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From Amy Simo - Tuesday, 26th April 2005, 03:23 (GMT)
hi pish,
am v. jealous... wish i was there..... i love creepy old men... ha ha....
peace out
From Crokes - Tuesday, 26th April 2005, 01:41 (GMT)

Good on you! Good to hear from you and glad all is well. Sounds like an interesting place. Keep us up to date. Have fun.

hey Crokes
Dorney says you should come over here, you would be really tall! That said he is a freak over here, today a child stopped and pointed!!!
From Kaz - Wednesday, 27th April 2005, 03:18 (GMT)
Hi Pish,
The first thing Anna said to me this morning was "Kaz, you wont beleive it, Pish has a really cool website setup".
So, I checked it out. There you were looking great and having some fun. Cheers to that! Miss you heaps Kaz.
From Bidz - Tuesday, 26th April 2005, 00:37 (GMT)
A country and culture that embraces your love of mid-afternoon slumber and Dorney's love of layered lady-like soy based lattes... I dont expect either of you to return in a hurry. Keep the updates and pics coming. I hope all is well.
PS. Stay clear of anacondas
Love Tom
From susie - Tuesday, 26th April 2005, 21:32 (GMT)
hi pish! great website -- keep updating, eh!
From jen - Wednesday, 27th April 2005, 06:54 (GMT)
ola patizzy. your virgin entry in a travel diary is muchos impressivos. and this is a very pretty map. but there is no photo of you and dawny playing ping pong!!
no ping pong, only had my pluggers as a paddle and rocks as a ball.... not really so fun
From Louise - Saturday, 30th April 2005, 23:16 (GMT)
Hi Trish
You are so clever making a web page. I'm looking forward to following your adventures. Sounds like you have the langauage under control: well done. You should have some funny experiences with it. I'll email again soon
Thanks louise,
The language is coming along much better in Bolivia as everyone speaks nice and slowly!
From rup - Tuesday, 3rd May 2005, 02:51 (GMT)
Hello hello
well arent you two little battlers tearing it up aus style! i hope you took your dancing shoes and dorns left his knee bobbing shoes at home. sounds like you are having fun....keep it up and more photos!!
Hi hi!
well my dancing shoes got odd looks as they are pluggers, and dorns´ knee bobbing dancing got several compliments on the dance floor.
From skye - Monday, 9th May 2005, 07:02 (GMT)
hey pish,
hope all is going well sounds like you are having a great time. enjoy the nite life and look forward to reading more about your travels
From Fi - Tuesday, 10th May 2005, 00:21 (GMT)
Valparaiso....have you read Isabella Allende's (her last name is something similar to this if not spelt correctly) book 'Daughter of Fortune'? It's set in that place and is a wonderful book once you get into it (based in the 1800's I think). Stay safe :)
oh ... safe smafe!!!
From Nadia Brice - Tuesday, 10th May 2005, 03:23 (GMT)
Hello luv,
It's so great to hear that you're having a ball and it's all so exciting. Take care and keep up the writing. love ya work.
From Melissa O'G - Tuesday, 10th May 2005, 03:50 (GMT)
Sounds like a great adventure. Continue to have lots of fun.
From Tamara - Tuesday, 10th May 2005, 07:59 (GMT)
Oh Pish you crazy cat!
From Louise Rushton - Tuesday, 10th May 2005, 08:04 (GMT)
Flamingo knowledge could come in handy at a trivia night later in life.
A hotel made of salt? I'd like to see that
From cuppa - Tuesday, 10th May 2005, 11:40 (GMT)
mate good to hear from you! I am in Turkey still and loving life this is the best place to kick back and do stuff all. Every thing is done in 'Turkey Time' and it suits me just fine. Love hearing what you are upto and İ will update you on our adventures soon. Love Cup
Cuppa!!! you are alive!
Good to hear someone with Chicken legs fits in in Turkey (hehe)
From kev - Wednesday, 11th May 2005, 07:29 (GMT)
Love the news. Keep it up
Still 26 today at the Entrance!!!!
Hello Kev!!!
26 hey? that sounds like a dream right now.
From paney saney caney - Thursday, 12th May 2005, 09:40 (GMT)
Always wanted to go skiing in Bolivia.How is the tall ones knee holding up.Tom is rugby player excellente .They beat Eastwood & tied with Parramatta.Are you well?How is the food ?
hi hi, going well... the food is... welll food. all rice and chicken, lucky i started eating them again!!!
From amy - Friday, 13th May 2005, 04:03 (GMT)
Dear pish, your description when read in conjunction with Matts makes it like I am almost there with you. So glad you have seen such a lot of the country. And I thought armidale was cold!:) anyway keep having a great time I look forward to the updates.
From Jules - Sunday, 22nd May 2005, 00:53 (GMT)
Hi there!
Thanks for the birthday video Pishka, really helped me get over my hangover with a chuckle! Hate to admit it but Moree is getting cold (who would have known, I certainly didn't). Lucky I'm spending way too long in the office keeping these gins under control. FYI - Cotton gins. Races next weekend, Ferg, Stu, Lauren and Wardy coming up - watch out! You take care now - Hoolie doolie!
Hey jules! i heard about stu's fine form at the races... wonder if you are still so excited about there visit??
From Phoebs - Sunday, 22nd May 2005, 12:55 (GMT)
Loving the photos matey!!! the bush mechanic one esp. made my day, as im sure did for u at the time??!!?take care tho and looking forward to more updates
hi phoebs!!!!
bush mech did make my day as does hearing from you!!!! spanks banks
From Clairey - Tuesday, 24th May 2005, 09:57 (GMT)
Hey Pishka
Your pics are amazing - wow! it all sounds so interesting and intriguingi think you should ask "Getaway" or whatever the bloody travel show is called and get some commission for encouraging tourism! Keep having fun and letting us know! ;0)
From dick - Tuesday, 24th May 2005, 13:08 (GMT)
this technomological stuff is pretty cool.
by the way, what the bloody hell are you doing there? i thought you were in camooweal or something
where is camooweal???
From lauren - Friday, 10th June 2005, 05:32 (GMT)
Hey pishy,
I'm sooo jealous. You're photos are great, and this website was a bloody good idea. Also, hi clairey and jules. Missed the races but I'm pushing for us to go Cowra. Well, keep having fun (not like you need to be told). bye bye now.
hi hi lauren!
good luck with cowra... i hope you don't get lost (hehehehe)
From kev - Sunday, 19th June 2005, 10:38 (GMT)
Can't believe the photos. Keep having a good time. Work awaits you!!!!!
From Doolie - Tuesday, 21st June 2005, 09:08 (GMT)
Hey Pishka,
Had to tell you what I learnt at work today, something you'd be proud of....all about road trains, made up of the prime mover, the tri axle and the dolly. Exciting huh? You take care now!
doolie that is very exciting news, and interesting info indeed!
good luck with tennis next week, watch that elbow!