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From Dave - Sunday, 18th December 2011, 10:36 (GMT)
hi babe....that walk/hike/trek looks absolutely awesome let alone steep.hope you make it to the top...a must add to ones bucket list for sure.done wreck your strides on the slide back down tho.just love reading your updates.keep them coming and good luck.
walk was bloody tough. uphill all the way but getting to the top was worth every painful step. xxx
From Sharon - Thursday, 22nd December 2011, 03:26 (GMT)
Finally!!! Sorry - work has been manic but did try the address you sent but being the techno moron!!! - enough said! David came to the rescue - he came into the SC and I said I was having trouble. All looks fabulous - pic's great! I would be deadly in the markets! Glad you are having a terrific time. Machu Pichu - stunning! Cheers Shaz
Ta Shaz. Having great time and sadly not thinking too much about work. Bit too busy for that :) hope all is going OK there though ...chin up there are some holidays coming soon
From mum - Monday, 26th December 2011, 10:06 (GMT)
dad is learning just moused your journal and photos glad you got to mt top we are ok today recovery day after 25thwe oldies are getting with it eh .love to all Mum
From Billy - Monday, 26th December 2011, 20:51 (GMT)
Great pictures Nette and would have to be the adventure of a lifetime and what a great way to follow your trip The rest of your adventurers look fantastic and you have even trimmed down a little All our love(the boys) Ciao
hahaha yoiu think I have lost some KG's well that is good... especially for a holiday but mind you I have not had a lot of the vino here and I have had a case of peru belly ever since we went there ....having a great your dollars cos 2015 looks like the next trip over ....all welcome.hope you had a good xmas with the boys. love to you all xxxx
From Mel - Saturday, 17th December 2011, 11:49 (GMT)
Love the new photos Mum! It all looks amazing, love the Incan buildings, especially your pic of the windows all lined up, very nice! Hope you're having lots of fun!
Love Mel and Shan
From Billy - Saturday, 17th December 2011, 00:52 (GMT)
Aaaaghh found it at last (the travel page How absolutely awesome for you to be there with our little brother(sic) and thats what i like about Dougie when he has a photo taken,he always has something in his hand Have fun and keep up the Cervesa,s Frickin awewsome Ciao
hey thanks for the message. having a great time here
From mum - Friday, 16th December 2011, 10:17 (GMT)
miss a day and it takes ages to catch up .great to hear of the wonderful time you are having with Dougy and familly all well here love Mum
From Shelleigh - Friday, 2nd December 2011, 03:04 (GMT)
OMG I am so excited for you !!!!!and so glad you set this page up, I have saved it to my favourites so will be watching this space with anticipation at what you are up to :-)
once im in chile it will be easier to.load up
From mum - Sunday, 18th December 2011, 11:11 (GMT)
at last gotDad into lap top he is following your journey never to old to learn new tricks love to all
From Mum - Friday, 23rd December 2011, 11:20 (GMT)
mel down pm chewed over your trip also Chis/Sam phone christmas lovley chat look forward to hearing of south Chile trip and Dougys block
all well here love Mum
From Mel - Friday, 23rd December 2011, 21:15 (GMT)
Proud of you for climbing that mountain Mum! That looks like it would have been hard. But at least now you can say "I climbed that!" It all looks so amazing!
From mum - Sunday, 4th December 2011, 09:26 (GMT)
good to be following you on trip no rain today
no rain today. im a bit tired though so will have an early night and get ready for long haul flight tomorrow night. love to you and dad xxx
From Mel - Monday, 5th December 2011, 11:14 (GMT)
Safe flight tomorrow mumma. Hope you're having the time of your life!
Love Mel and Shan
thank Mel and Shan
about to update pages now that i have a decent keyboard to use and not my phone xxx
From Samantha & Adam - Thursday, 8th December 2011, 07:27 (GMT)
Who cares if it's tripe! You WILL be eating guinea pig! :)
Love you Mum, you had better be having a ball xxxxxxxxxxxx
and wont be eating GP again
From mum - Thursday, 8th December 2011, 09:16 (GMT)
Chile at last am sure Ben will help you with spanish talk all ok will sort hydro bill for you love Mum and Dad
ah yes Benjamin is very good with the English and he helped me today at the markets......quanto queste, "How much?" and then he woudl help me find the peseos on my purse and even made sure i counted back the change they gave me.....he is very good and is nearly as tall as doug.....seriously ...he is so tall ....nicko doesnt talk to me much but i will make sure he does before i leave...he seems shy......
From Ginny - Friday, 9th December 2011, 06:41 (GMT)
Hey Netty....glad you are settled and survived the 'cankles' - Di had a similar experience when we went to Phuket last time and it was very unpleasant for her but after about 2 - 3 days it subsided.

