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From Lee Wheatley - Wednesday, 20th May 2009, 10:18 (GMT)
Hi J
Isnt technology great, Loving your blogs you have a gift! Chuffed at how much you have taken to it and its obviously a life changing experience, I have always planned to put myself forward to go and after reading your blogs I have decided to approach Jane for clearance, fingers crossed, take care Lee
Cool!!! I'm hoping to come back with a friend I have met in February. When would you be looking at going? Tell Jane I sad you have to go so she has no choice but to give you clearance! Its fab here you will love it. I havnt told Sian yet I'm not meeting her in South Africa, staying here instead lol. Take care mate and keep in touch. Thanks again to you and Great Places for making this possible for me!
From Hollie - Friday, 22nd May 2009, 15:00 (GMT)
Hey johnny,
Looks like your having an amazing time! The blog are fantastic and nearly reduced me to tears of sadness and joy! Looks like you really getting in to the teaching i will look out for any openings in our school! lol. Its brill how much everybody has given to the project and how much everybody over ther must apreciate it! I will have to drop some money of at your mums to add to the cause. Keep us posted and the pics are great! Peace + Love TC XXX
Lovely to hear from you hun. Louise dropped a tenner of at me mums and Im going 'fun stuff' shopping at the week end with it and other money people have give. If you do want to give anything thaty would be fab people are still donating. I will let you know exactly what I buy with it. Keep in touch love. Hope you show your mum my blog! X
From Sian - Friday, 22nd May 2009, 16:28 (GMT)
Those pictures are amazing! The kids are adorable!!!!

Looks like your tan is coming on. I would say I'll have to play catch up but we both know I won't see even a darker shade of white hehe.

The rounders photos are so good. I'll show my mum when she gets in and Jackie. They will be absolutely made up!

Glaf you like em. Just tried to upload pics of the school itself but think it might have crashed. Let me know what your mum and Jackie think X
From - Friday, 22nd May 2009, 16:47 (GMT)
Oh hello!

Are you still there lol my mums just come in, shes seen them but we are going to look at the new photo album now. Mum says to say the pics are fab and so pleased we got the bats!

What is the plan with the hotel tomorrow are you staying over?

