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From Chris Bostock - Monday, 2nd November 2009, 21:17 (GMT)
Oi! you've missed a bit - we all wanted to know what Afghanistan is really like.......really glad that you're back closer to your other home and looking forward to seeing you soon Chris
The nearest to conflict was in Novisad, Serbia..... requesting a black coffee for breakfast.... eventual diplomacy was achieved with a modified breakfast ticket from the manager.... and we were asked to leave any guns with reception!
See you soon.
From Nyree - Friday, 14th November 2008, 04:17 (GMT)
Hey up, lovely lad and lass! :) Looks like you're having a cracking time already.... We MISS YOU!! But hey band have survived our first two rehearsals in your absence... Rob is a grand lad and with his help, it truly looks like we are going to keep the home fires burning.... Tony has sorted out our bank account and we are working hard for gigs, with more coming in.... Will try to start some blogs of our own, to keep you up to date with our own shenanigans. Love you jolly much! (have lots and lots of fun and don't forget to bring back some toons...) xxxx Nyree & your very own - Meze Mundo
Hi Nyree

Good to hear from you. I bought a Zoom MP3 recorder to capture field toons but the digital memory card doesn't work. I hope to get it sorted here in Lima! Love from Mazza and Ken.
From Tony Hopper - Thursday, 13th November 2008, 13:09 (GMT)
So far so good
allready the trip looks like one long party.

Keep in touch it,s great following your adventure as your often the talk of the Side. Lone toe. x
Hi Tony

You would enjoy the race track that is Havana city! No exhaust systems evident... such noise, such aged cars, such a pong!

From Dave Gill - Tuesday, 30th December 2008, 08:27 (GMT)
Glad you are feeling a more relaxed now, perhaps you could use a few Gekos as they love eating mosquitos. The Pterodactyl could be a Great Frigate bird famous for
kleptoparasitism. Your pals inb the lagoon are probably Reef Herons and Common Sand Piper aptly named as we have seen the same species in Bolton Abbey and Cairns.

LOL Dave Gill
Picasso Trigger Fish is the name on our undersea plastic fish spotting card! Great Frigate Bird sounds about right too. Geko is currently behind fridge in Bungalow 5! Any other name for Mafia Bread Fish Crew? x
From Barbara - Saturday, 29th November 2008, 16:49 (GMT)
I'm fascinated. You have the gift of making it live for me.
We had the same trouble getting the taxi to the gold and arch. museums - it was a long way from where we stayed but as we'd agreed the price befroe it did not matter we went round the block! I've taken up a new sport - if I tell you I'll be floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee ..... Iain thinks it hilarious! I am hooked - so to speak!!!
xx to both
Uppercuts and jaw breaking or hooks and flies?

Ken x
From Jane - Wednesday, 18th September 2013, 21:55 (GMT)
Hi Ken, Thanks for the postcard. We are getting ready for our holidays too!

love Jane xx
Plenty of holiday chicken action here. Live chucks n the corner of a restaurant and pottery ones on the sreet.
Love, K?xx
From Mary K - Friday, 5th June 2009, 23:42 (GMT)
Hey!- lovely to catch up with you in Sands, I am glad to be back with my fully functioning fan oven that does a wonderful pavlova, with or without the vinegar! Elaine made it to the top of An Tellach with Oz,Phil and Jack, the rest of us wimped out, but put on a fine ceilidh for them! we had a bit of practise at the local ceilidh in Poolewe, where we did some tunes we learnt in the afternoon workshop. Happy travels and thanks for the lovely recipes
Mary xx
Great to see you, Mary. It was a good do all round and your Pavlova prompted me to make one for friends in France. They would be excited to have you onboard at the local ceilidh, wish we could have been there. I've been a bit wabbit(as they say in Poolewe) since all the driving and flying back and forth but this weekend we're visiting loads of gardens.... let's see if they can match Inverewe!?
From Jane - Thursday, 20th November 2008, 22:04 (GMT)
Have you seen any unusual or exotic animals yet?

I have a lovely mental image of you waltzing your suitcase round the queues and cordonnes in Heathrow : )

What did you see on your London night out, and have you had nights out in Cuba?

love Jane x
Hi Jane

We've been enjoying Cuba and miss it now. Safely landed in Lima and are settling in.


From jeff and pam - Sunday, 23rd November 2008, 15:26 (GMT)
just found you. going to start reading soon. hope you both are well

jeff and pam
Hi Jeff and Pam. We're just settling in at Casa Bella Lima.

Search for both Marions-blog as well as this one!
From Sam - Thursday, 27th November 2008, 20:58 (GMT)
Good to know you're in good heart - sounds fun.
We're leave tomorrow for Cusco where we'll start to feel the altitude. Looking forward to seeing Machu Picchu.

Love to all

From Barbara - Tuesday, 2nd December 2008, 09:21 (GMT)
Just walk slowly - even more slowly than you think you need to and it does get better. Drink lots of water and chew coco.
have you had guinea pig yet? Or a tequila suicide!! Former good, but steer clear of the latter unless you are very very drunk!
Guinea pig is proving difficult to get a hold of.... I've had some alpaca and that was tasty.

Feeling acclimatised now and off to Machu Picchu tomorrow.

Ken x
From Davve Gill - Tuesday, 2nd December 2008, 17:27 (GMT)
Hi There,
Do you take that double base everywhere? Seen any Apu bands yet?
LOL Dave.
Saw a harpist. Did you know Apu means 'mountain'?

Looking forward to seeing you both in Oz.

