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From Lindy - Thursday, 30th June 2005, 02:00 (GMT)
G'day Ev!

Have already sent you a "happy travels" email via hotmail- so you can read that one instead of me repeating myself!!

Have fun, and see ya!

Thanks Lindy, got your email. Am loving the good old USA summer
From Daniel Cawood - Tuesday, 28th June 2005, 02:01 (GMT)
I'll be thinking of you in the Greek Islands mate. Not!! Hope all goes well down South
From Kinga - Thursday, 7th July 2005, 07:37 (GMT)
G"day parrot, i was talking to schapelle and apparently she thinks you don't want to talk to her anymore - whats your problem mate, she does you a favour and you do that to her...
Hope all goes well mate have a ball and try to remember some of it so you can tell me about it when you get back...cya mate - Kinga
No way mate! Shapelle is a really good sport!! Tell your buddy at Quantas bag handlers to definetly not come to the US, security here is crazy. Had to take the shoes off the other day and got bag searched 3 times. Not good for business!
From Catherine - Tuesday, 12th July 2005, 01:24 (GMT)
Footy Update: We lost by 3 points. Very close game. from memory it was Ouyen 57, Sea Lake 60. You sound like you are having the time of your life. Keep it up. You better keep an eye on those boots, they might get 'stolen' when I next see you!
Thats bad luck for the fellas! The boots are so cool. Thanks for the update
From Spag - Friday, 5th August 2005, 04:20 (GMT)
Extremely Important Message,
Maverick needs to know by yesterday If You are still going on the Footy trip and If So you need to come up with the moola - $550 YESTERDAY.
Can you get back to me ASAPrain in Mallee 20-40 points ednesday Eveneing, needed it badly hope to get more on Monday Night.
Cheers mate,

Have sent you an email about the footy trip. Glad to hear of the rain and hope you are getting more right now.

From Rooster - Tuesday, 28th June 2005, 10:51 (GMT)
great idea mate, try and get some photos on here for us to look at. played in a knock out semi last night got beat with 5 balls left. absolutly gutted. umpirers were shocking two run outs and two lbws were very questionable. but in saying that we dropped three important catches in the second last over which would have won us the game. can't tell you how shit it was after the game!!!!!! we have another knock out game on thursday, we play against devon malcom who use to open the bowling for england and jimmy adams who use to captain the west indies. should be fun. let us know what you are up to & practice that golf swing!
Sounds like the cricket is in full swing mate. Am in Palm Springs practicing the golf swing mate (more golf courses per capita than anywhere!)
From webby - Tuesday, 28th June 2005, 11:52 (GMT)
have fun champion
Cheers mate, hope the platypi and the finger have a good season. Good luck with finishing the new house too mate
From dorns - Tuesday, 28th June 2005, 22:08 (GMT)
ill miss you by two weeks in greece. Have fun mate
Too bad mate, hope the Journey's going well. Take it easy. Is this big dorns or nick
From Spag - Tuesday, 28th June 2005, 22:16 (GMT)
Looks Good Evan,
Shall keep you posted on the Ouyen and District News,
Especially, footy, Hot Gos

Cheers mate, Go the Demons!
From schapelle - Thursday, 30th June 2005, 04:38 (GMT)
Hi Ev, i've still got that bodyboard bag of yours - when do you think you'll be able to pick it up? No rush i'll be in bali for ages...jk
Sorry about that champ. Good luck with the appeal. I hope the lucky boogy cover gave you some good times. Had a few beers on the plane for you mate
From mick rees - Thursday, 30th June 2005, 11:59 (GMT)
where are you now mate? next time your speaking to webby get his e-mail address for me please mate.
In California near Palm Springs mate. I'll email you Webby's address
From Jamie - Thursday, 30th June 2005, 15:44 (GMT)
Hope your trip is going well!
Thanks Jamie, will give you a call soon. Am loving the warm Californian weather allready
From Abbey - Friday, 1st July 2005, 09:02 (GMT)
Cool idea Evo!!! Have fun mate-only 19 more days for me. Im not as organised as you though so Ill let you know my travel plans when I make them!!! I do know that I dont arrive in England till the 21st July but will try to catch u there. Be good/ good at it~!!! xo
Am having a ball mate and only just got here. Am not exactly sure about my plans yet either. Just know where am going! Am looking forward to that weekend in London while the ashes are on. You be good too!
From Spag - Sunday, 3rd July 2005, 22:41 (GMT)
Howdy Evan,
10mm in Ouyen Friday night, 6mm at Cowangie, 7mm Speed Patche areas.
Seniors Won 5 points Jeparit,
2nds lost 2 goals, Unders lost by 2 goals, we had 7 players out. Cheers Spag
Thanks mate,

That rain will be spot on for the fellas who have the crop in and up. Good to hear the seniors got up. Its so dry and hot here, they only get 2 inches of rain a year and its over 40degrees most days here at the moment.
From Pez - Monday, 4th July 2005, 07:22 (GMT)
Hey Ev,

