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From Chris Garry - Thursday, 7th May 2009, 21:53 (GMT)
alrite mate am made up ya avin a gd time. Just remember if the kids dnt want the liverpool tops bring them home coz i will put them 2 good use haha. and just incase ya dnt know chelsea got knocked out the champion leauge last nite it was amazin mwahaha take care laaa
From mark - Saturday, 9th May 2009, 21:34 (GMT)
alrite j lad! It's mark, sian told me how 2read ya blog thing, not sure if u'll get me message or if i'm doin it rite but ere goes... Glad 2hear ya havin a good time m8 but dont eva let ya guard down lad, k, u stay safe an keep ya witt's about ya la, liverpool won 3.0 2day against west ham just so ya no lol, me mum an dad say hi an stay safe, wish i was dir 2 luk out 4ya m8, really do, al keep lukin at this blog thing u no i'm a dinosaur wen it cums 2 this, lol, miss ya lad take care... Ova an out skid!
Oh my god Mark has used a computer!!! Really good to hear from you m8, message was cool, cheers dude. Am fine an with quite a few other volunteers now (they do building work for people living on the slum, people with no trades an tools etc), so there looking after me lol. Keep in touch dude an stay safe yourself, Liverpool can be tough lol x
From dad - Sunday, 10th May 2009, 15:08 (GMT)
hi son,
just read your blog .you know what am like do not do a lot of reading but i sat down and started reading ,i was amazed loved it read every bit and realy enjoyed it. i am very proud of you and i love you so much keep safe son ,dad
Ok dad I just started crying when I read your message, maybe it was Celine Dion playing in the background in this internet cafe, I don;'t know lol. Made up to hear from you. I will try and call you and mum tonight. I have been on Safari all weekend so not been able too, it was amazing though you would have loved it. We got so close to the animals: lions, elephants, giraffes, crocs, hippos loads. Keep in touch lots of love always, Johnathan X
From chris - Sunday, 10th May 2009, 15:43 (GMT)
haha dnt ever say the pool agen it as scard me for life hah. der is still no more news on mexico yet but it does look more promising i wil keep ya updated. tl 2 ya son tak care xx p.s whats the ail like
Yeh keep me posted. Ale is good, its called Tuska, Grandad drank it while he was in the army in Kenya. Take care X
From mark - Sunday, 10th May 2009, 20:18 (GMT)
well almost m8, used me phone, ow ye 4got 2warn ya, watch out4 dem fukin lions!
We saw a lion eating a giraffe on Safari, I stayed well away lol
From mum - Monday, 11th May 2009, 08:00 (GMT)
hi son
i am loveing your diary and the messages that you are getting soom are very funny . this is the second message i have sent i must not have done it properly the first time .so i hope you get this one i was worried about your momey i think you must have got it sorterd let me know loiese drop off 10 pounds i wiil be putting that in your bank i love you i am so proud of you how much is a meal in that cafe and how meny chilren are in your class love mum keep safe
Hi Mum, I got your first message and I'm sure I replied. If your having problems navigating around this site ask Michael to help. I'm eating mostly at the house I am staying the food is nice. If we do eat out its very chep, I ate a steak for 1 pound 80p the other day. There are 36 children in my class, 190odd in the whole school. I have become very close to most of the children already even a lot that are not in my class. Keep the questions coming! Thank Louise for me. Keep me posted on donations please. Love you lots XXX
From Choley - Monday, 11th May 2009, 17:16 (GMT)
Hi Johnathan, Hope you are okay?
Sian told me about ure blog page so i thought i would have a little nosey!!
Looks like you are having a fab time - and i hope u r having fun!! Some of the things you have written about are so moving, i want to go myself just to experience it.
Take care and see you when u and Sian get back to Sunny old England!! x
Jambo, good to hear from you, thanks for dropping me a message. Keep reading my blogs. I'm coming back next year, you should come and persuade Sian to come too lol X
From anthony garry - Monday, 11th May 2009, 21:22 (GMT)
hey bro haha i laffed why you said about the kid running away screeming am sorry for not commenting earlyer i just been doing my art and music work ive finished the both of them 2 day :D happy days haha and ive done my science thats 3 down 3 more to go haha awwww the takes me back to when i was little with all the ticks and smily faces haha well done for teaching them kids and wow i wouldent think that some could spek english. do you no why all the afican kids are hard like haha they get all cuts and there like so there cuts then when people in england are like noooo am dieing haha.
are eney of the kids good drawers like i will comment on you 2nd blog tomorrow am going to bed now good night bro see you soon hope your haveing a good time am shur you are bye man :)
Good to finally hear from you bro. Keep up the good work with your studies, hopefully my messages have made you realise your lucky to have a good school, don't throw it away. Keep in touch bro X
From Natalie - Sunday, 12th July 2009, 23:14 (GMT)
Japan sounds massively interesting, but also slightly stressful - lots to think about. Hope the kareoke is helping you to unwind. That Sing Stag practice has served you well I think! Hope you get you accommodation sorted!!
love nat
Think we are almost sorted with the accomodation, Sapporo is a go go but on diiferent dates and in an expensive hostel. Mount Fuji had to be dropped though, no accodation at all. Might squeeze somewere else in on way back to Tokyo but we will have seen a lot. It was very stressful though, we did not expect this at all. At least it is all pretty much sorted now and we can enjoy the rest of our trip. Japan is amazing, so much to do and see. Highly recoomend it, probably best as a trip on its own though lol.

