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From Terhi - Saturday, 26th August 2006, 08:55 (GMT)
Hi crazy girl!
How's the late summer in Ireland treating you?
I just sent a msg to Dan, been very slack lately and wanted to tell you we're thinking of you even when we disappear for long periods of time... I for one think of you guys every single day! I ache to come to Europe but what can you do. Plus life's not that bad, I'm quite enjoying keeping busy with studies and writing essays left right and centre. And Jai is nearly finished!!! Woo-hoo!! He's got his last clinicals starting on Monday! How exciting... :) And then he can follow in the foot steps of you two gorgeous women! Ah....

Anyway, I'm starving so gonna go and beg my hubby to get some take away food (it's Saturday night, can't be bothered cooking!)!:)

Love you and miss you HEAPS!!
Terhi + Jai
Terhi!! You have brightened my day!!!! It's so cool to hear that you miss us - coz we miss you too! I know I think of you guys like sis and bro and I cannot wait until we can all relax together and have a barbie or just sit around or even go in the avanto again! (I love the Finnish way of life - it's so healthy!!!) I think about Finland all the time too. Not to make you homesick or anything but I would love to plan another holiday there again and we all drive up to the Northern Lights (maybe not get so wasted every night!!)
Love you and miss you heaps too.
Ab. xoxoxoxo
ps - nOt long till Im home at the end of nov!!!!!
From Melsy and the boys - Saturday, 2nd September 2006, 01:44 (GMT)
Hey Ab,

Just a note to say, STILL NO BABY. 5 days over now and waiting. Boys are all good. Will ring when something happens. Talk soon

