave - Sunday, 21st September 2008, 08:26 (GMT)
Apart from the splendid vistas, my eye did notice that someone was writing postcards!!! I am waiting by my letterbox twitching like a sheepdog before muster...
I think we sent yours from Bolivia so you may be twitching for several months!
From Emily - Wednesday, 24th September 2008, 12:46 (GMT)
Love ths photos - Kate and Ryan just sent photos of Macchu Pichu, keep an eye out for them! All the hikes are impressive. I checked out Mont Blanc on the weekend, you'll be able to run up it by the time you get here... Although I don't think you can hire staff....if so, they probably cost a nice little fortune! Beef is still $55/kilo, so keep eating it for Paul and I!
Well I think by the time we get to Europe we will need to become Vegetarian to counter the amount of meat we are eating here! Mexico is brilliant, can{t wait to share stories - we{re off to Tequila tomorrow!
From Deidre - Tuesday, 30th September 2008, 11:18 (GMT)
Hi from hot Vietnam, some days hot and humid and some with torrential rain still we are having fun and doing a little treking in the hills and the jungle, nothing to rival your exploits. Take care will keep checking for news of you both.
Excellent to hear! Would love a bowl of pho at the moment. Hiking in the heat is impossible! Only news for today is that I have just had a haircut in Mexico City that is essentially a mullet... xo take care.
From Emily - Wednesday, 1st October 2008, 07:15 (GMT)
Hey Guys, glad you're loving Mexico - i think it's the best place I've visited. I was in Guadalajara, right near Tequila (recommend both). Taxco (day trip from Mexico city) is silver capital and has some amazing silver - no surprise there. Guanajato (not sure on spelling) is sort of on the way from Mexico city to Guadalajara and is a really georgeous colonial-looking town. I hope that you're now putting chilli powder and lime on all the fruit you buy from market stalls! My challenge is to see how many different ways you can consume cactus plant, and yes, tequila counts and please have some for me!
We loved Tequila although did the fly in fly out visit to the Jose Cuervo distillery like drunken floozies. Off to Oaxaca tomorrow for a Mexican cooking class!
From Peter - Saturday, 4th October 2008, 13:38 (GMT)
Planet Ranger - Laviniabrendan

"Joyful interludes, amidst cultures, between airports, shared generously - awaiting rediscovery."
...¨sweating profusely¨
From Gillian - Tuesday, 7th October 2008, 05:40 (GMT)
Shame on you for waering the hideous pruple budgie smugglers Brendan! the white wrap around towel I can live with letting yourself go also and of course the major plastic surgery so you look different but the bathers shame on you!

thanks for the endless laughs and information. Soooo jelous guys have fun
How many camels are your worth?? Great to hear from you Gillian, would love to hear how your trip to Egypt went. take care xo
From - Wednesday, 8th October 2008, 22:50 (GMT)
Hi from the gatha . another lot of wonderful photos for us to drool over ! you both look so happy, but make sure Brendan hasnt kept a few marjorie's in his back pack Lavinia!
You just wait for the photos of our trip to Tequila!! Tamarind margaritas are our new favourite drink, however in truth the tequila burnt the hell out of throats... and we´re drinking Polish vodka instead. No Jim Beam hidden in the cupboard here...
From hag - Friday, 10th October 2008, 03:59 (GMT)
Thanks for all of the fun at dinner at Jacks Fish in PV ---We had a wonderful time and learned much of Austrailia. Best of luck on your continued adventure. Keep me posted and maybe we can surprise with a visit somewhere in US or Toronto..
From Deidre - Sunday, 12th October 2008, 09:58 (GMT)
Great to see you are both still alive. Great photos. Enjoy your wanderings in the US of A. We arrived back from Vietnam yesterday, great trip, managed to dodge cyclones and torrential rain squalls. So many people and so many motor bikes. Do keep us posted on the general public reaction on the election candidates as you travel on. Love to you both. P.s. I do hope that you receive the odd email that we send!
Absolutely, we have them all! I am very slack about writing long emails in return! Looking forward to spending your birthday harrassing children and adults for treats in the US! Send my love to the cats fan in the house. Probably for the best you were in Vietnam for the game.. lots of love xo L&B
From Gillian - Monday, 13th October 2008, 05:29 (GMT)
sadly, I was was worth only 100 camels, 20 cows and a single chicken, although they were consistent in their offer! Roger kept saying she's free take her please. Egypt was AWESOME loved every minute of it and we were not dissapointed the once. Was dam hot in Abul Simbel 48 the hat and water felt like token efforts.I did however get food poisoning on the first boat along with 20 other people ( so much for 5 star!) which made me ill for 2 weeks lost a complete dress size. The bonus was I could still drink! keep having fun guys.
From Peter - Friday, 17th October 2008, 08:54 (GMT)
Assume you each think you require churches with baby-sitting services for the other. But what you really need is a church with a bar.

Review of your exploits to date:

"Chocolate sunset regurgitated tequila ruins beer pyramid. Obama donkey flowers."
From Eric - Tuesday, 21st October 2008, 01:55 (GMT)
Lavinia & Brendan, I have located you blog and love it! My trip is now a success, being that I made it on your webpage. I am assuming the Lavinia wrote the caption, due to her glowing description of me and her continual denunciation of Portland because a song that Brendan likes shares the same name.

