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From Dl's Mom - Friday, 31st October 2008, 16:23 (GMT)
Wow!! you have been very busy...thanks so much for all the details in your update. Did you get your flights changed to Cairns? I wish I was there for the money belt incident after witnessing the Vegas incident...(heehee). About Harley's "smell"...any ideas on how to cure that?!! It is really really BAD!!! It burns your nostrils!! Don't's so bad he is even getting up and walking away!! It can't be just from Chico's food...and Chico doesn't have that problem after eating Harley's food! If anyone has any ideas how to cure this 'little problem' please let us know otherwise we may need to invest in some gas masks to wear while we are watching TV in the eveniings! Other than that he is doing fine. Him and Chico are tolerating each is like having two very spoiled "only childs"...they each want what the other has, won't share their toys, you can't pet one without the other and they are always competing for your attention and trying to out do the other! Chico usually only plays ball for afew throws...not now... he played constantly for 20 minutes the other night, ploughing over Harley to get the ball and then Harley would tackle him and then neither one could find the!!!
Well, have a safe should just about be boarding right now...and let us know when you get there.
Have fun & stay safe! Love ya, Mom
We did get our Cairns flight sorted out. We are going to drive North and then fly from Cairns to Melbourne on December 2 and we depart from Melbourne on December 6.

As for Harley's gas...the only thing is to keep him away from Chico's food and anything else he might get into other than his food. He still gets gas with his food, but it's not usually too bad!!

We're off to get our car and find a bed as we didn't get much sleep in the airport! Happy Halloween!

From Elise - Wednesday, 7th January 2009, 02:31 (GMT)
you guys sound like your having the most amazing time! the long neck tribe would of been so cool to see! and the tigers look so cute in your facebook picture!! I'm soo jealous!
Hi Elise,
We are still having a good time, but we're missing the group. The weather in Koh Samui isn't as nice as we had hoped...hopefully it will improve soon. We are also getting tired of dealing with the locals...can't trust any of them and always trying to get you to pay more! Hope you're enjoying the weather back home! Say hi to Josh! Your facebook pics are great!
Danielle & David
From Sienna - Tuesday, 6th January 2009, 20:29 (GMT)
Hi Danielle! I love reading your blog it keeps me entertained at boring these days! Glad you guys are having such a good time without too many mishaps! You're lucky you are missing all the wind and snow but at least it is warm now! Anyway just thought I'd say hi and Happy New Year to you both!
Hi Sienna!
Glad you're enjoying the blog. We hope to get it back up to date in the next few days. Heard there's lots of snow out there...definately not missing that! Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year!
From DL's Mom - Wednesday, 12th November 2008, 17:12 (GMT)
Hi D & D
Just me...not much to update you on...everyone is fine including Harley. Hard to believe you've only been gone four weeks today...feels more like four months!!! Hope to hear from you soon...have fun and stay safe. Miss ya and Love ya, Mom
Hi Mom!
Glad everyone is doing good. Is Harley still really stinky?
The time is flying for us...we can't believe it's already been a month! We've been really busy this past week and will try to call you again soon.
Love D&D
From Michelle Elliott - Monday, 10th November 2008, 22:50 (GMT)
Hi Danielle,
I am so thankful you have this site. It's a great way to keep track of you guys and gives your mom great peace of mind as well. Happy travels,

From DL's Mom - Sunday, 4th January 2009, 02:52 (GMT)
The pictures are wonderful!!
Did the skydiver have any hearing left after your jump?!
If he doesn't from from the wind not my screaming! You can't hear anything when you're dropping through the air at 200km/hr.
From Braeden - Sunday, 4th January 2009, 03:03 (GMT)
Hey hey,,
i'm soo jealous that u got to go skydiveing!! there's nothing an idiot like me would wnt to do more than jump out of a plane with a complete stranger straped to my back!!lol :p,, anyhow.,... i'm still suprised that you ( and david :p) did it!! Harley misses u alot,, lol jk i wouldn't know ,, that 'thing' lol is with kelly, or someone,, i think,,lol incase u didnt know,,, anyways. i'd better let u go,,

ttyl!! :p
Hey B,

Your message made me laugh - you're such a weirdo! When you're old enough maybe I'll go skydiving again with you (don't tell mom!).

Harley is at Kelly's and 'HE' is doing fine, but he doesn't like to go out in all the snow you guys have. Haha suckers!