Me and Sian were talking about sing star the other night after my debut haha. I didnt like that incase you didnt know lol. Maybe if you got a beatles collection on sing star that would be different? Lots of love Johnathan x
From mum - Monday, 13th July 2009, 00:31 (GMT)
hi son
that coc bannahas sound lovely .i have lost 1 stone and 7 pound and am feeling very hungery japan sounds lovely and i like the sounds of the sushi.
. i will ring at weekend tack care love mum.
Cant ring me unfortunatlym even though our sim cards were meant to work in Japan we have no signal? We are trying to figer out the pay phones here so we will call soon. When does dad finish work of the weekends now? Also you havnt give me nans number! Stay awat from the chock bannahs if you want to keep the weight off!!! Sushi on the other hand is very healthy! Went to a kabuki (traditional japanese theatre) show last night, it was amazing, you would have really liked it I think. Speak soon x x x
From michael - Wednesday, 13th May 2009, 15:31 (GMT)
hey j ye its been a while the thing with this blog stuff is u should keep it regular like every 2/3 days so ppl know when it will be up 2 read. haha u trainin a football team now i have heard everythin haha amglad u didnt put ur self though the embarrisment lol an its good to here u found older ppl togive the shirts 2. i was laughing at the thought of u buying them travel nife an fork an turns out u have a tallent eating with ur fingers lol.anyway hopeall iswellan hurryup an tell us about the safari m8 speak to u soon bro X
Doing Safari blog now, got lots of time to update blog. Wait til you see the pic of me in my strip lol
From mum - Tuesday, 14th July 2009, 00:12 (GMT)
hi son
your dad finishes about 330pm
nans number is
love mum
Nans number is....??? I think you forgot to put the number in mum either that or it is a very short number? At least I know what time dad finishes, will call soon as I can, nans number please.

Arrived in Kyoto not long ago. Its was prety tuff going with our backpacks, in agony really. Kyoto looks lovely though. The Gion Festival started properly today so there are night stalls etc open tonight so going to check them out and their is a big street parade on the 17th so that should be amazing. Having lots of fun and love Japan. Love to everyone, miss you all X X X
From mum - Thursday, 14th May 2009, 09:30 (GMT)
lovely to hear from you i was a little worried, what was the bar like .tell us about your room and the weather what the class room is like and that wonderfull safari. would you be able to take the 38 childern out for lunch as a treat before you leave with the teacher.i love you mum
Hi Mum, yes was nice to speak to you last night too. I had a terrible hangover today bus as soon as I got to school I forgot about it. I thought I had an amazing day yesterday but today topped that, was brill. The bar was massive and parts of it were oudoors, it was pretty quite but there was a lot of us volunteers so we had a good time. The weather has been really hot durning the day but it is starting to rain earlier each day, Monday it rained at 7pm and today at 3pm. I dont mind the rain, its not on for very long anyway. Will talk about my room, classroom and safari in blog. Love you lots X
From Sian - Thursday, 14th May 2009, 15:19 (GMT)

sounds like your loving teaching the lessons and made up they liked the bats and stuff! I'll tell my mum later. I'll give you a ring tonight, text me when you get this and sort out a time (I'm presuming your still in the internet cafe lol).