I know!! I cant believe it!! I am going to call you guys soon actually coz Im at the airport waitin to go toEngland. Love and good luck if I dont get onto you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoo
From Sheila - Margs River - Wednesday, 30th August 2006, 09:18 (GMT)
Hi Abbey, FAB to see our friend Cath in your pics - she is a legend. (& she is so proud to have her pic with Xavier - he IS cool!) Didnt realise she was travelling on her own, glad to see there are SO many aussies out there havin fun, easy to forget how huge the world is outside of our little corner of the world. Live it up & be safe. Sheila
Thanks Sheila for responding!! yeah, Cath is getting around the world in style!! Hopefully I will catch up with her again in the Uk. I actually saw Xavier Rudd play again 2 weeks ago in Scotland. he was playing before Micheal Franti. But Xavier was the reason I went along to it. Yet again he was fabulous. I bought 2 cds that night!
Am having a great time, but cant wait to get back home and even travel back home.
Take care. xo
From mum - Tuesday, 17th October 2006, 05:52 (GMT)
abstr, spose you are back in england by now, how is america? all is good here, but mia is broken cos she has COLIC, not much fun, hope she gets past it soon. brij has a job i city, starts tomorrow at westco i think, hope it goes all right. she rang last night quite distressed about the whole thing, not being able to get work. she wants to come home for the hols i think, see you soon, love mumxxxxxxxxxx
You make me laugh mum. Mia is broken - I know it must mean she is sick but you crack me up.
Good for Brij, good luck to her! I know what it's like wanting to come home for the hols- dunno what her new boss would think...
love you too. xoxo
From CAZZA - Monday, 9th October 2006, 01:23 (GMT)
hey dude, stef's reco went well, all good so far - getting better everyday - just have to take it slow - wish i could be home with him! he is occupied with dvd's and xbox so should be o.k! nov 21 ey!! thank god!!!! cant believe little bettswana is 18! look out thats all i can say! talk soon luvvie, love caz
That's great caz. I guess it's a good time to chill out coz no matter how much stressin you do it wont heal faster!!
Catch you soon. thanks for the update!!!
From mum - Tuesday, 23rd January 2007, 05:43 (GMT)
Have just checked out your photos, they are great. Really good. How ae you two and how did your interview go? Its a bit difficult with you both looking for jobs I guess, but with patience it will all fall into place. all good here, hot about 34 i think. Have just been to the gym so I'm hot. must away Love Mum xxxxxxx
Hey! Yeah, all is ok. As in, Im good but no work and all this stress trying to get a permit when it seems near impossible is doing my head in!!! It's cold here about 2 degrees I think. But nice when it' snot windy coz the sun is out and there is no rain. Anyway, I better go too coz I have to look into work stuff.
Love Ab. xoxoxoxo
From Woombie No 1 - Tuesday, 6th February 2007, 03:32 (GMT)
all this talk about me being the best woombie ever and I'll get a fat head. Missing you too mate. Love Dan. XOXOOXOXOXX
you already do!!! ;) xoxo
From spazzy cazzy - Wednesday, 28th March 2007, 06:17 (GMT)
soz i missed your call dude, was interviewing a candidate! i am glad you liked your pressie - it made danni tear up too! i just love all of those photo's - love looking at them over and over! cant wait to see you!! love caz
No worries maaaaaate!! (For the missin of phone call).
Couldnt chat for very long anyway as I was on my mobile at work. Hav just finished that night duty thank god. Am now goin to sleep for a few hours. No more work until Friday!!!!
I love all the pics too - I look at em all the time!!
From mum - Monday, 12th February 2007, 03:09 (GMT)
My Darling daughter,I miss you heaps. Have just looked at your photos, they are great. Having a sniffle and cant see the keys. The snow looks grand, enjoy. Dan is home for a couple of days, supposd to be sorting her stuff, havnt seen much of that going on though. Marshall going great at school, good Eh. Saw Ben and fam yesterday, they are all going good, Jack loves school, Mia is a big girl now, the image of you woomies, more like you actually. Better go do some work, call soon, love mum,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Mum!!! Have spoken to you since you wrote this - you are going soft!!! Love you heaps. xoxo
From dan - Tuesday, 26th June 2007, 02:06 (GMT)
Hey did you meet up with Clarrissa??? Love Dan. XOXO
Yep was great. Will put pics up tomro or tonight
From cazzy - Tuesday, 17th April 2007, 02:00 (GMT)
nice wheels! you look hot!!!
Thanks caz!! xoxo
From mum - Thursday, 31st May 2007, 04:44 (GMT)
Sitting in Marshs room with a blanket around me, its freezing, raining and windy. Went to have a look at "The Pool" after work, will be great, pretty big. Had a couple of nice days in Shepp, wouldn't mind going back to Shepp, I really love it. Will run it by Dad !!!!! How are you to-day, better I hope. It's probably warmer there at the moment I guess. Mia is a doll, cutting teeth at the moment. They are inthe middle of rearanging the park, shifting all the Cabins, big job, Ben is pretty tired. Marsh is in trouble, some kid wants to bash him up, One girl, Two boys, doesn't ususlly work.,Eh Maybee a belt in the ear wouldn't hurt him. Teenagers, Eh,who would want them. Best go, my back is hurting sitting here, Love u 2 xxxxxxxx
Im sitting upstairs in our office with my slippers on and a vest to keep me warm too! It's not the bestest weather at moment.
Have just looked up the forecast here - 20 is gonna be maximum in next 5 days. Plus showers and maybe even a storm tomro. Yay...
Am going to see the new twins tomro night hopefully!!
Get back to Shepp if you can-esp if you like it there!!
Mind your back Jack!! Take care Love you. xoxoxoxo
From mum - Monday, 13th November 2006, 03:56 (GMT)
Abster, how are you going at the in-laws? Fine I hope. Not long to go now, the weather is foul, blowing a gale. Have just been to Nats, they are very active to-day, dancing. Think Charlie will be a dancer like her mother. Dan is at work in Shepp, she is pretty together at the moment ,I think. No news pretty boring really love you, mum.xxxxxxx,
Hey Mommy! Im great! The gregory's have been very hospitable as usual and let me get on with messing up Rob's room with all my stuff everywhere (as you can imagine!)
From betti boo - Saturday, 9th September 2006, 03:26 (GMT)
hey girlfriend....!!! jus in shepp at melindas.. came down to c the new princess mia.. how cooyl!!! im getting clucky already.. cluck cluck cluck!!! he he.. everything is good jus wokjing at a cafe at highpoint its pretty good! going for a hairdressing apprenticeship on chapel st... its a girl from yarra whop owns the salon and i went in there yesterday and had an interview.. she wants me to come in for a few days trial and see how i go... the only thing is the travelling n stuff.. crappy wages.. but yeah i suppose if i like it it wont matter!! anyways going to bens now to say hi again then going to yarra!! peace out big sis...
love ya
Hey Little Sis!! So lucky you get to see the new baby! Glad you arre good. That apprenticeshi sounds awesome. if you do it now I guess you could own your own salon by the time you are 21! (Not that you would wanto probably). Yeah, public transport sucks, but so does driving for an hour to work every morning. At least on the train/tram/bus you can read a book or sleep a bit!
Say Hi to everyone for me!!

