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From PAULA - Sunday, 7th June 2009, 23:05 (GMT)
From Howard ( Reno ) - Sunday, 7th June 2009, 15:13 (GMT)
OK ladies where are you now ?I amawaiting your next entry.
From - Friday, 5th June 2009, 19:38 (GMT)
krisitn the key was right where you said it would be. It is almost like travelling with grandma haha. Hope to see pictures soon.
From Heidi - Friday, 5th June 2009, 19:21 (GMT)
Did you also find the $20?
From Howard ( Reno ) - Friday, 5th June 2009, 18:27 (GMT)
Connie & Kristin, Both of you girls be safe and I'll continue to follow your travels. Also I'll call James just to be sure he is holding down the fort.
Connie love to you and again be safe. Howard
From - Friday, 5th June 2009, 18:20 (GMT)
Get your days updated so I can keep up with the right days, Thanks.. sounds like a nice trip but you didn't ask me to go along. Enjoy,. Aunt Sara
From Heidi - Friday, 5th June 2009, 18:13 (GMT)
Nice travel blog so far. Glad you found the Key. Anyway, hope your second day is going well! Thanks for posting the link on facebook Kris.
From Martha - Friday, 5th June 2009, 15:05 (GMT)
Got your email. Very interesting and exciting. But you know that I have to get to work so maybe I can travel. Yeh, probably to Opelika to buy more bras. Talk to you later and have a great adventure.
From BunnyLady - Friday, 5th June 2009, 17:21 (GMT)
Kristin, you're doing a great job on the travel journal. See if you can get AC to relax a bit. Maybe when you get off the main routes and find some of those backroads. I don't know if you will actually get this ... but we'll see. Press on, Ladies! We are all glued to these pages to see where you two go next. BL
From Sandi - Friday, 5th June 2009, 14:59 (GMT)
Reading about your travels through two sets of eyes is captivating. Your travel through pictures will be interesting as well and looking forward to both.
"May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. may the sunshine warm upon your face. The rains fall soft upon your fields and, until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand."
From Kelly! - Friday, 5th June 2009, 14:43 (GMT)
Wow! I am so jealous....from the stale candy to the long hours in the car, I cannot imagine all the wonders you all are seeing of our great nation! Be safe and take many photos for I will expect a play by play when you return! I love the diary idea and think this website is a fabulous way to keep in touch with all! Take care! Kelly
From Heather - Friday, 5th June 2009, 14:46 (GMT)
I am so Jealous! Glad you guys are having a good time. Please be careful. Tell Connie we took grandaddy off the feeding tube yesterday and they are sending him home today. They said a week at the most. I got to spend about two hours with him alone yesterday talking to him and singing to him and I feel much better about it.

Can't wait to hear more about the trip.

Love you
From pete haase - Sunday, 22nd February 2009, 20:58 (GMT)
we will be following along as you go!
From Vicarious Traveler - Thursday, 4th June 2009, 18:34 (GMT)
Enjoyed reading your reflective thoughts on June 3. Am so anxious to follow along on this journey of the heart and mind.
From Linda - Monday, 8th June 2009, 02:30 (GMT)
Enjoying reading your blog of your travels. What an awesome graduation gift for you Kristin!! Oh, wait a minute your with AC -- maybe not. LOL (Just kidding Connie) Have a wonderful time making memories that will last a lifetime. We need pictures! ;)
From guess who - Monday, 8th June 2009, 23:30 (GMT)
I thought I'd say hi and tell you a joke....

what did the fish say when he hit a concrete wall???....dam!

Anyways, have fun, love you

ps. I'm bigger and smaller than you (K) at the same time! Guess who!?!
From Heidi - Tuesday, 9th June 2009, 02:40 (GMT)
enjoyed the post...but now more pictures please. now that i'm back to work and no longer at the river, i'm kinda jealous of this trip. hope you two are having fun!
From Vicki - Tuesday, 9th June 2009, 03:49 (GMT)
I am SO glad, you found your key. It sounds as though you are enjoying yourselves. I am so envious. I am trying to plan a little overnighter with my BFF on the Titusville to Oil City train Murder Mystery and dinner theater. I hate to say this, because it seems to be a theme, but I am waiting for a time when I will be able to be free to do things wothout having my plans changed. lucky you are to have this adventure before college and wait for it....the rest of your life!! Have ya Vicki
From Martha - Tuesday, 9th June 2009, 05:08 (GMT)
Glad to see you are finally enjoying your trip. Instructions from the home base is to quit bothering you for every little thing.
Just have a great adventure. Talk to you when you get back.
From James - Wednesday, 10th June 2009, 16:15 (GMT)
Stay gone! Martha and I are having a great adventure of our own while your'e gone. haha just kidding. miss you guys.
From Martha - Thursday, 11th June 2009, 04:52 (GMT)
What an adventure. Determined elderly adult meets real life. Actually I can tell you are both having a great time. At least I really hope you are.
From Heidi - Thursday, 11th June 2009, 15:41 (GMT)
Don't worry AC all of us young people aren't glued to our phones like Kristin - she is an exception.
this is Kristin how would you know Heid you aren't that young anymore
From Aunt Sara - Thursday, 11th June 2009, 20:44 (GMT)
Sounds like you are having a ball, or trying too. Maybe you should through that cell home in the river. (Oh maybe not, you wouldn't be able to live with her. Kristin enjoy your trip, I know Connie is.
From Lil sis aka mom - Thursday, 11th June 2009, 22:18 (GMT)
As you can tell it has been along time since Connie has had teenagers. Staying connected is a major social aspect of every teens day. And messy suitcases she has to deal with it just like her room close the door if you don't like it. When they get tired of the mess the eventually clean it up! Right Kristin:)
From Martha - Friday, 12th June 2009, 14:34 (GMT)
I don't see any pictures of you Connie. Get busy and show where you are.