I'm busy after work just sorting everything out before I go, you know me, lists everywhere hehe! Have you rung the bank yet?? What about your flight, when are you going there? you sed today or tomorrow didn't you?

Love you x x x
Hi love, nice to hear from you. You don't message me much stink. Flights and bank Monday. What did you mum say about rounders? We played afain on Friday when the building volunteers visited the school. I had Pete and Sunney (who I share a room with) in my class and we played rounders and all the other volunteers joined in. We had a great time. The kids love it. Love you lots X
From anthony garry - Friday, 15th May 2009, 23:13 (GMT)
hahaha i laffed my head of about the moterbike cas mums eyes prob droped out to haha andi so happy to say I HAVE LEFT SCHOOL WOOOO haha and i should get good gcses ive got my c in science b in cope and the others i dno haha
WOW so ur GCSE's are all over now? Well done and all the best. Hope you have done well, I'm sure you have. Keep in touch mate X
From Natalie - Saturday, 16th May 2009, 11:51 (GMT)
Hi Johnathan,
Wow sounds like you are having an amazing time! I think I said 'be careful' when I said bye to you. Motorbikes in Kenya doesn't sound careful to me, tut tut!!!! Will you be able to put some piccies on soon? would love to see the school etc.Sophie and Matthew were asking were you are yesterday although I think its all a bit much for them to take in, Matthew said he has been to Africa after his tea last night!?!
Liam says hi, speak soon
Am having a ball. Sorry about the pics its just I have had so much to write about by the time I have finished the women from the net cafe chases me out. I will try tomorrow I promise, want to put them on too. Motorbikes are fun whoooooo. Tell all the kiddies I miss them and I am thinking of them. Maybe the piccies will help them understand. Tell Matthew to come visit me next time he visits aAfrica after his tea haha. Liam can say hi himself, lazy lol. X
From Michael Garry - Saturday, 16th May 2009, 16:59 (GMT)
alright j how r u? the safari sounded amazin so jealous lol so wat u got planned next? how long u got left in kenya? eveythin is fine bk at home, dont know if mum as spoke to u but dad got his test results bk an everythin is fine so thats good news. hurry up an get some pics up everyone is diein to see them. take care m8 speak to u soon. X
Alright Mikey Moo, made up dad and everything is fine. Got just over a week left and I'm sad but meeting Sian so everything will be fine. If I had to come back to the UK I would miss my flight on purposem, no offence lol. I'm having problems with the pics. I forgot to bring my charger for my cam corder. Sian said its not in her house so I think I left it in yours when I first bought it and charged it. Can you luck for me. Its a 7.4 V charge Samsung and should have a thin female socket. Please search high and low for me. Ask mum because she was looking for adapters for the talking globe. Don't worry though I have plenty of pics and videos and still have a little bit of charge left in it. Been sharing a mates camera too who is volunteering for this building project in the slum were the kids from the school live. I will put pics on this week i promise. I'l try for tomorrow. Miss you all X
From Roger - Sunday, 17th May 2009, 14:46 (GMT)
Hi Johnathan

Sian's just shown me how to access your blog. Glad to see you are well.

Thanks for that riveting message Roger, surely you can do better than that haha
From Sian - Sunday, 17th May 2009, 15:25 (GMT)

Not impressed at all with motorbike! Was so funny when I read it though because I was like omg he's getting on mototbikes and the next sentence said 'Sian pick you jaw up off the floor' lol it was so true!! Iv'e decided that I'm going to pretend that you don't get on motorbikes and that you get in liscenced taxis instead! lol

Saw Louise in Asda before and she said she's read one of your blogs but she's had trouble with her computer but loved you blog and she has dropped money off at your's for you to buy things while your there.

Also, saw in Next these small, rubber speakers that you can connect your ipod to so we could listen to music in our room, should I get them? They're £12.

