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From Laura - Wednesday, 27th January 2010, 09:39 (GMT)
Hi Guys,

Hope your having a good time!!

This time last year i was getting ready to go!!

Hi babes, we are loving every min - the heat is mad! We are burning haha! Luv ya xxxx Thanks for the advice on Broadbeach, we love it here and can easily drive into Surfer's xxxx
From dawn dad - Saturday, 30th January 2010, 21:39 (GMT)
hello there , hope u are both ok.checked your web page last night and today sat. it snowed here last night so when i got up to go to work car was covered. looking forward to our holiday in gran canaria so hope the sun to u both xx
Hi there! Oh no snow again! No sign of snow here, but the tropical storms are very heavy when they hit so lots of rain! What date do you go away? Glad your looking forward to it, will be lovely. Hows Matt and Ollie? Much love xxxxxxxxxx
From Le - Tuesday, 26th January 2010, 22:25 (GMT)
Hope you had a good flight and arrived safely, cant wait to start seeing the pics xxxxxxx
Arrrggghhhh my case didn't arrive!!!!!!!! What a bloody palarva! haha we can laugh about it though x Saw a croc today at the zoo called Annie and thought of you! Luv ya xxx
From Mumsie - Saturday, 30th January 2010, 20:37 (GMT)
Hope you've arrived safely in Hamilton Island (along with your cases!) on the next stage of your hols. Am sat here looking at the Web Cam gadget without a clue what to do with it but hope you can connect to it so I can see your lovely face - and yours of course, Tom! Picked my new shiney motor up last night so had a run to yours today to take the smelly milk out of the fridge, it's brill, I love it. Took Joshie for his swine flu jab on Wednesday, which was fine, once we'd managed to get his arm out of his top. I asked at nursery what he was like there and was told he's very quiet, never shouts, always does as he's told and is always first to tidy up - think we're bringing the wrong child home. Lewie is so, so, good and gorgeous, still really calm. Tell Tom Stu and Neil enjoying the golf. Well I'll get off now and wait to hear from you. Love always, Mum xxx
Hi mumsie, we miss you! We are here safe and sound, cases n all! We have found Skype on the computers but not sure about the webcam so will try it when we phone you later when the boys are there. Glad you like your new shiny car, cant wait to drive it! Cant believe Joshie at nursery, think he has definitely got us all wrapped around his little finger! Hope Lewie hasnt changed too much since we last saw him, missing them both so much too, we keep saying 'Joshie would love this, Joshie would love that' at everything! We went to the island Driving Range before so Tom doesnt miss out on the golf too much, so much to do we are having such a fab time. Will speak to u later mum, love and miss you millions xxxxxxxxxxxx
From Katie - Saturday, 30th January 2010, 10:17 (GMT)
Hi you guys.... im so jelous of you both its bloody freezing here today and the max temp for today is 3 degrees brrr ! Got a bit of gossip for you ... im booked for a boob job on 11th Feb !! Woo (shitting my pants now though) buts its long over due ! So i will have new boobs when you get back ha ha. Keep us posted on your travels sounds fab

