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From Mike and Veronica - Friday, 9th July 2010, 08:30 (GMT)
Hi Guys
Looks like you are really enjoying yourselves. Lovely warm weather - today was a shocker, rain, sleet and very cold in Wellies/Pram.
Had Paul, Greg and Vince for lunch on Sunday 4th, pork roast cooked by Veronica, I think they all enjoyed that.
This is a great site, look forward to reading about your progress into France.
It will be a great game on Sunday between Netherlands and Spain. Spain are awsome, Netherlands have the expectations factor on their side.
Corrie - Veronica wants to know if there lots of flowers around in Holland?
Lots of love
Mike and Veronica
Not that many flowers in Holland just lots of water and warm weather .The relations really made us fell welcome .Lourdes great .Placed a candle for you all .Will report in full later .

From Corrie and Cor de Ve - Sunday, 8th August 2010, 21:02 (GMT)
Dear Corrie and John,
Nice to see the pictures of your trip through France. We will follow your adventures as you can see! Since you left from here the temperatures in Holland dropped to normal (22C) levels! Coïncidence??!!
Have a nice time.
Greetings from Corrie and Cor.
30°c plus here everyday .Off to Athens tomorrow .

tot ziens
From Anne Fidler - Tuesday, 29th June 2010, 05:48 (GMT)
Wishing you all the best for a wonderful time on your travels. Take Care- Lots of love from Anne xxxx
Thanks Anne .This holiday lark is great .Getting very use to it .Paris is terrific .Off to see Wim on Wed .
From Dad & Mum - Saturday, 7th August 2010, 03:28 (GMT)
Dear Corrie & John
looks like you are having a fantastic time So glad to be home again . The cruise should give you a bid of must needed rest !! Love from Dad & Mum xxx.
Seen lots of ROME and Vatican.Glad to hear that you are recovering Oma .
From vaughan - Thursday, 8th July 2010, 07:10 (GMT)
hi nana,grandad
hope your holiday is good.
you must be having fun.
im going to unclegregs friday.
don't let the lions eat you.
love vaughan
Thanks Vaughan .Good luck with the rugby.

From Greg - Wednesday, 7th July 2010, 23:26 (GMT)
Hope its all going well. Vaughan coming to stay for the weekend so that should be good. Looks like you'll be in the wrong ountry for the world cup final. You'll have to put some photos up. Reagrds Greg
Greg will try to put some photos on tonight but it takes ages to load anything . I will ring tonight .

From frank - Monday, 4th August 2014, 03:36 (GMT)
Hi Corrie, John,

sorry I missed you by phone. Have a safe trip. Look forward to your updates.

Thanks Frank. Have certainly had a wonderful time with many adventures. Love from us to all
From Paul McCardle - Wednesday, 7th July 2010, 14:20 (GMT)
Hows it going?
Enjoying yourselves?
Having a wonderful time especially in France .History and Country magnifique .

From Frans en Mieke - Friday, 3rd September 2010, 13:54 (GMT)
Hallo Corrie and John
We want to let you know,that we enjoyed to read your travelreports
Glad to be home again? Hope that we meet again in the future under better conditions
Love Frans and Mieke
Thanks for your hospitality Frans and Mieke
From Margaret & Russell - Friday, 15th August 2014, 03:43 (GMT)
Great to read your very interesting news and see the photos. It must be very rewarding for you to be there and experiencing the situation first hand. Look forward to the next installment. You wouldn't want to be back here in this weather!!
Looking forward to leaving tomorrow after such a wonderful time of so many different experiences. See you soon & John has just checked that we are coming back to good weather. Have just accessed messages so soory we haven't replied earlier. See you soon.
From Thomas & Emily - Friday, 15th August 2014, 23:07 (GMT)
Hi John & Corrie,

Thank you for including us in your blog, wonderful to read & glad to hear about your experience and all the good work you are all doing. Love to M & V for us.

Thomas & Em
Just accessed the messages! We have just had lovely time with the family & ready for the return leg tomorrow. Love from all
From Maree and Andy - Thursday, 14th August 2014, 04:55 (GMT)
Hi there John and Corrie, Veronica and Mike. It is cold here strong winds and snow closing the dessert road. That heat must be grand! could send you some rain plenty here. Congratulations on the new granddaughter. Motor way really moving along on kapiti rd. Traffic a pain. Take care.
Have just got messages so thanks for yours. Leaving tomorrow after an amazing time of varied adventures. Bon voyage to you two & look forward to exchanging photos,etc
From T V & B - Tuesday, 12th August 2014, 09:40 (GMT)
Hi we are busy Bonnie says she misses you and Vaughan says Hi. Sounds like its fun and busy for you ...have a lot on at the moment the month will go fast.