Another thing is I'm going to buy the Japan Rail Pass this week but we need to specify what day we want it to start from so what do you think? We get there on 8th July I think?? and we said we would have a few days in Tokyo either side of the two week pass?

Let me know what happens with flights and bank tomorrow. Ring the airport before you go to see how much the flights would be because if they aren't cheaper than mine it will be a wasted 4 hour journey lol.

I'm getting so excited now! Its 10 days tomorrow until I go woohoo and really looking forward to a Safari, I hope we see as many animals as you did!

Sorry for the massive message but we don't have much time on the phone and I always forget what I was going to say and can't fit it on the text messages lol

Love you

x x x

p.s. trust you to wangle a free buffet!!!
As if didn't expect you to have a heart attack when you read about the motorbike, I enjoyed teasing you over it. Just so you know me and Sonney are getting one back from town! My mum told me about Louise, I have got about 100pund as a donation now (will use some to buy stuff with and give rest to project were it will be well spent). Spoke to you about Japan now so its bulk stay in Tok before we leave an about 2 days back in Tok before we fly to New Zealand yeh. Flight is sorted to South Africa too. It is exciting to think about meeting up but I am so sad about leaving the school. I have a really funny story to tell about to day but will have to wait until I can blog tomorrow. Love you and speak to you soon. O and yeh get speakers X
From Elaine - Sunday, 17th May 2009, 15:28 (GMT)
Hi Johnathan!

Really good blogs you are writing! So glad you are enjoying yourself and that the disney equipment - mainly bats - have gone down so well with rounders! Told Jackie and she was really pleased too and sends her love. We will definately get links going between the college and the school there to raise money.

Glad you found beer to drink, bet thats better than the teabags I gave you!

Take care,

love Elaine xxx
The tea bags are unopened in the bag still! Glad you and Jackie are please, the kids are thrilled X
From Carolyn - Monday, 18th May 2009, 10:35 (GMT)
Hi, great to see you're having a good time, have tried to txt you but it's not working! Can you ask Alex to reply to my emails (urgently!)!! You'll be pleased to know that Tesco sell Tusker so you can enjoy it when you come home! I was in Glady's class - tell James and Clinton that I said hello to them! Will keep reading, Carolyn
My international number is +37259991140 (I'm not using my UK number sorry should have said). I love James and Clinton there great, James is such a funny character and Clinton is quite the gentleman. Great news about Tesco! I will speak to Alex I know you said to ask someone for the business plan but couldn't remember who? I you need me to ask anything else or if your curious about anything since you have left, just ask.
From mum - Tuesday, 19th May 2009, 03:11 (GMT)
just fantastic
i have just read the blog about your story telling i was blown away .i loved the way you put your hart and soul into it. i could not help but think about when you was little how you also realy loved a good story keep up the good work i love you.
Cinderella is definatly one of my highlights from the school. I am reading a kids version of Hamlet tomorrow. The teacher wants me to try and read all the books before I go. So instead of it been just story telling on a Friday she has added Wednesday too X
From Michael Garry - Tuesday, 19th May 2009, 15:01 (GMT)
hi johnathan, how is everything goin? i spoke to mum about the charger an it is defo not here u should get sian to buy a new one b4 she leaves what r u like u only had it 5 mins. u lookin forward to the long flight to south africa? what r ur plans 4 when u get there? take care bro speak to u soon x
Hi dude. I know I'm an idiot. I have managed to take lots of pics and got some great videos (kids singing, dancing, playing and rounders etc oh yeh even fighting lol). I fly from Niarobi to Jo'berg onto Cape Town on the 28th. Staying in the airport hotel and meeting Sian at the airport on the 29th. I saved 100pound booking the flight here (Lee if youir reading this we were right to wing it, who listens to girls anyway!) Ask mum if she has ordered my charger yet, she never phoned me back! Cheers m8. Bye for now x
From Joanne Dawson - Wednesday, 20th May 2009, 06:40 (GMT)
Jambo!!!! I can't tell you how jealous I am! I am so pleased your enjoying yourself. Your teaching skills seem great. I only got your link off Lee last night so I haven't read all your blogs yet but will catch up this week. Please will you say Hi to all the teachers, Chris, Alex, Patricia and the kids. Also, can you say a special Hi to Steven in the Middle class, I miss him very much and I show the video of him dancing to everyone - he has moves! I miss everyone:(

It's great the kids have taken to you so quickly. The teachers do give the kids tests but not very often.

