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From mark - Monday, 6th July 2009, 20:38 (GMT)
alrite m8, just quick message, i'm in gym, not same witout ya m8. Lol, al message ya l8r wen get in take it easy
Mark it must have taking you ages to sush out how to leave a message on my blog from your phone, get working those arms mate lol. Good to hear from you and enjoyed are lil convo the other night. Arrived in japan safely not long ago. Just had bite to eat and after this going to have early night, ready to explore Tokyo tomorrow. take care x
From Natalie - Monday, 6th July 2009, 20:42 (GMT)
Hi just left you a message but not sure if it went through - computer froze! Let me know and I will resend if not x
Didn't go through Nat sorry. Thanks for trying though, looks like my begging worked, I have lots of messages to read now lol. Me and Sian arrived safely in Tokyo a few hours ago and are settled in our hostel now. Got a big day exploring tomorrow so getting an early night (first time for everything). Look forward to getting your real message. Lots of love Johnathan x
From The Duckman - Wednesday, 8th July 2009, 21:38 (GMT)
Hi Jon

Don't forget to go to Yokohama, I've been there a few times it's gud craic. Just mention my name and you will be ok.

All the best,

The Duckman
Hey thanks for the message (Harry???). How is the trip going? What is there to see in Yokohama? Were in Tokyo for about 6days if you have any other suggestions before we explore wider Japan, cheers and all the best, Johnathan and Sian
From Duckman - Thursday, 9th July 2009, 18:31 (GMT)
Hi Jon

I have got some more words of wisdom drink the Saki I had about two buckets of it last night and drove home and I was fine!
Also u could maybe get a tattoo here as the Japanese are reknowen for being the best tattoo artists in the world.

See you soon mate.

Regards to Sian

The Duckman
Ok I am confused, who is this? thanks for the advice though!
From Michael Garry - Saturday, 11th July 2009, 16:26 (GMT)
Konnichiwa j i didnt think u woukd get upset about the fact al be leaving because when i do come home at least i can buy for once haha no it wont be a prob al be home most weekends anyway so we can hit the boozer ;-) haha an had to laugh at the quad journey sorry i can just picture it lol oh an btw who is duckman??? haha take care bro speak to u soon X
konnichiwa, genki? No idea who Duckman is. I have a couple of suspicions (Liam, Harry from Kenya or Sam from South Africa) but for now it appears they prefer to stay annonymous. Get you with your Japanease by the way. Its one thing copying it from a book but you try saying the stuff! Quad was so funny, unreal really. So your home the first weekend in September then? Looks like drinks are on you lol! Id say speak to you soon but I am at the mo on Facebook chat lol. So I suppose Ill just say matane x
From Elaine - Wednesday, 15th July 2009, 13:28 (GMT)
Could not believe the quad bike story. I was really nervous just reading about it! Hope you have recovered from your journey, keep blogging. Want to know all about Kyoto.
Lots of love xxx
Can I please make one thing cler! Sian wantd to go on the quad as much as me I did not 'bully' her lol. Actually we both decided to pay more for a quad rather than rent a scooter, we would have died on a scooter! We had a good time really and just laughed about it once we knew we survived. Just wanted to clear that up as there appears to be an anti-Johnathan lobby forming on Sians blog lol. Kyoto blog is due up tonorrow with piccies we think. We have got the street festival for the Gion festival tomorrow morning and afternon so maybe after that before the evening. Off to watch Harry Potter in the cinema now!!! Lots of love, Johnatahn X
From Elaine - Thursday, 16th July 2009, 22:03 (GMT)
Hi Don't worry, I know Sian has very clear ideas about what she will and won't do! Just sounded so scary reading about it! Well quad bike saga over and as you say you can laugh about it now! Can't wait to see pics from Japan. Bye for now Lots of love xxx
haha. I can imagine what it was like reading about it, strangely my dad said he enjoyed reading about it??? Me and Sian will post links for Japan pics on our blogs today x x x
From Roger - Sunday, 19th July 2009, 11:25 (GMT)
Hi Johnathan

I'm just back from Belgium and was looking forward to reading your blogs. They never disappoint! It all makes Ghent look boreing. I saw Ian las night, and he's been looking at the Thai boxing pics.
Good to hear from you, Im sorry Ghent wasnt all that! Glad Ian liked the pics, ask him if he can knock some one out with his foot too?
From Natalie - Thursday, 23rd July 2009, 23:29 (GMT)
Never a dull moment hey! I am already looking forward to sampling the Japanese food you will be cooking on your return. I will be expecting hand rolled udon noodles please!!!
Not a problem! I have already told Sian I want to learn how to do it after going to that restaurant. Please tell me is that Liam who is pretending to be 'The Duckman' (I won't tell him you told me). Love Johnathan X
From Paula - Tuesday, 28th July 2009, 01:17 (GMT)
Hi Jonathan
Just read your and Sian's latest blogs and it sound fantastic. Sian didn't say whether you actually managed to get the food home in the toilet roll or whether you actually ate it when you were sober? Your liver will be shot when you've finished this trip with the amount of lager you've consummed.

