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From Juliet - Sunday, 29th January 2006, 08:30 (GMT)
Hi Andi,and a Happy New Year to you too! Robin's been keeping me up to date on your adventures, so this is my first visit to your blog. Great idea! I'm so glad you're finding a way to 'balance' your life - all the fun and action-adventure stuff with work - ah, wait a minute, work? Well, I'm sure you'll find a way to earn the dollars to fund your passionss easily enough, being a resourceful creature. I hope that you will find some time to come 'home' though, at some point, for a visit; we'd love to see you. We have a big boar on loan right now, so we hope to have adorable piglets by Spring (and yummy bacon by Winter!). Hugs and kisses, Juliet. xx
Hi Juliet
Lovely to hear from you. Likewise, Robin has been good at letting me know what the two of you have been up to. It sounds like you are creating quite the managery there....hope to be back in the UK in June, funds and work permitting. Yes, at some point, I do need to put the work back into the "balance". big kiss
From dave - Tuesday, 15th March 2005, 01:58 (GMT)
nice ;-)

florida one day - spain the next ! Ola !

let us know how plans progress.
lots of love
will do. Although Spain has remained top of the list now for almost a whole week, so its looking like its a definate. Just need to find where it is on the map..... (only joking:-)
From Grace - Friday, 4th November 2005, 07:02 (GMT)
Hi Andi
Sounds like you are having a great time in NZ. Mark, Ruth and I will be heading there in 5 weeks time. Not looking forward to the flight with a lap bound wriggly 1 year old! What places/ things would you say are must do's/see's?
Gosh, what a question! How long will you be out here for? and where are you flying into. Send me an email to my gmail address (ask evi if you dont have it), and I'll give you some pointers..........:0
From Yves - Monday, 14th March 2005, 08:10 (GMT)
Cool baby!!! But I just do not get all the abbreviations. But the idea of going to Spain sounds cool. It will be a blast!
yes, and hopefully warm.

see you soon
From Ivo - Monday, 14th March 2005, 11:17 (GMT)
Cool pictures, but nowhere do I find the name of the photgrapher!!! It should say (c) Ivo Piest 2005
oh dear, yes. I forgot that you have to be glorified, and usually paid, for every little thing you do. will ensure any income from selling the pictures over the net comes directly to you.
From Sue - Monday, 14th March 2005, 11:31 (GMT)
Wow - what a great idea.

Really good to hear from you. This sounds like such an exciting venture - the weather, the lifestyle, the culture, the scenery and, of course, the wine - wonderful!

When are you going?

Will you be in or near Cambridge to meet up before you go (or I could travel to you)?

Would be good to meet up before you go even further overseas.

Yes, definately I'll be in Cambs, so I'll call you and we can hook up. Definately want to see you.
From Jonesy - Monday, 14th March 2005, 15:25 (GMT)
I see. You meant it then! Here I am doing option c: busy writing the annual report, organising our first customer workshop, working out the month's forecast and bollocking the designers. Therefore, by personal experience I'd say this was a RUBBISH option and you chose wisely. Don't turn back, run for the hills!!! Yes, I will meet you in the sun somewhere soon. Perhaps we'll have a game of golf. I could do with a laugh.

I know, worrying isn't it. When I say I'm going to do something, I do bugger about for while, but I get there eventually. But, if truth be told, I'm right on time. I said Feb, and it was, except I had the thorny issue of 3 mths notice to deal with....sigh. I plan on coming to see you soon, so be warned....
From becs - Tuesday, 15th March 2005, 09:04 (GMT)
hey gorgeous

just wanted to let you know that i sent a mail to your tortoise just wanted to say "HI" on your ranger account! ;-)
Cool. Australia for Xmas is the only other thing I am certain of. I hope that means you're going to be there......
From Uncle Stu - Tuesday, 15th March 2005, 21:01 (GMT)
Hi Andrea,

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your travels..whatever happens regarding the "rudder" ..your mind will open even more than now by your experiences...To me travel is the essential "University of Life."

I am currently looking at starting up a Reiki healing business, possibly in this space..

Love, peace and energy,

Do the Jamaican's need alot of Reiki?
From Fi - Wednesday, 16th March 2005, 11:16 (GMT)
Hiya And!!!
Lucky old you off on your adventures - have a faberooni time & look after yourself.
All's well with the Cowslip posse - Nick started uni in Sept & is loving it. Tom finishes at St Martin's soon & is in love again so may be off to Sweden at some point.
You wdn't recognise Sophie she's so grown up!
Hope you find your rudder!!!
Aunty Fi
Hopefully I'll get a chance to see you all soon. Meanwhile, be good and great to hear you're all doing fine.
From Fliss - Thursday, 17th March 2005, 09:57 (GMT)
Hey you... what fun!

Have you been and found Polly's book as optional prep reading or during your 'journey' reading? (It's not about the taps) obidos/ASIN/0553815563/qid=111105- 3348/sr=2-1/ref=sr2_111/026-32008- 98-2078003

Just got your voice mail last night... sorry don't know why I missed it. Will email home number but will be with Mrs Moor this eve and won't be home until Fri pm.