I really want to see some photos. The best thing to do is to use Alex's laptop and put them onto disc - you can buy discs in the Kodac shop and internet cafes.

Take care and speak soon. Love Jo x x
Hi Jo glad you have been able to get the link. I wanted to text everybody my link and contact details before I left but everything got ontop if me packing until early hours and having early flight etc. I will pass on your messages. As I was bringing gifts into school last week (including sanitary towls) Gladice asked how did I kn ow what to bring and I mentioned you and Mark and your blogs helping me. She nearly fell off her seat lol. I thought she knew I knew you both. She never and was amaxed haha. She said to pass on her regards. She said to me that you both did so much and did really well. Carolyn messaged me the other day also asking to say hi to James and Clinton. I went into school the next day and asked Gladice to pass on the message. When she did Clinton had a gleaming smile and James did his cheeky laugh and looked around the class for recognition of his specialness (the way he does). Please pass this message on to Carolyn for me. I put some pics on the other day and hope to put more on now so hope you like them. Thanks for the advice. I can't beieve I leave on Wednesday. Its gone so quick. I know people say that a lot but seriously were has the time gone? X
From Mark Karlisle - Wednesday, 20th May 2009, 07:54 (GMT)
Hi Johnathan
How is it all going, I wish I was there now. Can you say Hi to Ken, Fred, Rogers Alex and the family. Are you staying at Alex's? if so say Hi to everyone in the House and give Elijah my best. How you getting on with the dust? it did my chest in and I still haven't got rid of my cough yet. Which internet cafe are you going to? If its the one in the centre which the asian woman runs can you give her a hello from Manchester and Liverpool from Mark and Joanne who were there in Feb/march. Also there is another internet cafe just down the road where you might be better trying to get your photo's on. It does take hours though. I take it you are in Gladice's class i was next door in Mary's if you find them say hello to Martin John Clinton Claire & Faith for me. Faith is disabled and is usually always on the end of a skipping rope. You sound like your enjoying it. Has the dinning hall been built yet? If you can can you send or post up some pics of whatever stage its at. Any questions or anything I can answer please just ask. My blogs on on plant ranger under scouse mouse if you wanna see some pics and check out my experience...although there is loads. have a fantastic time and although I wish I was there now Its fantastic what you are doing and when you move on you do take a piece of it away with you. I keep getting flash backs to things and laughing my head off, breaking up fights everyday, how cheeky and funny the kids are and how happy the are most of the time...and how mad they can be at times. will keep checking in on your blog again what you have done/doing is fantastic and so makes a difference to the kids. regards Mark
Hi Mark good to hear from you. Your and Jo's blogs help me loads to prepare for this trip. I will say hi to everyone for you. Meeting back up with Ken in a min and yes I'm staying at Alex's. Elijah has moved out (less than a week ago) he wanted his own place and I think he was a bit fed up with not been able to do anything under Alex's watchful eye. I bumped into him yesterday though so if I do again I will pass on your best. The dust hasn't been that bad for me. Its not been windy and I always wear trainers in school (thanks for the tip Carolyn). Just have black snot thats all! I have been to quite a few net cafes (Highway Towers-slow and always crashes so don't go here anymore), one with a green door by the market that sell animals etc (12 photoes take less than 20 mins to upload here so come here a lot).
I'm curious about the dinning hall, I read about it in your blogs. Which building was it meant to be. If you walk into the Walk you have the 5 classrooms to your right. Opposite them (when you walk in you look at them) the kitchen, an unknown room and then the office. Next to these you have another building (which i think is meant to be the canteen). However at the moment there still waiting on building work (the floor and a partition). Gladice has said the building will be made in to two new class rooms (classes 3 and 4 for the kids next year). Does this make sense to you. Was this meant to be the canteen? At the moment meals come from the kitchen and the children eat them in their classrooms at their desks. Thanks for the kind message, let me know about this canteen and I'll look into it. P.S isnt it strange the way the boys just crack the girls one and vice versa. There all crazy but yes amazing the way they are happy most of the time! Keep in touch dude.