Keep havin fun!
Love Paula xx
I have booked myself into rehab when I return. Japan hasn't been the cold turkey session I expected, still managed to get my fix haha. Yes I awoke the next day, found my food in the fridge, warmed it in the toaster (not a normal toaster) and eat it for dinner (-the toilet roll)! Speaking of larger consumption Sian (the none beer drinking lady) surpassed herself. We have discovered that shandy isn't that bad. She made quite the dent in that 6 liter tower! Much to my annoyance I might add ;-) Thanks for the message Paula. I dont know if Sian has mentioned but we are planning themed dinner parties when we return, you gain? There will be beer! Opps there goes my detox... X
From Michael Garry - Sunday, 2nd August 2009, 17:56 (GMT)
hey j an s lol. just read ur bolg i know its en up a whle but only just got round to it sorry but the hot springs sound really nice an i have seen all the pics shame about the weather but prob a good thing seen hot hot the water was. anyway i see ur in new zeland now is the sky dive still on the cards or have yas botteled it? the circus looks amazing i seen a lil vid on the website some of the stunts r breath taking anyway keep in touch an take care speak to yas soon X
Yeh looking into the sky dive, think its defo on the cards just need to fit it in somehow. there are loads of bungy jumps and crazy other stuff to do but think we can only afford a dive. Can't wait for Cirque Du Solei, will be brill, no pics allowed though!!! Google Beatles Love by Cirque the vid looks really cool, the one were watching is Dralion though! Just about to post my airport blog about Sapporo will catch up with return to Tokyo and Auckland soon! Good to hear from you and speak soon! Love to everyone X
From Natalie - Wednesday, 5th August 2009, 18:10 (GMT)
It is always interesting comparing your and Sain's blogs on the same thing! Sapporo festival looked like such a laugh. We hve just got back from Italy so doing a bit of aatching up. We ahve actually managed to come home to some sunshine - well done us!
Bloody freezing here, were actually using a room heater! Saying that though I am loveing Argentina especially speaking Spanish-you should have seen me on the plane, the stewardess was lappng it up lol. Its early morning here and we havn´t even been out to explore yet but getting a good feeling about here! Your pics look lovely, just another place to add to our list of destinations to visit! lol. I am looking forward to getting back and comparing our blogs, from what it sounds like our blogs are like somehing out of a Lorrel and Hardy sketch haha X
From Liam - Thursday, 6th August 2009, 10:06 (GMT)
Alright big man not long to go. Any chance of watching the mighty all blacks when in New Zealand?

Chat soon.