Can't believe you're over there and we're here having to work in all this mud, you lucky buggar!! Hope you're kicking back soaking up some rays and happy travels to Arizona. Going to see Springbox play Wallabies this weekend which is going to be SOO FUN!! Too bad you have to be OS. Well let you know how great it was tho. Gotta go now dude, Safe travels. PEZ
Am pretty jealous, havn't seen a good game of rugby for ages. Have been swimming every day here and working on the tan. Glad to hear there is mud and not dust. Thanks for the msg
From webby - Monday, 4th July 2005, 10:25 (GMT)
how's california champion?
bring me back someone similar looking to the baywatch girls!
pamela anderson will do.
behave yourself!!!!!
Am on the lookout champ, am hanging out with my cousins at the moment recovering from the jetlag. 4th July party tonight should be great tonight. Went to San Diego yesterday and was nice. Hows the house going?
From webby - Wednesday, 6th July 2005, 10:03 (GMT)
sounds unreal,
house is coming along, ive nearly finished wiring it, playing 2nds for the mighty platypi this weekend against orange city in the front row worst luck,
you'd better bring me home a honey!!!!!
Good luck in the fron row champ. They all think I'm crazy over here for playing rugby back in the old days! Am on the lookout for you big fellah
From mum - Wednesday, 6th July 2005, 16:53 (GMT)
Dear Evan,
So glad you made it safely to Tucson. We stopped to see the big Casino owned by the Indian Reservation. It was so big we couldn't find the main entrance once we got in!
Will travel to Imperial Vally t/wo & off to Disneyland on Friday morning.
Take care & love from your families,

So howd you go on the roulette? Did you bet the farm on black like I told you to? Tucson is great. Am meeting up with Abwella and Renee for dinner tonight before the fly tomorrow. Any luck with the bag? See you Sunday
From Kerry Miles - Wednesday, 6th July 2005, 21:53 (GMT)
Hey Ev!!

Hooked up with any hot US girls yet?? What is the wheather like in California? Sammy is pissed off, he can't access this website from work. His security stuff won't let him. See ya when you get back. Am looking forward to all the photo's of the chicks you pull!!

Good to hear from you mate. The weather is great here, most days are really hot and dry but everything is airconed so we just go swimming to chill out. Sounds like your a little anxious to try out the american talent my friend?! I don't blame you its great over here
From Cara - Wednesday, 6th July 2005, 22:44 (GMT)
Heya Evan,
Sounds like you are having fun!! Very jealous! Just a note on Spag's email, he didn't give you an update on the netball!! I was lucky enough to play A Grade and we had a win by 10 goals!! Junior C won as well. Not much news from the office arena. Have fun!
Well done Cara! I knew you would get a stint in A grade. Say hi to the team for me and hope you having fun!
From Eddy - Wednesday, 6th July 2005, 23:17 (GMT)
Hey Ev,
Sounds like you happy a blast, keep up the good work! Those photos look great. Safe travels.
Thanks Eddy, hope all's well in the Griff. Am thinking of you all. Take it easy
From mick rees - Thursday, 7th July 2005, 14:18 (GMT)
g'day bud,
am still siffting through the many invitations we have recieved from golf courses in england and scotland requesting the FAHHK Cup tournament. 788 in total. St Andrews have offered to close the course to the public for us but i had to decline. We can't be seen to play on such a sub standard hillbilly course. golf clubs are being organised, yours might be a bit rusty with cane handles i told them you wouldn't mind, hope that's ok. before we leave for scotland Stella Artois have asked if we could hold a press conference under their logo of major sponsor. The Sun, Daily Star, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Times and Daily express have all requested interviews with you apon arrival. i told them to wake up to themselves so they are interviewing the next best thing in world golf and current FAHHK CUP challenger - me!!!!. thats sure to sell way more newspapers! make sure that cups polished i don't want to be cleaning it once you have lost it to me.
cheers bro!
Hey champ,

Sounds like its all coming together for the big tournament mate. Am looking forward to it and had a little practice round this morning with a coupla fellas. The course was the best I've played on and we got on for free!. Concrete golf buggy ramps, spotless greens and a drinks cart that kept pestering us to buy beers. The Tucson country club was awesome. Can't wait to hit the ground at Heathrow and take you on old buddy!
From - Thursday, 7th July 2005, 23:42 (GMT)

Just making sure that your still in the USA and not riding around on any red buses.

Thanks for the photos


Thanks mate,

Just heard about that, terrible. Am still in the US til Thursday next. Hows Mildy mate? Started hockey yet?
From Catherine - Friday, 8th July 2005, 08:28 (GMT)
All I can say Ev is, "Love the Shorts Mate". Be careful that you don't scare off the locals with such a great look. Remember 'you're not in Ouyen anymore Toto'. Ciao.
Thanks mate! Just showing off our best Australian fashion. Trust me I know I'm not in Ouyen any more! Hope the kids are treating u well

From kathy Fenn - Sunday, 10th July 2005, 15:17 (GMT)
How is it going?
We werer looking for pictures of you on the horse!
See ya.
Its great up here in Tucson. I'll be loading the horse ride pics today. Thanks again so much for our time in California. Mum and dad are here safe