Enjoy your time in Chile and stay safe

From Shelleigh - Friday, 9th December 2011, 07:23 (GMT)
Oh dear ..tripe for the first meal lol and here I was feeling concern for the seaweed element lol lol. So I would love to know what it actually tasted like after you got past the whole concept of eating tripe..Tripe is definitely one of those older generation things isn't it...the only time I had it my Nanny made it ..with white sauce JESUS I can still remember the texture. Glad you are there and being totally overloaded from a sensory perspective...Love ya BFF and loving that you are in Chile with your bro and his gorgeous family
hey you gotta be open to everything dont you ....perhaps i can share the recipe with you . My mum told me to try it and bring home the recipe for her, would you like it
From Chris - Sunday, 11th December 2011, 10:31 (GMT)
4 hoofs on the ground means he dies of natural causes.
thanks, I didnt want to mention that until I had it figured out
From Ginny - Sunday, 11th December 2011, 21:45 (GMT)
Looks like you are having an awesome time - more photos please xxxx
hi there . bout to upload some . i have taken so many and it is so good to have an SLR again to play with. it takes ages to upload so i need to do it at the end of the day

From Mel - Monday, 12th December 2011, 14:28 (GMT)
Photos look nice, make sure you get some with you in them! Hope you are having a good time, sounds like you are seeing heaps.
trying to but it is hard wnhen you are holding the camera . Marisol is good for taking one now and then .......more to add but will leave if for tonight...time for sleep XXX
From Chris - Wednesday, 14th December 2011, 09:18 (GMT)
So dougs got a pool? and a bbq? should get a pizza oven. And a boat. Maybe 2. And a camper
ah Chris he has pizza oven in the BBQ set up and he has a boat ...funnnnny boy
From Shelleigh - Tuesday, 20th December 2011, 06:52 (GMT)
I have purposely stayed away from your page so that I could savour your stories en masse :-) I was thinking you could combine your stories from here with your pics into a coffee table book from eblurb??? Anyway it sounds like you are having an amazing time...the cured raw fish sounds a bit like this stuff I had called gravalax which was salmon cured with herb s lemon juice and vodka..yum you I have had sea urchin and think your description was perfect snot lol . Did you do that special thing at Machu Pichu that you had said you were going to do??? Glad you are having such an amazing time and thinking of you and your adventures every day....Hola to Doug, Marisole and the boys from me xxx
yeah i think it is similar to gravlax, very very nice . Machu Pichu was great and very spiritual.
From Shelleigh - Tuesday, 20th December 2011, 06:59 (GMT)
Wow love the pics especially the Cathedral Metropolitana... spectacular architecture and art!!!! Actually Dougie's BBQ is very speccy too lol also cannot believe how much Ben has grown..there is definitely some Kev Potter coming out in him :-)
ahhh shell it is more like Allan Potter.....
From mum - Wednesday, 21st December 2011, 10:03 (GMT)
just veiwed slide show amasingto see these treasuresthough eyes of loved ones .all well love Mum
From Shelleigh - Wednesday, 21st December 2011, 11:27 (GMT)
Yes definitely stamped with the are great!!!