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From Jill - Sunday, 25th October 2009, 21:28 (GMT)
Don't let it feel too much like home. We're waiting for Aug. 20 as I'm sure Evelyn & Ed are as well. Enjoy for now.
Don't worry they don't have fresh peach pies here. We are excited for August 20th and all the excitement in the month to follow!
From Lynita & Irnie - Wednesday, 26th May 2010, 03:24 (GMT)
miss you guys.
Less than 3 months left. Can't wait to get back home!
From Mom Jill - Monday, 25th January 2010, 01:24 (GMT)
Missing you and hope you are enjoying the pre-honeymoon trip (but no grand babies yet please). I'm looking forward to you being back in the apt. and we can do visual skype once again.
Love you both, Mom XXOO
Hey Mom.. Well the pre-honeymoon trip is over and no grandbabies! haha Glad to se you back on skype again too! xo
From Mike - Wednesday, 13th January 2010, 15:04 (GMT)
Hey, when you go to get the suits made, don't forget that my legs are like 7 ft long. I would rather not wear the Urkel suit to your wedding lol. But I will if I have to!
Your vacation sounds amazing brother! Keep the updates posting.
Don't worry. Your suit will fit you like a glove!
From Tammy & Justin - Monday, 11th January 2010, 19:25 (GMT)
Hi guys, love hearing from you and seeing your adventures. Just wanted to say thank you again for the really neat Christmas gifts. Wasn't sure if you got my email or not. Have a great time on your vacation.
Thanks for the post, we really enjoyed sending parcels off to some of friends this year for Christmas. We are really enjoying our travels. Though this trip confirms that Erin and I belong in the country, these south east asia cities are crazy! Today on our way into the city from the airport we got tailgated once and hit two people on scooters. Luckily we were bigger than all three things we hit!
From Tammy - Friday, 30th October 2009, 13:57 (GMT)
Jon and Erin, these pictures with Irnie and Lanita are awesome. I can see how much fun you all had together. I'm sure it was sad when they left. Already 2 months have passed, it won't be long before we're all together again. Thanks for sharing these fun memories with us. Cheers to good friends and good health.
We absolutely loved hosting Irnie and Lynita. We don't seem so far away from home now that we have had friends from home come visit! It was definitely something both of us will always remember.
From Aunt Fanny - Thursday, 24th December 2009, 21:25 (GMT)
Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to you both. Think of you often. You know everyone that knows you sends their love so feel the love you'll be home before you know it.
Hugs & kisses Aunt fanny
From Jill - Tuesday, 29th September 2009, 01:44 (GMT)
Jon: Very proud of you for doing all of these heights/mountain climbing adventures. I think I'd be crawling too!
Love you both, Jill
Thanks Jill! Tell that to the Korean women that stood around, laughed and took my picture. Love to you and Bobby.
From Tammy Caughill - Monday, 17th August 2009, 00:47 (GMT)
Hi Guys, love the pictures! Thanks for keep us informed we miss you already and are excited to journey with you on this years adventure. Talk to you soon!
Love Justin, Tammy, Nick, Faith and Christian.
Miss you too guys....
From ingrid - Monday, 17th August 2009, 00:48 (GMT)
Hi, You made it over there!.
This is so funny. Last week you were still at home ,and now your more than half way around the world.i like to look at the pictures,keep putting them on your blog.I will never get to go out there.but I like to see the nice sight's Keep safe. Love INGRID
Great seeing you last week. We will keep posting pictures for you to see.
From Joan and Murray - Monday, 17th August 2009, 01:30 (GMT)
Hi Jon and Erin:
Great to hear about your travels. You must be having a blast! Hope to do an adventure like that soon. We are now travelling accross Canada in our trailer with bandit for 5 weeks. Have a great year and keep us posted.
From Jess - Monday, 17th August 2009, 01:33 (GMT)
So glad you are in Korea!!! Miss you already
From Mike and Teia - Monday, 17th August 2009, 02:01 (GMT)
Hey brotha, just checking out the pics and catching up. The pictures look amazing and it looks like you are having so much fun! Glad to hear you made it safe and sound. Hope your bum didn't hurt too much after the flight and bus ride.

Hope the rest of your quarantine goes well and the transition into regular korean society goes smoothly.