Love DL
From Gramma M - Monday, 29th December 2008, 01:50 (GMT)
Hi D&D
We had a good family day yesterday and you both were in our thoughts. Your plants are all doing well. The violet is covered with blooms. We think you will need to take the fig tree home with you, as it will be lonely when you take the other plants home. It is snowing today but the temperature is up to -7(almost balmy). Enjoying your blog so keep it coming.
Love to you both
Hi Gramma,
Glad to hear you all had a good Christmas holiday. I was just talking to mom and she was telling me about all the snow you've had lately, but at least it's not -30 anymore! Love D&D
From Uncle John and Eva - Sunday, 28th December 2008, 01:24 (GMT)
Merry Christmas and all the best from the Hunt family. Just checking in and seeing where you are. You are on one awesome trip. Happy trails. Ronald has broken his arm (again) but its on the mend, Snowboarding accident.
Cody is in Vermilion working on the oil rigs. hopes to be home by Jan. 6. has a blonde girlfriend, Brittany. Probably just the flavour of the month. Thinking of you guys often, wondering what your next adventure could be. Your mom has hooked us up with your site, awesome... Happy new year, stay safe, will be intouch when we get our computer on the go.
Eva and John.
Hey guys!
Hope you had a good Christmas! Say hi to Cody & Ronald and have a good New Year!
From Todd, Eliz, Ben & El - Saturday, 27th December 2008, 15:41 (GMT)
Hi D & D, Happy Holidays!
Love your travel blog and love reading of your adventures and checking up on your whereabouts. :) Stay safe,
Love Todd, Eliz, Ben & Ella
Great to hear from you. Hope you had a good Christmas!
Love D&D
From DL's Mom - Wednesday, 31st December 2008, 19:01 (GMT)
Hi D&D
Happy New Year!!
Happy New Year!
From Lidona - Monday, 9th February 2009, 17:28 (GMT)
Hey Guys!
Off to Africa soon! I don't imagine you will be able to check messages on Kili so I thought I would drop a line and wish you good luck. I know you will make it to the top...and of course it will look like all the brochures and you will see the sunrise in a clear sky! (no snow at all, ha ha)

I am working on my business plan right now but no other life changing news yet.

PS. Are you interested in working in the travel industry when you get back?
Hey Lidona!
Only a few days now until we leave for Africa. Can't believe how quickly it's going - we're already more than half done! We're hoping the hike will go well...I've just got another cold so hopefully it will be gone by then. So does that mean everything is going smoothly with the sale? The travel industry is definately an option when I get back - not sure what I'm going to do so I'll keep it in mind! Say hi to Gavin and anyone else you run into! Talk soon! D&D
From Mike - Saturday, 29th November 2008, 02:31 (GMT)
Hey, looks like you guys are enjoying your time. Hope all stays well for you two, and the laughs and adventures continue non-stop. Dont enter any of those fields with the sign of the sheep unless you got some velcro gloves and rubber boats.. haha... Stay safe and enjoy!
Hey Mike,

We are having a good time. Skydiving was awesome and we went scuba diving over the Great Barrier Reef today which was also great.

Thanks for the advice on the sheep!

Talk soon!

PS: Which Mike is this? We think we know, but better clarify just in case!
From Sienna Cook - Wednesday, 5th November 2008, 00:53 (GMT)
Hey Danielle!! Hope you are having a good time! If you plan on going skydiving in Australia, I went with Paul's Parachuting out of was amazing!!! DO IT!! You get to jump (tandem dive) over the Great Barrier Reef, it can't get any better than that!!
Good luck and travel safe!!

Sienna (Re/Max Southwestern)
Hey Sienna!
That's great! We were actually looking at doing a jump over the Great Barrier Reef so I'll have to look into Paul's Parachuting! Do you remember the prices? Just to give us a rough idea?
Great to hear from you!
From Ur bigger lil sis' - Friday, 28th November 2008, 23:32 (GMT)
This is the first time Ive checked this....I couldnt find where I saved the link til now...
That self cleaning toilet story is hillarious!!! Haha And what is that SPOT that everyone is talking about?? Anywho time for work
Luv ya
Hi bigger lil' sis!

The self cleaning toilet was so gross, but it was funny b/c we were expecting it to be so clean!

The SPOT thing is sends a message via satellite to let everyone know that we are ok or that we need help. You can also see exactly where we are when we send the message with google maps. I put the link to the SPOT page on here...I think it was our 2nd entry the day before we left.

From Gramma M - Wednesday, 24th December 2008, 04:28 (GMT)
Hi D & D,
Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I see mom told you what was happening on Christmas Day. On the 27th Uncle John, Eva and Ronald and your mom, Simon and Braeden and Jackie and Nigel are coming here for a belated Christmas dinner. Cody can't make it as he is working up north. I will really miss you two, but enjoy the beach and soak up some sunshine for me. Love you both Gramma.
Hi Gramma,
Hope you all have a good Christmas. Say hi to everyone and give mom a hug from us.
Love D&D
From DL's Mom - Sunday, 11th January 2009, 04:58 (GMT)
Well, you two picked a great winter to be wouldn't believe the snow, and the drifts and the piles of it everywhere. I am so sick of the wind and the cold and shoveling snow and the hidden ice...I guess I am just plain sick of winter...and just think there is only three more months of it left!!
We are receiving the SPOTs again. It looks really nice where you are now. Is that where you are staying for a couple of weeks?
Hopefully in 5 weeks we'll be soaking up some sun again in Puerto Escondido...I am seriously considering not coming back until May, by then winter and tax season will be over!!! (I wish!!)
Enjoy your R & R!!
Have fun & stay ya!!
Hi Mom,
Glad we're missing the snow and cold! I'll keep sending the spots now that it's working again.