enjoy and stay safe

Nick also sends his regards XX
Oh my god your booked in! I knew you wanted one, but didnt know it was defo, Tom says what size you having - typical male!!! Hope everything goes to plan babe, it will be fine, let us know love you lots xxxxx
From Fay - Wednesday, 27th January 2010, 20:19 (GMT)
Hey Lyndz and Tom! OH MY GOD! NO SUITCASE!!!!!!! argggggggghhhh! its a girls worst nightmare! I cant believe you didnt cry Lyndz! i would of been in floods! anyway sounds like your having a great time, get some pics on! I soo wish I was there!! oh you know that house I told you about on park lane? that 4 bed detatched, well its only been reduced again to 125!!! OMG! I NEED IT!!! we could buy that as soon as we sold this if somebody would bloody buy it! anyway i will look forward to more updates, miss you loads xxx lots of love xxxxx
Oh no, we need a buyer asap!!!!!! Hurry people!!!!! It is meant to be yours Fay! Must dash babes, but got to tell you, we found a Chinese karaoke bar last night and did a few tipsy songs just for you haha! A man came over to us at the end, and said (he was deadly serious!) that we were brilliant! Can you believe it! All that practice has paid off, Tom is gloating like mad and now thinks he is Lionel Richie! Much love and Freya 1st birthday kisses xxxxxxxxxx
From Oue Em - Wednesday, 27th January 2010, 20:08 (GMT)
Hey Guys!! How are things!! Heard all about the suitcase trauma but knew you would be clever enough Lyndz to have back up clothes in Tom's case. Was waiting for news of Auntie Jude sending Uncle Steve out on the next flight out with an emergency case ha ha.
Lovely to hear youre enjoying yourselves and Im so jealous about your zoo trip!
Everything is brill with bump, kicking away in preparation for those tucks and straddles ;)
Our Ash finishes work on Friday in preparation for the big push, not long now!!
Gran Reet is brill as always and were all sending our love to both.
Keep topping up the factor 30 and have a fantastic time.
Millions of hugs,
Em, Dean, Ash n bumps xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Gday there! Haha you make us laugh Em, Im sure my mum would have come up trumps with delivering a brand new case she loves a good challenge hehe! Glad everything is going great with bump and bump, cant believe the time has nearly come for Ash and Samo! Lots and lots of love to all, take care of yourselves and no pushing just yet Ash! xxxxxxxxxxxx
From dawn dad - Monday, 25th January 2010, 21:47 (GMT)
hi there. hope you are both ok and had a safe journey.went to london sunday to model engineering exhibition with ur dad, think he is going to splash out on lathe etc.saturday went to stay in nottingham .went out for a meal with anastasias parents had a nice evening. anastasia is 18 on march 13th so going over for weekend on march 12th going out for a birthday meal with her mum and dad staying at her parents. matt is dissapointed has not got in at leeds uni so thinking of doing a masters in sport., i think i had better forget the audi at the moment . your dad still has a cold so is feeling a little under the weather but i am sure he will make a miracoulous recovery by wed or thurs if a pint is on offer. it has been cold here today forcast snow by friday so that should be fun again. anyway going to bed now have a great time keep in touch. love dawn and dad xxxx
Hi Dad and Dawn! We have had an adventurous start to the hol but all good! Poor Matt, he really wanted to go, is he going to Leeds to do a masters then or staying at Nottingham? We actually wished for a little bit of snow today it was that hot! The zoo was amazing, they just let you feed all the animals unsupervised. Will upload the piccies whn we can soon, glad you had a nice weekend. Love and miss you xxxxxxxx
From Fay - Monday, 25th January 2010, 21:36 (GMT)
Hi Lynds and Tom, hope your journey was ok. Can't wait to hear what your up to. Just booked a holiday to Alcudia in June so I can start thinking of some sun now! cant wait. miss you take care
Hey babes, my case! Arggghhhhh! I was soooo brave, no tears! Glad you have booked your hol babe, will be lovely in the sun in June. Speak soon hunni, miss you millions mwah xxxxxxxxxxx
From dawn dad - Sunday, 14th February 2010, 21:21 (GMT)
Hi to you both. a little surprised about the camper van lyndsey, i would be telling Thomas "It's 5 star or no star". It could have repercushions for me, Billy will have me staying in one!!!. looking forward to our holiday , so hoping the sun shines. oliver says hello to you both. have a great time love to you both xxxxxx
Hehe campervan off its ok Dawn!! Ive be saved!! It worked out much more expensive than a car and hotel as we have managed to get a really good deal on a car so reluectantly we had to give the van a miss! Hi Ollie! Been looking at the footie results and Nott Forest and thinking of you! Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Kaz and Stu - Sunday, 14th February 2010, 17:21 (GMT)