I take it this is you Sian (no senders name?). Glad your mum loves the pics. Bats wee a fab idea. Well done team Elaine & Jackie. Hotel was good, we stayed there all day drinking Tuska and chiling by the pool. I think I deserved a break lol XXX
From Natalie - Friday, 22nd May 2009, 21:34 (GMT)
I LOVE YOUR PICCIES!!!! How cute are those kids. think there are going to be tears when you have to say bye to those lovelies. Can't wait to show ours after the hakf term. They will be fascinated! Hope you are getting excited avout the rest of your hols. Look after my little sis.................... lots of love
Sian will look after me I'm sure! Although I am an independent and organised individual now??? Glad you like the pics, sorry I didn't get them up before half term. Let me know what people think, hope the kids like them. Does Jen have my blog address? When does she leave for Kenya? Lots of love Johnathan.
From dad - Thursday, 28th May 2009, 19:00 (GMT)
hi johnathon just been looking at the photes ,they are really great and reading some of your blogs havent read all but i am working thought tham really good .
man u got beat 2- 0 very pleased .
speak to you when you in south affrica .hope fligth was good. i lol when i read the blog about the wrapping service nothing like a power you loads big hug. dad
Hi Dad, great to have another message off you. Just nipped on net quickly in hotel in Cape Town/South Africa before I leave to meet Sian. Going to meet her at airport not. the airport is only across the road. Love you lots and speak to you soon. Glad you liked the power nap story! X
From Natalie - Saturday, 30th May 2009, 10:31 (GMT)
Just looked at all the swimming pics - how lovely! I think you have really given those children some amazinbg experiences. They will definitely remember you always! Really looking forward to hearing more blogs from your travels with SB
Hi Nat thanks for that nice message, I hope so. Me and SB are fine. Were leaving Cape Town in the morning. Its quite a busy, built up city here so feels very different to Kenya, makes a nice change though. We get picked up at 7:30 in the morning so early night tonight! Speak to you soon love Johnathan X
From Natalie - Sunday, 31st May 2009, 20:55 (GMT)
I notice Sian's blog doesn't mention the amount of worrying/moanin she has done already!!! Looks like you two are havin an amazin tie - enjoy the wine!
It will be interesting to compare each other blogs. Keep tabs on mine for a realistic evaluation X
From Michael Garry - Wednesday, 3rd June 2009, 17:59 (GMT)
hey j hows it goin? if surfing is anythin like wind surfing its the hardest thing in the world but i can imagine it to be slightly easier. let me know how u got on anyway an watch out for sharks u must be crazy wimming in them waters lol.its a shame table mount was a bit of a disapointment, on a nice day am sure it would of been amazing anyway glad u r having fun take care bro speak to u soon X
From Michael Garry - Wednesday, 3rd June 2009, 17:59 (GMT)
hey j hows it goin? if surfing is anythin like wind surfing its the hardest thing in the world but i can imagine it to be slightly easier. let me know how u got on anyway an watch out for sharks u must be crazy wimming in them waters lol.its a shame table mount was a bit of a disapointment, on a nice day am sure it would of been amazing anyway glad u r having fun take care bro speak to u soon X
Table mountain was a breeze in terms of climbing the thing. It was the guide that was the problem lol. Having fun though. Got surfing lesson tomorrow, will keep you posted. Keep in touch mate. Ask mum to give me a call asap please! X
From mum - Wednesday, 10th June 2009, 02:12 (GMT)
hi tried to ring tonight meny times will try again tommorrow micheal said it was important, got me worried the way dad is still not working that job was pye in sky it has been 5 week now.chis is off to mexico on you please be careful you don,t sound as thou you are.
Sorry I missed your call, try again tonight please. Speak to you soon X
From Natalie - Wednesday, 10th June 2009, 21:30 (GMT)
Glad you have both got to experience safari together! Sounds lovely where you are now. I get the imppression that after here you will need to make surre you are staying safe. Some dodgy places? Anyway take care and keep having fun x
Safari was really nice together, we loved it. We are both in a hostel in Jo'berg and dare not leav it either. Apparently Jo'berg is nicknames 'the big bad city' thats enough to keep me locked up lol. We are booking our first hostel in Thailand soon becasue we arrive late. We will make sure its nice and safe. Thanks for your concerns. Hi to Liam also. Speak again soon, lots of love Johnathan X
From Roger & Paula - Wednesday, 10th June 2009, 21:54 (GMT)
Loved your pics.

Keep on posting them.

Glad you both like my piccies I hope to post more very soon. Thanks for the concern regarding my tat by the way, even though you think I am crazy haha. I'm still alive and there are no signs of aids as yet. Joking aside me and Sian (just Sian actually) did our (her) homework and researched what we needed to look out for when getting a tat abroad. We checked it all out and it was fine, new sterile needle used etc etc. I will post a pic of it soon so you can all see hehe. Its a verse from Abbey Road 'The End'

...the love you take
is equal to
the love you make.

A personal favourite of mine. Paul at his best! I like it becasue its not overtly Beatles. Its a nice verse and it's THe Beatles also, win win.

Its set out like above of the right hand side of my waist, written in calligraphy. The first line pops out just above my waistline just so you know. Thanks for the message and looking forward to hearing from you both again soon X X
From mark - Monday, 15th June 2009, 01:32 (GMT)
alrite la!just bin lukin at all ya pic's, dir sound m8, especially da safari 1's, dat must av bin 1 brave monkey 2 av a go at robbin 1of ur butty's! Surprised u didnt ribbon the poor little fukka! I'm sittin up l8 on a school nite lukin at ya blog so hope u appreciate dis! Lol, an ya fancy yaself a bit of a surfer spice boy now 2 ay... Just watch out 4 jaws lad! I hear talk bout a new tattoo an a pic of it? Cudin c it? Ne way's dont hurry bak or ne thin coz nobody lik's u... Take it easy my dim friend an send my luv 2 sian, l8r skid
U soft f--ker, you know you love me and I reckon you cry your eyes out after reading my blogs because you miss me so. Seriously though I'm made up your keeping track of my blog, glad you like my pics. Will upload pic of tat soon, should be fully healed by tomorrow, looking good though. Getting it done put an end to my surfing career in South Africa though so it saved me from Jaws. I'll watch out for him in New Zealand though when I can catch some waves again. If I see him I'll pass on your regards ok. Hope you didn't stay up too late mate, I know you need your beauty sleep. Keep in touch, fly to Thailand this evening. Byeeeeeeeeeeee X
From Natalie - Monday, 15th June 2009, 20:09 (GMT)
I think you have turned my sister into an outdoor adventurer - well done! Not a straightener in sight!! Seems you have a long travel ahead of you. We did a virtual plane journey to Africa in school and it took 1 and a half minutes - too long for some! You should try it!!