We'll be in Koh Samui for a few more days and then we might go to Krabi for a few days before India.

Is Simon going to Puerto too or just you and Braeden?

I'll call home soon.
Love D&D
From Harley - Thursday, 16th October 2008, 16:05 (GMT)
Good morning Mom & Dad...
I hear you had a small snag checking in. Hope you made your flight to LA and got off to New Zealand ok. It was a long day until everyone got home last night but Gramma and Grandpa and uncle Braeden are giving me lots of extra TLC! Chico and I are getting to know eachother better and are getting along well. I spent the night outside Uncle B's room and am sure i kept him a wake with my know how that is! But when he got up this morning he tucked me in with my blanket, nice and cozy and i got to sleep in a little bit longer. There is some talk about a hockey game in Lethbridge on the weekend that Chico and i might be able to go to...that's exciting! So, don't worry about me, i am having my own adventure and will be just fine. Lots of love and slobery kisses...your son, Harley xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Glad to hear you're doing ok Harley...we miss you!!
From DL's Mom - Tuesday, 4th November 2008, 06:26 (GMT)
Hi D & D
Danielle you are going to have to try 'forgetting' something somewhere so that you can do some shopping...wasn't that just a freebie hat anyway?! (heehee)
The forecast is for snow tomorrow (Tuesday) and it was much colder today than it was last winter may be on it's way...yuck!!!
Michael called Sunday night after I was talking to you guys and he said to say hi to you both.
I am happy to hear that you finally found a better hostel to stay at. Simon and I were betting on how many hotel nights you would have if the hostels didn't get any better than the first couple!
I didn't get any SPOT messages today (Monday) so not sure if you forgot or if it wasn't transmitting.
Look forward to hearing from you soon...miss you!
Have fun & stay safe. love ya, Mom
ps Harley sends his love
There's not much else that we can forget...we need everything else we have! Say hi back to Michael and Amy if you talk to her.
Last night we stayed at a hostel in Queenscliff that is in a really neat old building and it wasn't bad either so hopefully they'll continue to stay this good or get better!
I think I did forget to send a SPOT until last night so that's why you didn't get one.
From Gramma M - Thursday, 6th November 2008, 04:22 (GMT)
H i guys Sorry I haven't written sooner but I couldn't get back into your site. Mom came over tonight and fixed it so I can get in easy. You sound like you are having a wonderful time. I'm not sure about the hostels, though. We had snow yesterday, but it's almost gone today. I'm packing for our trip and getting excited. Miss you both. Have fun and stay safe.
Love Gramma
Hi Gramma!
We are having a great time! The hostels are getting better each time we stay at one so hopefully we won't be stuck above a bar again anytime soon!

No snow here, but it's still cool and raining on and off. We're hoping it will start to warm up as we head farther north.

I'm sure you will have lots of fun in Hawaii!

Love Danielle & David
From Gramma M - Thursday, 1st January 2009, 00:54 (GMT)
Hi D & D
Happy New Year. We are going to have a quiet one this year. It's so cold and snowy we don't want to go out in it. Miss you.
Love Gramma
Happy New Year Gramma & Ralph!
From Mom - Friday, 17th October 2008, 23:18 (GMT)
Thank you for the SPOT!!!!!! I almost cried again...i was so happy to hear from you!
From Chris - Saturday, 25th October 2008, 04:57 (GMT)
Hey Guys... It's great to be able to hear all your comments and live vicariously through you. Sounds like you are having a great time and Dani's mom is calming down. Have fun and keep safe. Looking forward to pictures.
We finally got around to posting some pics...alot of the computers won't let you upload pictures so we've had a hard time getting them on here.
From Kelly - Wednesday, 29th October 2008, 05:24 (GMT)
Didn't know who was calling so I didn't answer.The cat is fine .She comes out now but wants to sleep with us so we have to close all the doors at night.She is scared of the pups.
Next time you get an unknown call answer could be us calling! And if they ask if you accept the charges say yes! Our calling cards aren't working from here.

Glad kitty is ok!
From Gramma M - Wednesday, 29th October 2008, 02:55 (GMT)
Talked to mom(Leslie) and she told me how to get into your page and I did it. Sounds like you are having an experience of a life time. Miss you and love you both.
Love Gramma
We are having lots of fun! We are missing everyone back home too! Love D&D