From cazzy - Tuesday, 5th June 2007, 05:31 (GMT)
hey babes - glad you have some time off - get some rest etc. steffy busy workin workin workin and i am actually doing some work for a change = omg - still waiting on wedding photos from photographer - hopefully wont be long and waiting on the paperwork to legally change my name - yipee! cant wait!!! love spaz
Hey spaz. You're so cool!! You're gonna be Mrs V!!! (I cannot remember if I made that up or if that's what you affectionately call Stef's mum).
Really excited to see your photos too - Im sure they are great.
Love to Stef.
Ab. xoxo
From CAZZA - Thursday, 17th August 2006, 01:27 (GMT)
hi dans, quick note - have logged over last few days but keep getting interupted and couldnt write but just wanted to say miss ya and looking forward to seeing you real soon!
Tis not Dan, Tis Ab. No matter. Miss you too all the same. And I will be seeing you real soon too!! Love ab. xoxo
From Danski - Monday, 2nd October 2006, 00:43 (GMT)
Hey mate
hopefully I am not too much in the bad books as I havent written in ages. Have been just trying to get my head around things being back home etc. Will give everyone a major bollocksing for being slack bums though so that should be good. Glad to hear all good. Cant wait till you come hom either!! Love ya, miss ya Love Dan. XXOXOXOXO
Hey. Dont worry bout it. Dont even bother telling anyone that they are slack bums. They are just busy obviously. Im tryin to get organised for new york this week, as only 9 sleeps to go as Lou reminded me last night. She is a champion - we had a good sook to each other last night on the phone. Very similar but different at the same time. Miss you too. xoxo
From cazzy - Thursday, 10th August 2006, 01:21 (GMT)
hey luvvie, miss you-luv you, jsut a quick one to say glad your feelin better babe! stefy and i are great! looking forward to moving out into a house next year so makin some plans! take care darlin, love you, love caz
Miss you too!! House sounds great. Gotta go. Love Ab. xoxo
From shenay - Monday, 28th August 2006, 01:46 (GMT)
pics are awesome chook have been checking em out when ever i get a chance they are wicked as give all gregorys big hello for me and tell bobo i said f*** yeh!!! now wit lamby and wil prob see your sis soon as well will be great have so much to talk boout like we always do after weeks apart! jetty was with me now returned to aus was good to see him but will explain when get back to uk!!
love u and miss u loads love always shenay
Hey chicken. Thanks for checkin the pics. Have you got yours up yet??? I think I know the answer to that. =D
Cant wait to hear and see all about your adventures, will have to have a reunion!!! Love to big sis and love to you lil sis.
From mum - Tuesday, 5th September 2006, 05:03 (GMT)
baby doll is doing fine. she is gorgeous. ben and mel are like peacocks, so proud. mel only laboured for an hour, that was great. are you o,k. hope so . dan sounds all right. had linda for w-end, looking forwrard to england, love you mumxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hey mum. just spoke to you so I know all the biz. Great bout Little Princess Mia. Cant wait to meet her!! I am great at the moment. Danni has got work in Oxford - dunno if it's the kids ward she was on or not but she is kickin herself for bookin a flight to Belfast because I think there was more work there. But you cant hold off on everything, and we are gonna have a good time together.
When is Linda comin to England?
When are you comin to England? Nah, just kidding. Im gonna be hom e in only a few short weeks. I might even come home for six weeks or so - make it worth my while. Might even touch base with Wang hospital - some casual work wouldnt be bad if I dont have enough cash. I need to re-rego and service and tyre my car too!! Getting excited bout it. Love to Dad and Marsh and everyone. xoxoxo
From Prue - Tuesday, 3rd April 2007, 04:01 (GMT)
The naurghtiness is from the friday fun photors silly! Looks like you had a few bacarrrdis too many and were a bit tipsy wipsy. Mwah, Prue.
mmm too true Prue. mmm yes mmm
From mum - Sunday, 22nd July 2007, 08:14 (GMT)
Just cleaned up, have had all the kids home. Had a really nice day, and it was a really nice day, we had lunch out in the sun, the first time I have been on the patio for months. We just had sausages and salad, no work, was great, Nat bought round left=over Pav, had a little bit, was un-real. Hope to hear from Dr's tomorrow, Linda is here, so that is good. Ben and Mel were hear too, Mia is absolutely gorgeous. They are all well. Say hello to Rob, must away. Love you xxxxxxxx
Rob says hello back and Rob's family. Miss you all so much. Glad linda is at Yarra - Lauz and i are still planning little swifty getaways... Sun came out this morning for half an hour which was nice... Cloudy now. Probly gonna rain.

