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From Marlene - Monday, 25th May 2009, 20:04 (GMT)
Amazing pictures girls, would love to scuba dive(dont know about nose bleeds tho Laura) Take care xxxxxxx
From strudel - Monday, 25th May 2009, 16:45 (GMT)
You found Nemo!!!
Looks and sounds like you guys are having an great time. Am uber jealous of all your travelling fun!!
Enjoy the whitsundays they are amazing.
Are you heading down the coast in Aus then???
Try not to get eaten by a shark if you go diving again.
muchos love
Haha the sharks were the best bit, scared the living daylights outta me! Heading down to Fraser Island once we get back from the Whitsundays on Sunday, very excited!!xx
From Sarah - Monday, 25th May 2009, 12:23 (GMT)
Hey you!!!
This all sounds sooooo cool!!! I love this site so we can keep up with what you are doing its so clever!!!
Dont get burnt, you will be sore!!!! Slip slap slop as they say!!!
From EMily - Monday, 25th May 2009, 10:43 (GMT)
Hey Laura!! Your pics are amazing!! very jealous!! the tiger cub were super cute!! Ohh and scuba diving!! glad ur having an amazing time!!! ENjoy yourself babe!! XX hugs from CArdiff!! Emily XXX
From Francesca - Monday, 25th May 2009, 09:57 (GMT)
Heyyy guys!! Just had a looksie through all your pictures and they look amazinggg, it confirms your having the times of your life!! Specially the scuba diving ones!! Take care and speak soon! Lots of love, Francesca xxxx
ja dude just a lil bit lol !
hopefully catch u again on the ol' f/b ...
c ya later alligator, have fun urself :D
From Peter & Sandra - Sunday, 24th May 2009, 15:55 (GMT)
Hi Laura & Caroline - we are really enjoying reading about your exploits and we are very jealous! Loved the pic of Laura jumping off the boat with her big flippers!
Haha, Caroline has awesome photography skills, she took that while trying not to sink herself! Hope that you are not letting the Scouts win the quiz too much with out me to gt the pictures for us!!!! xx
From Helen & Graham - Friday, 5th June 2009, 00:13 (GMT)
Finding your pics amazing, looks like your really enjoying yourselves.Do`nt get too brown, you will not be allowed back into U>K.
From Mel - Saturday, 23rd May 2009, 12:15 (GMT)
Awesome scuba pics of you guys swimming with the fishes. Loving the quins socks Quinny! x
From Mammy & Daddy - Saturday, 23rd May 2009, 12:36 (GMT)
Hi It was great having the 'chat' with you both last night.You're obviously having a great time. The photos look amazing & you are both looking sooo well. Daddy was impressed with Laura 'Under the Boardwalk'! Caroline, since when did Pirates go scuba diving? Laura I'm glad you warned me about the blood, it looks horrible, hope you're ok now. Missing you lots, but we're getting lots of decorating done here.....the house is a mess! Bye for now, chat soon.
Mammy & Daddy xxxxxxxxxx
From Finoula - Saturday, 2nd May 2009, 13:57 (GMT)
Well girls the BIG adventure begins!!!!! You're leaving on a jet plane & your Mammy & Daddy are missing you already!!!! Hope you come back having fulfilled lots of your dreams & having had the BIG adventure you want! Love you both lots & lots, take care, keep safe & have lots & lots of fun. Mammy & Daddy xxxxx
From Katherine Stocker - Monday, 4th May 2009, 13:21 (GMT)
Hey guys, just wanted to wish you the best time travelling, you are gna take to it like a duck in water!
