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From Mum and Dad - Monday, 28th November 2005, 09:06 (GMT)
Rafting, possibly, Sky diving no. Leave that to birds and planes. You are safe Keith. Glad to see you two are getting some practice entertaining the oldies. You can take us out for a cream tea in August 2006. Never mind the Horses.
Tasha practiced looking after an oldie for a year before we left home...hopefully Stephen is continuing the good work???
From Dad G - Thursday, 10th November 2005, 01:54 (GMT)
Hope you two have arrived safely in New Zealand and have better accommodation. What's on the veggie menu Neil? Caterpillars, snake (sorry, that's meat), strange vegetables?

Dad G xx
We have arrived safely thanks dad, and its been fish and chips so far...dead cheap here!!!
From Grandad and Grandma - Saturday, 6th August 2005, 01:34 (GMT)
Grandad and Grandma from Bagshot send their love and best wishes to Tasha and Neil and are happy they are having a good time in Peru. Grandma wants to know that Tasha has a vest with her. Take care. Love xx
Yes Grandma, dont worry i have packed my vest and my long johns, and i am glad i did as it freezing in the evenings!!! Neil is still looking out for some llamas/camels he saw a nice white one today, hes looking in to whether they are worth more!!! Thanks for the message - take care love Tasha and Neil xxx
From Dad G - Friday, 2nd December 2005, 00:28 (GMT)
Hey Mr B Jr, I saw that reference to an oldie. Give me the chance and I would have a go from the plane, but I don't have enough dollars. Respect.
Spend some of pension self appointed old timer & get yourself down to Blackbush airport before its too late....i've heard they do discount for pensioners on Wednesday pm like Homebase?
From Dad G - Monday, 21st November 2005, 00:21 (GMT)
Wow! Congratulations to both on your courage at river sledging and even more so for those amazing skydiving pictures. Where will it all end? Having seen it I want to do it ..... if Mick goes first. Dad G
So we know what to get you for Christmas now!!!! It was awesome dude.....Sweet as!!!! Look at me fitting in with the locals! xxxx
From beth - Thursday, 4th August 2005, 09:59 (GMT)
heya guys!
God you got yourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time didn't you! Sounds like you're having a fab time, can't believe it about Neil and the meat pie...shocking! And I thought he was a devout veggie! Have fun in Ica, check your sandboards are not broken before you trek up the sand dunes, it happened to me and Lini and I had to traipse all the way back down again to get me a new one! Not fun! Well done for finding Friends-always good! keep safe and away from Peruvian police! Bethxx
Hi Beth, We booked a tour around ica and Nazca today that includes sand boarding and dune buggies - sounds wicked!!! I can´t wait. Visting the Ballesta Islands tomorrow which also sounds fun! Don´t worry i will stay away from the Police - they scare me!!! When do you start the work experience stint? Hope everyone is ok and Willow is much better now. Love Us xxx
From Alex - Thursday, 4th August 2005, 12:30 (GMT)
hi hi sounds like your having a great time in peru, i would love to go to brazil lol