Couldn't quite hear what your message was as was very bad line and you sounded ten feet under!

All is well and really looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Fliss
Got your text. Will call over the weekend. Probably Sat am.
From Evi - Saturday, 19th March 2005, 14:20 (GMT)
you go for it girl :)
From Jonesy - Sunday, 20th March 2005, 15:40 (GMT)
where's the update you lazy cow
Gimme a chance! I haven't been anywhere yet!!!! Still stuck in grey old Holland. you'll be the first to hear when I finally get out.
From R - Thursday, 24th March 2005, 10:37 (GMT)
Big Smile.......any chance of fitting a case of Rioja wine in one of those panniers?
Plus, how do you cycle on 2 bikes at the same time?
what do you think? the only item in the panniers will be wine.
From Uncle Stu - Saturday, 26th March 2005, 14:50 (GMT)
Re: Reiki in Ja

Apparently alternative healing methods are "taking off" amongst locals and trip will be a bit of a "fact finding" tour to see if this is so...

Have fun cycling to Espana !!
Sounds fantastic, I wish you all the success. Keep in touch!
From Yves - Thursday, 7th April 2005, 16:26 (GMT)
So your journal is progressing as are your plans for your holidays. I think I recognized Evi on one of the pictures by the way.
See you soon.
lunch, friday. let me know
From Yves - Wednesday, 11th May 2005, 13:13 (GMT)
Hey are you going to update? How are you doing?
From Yves - Saturday, 11th June 2005, 17:37 (GMT)
We have got to meet some wehere in the world!
Yes, and you need to send me your email address again!!!! I dont have it in my yahoo mail.....Hope things are going well for you both, is wedding in Bali still on in October?
From Dave - Sunday, 12th June 2005, 18:13 (GMT)
Hi Andi
Have a great trip, stay healthy(ish) and happy and I look forward to your regular updates,
Love Dave(uncle).
Cheers Dave, here's another one for you, from Vancouver now - the party's startin'......
From Jonesy - Monday, 13th June 2005, 09:06 (GMT)
hey babe, how did you get those fab fish photos? I'm in Osaka at the moment. They have a different numbering system for counting flat things. And you can wash your botty using a funky button on the loo. Great.xx
Jonesy, you are one very bottom obsessed lady. And those fab fish photo's, I wish I could say i took em, but I didn't, the professional photographer on our dive trip did!!!:-) Sorry didnt get to see you before I left, how was the Maldives? Tell me all.
From onno - Tuesday, 5th July 2005, 07:00 (GMT)
Cool! 365 days..... And we just keep pretending that we need to work. Ah well, maybe one day... The Club is doing well, stock at 7.15, more and more new people, labstap in the planning...
Have fun, don't do (too many) stupid things.
Cheers Onno. Would I ever....Keep up the good work, I need those warrants to pay for this damn foolery..........
From Linz - Tuesday, 5th July 2005, 18:44 (GMT)
Hi And
What a great idea having a little online journal, glad to see you are having such a good time. All is fine here, missing you invading my room though and monopolising all of my electrical equipment!. Anyway keep having fun and stay safe. All My Love Linz.xxxx
I think it is very important to make clear to everyone who may be reading this site that I did NOT, I repeat, NOT, monopolise ALL of Lindseys electrical equipment that can be found in her bedroom. Just her PC............Just in case there's any doubt there...
From rachy - Tuesday, 5th July 2005, 18:50 (GMT)
Have you got the phone number of the canadian bird yet?
sadly no......she just kept flapping her wings at me, so i took that as a sign that she wasn't interested..........:-0
From Ivo - Wednesday, 6th July 2005, 08:53 (GMT)
Hey ms. G,

This sounds very relaxing. I almost get jealous! Here all good, implementing some of the lessons learned from you, but not at that pace (it is an institute.. :-)) First serious deal almost signed, and my direct colleague is leaving, opening up new opportunities. Further, new lovebird in town, it is getting serious........haha.
Keep chilling!

ps I don't believe it is better than Sydney there, or is it a bird you spotted?
Hello Mr P, All the lessons I taught you? Mostly involved drinking beer and still getting up in the morning did it not? I thought you were ignoring me....R u still checking your gmail account? Sent you a message there not so long reply :-( Lots to tell you, but not here.....too public. Drop me a line on my yahoo account with the best email to contact you on.
be good champ
From sebastian - Friday, 8th July 2005, 15:43 (GMT)
hey dudey-da-da
will gonzo be taking a severe amount of hallucinogens and trying to do his best hunter s thompson impressions on your trip? (hat and sunglasses compulsory) as your attorney i strongly advise you do...
all is a bit mental here in london. but safe and sound. don't tell mum i have bought a red scooter to get me off london underground...
keep on truckin' sebxx
Gonzo is not allowed drugs until he has a job to pay for them himself.......That said, he does now have prime riding position on the top of my helmet, much to the amusement of the guys here in the mountain bike park. I may just stay in whistler, its heaven. And oh, by the way, best not to post "dont tell mum" messages on a public website...........ha, ha. Loads of love, bro.