Miss you, lots of love,
Mike and Teia
Mikey you would be a giant over here and many people would want you to hold their babies and take pictures of you! It happens regularly! Bum hurts but not as much as yours hurts when I kick it in our annual wrestling matches.
From David B - Monday, 17th August 2009, 06:07 (GMT)
Hey JK and Erin! I'm glad to hear about your engagement and that you are taking this adventure together. I hope your year in Korea is everything you dream of and more! I'm sure you will be great teachers (not sure about you tho John ;) ) and you will no doubt touch many lives and inspire the students you teach. I look forward to reading about ALL of your adventures!! Have fun!
Tough to imagine me teaching anyone English. We just got word that we will only be teaching in the morning and have the afternoons off. Kind of like your presence at teachers college;) Life is good! Thanks for the message Botonti.
From Aimes - Monday, 17th August 2009, 09:11 (GMT)
Dear Korean Celebrities,
The adventure so far looks eventful! So pleased you are safely there. You will have the time of your lives! Missing you both very much! Lots a love and hugs from your British sister xxxxx

Thanks for the message Aimes! We are very excited for after this journey to see you in Canada. Missing you too.
From Aunt Wilma - Monday, 17th August 2009, 17:02 (GMT)
Wow what a experience you are having and Congratulations on your engagement!
We are very happy for you both. The photos are a great way for us to keep up to date. Keep them coming....
From Parkin - Monday, 17th August 2009, 23:49 (GMT)
Another way to stalk you, wonderful! haha glad to hear you arrived safely!
Ps- Winter, I've been up in Owen Sound all summer, too bad I didnt know you were in Southampton til it was too late! Hope you and Jess had a lovely catch up! Enjoy your year, I'm sure its going to fly by! Talk to you guys soon! Lots of love.
From taka - Tuesday, 18th August 2009, 04:19 (GMT)
krohe-san, you are engaged! Concratulations!! You guys should make a baby immeiately and maybe we can exchange our kids sometime to make them international superkids! Let me know about the wedding eh? (this is Canadian "eh")
I didn't know that Korea has the same percentage of forest as Japan does. Keep enlightening me about our neighboring counry. So much I dont know. Go Hairy bud!
Superkids sound awesome but not for another 4 or 5 years. Your children will just have to be a little more older and mature. The wedding is scheduled for September 25 2010.

We will keep you posted on how great this country is and look forward to coming over to Japan and visiting you.
From Bob - Tuesday, 18th August 2009, 12:57 (GMT)
I'll bet none of those Korean archers can hit an air conditioner!!
All the fish have shown up since you left. Coincidence?
Love you guys
Not the way you do Bobby.

The fish probably were scared off by my natural ability of being a good fishermen. I learned a lot this summer about fishing and well being patient for the fish to come. Glad it has worked out for you. Love from South Korea
From Tammy Caughill - Tuesday, 18th August 2009, 20:16 (GMT)
Oh boy guys I hope you brought acidophulus with you to protect your intestines from the food there. Not to mention the coconut oil to process and clean it!!!!
Acidophulus check! Coconut oil check! Thanks for taking such good care of us Dr. Tammy.
From Sandra - Tuesday, 18th August 2009, 20:56 (GMT)
Hey guys,

Glad that I'll be able to keep tabs on you! I wish I had the commitment to keep a blog, with all the running around I do. :)

Enjoy the fish heads. ;)
Thanks Sandy! Enjoy your trip home in a few weeks. Please fill me in about how things go.
From Aunt Fanny - Tuesday, 18th August 2009, 22:00 (GMT)
This will be memories for the rest of your life. Enjoy each day as if it were your last. I envy you both & so does everyone else. Have fun & stay healthy. Love Ya
From Mom + Dad Krohe - Wednesday, 19th August 2009, 15:55 (GMT)
Hi you two,
It sounds like you are having a great time. Thanks for keeping us posted on the highlights of your travels. The countryside looks georgeous. It is such a great way of keeping you close. Love you xoxox
The world keeps feeling smaller. I love you guys too. Thank you for the message.
From Irnie and Lynita - Wednesday, 19th August 2009, 21:27 (GMT)
Hey Jon and Erin.
We are so excited that you got there safe and sound. We can't wait to join you for a couple weeks in October. Our flights are booked and we can't wait!!! Woo Hoo.

Miss you both and Love You!
We are so excited that you will be making the trip down to see us. Start practicing sleeping on the floor and giving and receiving money with two hands. We will give a journal entry on South Korean etiquette so stay tuned. We look forward to October!!!!
From Ashley - Thursday, 20th August 2009, 15:18 (GMT)
This is so exciting! It makes me want to travel and explore more myself!! Very inspirational! Good luck to both of you