Will talk to you soon. oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox
From Sarah - Friday, 22nd September 2006, 02:50 (GMT)
Hey Mate,
saw your msg for xav and that you are thinking of camping new years thought i would let you know we are trying to organise a few of our friends to come to yarra and camp for new years too so we should do something together!!! I see that dan is home early, you sneaky things, i bet your dying to get home too, wont be long at all!!!! Talk soon xx
Awesome!! We could just manage that I think. Gotta go to work but will put thinking cap on and be in touch. What's Xav's email by the way? I have a few but they are all old methinks. Big hi to Russ.

From mum - Saturday, 23rd September 2006, 01:35 (GMT)
lovely day here, sun is shining. charlie is sick so the nurse has gone round there, got gastro, bad. clucked over mia for 23hours, she is still like you, absolutely gorgeous, it feels like one of mine cos she looks like all of you put together, love ya, mum xxxxxxxx
sun shone here today too for a bit!! Hope Charlie girl is doin better now. How is Nat?
Makes me feel a bit special to look a bit like Mia. I go all gooey inside and my heart aches a bit but it's not too bad because she has all you lot to coo at her. Ill be cooing at her soon enough.
Love you too.
From danski - Wednesday, 30th May 2007, 01:40 (GMT)
How is it you know more about everyone in the family than i do, and you're a billion miles away, whereas I am like 300km away...? Best call some people tonight and find out the goss, although you have filled in brillitanly. And i Havent been to the gym, and done no restorative yoga, have just been sleeping when I can and getting stuff done for uni. Am on a study day today with the gals, which is informal but we booked a room to do exam prep etc. We have been talkin, eating and laughin but no study done yet. Not surprising, but it is so good to have a lil normality and I am so greatful to have friends at uni!! Linda is still away in Qld visiting Sharon and co, Di is all right but her workcover stuff is giving her a headache. Shaun is good and hasnt heard re his audition yet. Lamb wrote me an email and sounds exhausted (can see why from your piccies). And I am ok- just ploughing through and cant wait till 13th June is over: exam day and then have 5 weeks with no uni, and 2 weeks without work for annual leave too!! (am thinking I will get a job with an agency at that time and just work a few days in a row as I have to move out soon to afford a bond). But we will see. I will talk to you very soon mate, will try and call tonight. Love you infinity. Love Dan. XOXOXOX
I have my ways and means of getting information...
Nah, miss you too like crazy.
So glad you have friends at uni coz they are sometimes the only reason you pull through it.
Gotta go to bed. xoxoxo