lots of love
The virtual journey sounds fab, what airline did you fly with, did you all get free booze? Tell the kids my flight took 8 hours on two planes and that they were lucky and should not complain haha. I'm curious how you did it though, sounds like top notch teaching! Koh Samui island for me and Sian tomorrow. should be lovely. Thanks for keeping in touch, speak soon love Johnathan X
From Michael Garry - Tuesday, 16th June 2009, 16:57 (GMT)
hey bro take it ur in thailand by now how did the flight go? what have u got planed for ur saty in thai? booze booze booze i bet lol just watch out for the lady boys haha speak to u soon m8 take care X
Thailand is cool. Leaving Bangkok tomorrow night for an island called Koh Samui, were staying in a really posh place on the beach, should be fab. Bangkok is a party place so been getting drunk alot as you guessed. Will put more pics up soon, bye for now X
From Liamus - Monday, 22nd June 2009, 19:23 (GMT)
Hope everything is ok mate and you are enjoying yourself. Showed the children some of your pics the other day as we were comparing Kenyan schools to ours. The kids didn't think much of your footie skills. However, they did enjoy the pic with someone wearing an Arsenal shirt.... Enjoy
Glad you and the kiddies enjoyed the piccies. My football skills have never been up to much but I am supprised you could tell from a pic, I must be really bad. I think that was Ken with the shirt on, the football coach for the older boys. If it was a kid it may have been Clinton, he was cool, unfortunate choice of team to support though. If any of the kids have any questions about the school fire away. Regarding the last post I am confused becasue I didn't get a message regarding that subject matter, it must not have come through for some reason, shame. Me and Sian are having a great time thanks. Speak soon mate .
From Elaine - Tuesday, 23rd June 2009, 21:15 (GMT)
Trust you to kit yourself out with cashmere! Glad the bag is back and you survived the train! Bet you'll be careful buying your next beer on a traon! Work awful - but what is new! So glad you are having a great time - love reading all about it and the messages. It's great that Natalie and Liam have used the Kenya pics in school - trust Liam to spoil it all by mentioning Arsenal! Take care x
Thanks for the message. Nothing new with me either, I'll buy anything thats put in front of me, cashmere or beer haha. Glad your enjoying the blogs and messages. I loved hearing about Nat and Liam, great ah! I have just read an e-mail of Sians and Nat told her how she did the virtual Safari in school. It sounded amazing, better than the real thing. I wish I had teachers like that when I was in school. Keep your head up in work lol. Speak soon love Johnathan X
From Michael Garry - Wednesday, 24th June 2009, 16:55 (GMT)
alright johnathan how r things goin what u been up 2? anythin intersting happened in thialand? were u off 2 next? think u should give the fambo a call you havnt spoke to us in a while the msging stuff isnt the same as a proper convo lol take care m8 speak to u soon X
Ello bro, good to hear from you and that you are all missing my voice. I am planning on calling at the weekend so let people know, would like to chat to you all. Thailand is really nice. Me and Sian are doing a bit of island hopping at the moment. We are in Koh Samui which is really busy and are leaving for Koh Tao in a few days, should be quiter there but great for diving. In the middle of writting a big blog at the mo so should be posted tomorrow with some pics hopefully, check it out when you can. Speak soon dude. When is your leaving day by the way, any news on that? Any other news also? P.S. what is fambo all about? loser. Toodle pip X
From mum - Friday, 26th June 2009, 02:30 (GMT)
good to hear from you. was getting worried, i have rang a few times no answer left messages on answer machine yes we are missing you and thinking of you all the time love mum
My credit has gone on my mobile and it costs money to answer calls in Thailand so that must be why you havn't been able to get through. Me and Sian are planning on making a few calls at the weekend using a pay phon, hopefull it will be cheap but I doubt it. Looking forward to speaking to you all soon. Lots of love Johnathan X
From Natalie - Saturday, 27th June 2009, 11:50 (GMT)
Sian's account of the Balck Moon Party had us in stitches, then lookingat you eating a pitiful salad made me laugh all over again. It looks gorgeous where you are in Koh Samui. Gald you are enjoying the ladyboys (seen the photo evidence of this!)