G'day! Happy Valentines daye from lovely England! We have no internet so just nipped to stus mums to use the computer! I hope you had one of the kebabs in Surfer Paradise as they are the number one on my list of kebabs! Extremely jealous that were not there but hoping your enjoying every minute of it! It looks from your pics that your having a blast! Missed you at Kathryns birthday the other week but Ash P turned up! Looking forward to the vino and catch up when your back....although I imagine you dont want to leave! Big hugs xxx
Hi you two! Thanks for the message, we are havin a ball yeah, cant believe only ten days left really. We missed the kebabs sorry Stu, will try and get one in New Zealand and see how they are hehe x Hope you all had a fab time at Kath's birthday, cant wait to catch up Tons of love xxxxxxxxxxxx
From Mum - Sunday, 14th February 2010, 14:20 (GMT)
Hi you two I have just missed your phone call but it was nice to hear your voice on the answering machine thomas, hope to speak to you soon. We are still busy with the house, the kitchen is finally fitted and looks great, the decorators are in and the carpets are on order so it wont be long now, we can't wait. New Zealand sounds wonderful I didn't realise there was so many different things to do, bet you enjoyed the wine trip, you both look so happy and relaxed. Have a lovely valentines day.
Missing you loads, lots of love xxxxxxxx
Hi mum, glad things are coming along nicely at the house, can't wait to come and see the final product after so much plannning. Will try and catch you again soon on the phone, so hard to find a decent hour to phone home being 13 hours difference! Happy Valentine's Day back to you both Miss and love you T and L xxxxx
From Le - Sunday, 14th February 2010, 11:23 (GMT)
Happy Valentines day!!! hehe looks amazing! love toms surfing pic haha. the tans are coming on nicely too. campervan ay lyndz well i never thought id live to see the day! missing you lots and lots love Le xxxxxxxx
Happy Valentine's Day to you too Miss Le x Now now dont worry about me Le, Im still the same person hehe! I havent changed back to old me, the campervan is off! Worked out too expensive compared to a car and hotels in the end, what a shame! Mum said she was chatting to you at the end, I miss you too hunni! Cant wait for a good catch up, we have taken sooooo many piccies to bore you with Luurrrvvveee ya lots Lyndsey Loo and Tom Tom xxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Kate & Nick - Saturday, 13th February 2010, 12:04 (GMT)
Hi Lynds & Tom, finally got some time off work given i now have my new assets, so perfect chance to look through your piccies and journals ! Got Nick waiting on me hand and foot its fab !Sounds absolutely amazing and the pics are fantastic, im so jelous. Im now trying to make Nick save up for an Oz holiday aswel as Thailand ! Glad to hear your boht enjoying it so much cant wait to have a big girly night in to hear all about it, see all the pics, and you can show us your new wine expertise ! Though i think you have had years in the making lynds with us lot ha ha ! See you both soon ! Take Care Nick & Kate XXXXXXXX
Hi hunni, are you ok then and feeling good? Cant wait to see you! Make sure Nick is hard at work, milk it girl hehe! There would not be enough hours in one girlie night to see all the piccies - snap happy is not the word haha! Speak soon Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Lesley & Rob - Saturday, 13th February 2010, 11:18 (GMT)
Hi, Rob now back from his travels, he keeps holding on to the radiators to get warm.
Looks like you are having the trip of a lifetime. Good to see your photos, yep the koala is such a cutie. Take care, lol, Lesley, Rob and Cocoa. xxx
Hello there, are you havin withdrawal symptoms Uncle Rob, bet we will be a bit like that, though not as hot here in NZ so we might not need to cling to the radiators! Hope all is well at home, say hi to G and G for us Lots of love xxxxx
From Mum and Alan - Sunday, 31st January 2010, 17:15 (GMT)
Hi you two, sorry for the delay, had computer probs. So pleased your suitcase arrived Lyndz, Hamilton Island sounds wonderful, it will be lovely to see you both with some colour on your faces. Are you going to try snorkelling when you go to the barrier reef it will be amazing. We watched the tennis this morning, what a shame murray lost. Carl & Charlotte have just been round, Charles was hilarious into everything, we are now shattered alan has settled down to watch Man Utd play in peace.
Look forward to seeing some photos lots of love xxxxx
