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From Julie - Wednesday, 7th February 2018, 01:06 (GMT)
Hi you two Having one of though’s nights you just car’nt sleep so having a view in.
Glad you are both ok & having a good time. Had to smile about your home for the next Few weeks brave having a beast again you clever people!!Know you will be loving it.
Glad you got to see the Dolphins will keep following you both on your amazing travels.
Take care
Love Julie & Pete xx
From Becky - Tuesday, 6th February 2018, 22:14 (GMT)
Glad you have your home on wheels sorted. All looks amazing so far. Xx
From Sue Butler - Tuesday, 6th February 2018, 22:44 (GMT)
Hi Jackie & Dave,
Sounds like you’ve packed an awful lot in already & sounds brill too. Wouldn’t be the same without a trip or fall tho!!! The adventurers begin, looking forward to hearing your next exploits. Hope the van lives up to expectations!
Sue & Nige
From Angie - Wednesday, 21st February 2018, 12:29 (GMT)
Hi Jackie and Dave
II just sounds amazing and I have enjoyed reading the blog and looking at the photographs. Tim would have been distracted by the tractors!
A run through Clumber this morning can't compete. Love Angie xx
From Lesley - Wednesday, 21st February 2018, 11:54 (GMT)
Just checked into your site.Great to revisit the places we went glad you are having a good time.Heard about the weather and glad you are safe.Presently we are at the end of our fantastic holiday in Vietnam/Cambodia.We now have a 1am flight to look forward to taking 14 hours ugh.You stay safe
From Sue & Nige - Thursday, 22nd February 2018, 09:30 (GMT)
Hi, Just checking in again. Glad you weathered (sorry about the pun) storm ok! The travel so far sounds amazing. Some of the views look remarkably like Scotland on an even larger scale but I guess the weather is always going to be a lot warmer even with the rainy days you've had!!
You will be pleased to know forecast here is for colder weather with possible snow next week. Highest temp so far, since you've been gone, (good title for a song) has been around 10!!
The photos are stunning & I especially like the whale tail!!
Hope you continue to enjoy your travels & look forward to hearing more of your epic journey.
From Jen - Monday, 19th February 2018, 21:21 (GMT)
Just catching up - It's providing a welcome distraction from revision! The photos are beautiful. Think we need to get planning! Lots of love x x x
You would love it here
From Jane P - Tuesday, 20th February 2018, 22:32 (GMT)
Hope you are both ok and that the storm isn't as bad as predicted. It sounds like you could be stuck in Kaikoura for a while.
Hi Jane
The storm wasn’t quite as bad as predicted but tasty enough! Road closures are a problem though - latest is SH1 north will be assessed again on Friday morning. The inland route is open but it’s a long way round and we’ve already come through most of it to get here! We haven’t decided what to do yet but watch this space! We were hoping to spend 3 days in Nelson/Picton area so we’ll have to weigh up the options! Glad you’re enjoying the blog. We’ve been blown away by NZ and I’m sure you will love it too.
From Maura - Tuesday, 13th February 2018, 08:39 (GMT)
Glad you are having such a good time and it all seems to be exceeding expectations. Enjoying hearing all about it x
From Jane P - Monday, 12th February 2018, 20:45 (GMT)
It looks like you are having a fantastic time. You are visiting many of the places we have on our list, so it's lovely to hear about your adventures.
Having a great time, sure you will enjoy it too
From Gail - Saturday, 10th February 2018, 06:10 (GMT)
Well done both of you. Russ and I are all set just about to have breakfast in the departure lounge. Will catch up on your blog when we find WiFi. Xxx
Enjoy your travels, safe trip
From Gail - Friday, 9th February 2018, 20:16 (GMT)
Think you may be running the parkrun as I write this message, hope all goes well. Xxxxx
It was good fun but tough, enjoyed it.
From Dave and Mandy - Wednesday, 7th February 2018, 12:09 (GMT)
Glad to hear all is well. Your Singapore section brought back some happy memories.
From Gail - Friday, 2nd February 2018, 13:36 (GMT)
Looks amazing. Xx
From Jen - Thursday, 1st February 2018, 18:22 (GMT)
All sounds wonderful! No surprises mum's already gone a over t. Glad you've managed to source good beer already (I wouldn't expect any less). Photos do look great too.
Lots of love x x x
From Maura - Friday, 2nd February 2018, 14:38 (GMT)
Glad you arrived safely. It sounds amazing. Hope Jackie is ok after her fall. Shame about Raffles always disappointing when something like that happens but at least you got to see it close up.
Look forward to following your adventures.
From Denis - Wednesday, 21st February 2018, 15:07 (GMT)
Just checked today to find out if Gita had affected you. Glad to see you've not been threatened by the ex-cyclone, just inconvenienced.
Love the photos.
Hope the rest of trip is as enjoyable as it has been so far.
Take care. D
From Maura - Tuesday, 16th June 2015, 18:23 (GMT)
Have loved following your adventures and look forward to hearing more when we meet up. I can't believe it has been a month already! Travel home safely and we will see you soon x
just about to set off for the airport see you soon
From Gail - Thursday, 30th April 2015, 18:36 (GMT)
Like the photo. Are you sure you are not going to the Australian outback.
From Maura and Barry - Thursday, 14th May 2015, 19:35 (GMT)
Bon voyage both of you. Have an amazing time. We look forward to following your travels and hearing all the stories when we see you.
From Rich - Sunday, 17th May 2015, 20:01 (GMT)
Hope you had a good journey keep in touch.
Lots of love
Rich & Caron xxx
From Russ and Gail - Tuesday, 19th May 2015, 07:32 (GMT)
Looks like everything is going fantastically well, particularly now that you have found some good beer. Looking forward to the RV stories.
Love Russ and Gail.
Will see how that goes today not far to drive but we do have the ferry to Vancouver Island to negotiate. Decided we need a name for the RV suggestions ?
From Gail - Tuesday, 19th May 2015, 17:52 (GMT)
Your last message has really made me laugh. Looks as though your going to have lots of followers on the journey. Enjoy and keep us posted about your adventures.
Name could be lefty.
From Becky - Tuesday, 19th May 2015, 20:10 (GMT)
My suggestions for the RV are 'Thunder Road' or 'Bruce Springspeed and the E Street Van.' B xx
From Rich - Wednesday, 20th May 2015, 13:16 (GMT)
Caron said great "enjoy the whale watching" I think I translated OK it's something on her wish list, not got round to it yet.
Loads of love

Rich & Caz