Well, the day you left I made it out to the ruins. Cool for me, but would have been lame for you two. I saw your pictures from Teotihuacan. Enough said! The highlight of Oaxaca was the next day when I traveled to Mitla and rode in the back of truck to the hot springs of Hierve el Agua. AMAZING!

Miss you both and hope your well. Where are you two now?
Hey there Eric, so great to hear from you! We are checking out some polling places saying we are Poll Watchers. You guys sure know how to make voting complicated! Getting ready to celebrate a big win (fingers crossed) for the big man of Hope in LA before heading to Nevada, Utah etc. Take care xo
From Daniel W - Saturday, 25th October 2008, 22:33 (GMT)
What sort of a holiday are you having with all that reading? Are you mad? Are you bored?
Don't worry, we've stopped reading books now we're in the States, just the paper and magazines..
From Gillian Dobson - Wednesday, 5th November 2008, 02:13 (GMT)
CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you reaaly pleased to hear you are making an honest woman of Lavinia.

Thanks! Brendan says it will take more than a ring on her finger to make her honest...
From Jen & Paul (London) - Sunday, 16th November 2008, 19:56 (GMT)
Hi Lavinia and Brendon,

We have had Emily & Paul here this weekend for a visit and they told us the fantastic news.
Congratulations to you both, we are thrilled for you. We would love to see you, not sure if Europe features in the worldwide adventure?
We have been looking at your travel photo's and they are awesome.
Lot's of Love, Best Wishes and Safe Travels.
Jen & Paul (London)

Wonderful to hear from you!! We are absolutely hitting London town. We expect a week long itinerary of pinot and beer with your lovely selves! Thanks for your wishes, can't wait to catch up round April/May next year. Hope you are both well xo
From Deidre & Tom - Monday, 24th November 2008, 06:59 (GMT)
Just checking that your both alright and still having lots of fun. Nan is up at our house and looking after us for a while (as mum is in hospital for an operation but not a dramatic one).

hope to see you soon Love Tom and Deidre
Hey Tom - great to hear from you!! We are in Nashville at the moment (we are very behind in posting photos). Having a great time listening to Bluegrass and country music - you and your dad would love it! We found some cowboy boots for US$1200 - they looked pretty flash. Let me know your size! Take care and give your mum a big hug for me. xo Lavinia
From Nedra kelaart - Wednesday, 3rd December 2008, 06:08 (GMT)
Hi Hope you received my earlier email. Finish work tomorrow 4/12. Hoping to have 2 weeks to myself before sleepless nights... (wishfull thinking!)
Oh my goodness! How exciting. We met a woman yesterday who had a 'surprise' baby 15 years after getting her tubes tied! We have only just bought a lap top so are now catching up on emails otherwise I have been awfully slack. Take care and I hope all goes well. xo Lavinia
From Deidre/Graham - Saturday, 6th December 2008, 06:09 (GMT)
Hi yo'all keep that hillybilly music coming! Did you enjoy Santa Barbara? we did many long years ago. Rokko home now and recovering, Tom and Ellen on their perfectly best behavour for Nana. Nana now home and facing up to the fact that Christmas is coming so quickly. Sorry no Christmas present from this quarter will save for the Wedding present!!
Just love your photos and commentary. Love to you both
We did like Santa Barbara although we didn't stay long. Have just spent a couple of days in Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. We have overdosed on antiques, pearls, and twin sets. We will miss everyone at Christmas, however will ring to catch up. love you, Lavinia
From Abbey & Alan - Monday, 8th December 2008, 04:11 (GMT)
Hello, Your photos are brilliant, I have had a bit of catching up to do! Dad and i are home in Gatha now, and in need of naps due to 4am starts to the day! Love you lots
We sympathise, we too are working hard. So many cable tv channels, so little time!
From Deidre - Thursday, 11th December 2008, 03:30 (GMT)
Wow! great photos, loved the Huck Finn reading bit. Keep them coming, we are all on a free ride with you.
Hmm, maybe if we start charging we can extend this trip....
From Bob & Young Ok - Sunday, 21st December 2008, 04:21 (GMT)
Now that we are settling back in (only 3 weeks), I have started to catch up with your photos - looks like you are having a great time. We will all miss you for Christmas dinner, but I am sure you won't be missing us! Have a great Christmas.
In a great American tradition we had Vietnamese food for lunch - we missed the turkey!
From the Green Family - Tuesday, 23rd December 2008, 09:51 (GMT)
Hi Vinnie & Brendan, we send our love and best wishes for Christmas, hope you have warm coats as we see pictures of lots of snow in the US. We will drink to your health on Christmas Day and wish you were with us.
We fitted in a few drinks to our health as well.... Merry christmas to you as well!
From Peter - Wednesday, 24th December 2008, 05:05 (GMT)
The silence and white spaces on your site are presumably an intential representation of the weather where you are at the moment.

Maybe you've stopped reading and taken to burning books to keep warm.

Happy holiday within a holiday.
Yep, we've stopped reading. Our attention spans have decreased with increase of American media. Apparently knowledge is not power, a loud voice and abusive language is.