Hi Mum and Alan, hope all is well. We are having such an amazing time, so many things to do here in Sydney its hard to choose! Say hello to everyone for us and speak to you again on the phone soon. Theres some pictures on now(if you can find them mum!) for you to look at, miss and love you Thomas and Lyndsey xxxxxxxxxx
From Lesley, Cocoa, Gran - Sunday, 31st January 2010, 18:20 (GMT)
Sounds like you are having a fabulous time. Enjoy every minute! Good to hear your news but make sure that keeping in touch doesn't become a chore! Thinking of you and looking forward to seeing pics of cuddly koalas. Have a great time, Lots of love, xxxx
Hello there! Lovely to hear from you, we are having a fab time, Im loving hearing from everybody from hom
e, to stop us getting homesick so not a chore at all. Hope all is well, as we're looking at the piccies we hav soooo many Im sure we will bore everybody! hehe Much love to all xxxxxxxxx
From dawn dad - Sunday, 31st January 2010, 21:55 (GMT)
hi there , it sounds very nice at hamilton. pleased you are having a good time. we are going away feb 22nd cant wait for some sun. have been working weekend this weekend got another one to do valentines weekend but do not mind as my last day at work is 16th feb before hols. trafford hospital accident and emergency dept has been shut today due to fire, is closed tommorow also. matt is booking a holiday to egypt in june for 2 weeks with anastasia. anastasia has been offered places at uni for manchester and staffs, she is still waiting to hear from leeds.ollie has got 2 exams wednesday so i am hoping he will do ok.cant wait to see pictures , have a great time in sydney. love dad dawn xxxxx
Hi there! Thats good to hear, just got to get through the next few shifts and it'll be a lovely rest Dawn. We will just overlap so will phone you again from here before you go. Good to hear about Matt and Anastasia, fingers crossed Ana gets in at Leeds then too and things should be sorted for them both soon. Hows Ollie? There sre some piccies on now and should get to put the Sydney ones on soon. Miss and love to you all Thomas and Lyndsey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Le - Monday, 1st February 2010, 09:51 (GMT)
Sound like you are having a great time you two!!! Barrier Reef aaarrrrhhh!!!! AMAZING! xxxxxxxx had a little crisis last week Lyndz that i needed you for..... marking scheme has changed for cheerdance!!!!!!!! 10 marks for pirouettes alone!!!!!! can you imagine the panic!!!!!!! thought of the first double spin george b, jody and lyndz d could maybe do a tripple as they are in a 3 at the front and we just land a beat earlier.... i dont know aaaaarrrrrrrhhhh! any way i will stop boring you now keep enjoying every minute miss you both loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oh my god cheer dance traumas!!!!! Arggghhhh! I cant; believe they are allowed to change the score sheets so close to Nationals?? Yeah defo change the bits, it will need anouther one in at least I think, I would put one in Le and try and persuade Sue, you will need at least three spins in to cover ten points. Hope everything else is good at home, have you any goss for me? Had a fab time at Barrier Reef, I got all kited out and went snorkelling and tried scuba diving, but only managed the intro course, it was too scary for me but Tom did it. Missing you lots, much love Lyndsey Loo and Tom Tom xxxxxxxxx
From Jo & Daniel - Monday, 1st February 2010, 15:52 (GMT)
Hellooo! Thought you were very brave about your case- I'd have cried! Glad you were organised and put some clothes in Tom's case. How many phone cards have you managed to get through? My mum said you'd used 3 by the middle of last week! Glad the weather is good. We've started weaning so hopefully Daniel will be happy eating when you get back (so far I'm having more luck than I had with any bottle!) Can't wait to see your piccies. Hope you love Sydney. There's a lovely little cupcake shop on Pitt St. Lots of love to you both, take care xxxxxxx
Special, dribbley Daniel kisses for Lyndz XXX
Thank you Jo and precious little Daniel! Be a good boy and eat up all your food! hehe We are loving Sydney, having sampled a cupcake shop as yet but Tom was very, very impressed with the Lindt Chocolate Cafe at Darling Harbour - he did get slightly angry when I tried to have a bit of his cake haha! Been good on the phone card front since the suitcase returned, still on the same one since all the BA phonecalls! Hope all is well at home, missing you all and big sloppy Auntie Lyndsey kisses for Daniel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Claire - Monday, 1st February 2010, 16:06 (GMT)
Hello there
I did try to post a note last week but cant see it on here i obvioulsy cant work a computer so ill try again :) ...