Hey mate, glad to hear your hol went well, looked lovely, jelous of your big beers! No All Backs I´m affraid but we did do Cirque Du Soleil which was amazing! Looking forward to getting back and catching up with you two! Bye for now...
From mark - Sunday, 9th August 2009, 17:15 (GMT)
alrite lad! How's it goin, not read much of ya blog things m8 must b honest not ad chance, ne ways hope ya ok, wir bouts r ya now? Not long b4 ya cum home now is it? Remember if u need a lift from da airport wen ya cumin bak just giz a shout, an al b happy 2 stand ya up... Only messin lad al pick ya up, only 1week til new footie season now! I'm off 2av a luk at ya photos now ne way so ova an out skid! My regards 2 ya bitch! (basically say hi 2sian...) keep safe an take it easy m8
Naughty! We are in Argentina now making are way to Brazil. Brazil will be our last chance to catch some sun before we come home (less than 3 weeks now). Thaks for the offer of a lift but I think were sorted, its
Matty Fest anyway mate so I guess you will be ovtherwise occupied (I on the other hand will be asleep)! Thanks for getting in touch, speak again before my return! love to your mum and dad and Raymondo!
From mum - Thursday, 13th August 2009, 03:29 (GMT)
hi son
what is Argentina like are you able to see much with all the traveling what transport are you useing is it safe miss you loads love mum x
Hi Mum, Argentina is lovely, really like it. We will definatly be visiting again along with other countries in South America (we have said this about everywere I know). We left Buenos Aires the other day and arrived in Iguazu via internal flight two days ago. Iguazu has been amazing. Iguazu is home to the best waterfalls in the world, they were immense-we got soaked! We leave for Brazil today via bus across the boarder to the Brazilian side of the Falls. Then tomorrow morning at 6am our time we fly to Manuas (Amazon) via internal flight. We start our four day tour of the Amazon then and then fly to Salvador (beaches) via another internal flight and after about 6 nights we fly (internal) to Rio De Janeiro for our last three days before flying home with BA. So we are mostly using internal flights to get about in South America. We could have used buses and saved money but we did not have the time to waste travelling. We are using one of Brazil's biggest airlines (only Brazilians can buy budget airline tickets) so its safe, don't worry! Its cost us a lot but we have been able to do a lot with our limited time here. This last part of our trip should be amazing. Will post a blog very soon, have been so busy! P.S the organisation of this South America tour (travel and tours) has been a nightmare but sorted now so time to enjoy!!! Love to everyone, miss you all X X X X X
From Natalie - Monday, 17th August 2009, 13:31 (GMT)
I am very impressed with your Spanish!!! Glad you both decided to just go ahead with flights etc. Just remember you will be home before you know it and you need to make the most of every day
See you soon
Hi Nat! Missing Spanish, Portuguese is very hard! Yeh, looks like everything has worked out well with flights (apart from a little set back actually getting to the Amazon). Amazon was amazing and Salvador looks lovely (its 12.30am and have just arrived here so will report more soon). Thanks for the message and see you and Liam soon! X
From mark (goin 2 matty s - Tuesday, 18th August 2009, 18:45 (GMT)
2messages in a week ay... How privilieged do u feel m8??? Ha, so wot's brazilia lik m8, hope ur catchin da last of da sun b4 u cum home m8y, dont wana show ya up wit me gud old fashioned english tan! So u not bak intime 4matty street ven? Wont b same witout me old drinkin buddie, al just av 2find sum random bum off da streets 2 join me! Ne ways offer stands 2pick ya up if u get stuck lad, ow ye an c if u can stuff 1of dem brazilian babe's in ya case 4me! Just dont tell laura... Take it easy my weird friend, regards 2 r sian skid
Very priveliged indeed wow! Get back on the 30th sometime so will be uncontactable for that day probably-asleep lol. Also my backaccount is 1500into my overdraft and my credit cards to the same tune!!! Hope I get into work pretty quickly overwise I will be swallowed by debt-all been worth though. Havin fab time in Salvador, Brazil. Hitting the beach on Friday! Off to Rio in a week for a few days then back home. I will see about getting a Brazilain Senorita in my rucksack, should have some space becasue Im giving all my old clothes away before I leave-cant stand the sight of them! Sian says a big Ola Amigo and Amiga (Laura). Take care and see you soon X
From mark - Wednesday, 19th August 2009, 18:55 (GMT)
m8 i might b able 2help ya dir wit work, laura's place r lukin 4new staff, especially male staff so giz a cv an she'll pass it in 4ya, she does same as u used 2do, only u get 2go bowling, pic's, etc an d pay 4ya lol, sound ay, dir badly short staffed so luk's gud, giz date an laura will get u an interview m8
Well hopefully I might start straight away in my old place but in the school-waiting to hear back though. Does Laura work with kids yeh? What kind of kids (is it Autism)? What kind of work is it-in their homes or a school? Glad to hear shes enjoying it and stuck with it! You come in handy for all kinds don´t you mate!
From Elaine - Sunday, 23rd August 2009, 13:08 (GMT)
Hi Johnathan
Good to see you have kept up your high stanfard of blogs! Looking forward to seeing you in Liverpool. Enjoy your last week! Sounded a right old palava with Pacha! Take care xxx
ohhhh the memories please don´t remind me! Yes, looking forward to coming home and seeing you and everyone. lots to do though; PGCE application (which I will draft on flight home), get a job and buy new clothes (with no money)! Hope you enjoyed your birthday, sorry we missed it! Lots of love and thanks for reading! Love Johnathan X
From mark - Wednesday, 26th August 2009, 21:31 (GMT)
not long now m8, matty street sund, i expect u out at least 4few drinks if ya bak, jet lag or not ha, how's brazil, lukin 4wid 2 gettin bak 2 liverpool yet skid?
Got to spend time with family Sunday and Monday mate! We will catch up soon but to be honest mate I´m in the red like you wouldn´t believe! Pus my liver packed its bags and left! Yeh Liverpool will be good, lookin forward to seeing everyone. Still two more days of sunshine to enjoy on Copacabana though, surfs up!
From - Thursday, 27th August 2009, 22:07 (GMT)
not 2worry m8, who needs a liver n e way, mine divorced got me a long time ago, now i'm havin a passion filled fling wit stella! We luv each ova very much, I dont think we can hav kids but wir havin a gud time tryin!!! Haha! Hav a gud last few days m8 an al treat ya 2 few scoops wen ya get bak my little fat beer buddie! Regards 2 sian m8
Mate Stella is a two timeing bitch, I have had a whirlwind romance with her for the past four months lol! Looking forward to a catch up some time next week mate-good old Spoons I reckon!