See you when your back in the summer :)
love stocker xxx
thanks dude, sorry to miss u by like 5 days or something stoooopid like that !!! will see u when we get back for like the longest chatch up ever known to man :D
From Marlene - Tuesday, 5th May 2009, 18:39 (GMT)
oooooo how exciting you are on your way. xxxxxxx
Yes is very exciting, even more exciting right now we are on our way to Kruger National Park for Safari :-)
From Andy T - Thursday, 7th May 2009, 09:56 (GMT)
I feel cheated. I went to South Africa and didn't see a frigging tiger anywhere. Loads of lions, cheetah's and the odd leopard but not a tiger! Some monkey tried to tell me they only live in Asia but I remember the old tarzan films........
Ha! Tigers were sooooo cute, they were just like little kitty cats wanting to be tickled awwwww!
From Bob Smith - Thursday, 7th May 2009, 11:54 (GMT)
Who's pulling the Guiness at the Club? Not your Dad!

Have a great time and don't drink the water.
Bob (of old Farts Corner.)
dont worry ... we'll be back, we all know how bad daddy can be when it comes to pouring the pints !!
water ??? why somehow all our water has been magically turned into wine ... ...
From Mammy & Daddy - Thursday, 7th May 2009, 15:33 (GMT)
Well my little angels it sounds like you're liking SA! Glad you arrived safely. We can't wait to see loads of pictures of baby tigers & cubs eating your hand off & scratching your face!! Delighted your Tent is a palace though not so sure how the bed can be more comfortable than the bed your Mammy loving makes for you here lol!! Looking forward to seeing safari pictures as well. How's the it's not as good as home!! Missing you lots, hope you don't get eaten alive on safari xxxx
From Pat Hartburn - Thursday, 7th May 2009, 17:59 (GMT)
Hi girls, glad you are having a good time so far. Your mum is very busy putting a tent up in the back garden for your return after the comment about your beds! Take care!!!!
From Bev - Thursday, 7th May 2009, 20:28 (GMT)
Sooooo jealous ! Have a wicked time you guys ! Dont forget to come back Caroline we need our 'player of the year' next season ! keep safe , Bev and the rest of the S&E Ladies! Top of the league!
ahhhh thanks dude !!
i took an awesome picture of a warthog for pumba on safari :D
see u in august ... wooooooo for the league lol
From sarah - Friday, 8th May 2009, 11:31 (GMT)
Hi Laura,
Hope things are going well and you are safe and sound. The weather here is crap, I bet its not there!!!
thanks for the birthday card, it was a lovely suprise!
Take care. Missing you already xx
From Helen Graham - Monday, 11th May 2009, 15:59 (GMT)
Hi, mum just told you are off on your trip. It sounds great. Wishing you both the very best of luck on your fab trip.
Thanks very much! Having fun already altho havent been for a swim yet!
From dad - Friday, 15th May 2009, 08:57 (GMT)
hi girls looks like ur having fun Laura i hope you checked Carolines bags noooooo we cant have one of those kittens not sure about the efferlump either dad x
From Vincent - Friday, 15th May 2009, 10:33 (GMT)
Hey guys hope you have an immense time, sounds awesome already. Hope the good times roll on.

See you when you get back xxx
Thanks Vince, we much happier today as the sun has not shining :-) and tomorrow its going to hit 30 degrees whoop whoop!xx
From Marlene - Friday, 15th May 2009, 15:50 (GMT)
Hello girls, wow pictures are amazing and the adventure has only just begun.Awww I love elephants . Cant wait for next installment. take care xxxxx
Next instalment will be a diff type of animals....those from under the water from Scuba diving hopefully! Yay!xx
From Bridget - Saturday, 16th May 2009, 14:33 (GMT)
i love this page !!
hope ur having fun today! very jealous :) x
From Pat - Saturday, 16th May 2009, 17:24 (GMT)
Glad you are having a great time.Pics are wonderful. Mums thinking of getting some lodgers in, does not know what to do with all her free time! he he take care x x x
From dad - Sunday, 17th May 2009, 11:19 (GMT)
just like home from home all those irish bods and you saw avoca in sa glad ur not too burnt enjoy ur scuba lessons!!! no im not jealous hope to see some more photos soon x