some crazy storys there i was just reading them out to my girlfreind, and she was amazed at all the places your going to and how crazy it is, and how both of your mix your writing where neil writes 1 bit and tasha writes the next :D, thanx for the email and i cant believe you ate meat neil wen u was drunk lol anyways bubi
Alex aka shorty xx
cheers for the mail shortie! trying to avoid the tear gas in´s not good stuff! trying even harder to AVOID meat!! It´s not easy out here where the local dish of the day is guinea pig!!! Ugghh? I´d have to be wasted to even attempt to eat that! Hope u both had fun at 5 months! Speak to u soon & say hi to Sadie for us! N xx
From Grimmy - Thursday, 4th August 2005, 18:54 (GMT)
Well isn't this exciting, wherever you are around the world I'll be able to let you know the footie scores!!! Went and saw Reading lose to Spurs, not much to report, don't think you will be playing with the big boys next season!! looks like you're having fun but try and smile a bit more in the photos!!!
Don´t tell me if reading lose pls...put a dampner on the trip!! I get nervous in front of a camera cause I´m shy remember? Take care give a couple of asbo´s out for me next week!
From Mum and Dad - Friday, 5th August 2005, 07:09 (GMT)
Hi you two,
Tear Gas, an exprience you did not pay for, and did not want. Still unexpected box to tick. hope you have both fully recovered. By the way the Neil keep up the good work we new you would see the light in the end. Remember what grandad use to say to you ," eat a decent steak boy it will do you the power of good". We will get some real bacon in ready for you when you get home, yummie a real bacon sarnie. Ask Tasha if in future you can share some of her chicken. ircus did not sound too good. Cannot imagine Neil as a bronzed god no matter how hard I try, red and white, like a barbers pole , yes. Tadhs, please do not bring any of stray strange animals home with you, we have enough problems looking after Wendy's very old very sick cat, while she is on holiday. She is home today, cat is still alive, this morning, so the prayer mat can be put away for another time. For anybody else reading this, NO we will not look after your sick cat or dog while you are on holiday. Your correct Dad is still a grumpy old man. Liked the pictures especially those in focus, and perhaps you need a new battery for the flash gun.
Love Mum and
Press the letters slower on the keyboard please as it makes more sense this end.....
ps; can you bring the manual of the camera to Brazil so I can work how to use the damn thing? Love you... N xx
From Dave - Friday, 5th August 2005, 11:17 (GMT)
Ah, jolly good! Things ticking over nicely I see..drunk you say, drunk? eating meat? In my day, if you were a Veggie and ate meat you'd be whipped within an inch of your life!! Still, all good character building stuff I say..
Are you on drugs????
From Dad G - Friday, 5th August 2005, 11:19 (GMT)
The stories some people make up to get attention. Where are the photos of the tear gas then? It must be difficult to run with those lumps on your backs and I don't mean camels. Glad all is OK though. Good to see some new photos. I suppose you are bringing a tiger home now instead of that lookalike dog. Summer weather here is as you would expect, rainy. Had a go at the garage and you can get a car in there now - well, a small one; OK, a bike or two. The rest of the news is, frankly, boring, so here goes ... Gooners v Chelsea soon! Take continuing care and have fun in the sand - remember, it gets everywhere.
Dad xx
It is hard to take photos of anything when you cannot open your eyes due to excessive tear gas IN THEM daddy G?? (only an Arsenal fan could fail to see that coming??) I bet you mean you can fit a "Uni-cycle" in the garage now? Gooners vs, frankly, boring. so what about Liverpool? Take care too! Your daughter misses you loads & kisses your photo goodnite every nite...still? Neil
From Lisa - Friday, 5th August 2005, 12:07 (GMT)
Hi Tasha and Neil, how cool is this whole web diary and picture idea. Glad to see you're having a good time, it sounds amazing. Please keep sending the pics, they are really great, although no more scary hairless dog pics, they are freaky! I just got back from S.A on Tuesday; my plans have somewhat changed now, i have decided to go out for a year to work. Anyways, will send a message soon. Take care and be safe
Lisa xxx
WHAT??? How cometh the change of plans? Thought you were coming home for your bday? Email me soon with more DETAILS or the dog gets it!!
You are a crazy chick Miss Jarvis. Love me xxx
From mum - Saturday, 6th August 2005, 09:27 (GMT)
Hi guys sorry have not been in touch but we have problems since we went onto broadband but all ok now your photos are fab. The tear tear gas experience sounds awful but the bus was only 20 mins late!!!!! Tash are you used to not having a hairdryer yet? Uncle Keith is fine just can't play golf or drive for 4 weeks grandad grandma and uncle ken went to see him last weekend and gave him a bit of an earbashing about his alcohol intake!!!! I am going to see aohiropractor on Tuesday I am not prepared to put up with feeling like I do!!! I bet yoy fell about laughing Tasha when Neil ate some meat!!!Hope you are both in fine fettle, Take care lots of love from mum g Sat 06 August 1030
Hi mum, getting used to not having a hairdryer in the warmer weather as it dries quicker!! I thought you were going to start an exercise programme to ease the pain. I have sent you an email. Love me xxx
From Balders - Saturday, 6th August 2005, 16:08 (GMT)
So why did'nt you take the chance and wade in with a few blows against the facist oppressive police state instead of running like chickens??? Where's your Che Guevara revolutionary spirit??? You're in S.America remember, power to the people. Get stuck in!! AVE IT!!!!!!
Coco and Inti have not reported back from the Vanguard since we reached the 2nd camp in the mountains so I could not hit anyone.... Saw nurses protesting outside Arequipa main square last nite...figured it was a safe one as if the PIGS kick off the nurses would be on hand to offer medical attention...
From Vicky - Sunday, 7th August 2005, 07:51 (GMT)
Hi to you both,
Sounds like you are getting yourselves in to all sorts of mischief....!!

Enjoy the sandboarding and the dune buggies they're great fun but you will find sand coming out of places you didn't think it would get for days afterwards!! (I mean places like your ears.... what were you thinking!!)

Tasha i've got all that info from work for you - it's very complicated so i'll send it in a separate email to you in a bit!

Well keep making friends along your way, you'll have so many email addresses by the time you get back! Have fun in the south and i hope it warms up for you - the cold showers won't seem half as bad then! Sounds like neil could be converted back Tasha - you can work on it!

Take care
love Vicky xx

ps no real news to report here - rubbish weather!
I am trying!!! Thanks for getting that info for me. I was quite gald i brought a few cotton buds with me to get the sand out!!! In Arequipa at the mo and it is lovely and warm....horray and we have had hot water Woo Hoo!!!
From Chesh & Dunky - Sunday, 7th August 2005, 18:41 (GMT)
Hello U 2!