Lots of love
I thought I could handle two of them in a pic and then one kindly give me a big kiss on the cheek, wish I got a pic of that! Gost me 100Baht (approx two quid). Dearest kiss I have ever had to pay for, will stick to Sian's free ones from now on. My account of Blackmoon party is up now, is probably different than Sian's lol X
From Michael Garry - Saturday, 4th July 2009, 16:59 (GMT)
Sawatdee Kraup, i think i got tha right lol hows it goin Jothanthan sorry about the lack of msgs i will get on ppls bakcs about it 4 u ;-). thailand sound amazing an wish i could of done tha diving with u sounds like sian missed out n a good oppertunity there maybe i could learn in the army then we could go on a dive together. so when u off to newzeland? take care m8 speak to u soon X
Sounds like a bril suggestion, only thing is, if you earn in the army you wil be able to dive well deeper than me lol, max I can do at the mo is 18m with a total cap at 40 if I do further training. I think military divers can go in the 100's lol, look it up? Me and Sian rented a quad bike today and we drove around the island were on (Koh Tao), we had a brill time, check new blog. Me and Sian leave for Japan on Tuesday. New Zealand 3 weeks from then. Doing two 'fun' dives here tomorrow morning though. Planning diving in New Zealand and maybe one in Brazil? Let me now what yo find out about military diving and let me know any more news. Missing everyone loads, its been two onths now and have around 2 more to go! Lots of love, speak soon dude! X
From Roger - Sunday, 5th July 2009, 16:13 (GMT)
Hi Johnathan

Glad to see you're having a good time.
Cheers Roger. Got to Tokyo safe and sound along with both our bags! Tokyo will definatly be interesting already feeling the lost in translation vibe, lets see how we get on...
From Paula - Sunday, 5th July 2009, 19:50 (GMT)
Hiya Jonathan, couldn't let you be Billy no mates (well no messages). Sounds like you and Sian are having a ball but you seem to be drunk a lot. I bet you won't want to come home. I keep looking at your and Sian's blogs and you're both good at telling funny stories, but I never know which version to believe? (well if I'm honest it's Sian's). Well done on the diving and something I would love to do. Dived once but had to have buddy with me. Anyway give my love to Sian and tell her to keep up the good stories xx
Hey paula, it appears I have lots of friends again now (keep up the good work guys). Maybe the computers went down back home or something??? I'm glad you like both our blogs but honestly Paula you must need your head testing if you believe that trash Sian is writing, belive mine instead, might be hazy at points but I tell it how it is. Sian is getting drunk also by the way, she just isnt that honest about it all lol. As for diving I have done two 'fun dives' since they were cool even though one had a really strong current. Its irresponcible diving by the way if you dive withou a buddy (even when qualified) tut tut for thinking silly thoughts, I thought better of you! x
From mum - Monday, 6th July 2009, 02:58 (GMT)
well done son . have tryed to ring will try again tomorrow love mum
Thanks for the congrats haha I have done two dives since as a qualified diver, still in groups but you can go deeper and have a bit more freedom. Technically I could dive with me and just another person (a buddy) but I am not confident enough to do that yet, best with a leader to take your round the dive sight. Enjoyed speaking with everyone the other day, made up about Anthonys news! I new one of us four would have musical talent, glad it was Anthony, we'll make a Macca out of him yet! Tell him to email me asap with details of how to listen to his track, can't wait. Tokyo looks like it will be very interesting along with the rest of Japan. Arrived shortly and exploring properly tomorrow. Speak again soon. Lots of love always, Johnathan x