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From Mom - Tuesday, 22nd December 2009, 16:23 (GMT)
I'm really rooting for you to go back
Thanks mom I just now saw this :) I haven't read this in SO long and I'm slowly working my way through reading through whole thing ....Some of it isn't easy to read, but I'm going back regardless :) can't ever let what lets you go hold you back! <3 I Love you!!
From Dad - Wednesday, 27th May 2009, 01:14 (GMT)
I checked out the area you are in online...looks cool. I can't wait to see the pics.

Love Dad
It was pretty amazing dad wish you could have seen it!
From Mom - Thursday, 21st May 2009, 01:04 (GMT)
Hay Kiddo....
I got your card
It was the best . It came yesterday and you made my day
There was no denying who it was from
The lipstick was a dead giveway. It sounds like your out and about again and that makes me feel better . You sounded horrible .
What a beautiful picture that is of you on the rock
I miss you a lot but know that your having the time of your life say hi to Sam and the the girls . Have fun on your trip and stay safe can't wait to see these pics
Lots of love
Glad you got the card! :) I thought the sealed kiss was a nice little personal touch! Miss you tons
From Paul and Julie - Wednesday, 18th February 2009, 00:48 (GMT)
We are glad you made it safe and sound. You will love the Great Barrier Reef. I saw pictures from when my friend's daughter was there a few semesters ago and it was amazing. Stay warm!
Paul and Julie
From Mom - Wednesday, 18th February 2009, 01:19 (GMT)
I want warm weather !!!!
I'm so gratefull to have this to read. All is great . Dad just downloaded Skype and installed the camers and we have been talking by camera for the last 15 min . he sent you an e-mail with my stuff all you have to do is accept it . Have a great time GO A LITTLE WILD and I bet the boys are cute
love Mom can't wait for pictures
hahaha def having fun mom, not going TOO wild don't worry, and the boys? Well, you know me...always scoping out the cuties! Love you.
From Dad - Saturday, 14th February 2009, 17:48 (GMT)
Have fun honey...see you in about 5 weeks :)
Can't wait to see yaaa!! :)
From Christine - Tuesday, 17th February 2009, 20:20 (GMT)
Hey Carley,

Glad to hear you're safe & sound! Have a blast! Keep us posted!
From Gerry - Wednesday, 18th February 2009, 04:41 (GMT)
Hey Carley, glad you made it "down under" ok. We have a big snowstorm coming so you're lucky to don't have to put up with it. Keep us posted, the journal is great. Love, Gerry
From Ashley Sears - Wednesday, 18th February 2009, 14:11 (GMT)
Hey car bar this sounds amazing!!! I ran into your dad at Breaking New Grounds he sent me your link! Good luck with everything, keep in touch.. miss ya girly.

<3 ash
Thanks ash! It's been forever since we've talked, glad you bumped into my old man :) Miss you girlfriend, we'll have to get together when I come home (if I ever dooo!!) haha
From ryan lavigne - Thursday, 19th February 2009, 15:38 (GMT)
hey carley just wanted to say hi!! sounds like ur having lots of fun already!!

