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From Jean Wright - Thursday, 2nd July 2015, 08:39 (GMT)
You mention getting out your warmer clothes and putting away the shorts - we are still putting on layers although Ken usually in shorts through the day. Still in Adelaide, stone guard been repaired, oil change on car. So many walks from the Brighton C/Park, great spot. Did Hahndorf the other day - a bit too touristy for us but of course I went in and out of every shop. Loved Hans Heysons, studio house etc. I remember that awful water at Coral Bay, must remember to stock up before we get there. I agree that your website the best thing to do. Keep it up, love reading it and looking at photos. xxx Jean n Ken
Well we are in Newman and have got the summer gear back out - quite hot. We plan to arrive in Perth Wed July 8th in time for state or origin. Staying in Perth 1 week then head south. The weather report last night predeicted a mild July so we are hoping that is so. All the WA folk say we are mad going south but that is the time we have so it will happen rain hail or shine cheers Di and Robin
From Sue and Al McOhail - Monday, 13th July 2015, 07:33 (GMT)
My goodness your so right regarding the Footy game last wed can you imagine Al he was so digusted thinks he could play better than all the Blues hee hee I made him leave it on ( just in case ) !!! Do you think Bird would have made any difference ?glad to hear all is going well I have the flu at the moment and can't talk Alan has gone to see the game tonight lets hope the Titan's can do something right Take care Love S&A
I suppose Alan now will be lining up to play with the Titans too! Not sure if Bird woud have made a difference - team skill may have helped. A shocker. All going well . Had dinner with Sue, Kelly and family last night. Leaving Perth today to wander south. Hope your health improves love Di and Robin
From Manda - Monday, 13th July 2015, 12:20 (GMT)
Hi gals
Just been catching up on all your adventures and photos! Brings back lovely memories of my trip around Aussie 30 yrs ago! That infinity pool at lake Argyle certainly wasn't there then!
Delighted to hear all is going well and that the weather has been fine,even though it will be cooling now over there in WA. You will have heard all about the cold spell here,can't believe the amount of coverage it's getting on the news,just cause a bit of snow falls up on the hills! Great for ski fields though and loving the fire lit at night time! Keep on trucking and having fun xxxx manda and rob x
Hi guys great to hear from you. Yes it is cool but the days are glorious in the sun. Heading further south today toward the Margaret River, Catching up with some mates from Byron down there. Bye for now luv Di and Robin xx
From Michael and Kerry - Wednesday, 5th August 2015, 01:44 (GMT)
Hi Byron Chicks...just checking in to see how the trips going. Sorry to hear Robin is having problems with her back hopefully she will be on the mend soon. All good here in Lennox new grand daughter now 8 weeks old will be heading back down next week. Seems like you guys have been away forever....miss you! Keep travelling safe xxoo
Great to hear from you. It usually you guys that are away!! Happy grandparenting - see you in about 6 weeks cheers Di
From Margaret Whyatt - Saturday, 8th August 2015, 02:22 (GMT)
Hi Di and Robin,
Just been going over all of your emails. You seem to be having a great time. Sorry to hear about Robin's back do hope she is feeling a lot better, please give her our love.
We miss you guys but it's nice to know that you are having a great time.
Take care all our love
Margaret & Tom xxxxxx
Hi Margaret and Tom, thanks for checking in. Trust you are all settled with commuting to Coffs and relaxing in your new home. We will be home mid Sept - robin improving slowly cheers Di
From Anne-Maree - Monday, 10th August 2015, 02:35 (GMT)
Saw Anne recently & she told me you were in the Margaret River area. Glad to get your now I can keep up with your travels! hope you're a bit more mobile now Robin. Di, I expect your wine recommendations when we next get together!
I an tell you about dozens of reds and a couple of whites lol cheers di
From marj - Thursday, 13th August 2015, 01:44 (GMT)
hello i have finally found you.shit i am getting clever.does robin need a nurse to talk current affairs with if so i will be straight over.i am yet to read all your trip .just being on the move so good.xx
Marj I am impressed - I sent you a text
From caroline - Friday, 21st August 2015, 06:19 (GMT)
What a beautiful country we live in. Good to see Mt Nameless - we re-christened it Mt Endless when we climbed to the top one hot morning. The view was worth it (I think).
Let us know the Mt Gambier date when you work it out. Look forward to seeing you there.
Mt Gambier?????? What about Port Augusta?
From Caroline - Monday, 31st August 2015, 09:19 (GMT)
Not long now.
See you tomorrow
From Kev - Monday, 7th September 2015, 07:13 (GMT)
Hi Di & Robin. You have certainly had a great adventure. I have been keeping an eye on your progress and all the great photos. Enjoy the rest of your trip and we will see you at the golf day I guess. Cheers Kev
Yes reality next week - back to work!! Michael mentioned the golf day - will be in touch re playing cheers Di
From Caroline - Tuesday, 8th September 2015, 01:44 (GMT)
Glad it sounds as if all is going well. I am still sick - so pleased that it didnt spoil my time with you both in Port Augusta
All the best for a speedy recovery
From Caroline - Sunday, 13th September 2015, 00:14 (GMT)
Happy travelling you two. Enjoy the last day of your great adventure.
Thanks - touch down - we are home