vaughan here i hope you are having a good time in south africa and that the weather is better down there , best of wishes
Sorry we have just accessed the messages. We have missed you all too especially Bonnie. Everyone here knows about her! We have just had a couple of days in Harare with Mike's family & leave for Jo'burg tomorrow 1pm. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Love from us & we look forward to hearing all about things that have happened while we've been on our adventures. XXX
From Joan and Hedley - Thursday, 14th August 2014, 03:54 (GMT)
Glad all is going well for you all. Lovely news about Peal Eve. Congratulations proud grandparents!
Thanks see you soon. Have had such a wonderful time & now looking forward to seeing everyone again soon
From - Sunday, 10th August 2014, 03:06 (GMT)
Great hearing your news...minus 1 here this morning. God Bless you all. Lyn and John.
DElivered parcel to Chipo's place yesterday but couldn't get her on phone. Sorry we have only just accessed messages so hence no earlier reply. All well & coming home tomorrow.
From - Sunday, 15th August 2010, 09:37 (GMT)
Hallo Corrie and John, we see are are still having a wonderful time, and the weather,more than 40c, nice for you, unbearable for me, 23c is as much as I can take, so going to those countries is not for me.Hi Hanny,is your computer working yet, this seemed a good idea to say HALLO.,wishing you a good recovery.All the very best to everyone. Love, Janet and Tony.x x x x .
Thanks Janet from Cairo .Still 38c .
From - Tuesday, 27th July 2010, 02:50 (GMT)
Dear Corrie & John,
Nice to hear from you .
I am quite envious , wishing you a nice time in Monaco etc. It is getting warmer here Lots of love to you both from Dad & Mum xxx.
You are in our prayers Hannie .Having a great time in Monaco with Wim .
From Russell - Wednesday, 4th August 2010, 03:32 (GMT)
Glad to hear that you did make the train and bus connections after all the discussions during the planning stages back here! Glad that all is going well. Life is normal back here. I assume that you lreft or kitchen ceiling lights on for a reason or that Paul or someone is living in - just noticed them on last week. Best wishes from Margaret and me.
Thanks Russell .Greg has left them on .

Italy full of great food and weather .Very relaxing .Off to Rome for 3 days then Athens .
From Mike and Veronica - Sunday, 8th August 2010, 10:05 (GMT)
Hi John , Corrie
Your trip so far sounds fantastico. So much history to take in, almost too much I am sure. Your heads must be spinning. But isnt Europe just amazing. So inetersting, the different peoples. Enjoy evry moment, time is rushing by.....
Have seen many shrines and wonder churches and historical buildings etc here in Italy .See you in 3 weeks .
From - Friday, 27th August 2010, 02:41 (GMT)
Dear Corrie & John
What a hot weather you have had . We have about 14 degrees . Look forward to hear when you get home !
Love Dad & Mum xxxx
Be good to havecooler weather though not sure about 14! Be in touch soon. Love from us
From Sarah, Dan, Logan & - Sunday, 1st August 2010, 02:38 (GMT)
All sounds great over there, you aren't missing anything back here especially the weather.
Have a great time in the last month, make the most of it, you'll be back before you know it.
Our bedroom is finally getting plastered and painted, so should be finished in time for baby. All is going well here, I finish work on Thursday.
Take care. Love Us xxxxxxx
Happy Birthday for the 4th August .We will try to ring you and PAUL for the 5th .

From jan and Al - Wednesday, 16th June 2010, 08:24 (GMT)
Hi Corrie and John.
Sounds like you have an absolutely fantastic holiday planned.. Don't need to say enjoy, know you will..
Love Al and Juan
Great to hear from you .Presently in Monaco with Corries uncle enjoying all the sites .Off to Italy Saturday.Hope to see you next year .
From Tim and Rachel - Friday, 25th June 2010, 03:54 (GMT)
Hope you're enjoying yourselves and creating lots of memories.
Love and safe travel.
Rachel, Tim and the others that live here
Thanks Rachel .First month has sped past and now off to Italy Athens Isreal and Egypt .
From Jarden's - Sunday, 27th June 2010, 06:12 (GMT)
Have an awesome time. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures. Safe travelling and many Blessings to you both.
Thanks Lyn .GOD is looking after us as we have been looked after all the way so far. Ten days rest in ITALY coming up .
From Jean and Michael - Wednesday, 30th June 2010, 09:03 (GMT)
Sorry we missed your departure. Michael rang too late. Have a wonderful time and keep us up to date with your travels
Thanks Jean .Had a terrific time so far .How is the tropical North ?