From Chris Bostock - Wednesday, 3rd December 2008, 21:44 (GMT)
Wonderful to hear your news and so pleased to hear that you've been able to take so many places - you do seem to be eating a lot!! We are currently being dusted with snow, so spare us a thought!! Best wishes for the next leg!!
It's all going well, lots more stories to tell! Love to all

Ken x

Food does seem to feature high on the agenda.... yum!
From Barbara - Thursday, 4th December 2008, 12:13 (GMT)
Jabs, crosses, hooks and upper cuts! I'll never hit anyone of course - only myself if I follow the hook through too far!!
Hope you enjoyed MP and that it was not too crowded to get the atmosphere. I expect you got the little bus up the hairpin bends. MP is lower than cusco so you'd be steaming up the hill!
We've been off-line in Aguas Calientes but there's a new batch of MP thoughts on page now!

Ken x
From David Gill - Friday, 12th December 2008, 17:27 (GMT)
Enjoyed reading your stuff and the pictures. Have you done any sketches? In what language does Apu mean mountain?

LOL Dave Gill
Hi Dave
I've completed four watercolours ... two I'm happy with ... the others are at least a happy memory.

Apu is probably Quechua or Aymara: it refers to the mountain spirit as well as the mountain itself.... the spirit is responsible for the weather etc and pumas are important and Pacha Mama who is Mother Earth.
From David Gill - Thursday, 18th December 2008, 13:25 (GMT)
I guess the regular drummer (bad) was there, as the least thing a dep can do is keep the beat even if they mess up on the fills, breaks and finishes! Possibly a mate who they daren't tell. You missed your chance. Did you get my email re OZ? LOL Dave
From Barbara - Friday, 19th December 2008, 11:54 (GMT)
How do we made sigani cocktails? xmas cocktail time looms!
Hi B
You need Singani! it's Bolivian. But it tastes like grappa.
Poss a whole lime and ice in a glass, add two measures of Singani, sugar cane syrup (or sugar) then top up with orange juice.

From David Gill - Wednesday, 24th December 2008, 08:28 (GMT)
Hi K and M,
Oh no, the pressure is on the Gill's! Hope Raratonga lives up to it. When you are snorkelling in the lagoon opposite the gap in the reef where the Maoris set off for New Zealand, watch out for the Picasso fish. They are small, cocky and don't like strangers. Most of their face is on one side. PS once again don't miss going to the little white church in Sunday, it just might save our reputation!

PS The dogs stay at home in the Cook Islands

LOL Dave and Chris
We're wary of what we think are clown fish... they keep turning and coming straight back at us. Church was great!

See you soon in OZ

Ken and Marion x
From Jette and Erling - Wednesday, 24th December 2008, 16:06 (GMT)
Hi Kent and Marion,

Thank you for the time we had together in Cuba. We have just been watching your pictures - and remembers how nice and positive you all were. We took the liberty of downloading the pictures. We arrived savely home without to many incidences - Jette lost her luggage in Paris! Our insurance company fortunately covered most of our loss. We are spending Christmas with our children and grandchildren. We send you our best wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We hope you continue to enjoy your trip around the world.

Hope to see you in Denmark

Erling and Jette
Sinebjergvej 54
5600 Faaborg
Hi Jette and Erling

Lovely to hear from you! happy Christmas and New Year.

We move to New Zealand on 2nd Jan!
Glad to hear you got home safely.... even though with more incidents!
We'll keep in contact.

Ken and Marion
From Jane - Wednesday, 7th January 2009, 20:46 (GMT)
Hi Ken,
I'm not keeping up with every blog, but enjoying a glut now : )
Your list of fishes made me laugh imagining their appearances and behaviours that won them names of 'convict' and 'Idol' and then some little grey ones : )

Have a fab NZ leg and exchange a hug each with Mum from me to you both.

love Jane x
Much love Jane.

We saw albatrosses galour yesterday. Everything good with us ... off to Christchurch today!

Ken x
From alice - Thursday, 15th January 2009, 20:34 (GMT)
Right. Cats are now embarking on walking programme forthwith! Not sure about my outfit however, maybe fake fur would do it..?
The beach looks sensational, gloriously blue ocean. Love to Sarah John and Eleanor.
Alice x
Hi Alice. All you need is a retractable dog lead, a tight harness and a wardrobe designed to show the paw marks.... you got the cats easily to hand.

Love from Ken and Marion ... some lovely gardens here x
From jeannette et patrick - Sunday, 1st February 2009, 19:58 (GMT)
votre voyage est parfait
espérons vous revoir en charente.
mes parents sont très heureux de recevoir de vos nouvelles nous comptons sur vous ,pour nos futures destinations.
toute notre amitié
Jeannette, Patrick, Micheline et Jean

Nous attendrons notre sejour en charente cette annee..... en avril

toute notre amitie bises Ken et Marion
From Chris Bostock - Monday, 2nd February 2009, 11:05 (GMT)
Congratulations are really in order for your just keeping going! As a gentle snow falls on Newcastle we sympathise with all your dreadful heat problems...a little. Richard and I on stage this Friday, do come - very easy access to toilets!!
Best of wishes Chris
Have a good do on Friday.... love and a shovel
From wearhead juniors - Thursday, 12th February 2009, 15:01 (GMT)
we hope you have a good flight to Shanghai. Send us a postcard when you get there. from snowy weardale
Thinking of you as we sun ourselves! Will send you a postcard if we can find a post office!

Ken and Marion
From Eric & Katie - Friday, 13th February 2009, 21:25 (GMT)
Just read the Sydney blog. Wow! makes the local scene here sound great. Gotta read the rest now!

All the best


Thanks for a great time in Avalon.

You're now included in the blogs.... photos yet to be sorted on mine.

Ken & Marion x