Just showing Dunky your website - he doesn't believe that this message thing works - I'll show him!

Puppy looks sooooooooo cute - r u taking him on the rest of your journey! Keep the pics coming!!!

Love Chesh & DunkyXX
Yes Duncan the site does work!!!! I really wanted to kidnap the puppy but Neil wouldnt let hiss... how was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory??? xxx
From beth - Monday, 8th August 2005, 08:01 (GMT)
the anya hindmarch bag is at 16.20!!! crazy 2 days bidding still left.... videomaster sadly no bids and no one required prince photo so have given up on him!xx
Wicked....thanks Beth. I bet those car boot people would kick themselves for selling it to me for a quid!!! Never mind about poster and game, it was worth a try!! I love sandboarding, my neck is killing still where i somersaulted a few times.....excellent fun though!! What is this i hear that Lisa is moving to me the goss!!!
From Ian 'Bonny Lad' Mac - Monday, 8th August 2005, 17:46 (GMT)
oh dear ... cant get image of neil running in circles with a white pillow case over his head out of my head!!! Would have been a bit dangerous with those 'sideshow' feet as well... and good to see Friends is still a staple - at least your away from Hollyoaks for a year! Keep working on the blotches/tan
Locals in Peru queue outside our hostel to have a pic of themselves with my feet i will have u know...never seen em so big they tell me! Ask ur wife not to tape over the Hollyoaks episodes till I get back please....ahh!!! The farmers tan is coming on nicely...
From Dave - Tuesday, 9th August 2005, 15:59 (GMT)
My god! This isn't travelling. Its like a ruddy Butlins holiday camp for you people!! When I was a traveller, I used to sleep in what can only be described as a ruddy corrigated iron hut! That's travelling!...
Ur still not funny.....
From NANNEY - Tuesday, 9th August 2005, 18:59 (GMT)
Hello, Glad you are having an enjoyable experience, except the tear gas. Do not bring home llamas as they spit. Can you send me some of that dodgey soup, as it may solve one of my problems. Love to you both Nan.
Hola Nan, Cannot bring any Baby Alpacas home as Tasha keeps eating them with chips and rice for dinner?? Theres lots of things here better than that soup to sort u out!! Take care love N & N x
From UR BROTHER - Wednesday, 10th August 2005, 23:00 (GMT)
hey sis, hows it goin? i'm having to last a month with £200 pounds because i'm going to monthly!!! SHIT!!!

email me

Hi Stephen, Budget for 50 pounds a week and you will be fine. How come you are now being paid monthly??? How was working at Fetcham for 2 weeks? Is Rachel nervous about getting her results, are you going with her to get them? I have sent you an email xxx
From Mum & Dad - Thursday, 11th August 2005, 18:23 (GMT)
I cant believe Neil eat all the chocolate and did you see the Pink Flamingos before or after the wine tasting?
Dad says looking for sun glasses that are not really lost is part of being a couple, the down side.
Shocked to read you went on that tiney plane Neil. That was above and beyond the call of duty.We were very impressed, seemed worse.
than the tear gas
All our love M& M xx
I didnt eat all chocs as some were rank!! When I can get the pics uploaded u can see how tiny that plane was!!! Not quite as bad as tear gas....was only rough to 2 hours afterwards where as tear gas made me ILL for 2 days!! Love N x
From grimmy - Friday, 12th August 2005, 11:56 (GMT)
Brighton 0-2 Reading
Glen Little scored his first goal in 15 months as Reading eased to victory.
His free-kick from the left wing eluded everyone and found its way into the bottom corner after 14 minutes.

An unmarked Dave Kitson headed home from six yards out just past the hour to put the game beyond doubt as Brighton struggled to get going.

The hosts' most threatening moment came at the death when new signing Federico Turienzo struck a vicious shot that had keeper Marcus Hahnemann scrambling.

Preston away this weekend
See...the boys are back on last! Ta for that... as I type this in a cyber cafe in Cusco the bloke is tryin to drive my out by playing bl##dy Duran Duran..."Rio" song!!! Ahh...u come 1/2 way round the world & u still cant escape!! Take care
From Balders - Saturday, 13th August 2005, 08:34 (GMT)
Tash, you should realise that Barnett planned getting cold on that Sea Lion trip just so he could wear your skirt. he loves dressing up,...........
I am beginning to agree with you....he certainly likes getting his legs out and i have seen some very camp poses!!!! I found another mans pants in his washing from the laundrette yesterday.....very suss!!!!
From Balders - Saturday, 13th August 2005, 09:00 (GMT)
ps. Like the Seals, very cute. apparently the young pups make a nice jacket?
You save your money (that you dont pay the taxman) and buy a lovely Buffalo jacket instead you nasty man!!