Gday Lyndz and Tom
Glad you arrived safely even if it was minus 1 case, lyndz you are brave i definately would have cried ha ha!! You sound like your both having a fabulous time im so jealous, cant wait to see all the pics especially of the Koalas!!!! Take care and keep us posted lots of love Claire and Richard xxx

Hi hunni, yeah its here, thank you so much! Having an amazing time, nearly two weeks gone already! Got a jam packed week in Sydney now, trying to fot everything in is hard but brill, weather been lovely again today but no time for sunbathing here so no tan topping up time! Much love to you at home, hope all is well, keep me updated xxxxxxx
From Nicola, Lee & Prince - Tuesday, 2nd February 2010, 21:35 (GMT)
Hey guys!!!
Just managed to get onto the page to have a read! It sounds like an amazing glad you are both having a fab time. I bet Olivia would love the Koala's! Very Cute! Thank you for Olivia's Birthday present-she had a lovely Birthday and loves her new dolly. So glad you managed to get your suitcase in one piece...that must have been a traumatic experience! At least no underwear burst from your suitcase (Sorry Pheasey!). Keep us updated on your travels and take care. Lots of love xxxxxx
Hi hunni, so glad you had a lovely day for Olivia's birthday and liked her present - one already I can't believe it! Hope all is well at home, we are having a fab time thanks, in Sydney at the mo, just been on a lovely ferry cruise around the harbour at twilight with some good views of all the sights. Am going to attempt to put the piccies on now. Love to you all xxxxxxxxxx
From J,N,J&L - Wednesday, 3rd February 2010, 10:33 (GMT)
G'day to you both! No point in asking if you are having a good time as it sounds like you are having a ball - I am so jealous!!!! It all sounds amazing and I can't wait to see the photos so I can dream about when I go in about 15 years time! The weather sounds lovely as it was -3 degrees this morning when I was scraping ice off the windscreen taking Joshie to nursery, who still doesn' know the meaning of sleep (up at least 3 times a night, more than his baby brother - both of them are missing you!)

Enjoy all of the exciting things ahead and make the most of the sun and rest.

Lots of love (and kisses from the boys)
Jess, Neil, Joshie & Lewis
Big kisses to our beautiful nephews too, missing you all so much, hope you haven't changed too much Mr Lewie! Had an eventful day at Blue Mountains today although was raining quite heavily in the mountiains. We went on a big trek down to see the big waterfall there and have some great piccies, was quite funny being ankle deep in water on the way but was worth it when we reached the waterfall. Now make sure you sleep better for mummy and daddy Joshie, they will be worn out! Glad you liked seeing the piccie of Auntie Lyndsey's head in the crocs mouth haha! Cheeky little pudding as you would say! Keep us posted on any news, glad all is good at home despite the weather! All our love and kisses from Auntie Lyndsey and Uncle Tom xxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Mum & Joshie - Wednesday, 3rd February 2010, 16:20 (GMT)
Hi you 2, Josh & me just scanned your piccies, Joshie didn't take much notice until he saw you with your head in the croc's mouth, Lyndz, but then just chuckled and said 'he's biting Lyndsey's (not Auntie Lyndsey's!) head !' Unfortunately I don't think he was that bothered. You should be in Sydney by now - although you haven't let me know that you've arrived safely!! Well keep up with the fun. Loads of love - and a kiss from Joshie - you should be so lucky ! Mum
Haha I dont doubt my lovely nephew DID know it wasnt actually real! Haha! Just spoken to you mumsie so wont write a long reply but MMMIIIISSSSSS YYYYOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!! Mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Auntie Carol - Thursday, 4th February 2010, 09:13 (GMT)
How popular are you two?!? All these messages. Soon the rest of your hols will be spent at a computer screen typing replies! Still, it shows how much you are loved and missed. Think you are very brave doing the bridge climb (I think you're mad- Jo) but you're making some brilliant memories. With Jo and little Daniel today shopping for Phoebe's birthday pressies. Can't believe she's been here a year. Also can't believe someone thought your singing was good! Keep having a fab time. Love to you both xxxxxxxx

My mum can't believe that I checked my spelling and grammar whilst typing as I know your mum will look at this! Loads of love, Jo xxxxx
I know we are so impressed and it is really lovely to hear from everyone. Im really looking forward to the Bridgeclimb but Tom isnt as good with heights so think he might secretly be scared! Haha hes nudging me now telling me to delete! I dont think it would be your cup of tea Auntie Carol! Hope you got some lovely prezzies for Phoebs, coant believe it - one already! Doesnt time fly! I havent checked my spelling and grammar here Jo so apologies (and to you too mum!) if there are mistakes! Miss u, and big Aussie kisses to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx