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From Tony - Saturday, 20th October 2012, 15:32 (GMT)
Yeah still working too, been doing my maths at work so I don't forget all it's just a lot of stuff to remember. How are you finding it then, are u enjoying it? Xx
it's taking me longer than i thought to settle in. There are parts i am enjoying more than others :0)
From Mom - Monday, 22nd October 2012, 17:04 (GMT)
Oh Joey........XxXxXxXxXxXxX
From Fayesy - Tuesday, 23rd October 2012, 22:12 (GMT)
Hi my lovely, soooo love reading your diary....very entertaining and a very good read. You definitely should write a book you know....then we can review it at book club ;-) Just about to view the pics now...wondering what the mossie bites are gonna look like after reading other people's comments about goes! Love ya and miss ya. XxxxxxxxxX
From vicky blackwood - Tuesday, 30th October 2012, 09:06 (GMT)
hi jodie just a little message to say we are all thinking of u and i am drinking plenty for both of us .keep smiling x x
hiya vicky :0) xx haha, i have no doubt you are doing my drinking for me!!! thank you - i will join you for a great big one when i get home xx hope all is well with you guys x
From Adele Freestone - Tuesday, 30th October 2012, 19:55 (GMT)
Hey Jodie P!

I've been having a nose through your diary after you posted something on facebook. It's amazing all the things that you're up to, sounds like a fantastic experience. I hope you're well, just thought I'd send a little hello! xXx
hi del ... it's so nice to hear from you. you forget that i know you - i bet you just looked at the pictures! hahahaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Adele - Tuesday, 30th October 2012, 20:02 (GMT)
And also, I've just been looking at your photos and the meaty ones made me feel ill! The kitty looks more appealing than the goats stomach! xXx
i know, it was vile, not an ideal place for a vegetarian, but probably a good place for reminding yourself why you're a veggie!!! xxxxxxxxxx
From Del - Wednesday, 31st October 2012, 12:45 (GMT)
Nooo I read it all! I was impressed by your writing, very creative, almost as if you'd studied it in some sort of course.... Well done on passing your maths too, fab!

Don't kill Jiminy, he just likes to come in and sing to you! xXx
Jiminey is dead Del, he went too far. I woke up in a murderous rage to his singing and had hunted him out and stood on him before my brain was even in gear!!! If it makes you feel any better it has kind of haunted me ever since. I have now also killed a caterpillar that I can't stop thinking about :0( What kind of person am I these days .... arrrgh??!!
From Karl - Friday, 2nd November 2012, 07:54 (GMT)
:0) xx
From Bex - Monday, 5th November 2012, 20:57 (GMT)
Hey love
Bonfire night here - made me think about where I was in NZ this time three years ago. I was on a beach somewhere and it all felt a bit crazy and dangerous - people setting fire to anything they could find and setting fireworks off from the sand inches away from you! Need to find my diary again and remind myself where exactly it was - it makes me sad that the memories are fading....
Interesting to hear about getting a cook - you know me...I need full details of what you're feasting on please! Maybe a better diet will help with the tiredness?
Went to Pauley Herons wedding at the weekend, it was really lovely, he looked so handsome in his kilt! His bride looked stunning and much fun was had - my views on alcohol on Sunday morning were definitely not as fond as yours sound in your diary!!
Much love xx
Hey my lovely ... Diwali here - people set fire to things, kids set off rather unpredictable fire crackers etc ... bit nerve wrecking!!
full page of pics on food bex!
much love right back at ya! xx
From Shazza - Saturday, 10th November 2012, 18:31 (GMT)
Hiya,haha xx
HYIA ... haha xx
From Emma - Saturday, 24th November 2012, 18:00 (GMT)
Hey Joey, just been catching up with your diary - love reading it. Hopefully once the computer is fixed you can let us know what you're up to and keep the photo's coming! Miss you lots and take care x x x
thanks em xx
From Sally - Tuesday, 27th November 2012, 20:03 (GMT)
Hey chickadee, I'm coming out to India in Feb so thought I'd come & visit you & maybe bring you some more socks...hehe! Hope you're ok - I know it's hard going but you're doing an incredible thing & soon the time wilk start flying by.

Take care & big hugs, my friend

Sal xx
OH MY GOD SAL - YEY! ooooooo we can't behave anything like we did in NZ!!!!! haha why are you coming to india?? my email is
From April - Tuesday, 27th November 2012, 21:57 (GMT)
Hi Joey....I know you have problems with the computer you have access to but was wondering you have Skype would love to chat face to face ! If not would you email me and will email you back xx love u long time!! Lol xxxaprilxxx
it'll have to be email my friend - it'll make it all the nicer when we see each other again!!! xxxxxx
From Julia - Wednesday, 28th November 2012, 07:03 (GMT)
Hi Jodie x just wanted to say what a good job your doing xx great diary and photos xx your so brave and such an inspiration...really well done x
thanks ju xx
From Fayesy - Wednesday, 5th December 2012, 23:14 (GMT)
Still proud of you no matter what my lovely friend. :-) Xx
From Shazza - Thursday, 6th December 2012, 23:44 (GMT)
Awh jodie podie , i am feeling sad for you missy!!! on the other hand I can't wait to see you !!!!!!! HOoooooo you give it your all , I know you did !!!:) it's well ok with me your coming home it's a bit bloody freezing you will need your one pair of socks on !!! Sending lol can you feeeeeeeeeeeel it !!!!! Till we meet again my friend xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:0) I am so happy your coming home xxx
heeheee well, you've made me feel nice shazza :0) thanks! obviously a couple of little drinky poos will be in order when i get back :0) xxx p.s we are old because lol means lots of love rather than laugh out loud. xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
From vicky blackwood - Sunday, 9th December 2012, 12:04 (GMT)
hi jodie just read your diary i am sure u have done your best so proud of u carnt wait to see u missed u lots see u soon x x
thanks vic xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Mom - Monday, 10th December 2012, 19:18 (GMT)
Don't have to write anything here...just want to say I can't wait to get you back. So, so proud of what you've done. Love you loads xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx thank you my mummy! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx