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From Mike, Candy's husban - Tuesday, 5th January 2016, 12:21 (GMT)
Hi you two. I know i've been quiet on the message front, but i've also been following your mega trip - fantastic.
This is nothing to do with your break - sorry. I'm using it to pass on my congrat's to Joel for his bands New Year performance (i'm sure he'll see this) at the Ship. They were very good and really made the night a success - nice one Joel...
Oh yes, and continue to have a fab time D+J :o) x x
Hello Mike (Candy's husband!) Good to hear from you and we're so pleased that you enjoyed the FILF's performance on NYE. We will pass on your congrat's to Joel and the band. Lots of love. X
From Geggs - Saturday, 5th December 2015, 16:42 (GMT)
Just thought you'd like to know. Walked past your house today and heard the sound of a Hoover bring used!!!
Hahahaha Geggs! Do you think they have employed cleaners? Very reassuring though. Thanks for letting us know. X
From Jon - Monday, 30th November 2015, 22:29 (GMT)
Hello Judy & David,

You're so close now I can almost smell you (whats Dyolf been rolling in!!)

Welcome to OZ and Sunny QLD where flip flops that became jandles now become Thongs!! Sounds like you are having a lovely time on Hamilton Island and had a lovely experience of the Great Barrier Reef. Is pretty special isn't it. Wondering if David's issue with the snorkel is that although everyone tells him that he could probably talk underwater he probably cant?

Does get dark quickly here doesn't it and even though coming up to our longest day it will still be dark by 7.00pm!! Changes when you cross the border to NSW, which is 10 mins from mine, where they have daylight saving and are an hour ahead of QLD so not dark till 8.00pm.

Really looking forward to picking you up from Noosa in 8 days.
See you soon, Lots of Love Jon XXX
Hi Jon. NZ have obviously got some catching up to do as they are still wearing jandles!! Yeah...the GBR even had David in stunned silence!! Really looking forward to seeing you (and Dyolf of course) so see you in Noosa! Lots of love x
From Gill and mick - Monday, 30th November 2015, 14:18 (GMT)
Hi Judy and David, just caught up with your wonderful blog and pics again,Hamilton Island looks like will need to convince Mick to go to Oz, look forward to your next instalement.
Christmas chaos starting here...I havent done v much and dont know when I will as looking after Bea and Pearl three afternoons a week.
Off to Devon this weekend to babysit the three girls there, they are so easy and chilled out though.xxxgill
Hi Gill and Mick. Sorry for the delayed reply, but we have not had Wifi for a few days. Currently in a cafe with free wifi so just catching up on messages etc. You and Mick would love Oz from what we have seen so far. It's beaches are stunning and of course the sunshine helps! Not much Christmas chaos fact very little sign of it! Hope you had a lovely time in Devon with your chilled out grand daughters!! Lots of love. X
From Bryony - Monday, 30th November 2015, 12:36 (GMT)
You're both looking so well in the photos! Travelling obviously agrees with you. Maybe something to do with all that sunshine too... Glad you have arrived safely in Oz. Very jealous (have I mentioned that yet...?) It is grey, cold and rainy here! Only 3 weeks till the Xmas hols - won't be the same without you though. Had a good weekend protesting outside 10 Downing St on Saturday! Met up with Miles too as it was his birthday last week, then went for afternoon tea at Dean St Townhouse in Soho for Vicki's birthday on Sunday which was lovely. Let's arrange a Skype soon. Will WhatsApp you. Lots of love xxxx
Hi Bryony. Yeah...we are going to struggle to come back to the winter months after all the warm sunshine we have had since Sept. It doesn't feel like Christmas here...or even December. Good for you getting out their and protesting. We were sad to read that the Commons voted in favour of violence. It's disgusting - and of course is not the answer! Skype soon. Lots of love. XX
From Jeanette & Pete - Monday, 4th January 2016, 20:16 (GMT)
Hi again Judy and David - and a belated Happy New Year: sounds like you had a good one, just caught up with your latest antics. So jealous of all that sun - we've enjoyed a couple of glorious days over the Christmas period, but a helluva lot of rain as well! However, it was a lovely family time, with 8 of us here from 24th - 27th and then Sarah and the gang added to the pile until 29th: full on but great fun.
Our New Year's Eve was a little less raucous. We enjoyed a lovely 8mile walk along the Tees to the village of Whorlton with Jude, John, Helen and Dave, before crashing out in front of the fire with a glass of wine and a Lee Mack DVD: were in bed before the chimes. Not exactly rock and roll, but it meant that we managed a 6mile run with other friends on New Year's Day.
We've just returned from a couple of days in Whitley Bay. Si gets two free tickets to all Sunderland home matches through his work with them and he took Pete to the match between the bottom two clubs: it was Pete's first trip to a game for years and he thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. They set off on a cold and wet Saturday, in their humungous padded Sunderland jackets - and the lads came up trumps with a win.
Jess is ready to pop but keeping as busy as ever. It is great to be within a minute's walk of the sea and we enjoyed a wild walk along the promenade towards St Mary's lighthouse. We await the phone call now, I don't think it'll be long.
Jo's first day back at work today - and Henry's at nursery: haven't heard yet how it's gone. Amy has 3 more weeks in her current role as a school nurse and then starts her new role as a specialist nurse on 25th.
Your birthday presents arrived at Jon's on 29th, along with his Xmas present: so he didn't get to wear his red Calvin Kleins on Xmas Day!! He's kindly posting your gifts back to Wokingham.
Anyway, hope you continue to have a fab time on the final leg of your travels.
Love from Jeanette & Pete xx
Lovely to hear all your news Jeanette, and Happy New Year to all the Balls! Look forward to hearing Jess and Simon's news!! Thanks in advance for the pressies. We'll look forward to opening them on our return. Lots of love x
From Geggs - Saturday, 2nd January 2016, 23:37 (GMT)
Happy New Year. So thrilled once again to see you both in the last hour of 2015 and early hours of 2016!! Everyone was pleased to see you and certainly one of the highlights of the evening.

As you know, I surprised them all with my presence at the Ship as everyone thought I was in Suffol!!...Hehe. FiLF put on a fabulous gig. They just keep getting better and better. Then Donna was the DJ, she did a cracking job with everyone dancing into the New Year.

Can't believe you will be back in less than 2 weeks. Have a fabulous time in SriLanka. Go safe.

Lots of love as always Geggs xxx
Happy New Year to you too Geggs. We were sorry not to be there with you all at the Ship, but our FaceTime contact went some way to make up for it!! We will try to keep in touch whilst in Sri Lanka, but wifi is very hard to come by here. x
From Karen - Saturday, 2nd January 2016, 11:30 (GMT)
Happy New Year Lovelies! You didn't make it to Torquay! Don't worry I'll take you to AP's beach hut when you get back to Blighty and you can gaze at the English Channel and recall your adventures xx
Happy New Year to you and Mark too! We'll look forward to the beach hut trip and we're sure it will more than make up for missing Torquay along the Great Ocean Road!! X
From Gill and Mick x - Friday, 1st January 2016, 17:45 (GMT)
Hi, your seeing in of the New Year sounded wondeful...Happy New interested to hear about Sri no shortage of veggie food there xxxgill and mick
Happy New Year to you both too!! Veggie curry for breakfast if we want it here!! Sorry for delayed reply, but wifi here in Sri Lanka is very hit and miss!! X
From Jon - Thursday, 31st December 2015, 22:12 (GMT)
Hello Judy and David,

Wishing you both a Very Happy New Year. Imagine Melbourne put on a good show for you last night. We went to Brissie and met up with Julianne's brother and wife who have a couple of International students staying with them. Face timed Gill, Sophie and Rob who were on the M25 on their way to Brighton when we got home.
Wishing you a brilliant last leg of your holiday, however think I can speak for all Aussies in saying Australia will greatly miss you and look forward to your next visit down under.
Wish I'd been watching the cricket when you were on tv. Would of loved to of heard what the commentators thought of Aussie Dave's hat and great marketing of the pegs t-shirt.
Doesn't need to be said but have a great time in Sri Lanka.

Lots of Love Jon XXX
Hi Jon. It was great being in the centre of Melbourne last night. The whole place was buzzing with excitement...street acts everywhere, and a fantastic firework display! Hope Brisbane put on a good show for you too. Happy New Year to you and Julianne and Ben. Lots of love. X
From Gill and mick - Thursday, 31st December 2015, 15:28 (GMT)
Hi Judy and David, just noticed that all those strange symbols and numbers that appear on my messages are emojis that I have inserted, obviously dont work on this blog xxgill
Hi Gill and Mick. The same thing has happened to us when we have tried using emojis!! Very annoying!! Happy New Year. Lots of love X
From Malcolm - Thursday, 31st December 2015, 17:45 (GMT)
Happy New Year David and Judy wherever you are.
Hi Malcolm
We send you and Loraine best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year from Melbourne. Off to Sri Lanka for a couple of weeks before heading home.
Hope to see you on our return.
Lots of love X
From Gill and Mick - Wednesday, 30th December 2015, 16:03 (GMT)
Hi Judy and David, that road you mentioned has been noted and read out to Mick !😀
Our other friends were in the Bay of Islands a few weeks ago and sent me some pics as well, it really does look amazing.
Mick and I are in Thomas Hardy country for a couple of nights, realised we had a week off from grandchildren minding so as soon as we had the house to ourselves we packed our bags.There is a big storm called Storm Frank over the N part of UK so although no flooding here it is very wet.We had a lovely Christmas all the children and grandchildren on Boxing Day....very chaotic at times but I think ? they all love it 😀
Staying in a fabulous B/B in Shaftesbury at mo, back home tomos for our usual curry on NYE....Happy New Year to you both ,much love gill and Mick x
David...reading some of the other msges seemed I missed wishing you happy birthday sorry x gill🎂

Hi Gill and Mick. Glad you had a lovely Christmas with all your family. Hope the rain hasn't dampened your time in Shaftesbury - a beautiful town!! It's 90 degrees here in Melbourne...not like our usual NYE! David says thanks for birthday wishes. Lots of love for a very happy and healthy 2016! X
From Geggs - Tuesday, 29th December 2015, 12:10 (GMT)
Hello you two!! I have tried so many times previously yo face time but never caught you. So Very thrilled you picked up on Christmas Day. It was wonderful to see you both looking amazingly well. As soon as I stopped talking to you I face timed Giles and Flo who were in good spirits too to tell them I had spoken to you two as I was so excited. Can't believe you are back in just over 2 weeks. Enjoy the rest of your travels, have fun and go safe.

Wishing you both a Happy and Healthy New Year. Lots of love.
It was good to speak with you too Geggsie! How fortunate that we had wifi when you called was troublesome for the following 2 days!! We can't believe we're back in 2 weeks either...that's the fastest few months we've ever known!! Good wishes to you for a happy and healthy 2016. Lots of love X
From Candy - Friday, 25th December 2015, 09:05 (GMT)

We missed you at church last night Dave but said a little prayer to keep you safe on your travels.
Turkey about to go into the oven and picking up Callum and Kayley this morning...yeah...wish you were here! Candy x
Happy Christmas to you all too Candy. David says thank you for the prayer and for thinking of us! Funny old Christmas Day for us! Enjoyed time in the sunshine on the beach, but missed everyone big time! Lots of love X
From Jon - Thursday, 24th December 2015, 21:55 (GMT)
Happy Aussie Xmas Judy and David
And a Happy Aussie Christmas to you too Jon. It feels VERY different in the hot sunshine!! Lots of love x
From Kev and Fiona - Thursday, 24th December 2015, 15:02 (GMT)
Hello both and Birthday greetings from good old Blighty! Your blog has kept me enthralled over the past weeks - you should write a book Judy and then we can critique it at book club! I've also been to the place with more consonants than vowels and had a lovely meal with our friends who emigrated to Sydney some years ago. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas in Melbourne and look forward to catching up in 2016. Had an offer accepted on a place on the Finchampstead Road and hoping to move in January. We may be back in Wokingham before you are if it goes to plan! Hope this gets through as the msg I sent last night didn't! Love to you both from both of us xxx
Hello again Fiona and Kev. Lovely to hear from you twice so quickly!! Wifi can be very precarious travelling, so sometimes the messages take longer to arrive!! Really looking forward to Melbourne, which we will reach on the 28th, so spend New Years there! See you soon. Lots of love. X
From Gill & Trev - Thursday, 24th December 2015, 10:11 (GMT)
Belated Birthday greetings Judy & David , have a wonderful Christmas & new year . See you both soon xxxxxxxx
Thanks Gill and Trev and thank you for your cards. It was lovely to open them on our birthdays! Have a fabulous festive time! Lots of love x
From Mike, Lynne & Jane - Wednesday, 23rd December 2015, 11:02 (GMT)
Hi Judy, Love and e-hugs on your birthday.....and wishing you both a Happy Christmas down under.. xx
Thank you Mike, Lynne and Jane. And a very Happy Christmas to you all too! X
From kev and Fi - Wednesday, 23rd December 2015, 19:54 (GMT)
Hello Both! Many Happy Returns David and what a fabulous place to have a birthday! Gosh, your blog has kept me enthralled for the past weeks. What a wonderful time you are having - really the trip of a lifetime. I've been to Wooloomooloo - the only place in the world with more vowels than consonants! You are having so many adventures I think you should publish a book when you get back and then we can review it at Book Club Judy! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas in Melbourne and can't wait to read up on your time there. A really artistic and creative city. Just to keep you updated on the house front, we've had an offer accepted on a place on Finchampstead Road and hopefully moving in January so will be back in Wokingham by the time you return! Yay!! Much love to you both from both of us. Fi and Kev xxx
Good to hear from you Fiona and Kev. That's great news that you have finally found a house in Wokes!! Look forward to the house warming. Not a bad idea, getting our blog could fund further travel!! Not sure about discussing it at book club though! Haha! Thanks for the birthday wishes and lots of love to you both for a fabulous Christmas and new year. X
From Gill - Tuesday, 22nd December 2015, 16:57 (GMT)
Hello Judy and David
Thanks for sending me the photos they are fantastic. Happy belated Birthday David and Happy Birthday for tomorrow Judy. Bet you are having the time of your lives. Nearly Christmas and no sign of snow! Just had all the electrics sorted on the house so next step will be to decorate!!! Off out for Circuit Training Christmas meal tonight - beats exercising!!! Sophie's Dad has come through his heart surgery so is just on the road to recovery now. Jane is here for Christmas and we plan to speak with Jon and Ben. Rob will come over on Boxing Day hopefully as he too has been very poorly with flu.
Enjoy the last part of your adventure. Continue to make memories and live in the moment.
Merry Christmas guys and a happy healthy 2016
Love Gill xxxx
Thanks Gill and thanks for your cards. Look forward to seeing your newly decorated house when we return. Hope Rob feels better soon and good news that Jerry is recovering! Have a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS with Jane and Sophie. Lots of love x
From Jane - Tuesday, 22nd December 2015, 13:39 (GMT)
Oi Oi Both,Hope you had a lovely Birthday David - I have a bottle of the good stuff ready for you when you are back in the UK.Also a Big Happy Birthday for tomorrow Judy - Think you will be in Melbourne for yours and yes a bottle of the pink stuff waiting your return - Your blogs and photo's are amazing I'm loving reading them and see the places you have visited - Enjoy the rest of your amazing journey.A very Merry Christmas and I look forward to catching up with you on your return to the UK in 2016. Take Care xx
Thanks Jane. Looking forward to the Berry Brother's birthday offerings when we return. It's really kind of you! Have woken up on my birthday in Lakes Entrance, and off to Yarra Valley later. Will see New Year in, in Melbourne! Have a lovely Christmas at Gill's. Lots of love x
From Jon - Tuesday, 22nd December 2015, 02:23 (GMT)
Congratulations on your win over City this morning.

Caught up with Bryony, Florence, Joel, Mark Jacqui, Greg and Brinkley this morning on Skype just after you had. Your place looks lovely and Christmassy.

Great to hear that you loved Sydney. Guessing that you are going to love Melbourne also. Mid thirties forecast for Xmas day in Melbourne and Sydney. 29 degrees and a bit wet is forecast for Gold Coast.

Lots of Love Jon XX
Hi Jon. The Arsenal win was a fantastic birthday present to both of us!! Bet you were relieved to pick up 3 points this weekend?!? Yes....The children have made a lovely job of decorating the house this Christmas!! Have a lovely time with Julianne and Ben on Christmas Day. Lots of love x
From Julia - Saturday, 19th December 2015, 21:18 (GMT)
Happy Birthday your hotel room has 8 floors...that's impressive :) We had a drink in honour of your special day today.
Love to you both xxx
Thanks Julia. Yeah...8 floors and a bird's eye view of the red light district activity in the Kings Cross area of Sydney!! Have a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS. Lots of love. X
From Gill and Mick. - Saturday, 19th December 2015, 18:22 (GMT)
Hi Judy and David, just caught up with your blog again....those beaches look out of this will need to persuade Mick to go to Oz pliz !
You are both looking ...well fit 😀
Been to see The Snowman on stage today in London with Sarah and gals...I got quite emotional when they flew and snow fell LOL⛄️
Its actually quite mild here has been 16*C last week, enjoy the next leg of your journey,really enjoying your blog xxgill x
Hi Gill and Mick. We'll work on Mick with all our Australia stories and pics when we get home!! If nothing would both love the weather!! Have a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS. Lots of love x