Thanks ryan, having a blast out here :)
From Mom - Friday, 20th February 2009, 02:04 (GMT)
cool pictures talk soon
miss ya Mom
From Gerry - Friday, 20th February 2009, 04:39 (GMT)
Love reading your travels & seeing the pics. You're missing some crappy weather.
From Dad - Wednesday, 25th February 2009, 13:10 (GMT)
Glad to see you are "roughing" it out there honey. It looks like you really miss the ice and snow.
Hahaha life sure is rough out here dad! You're going to love it, can't wait for you to come visit!
From jo - Thursday, 26th February 2009, 20:09 (GMT)
I miss my lv wish I was there
will be in arizona last week of March will have to wait till then . It's warm today 36 and wow may get to 40 tomorrow
hahaha funny its 40 there? Because it's like 90 here! Be jealous :) Love you mom, Miss you!
From Kathy - Saturday, 28th February 2009, 22:43 (GMT)
Carley...I love reading your journal.. seeing pictures of you with the experience of wildlife(both aspects) is totally awesome. Keep up with the journal we are all awaiting to read about what's next. Happy 21 :)
Love ya!!
Thanks Kathy! Glad you're enjoying reading my posts :) miss you guys back home (i don't miss the snow though!)
From Gerry - Wednesday, 4th March 2009, 14:26 (GMT)
Hey, looks like things are going great. Love the pics.
Thanks Gerry! It was also nice talking to you last week :) miss you guys & glad you're enjoying the site! Love u!
From pat - Thursday, 5th March 2009, 13:11 (GMT)
Hi Carly!
Sounds like you're having the experience of a lifetime!But you're missing all the snowstorms....bummer for you Huh?Glad you're havin fun. Keep us posted & Happy belated Bday
Luvya, Pat
From Gerry - Tuesday, 5th May 2009, 03:09 (GMT)
Wow, Carley, you look like a model in that red/orange bikini. Sam is "nice". The sunsets/rises reminded me of Hawaii. We're back to 60's here but things are really getting green. Sounds like you're still having a great time. Enjoy. Love Gerry (and Tommy)
Aww thanks Ger! Sam is very nice, I'm very happy here! Hope the weather gets warmer! xo
From Dad - Thursday, 5th March 2009, 21:36 (GMT)
It was nice to actually see you last night on the WebCam. I'm looking forward to us doing the Sydney Bridge climb together.

Love Dad
Dad webcaming with you was one of the only times here I've been home sick! I'm sorry it was so late haha but I pretty much have this whole time change thing down! I'm so excited to see you! xo
From Kathy - Saturday, 14th March 2009, 19:07 (GMT)
Nice to hear you are adjusting well with life in Australia..Your Dad is very excited to see you. He's counting down the days to spending time exploring Australia and climbing the Sidney bridge with you, and beaching it.
I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of you and your Dad's adventures!
Love Kathy

Kathy I miss you a ton! Give my dad a slug in the stomach for me and tell him I can't wait to see him! hahaha :)
From karen gouin - Tuesday, 17th March 2009, 11:37 (GMT)
Hey Carly

sounds like you are having a great time. I'm jealous of the great weather. Have fun and be safe. karen
From Christine - Tuesday, 17th March 2009, 12:07 (GMT)
Hey Carley - Love reading about your adventures! I'm so jealous! Would love to see more pictures! I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself and settling in. It sounds like an absolutely amazing experience! Can't wait to hear more. Enjoy your time with your dad, he's really looking forward to it!

Love ya,
I know I'll have more pictures up soon I havent been taking very many lately because I've been so busy, but we have a break in school coming up soon and I'll put lots of pictures up then! love u, give Nathan a hug for me!
From Mom - Tuesday, 17th March 2009, 15:44 (GMT)
Huggggsssss I Love you very very very much
Love & miss you! We'll skype soon Im so busy w. classes but we have a break coming up so we'll figure something out!
From Gerry - Wednesday, 18th March 2009, 21:47 (GMT)
Hey Carley, glad things are still going well. I know your dad can't wait to see you. We (Christine, Tommy & I) just got back from skiing (2nd time this week). On Sunday, we went with Karen & the 3 boys & Christine & Nathan (what a riot - they boys are growing up. The weather today was in the low 60's, so it won't be long before we're at the beach. Your dad is tanned and ready. I have another new computer so should be getting comcast pretty soon - can you believe it (rather than dial-up). Keep studying but have fun. Love Gerry
Wow Ger really keeping up with technology!!! Upgrading to comcast, I'm so proud of you hahaha I miss you a ton & I wish you could come out here w. dad you'd love it here! We'll have to go get a drink when I come home :) A corona? Love & miss you! Glad to hear your ski trip went well, not going to lie though...don't miss the snow! xoxo
From Dad - Thursday, 19th March 2009, 11:37 (GMT)
It's finally here ! I'll be heading out tomorrow :)
Can't wait to see you

Love Dad
YOU'RE HEREEEEEEE!!!!!!! enjoy bondi beach, see you TOMORROW!!