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From Mick - Tuesday, 19th July 2005, 03:35 (GMT)
Well sounds as if your having a shithouse time! Wish I could not be there. I don't ever want to go esspecially immediately. Keep up the miserable diary so I can keep reading about your awful holiday.
Hope you get through it,
Stop being sooooo positive Micko!! Sounds like Brissy's going well. Look forward to hearing more from you soon.
From Neil - Friday, 24th March 2006, 00:06 (GMT)
yo chief - so you finally managed to escape from the lopolas. just left Timbo and Davo in Tucuman, think they are heading to Salta for a day or two then hitting bolivia. let us know when you hit europe so we can catch up and I can hear some stories. later mate
look forward to it mate. yeah finally got away from Floripa. Will have to update some photos of all the brazilian adventures at some stage.
look forward to heading to sweden at some stage mate to see what all the fuss is about.
From millo - Wednesday, 13th July 2005, 01:28 (GMT)
sounds like you are sinking your teeth into London's finest offerings. good times. i'm almost jealous, almost. get back to me in winter.

p.s: what are you doing at MAN in london?
not planning to stick around for winter. and re what am i doing at Man London, that's a very good question. Great view of the TV tho.
From Steve Lien - Wednesday, 15th March 2006, 00:36 (GMT)

have made up my mind and am heading to rio and then all the way up north to fortelaza...i think. Anyways thanks for the email and will def keep in touch.

good to hear you made your mind up mate. look forward to catching up for an ale in London in a few months time.
From pish - Tuesday, 12th July 2005, 20:07 (GMT)
hey Charlie!
what a lovely website and some great photos... the ones of you, amy and gemma could be taken in the cross, i tell you, you can take the kids out of australia but...
keep the stories coming, very entertaining reading!
seems i learnt everything from you then hey !!!
seems we may be web diary competition now. bring it on...
From Mum - Tuesday, 12th July 2005, 22:06 (GMT)
Gee, Fella !
That's a great effort. A summary of the good times & experiences - hope you can keep it up during ALL your travels. [only thing (I know!) you didn't mention was London winning Olympics. perhaps it didn't excite Man-mates?]
Just love it ---- & look forward to some photos.
Love from Mum
Been there done that re the Olympics Mum. Only real joy was that they changed the channel so i couldn't watch the end of the state of origin. Will try my hardest to keep everything updated.
From Tom Hannam - Tuesday, 12th July 2005, 22:23 (GMT)
Browny mate good to hear that all is going well over there! Qld are crap! The last game was so bad that I almost turned it off, but watching qld get absolutely smashed! Mate wallabies look not bad this year, all blacks demolished lions v.badly so looks like a tough season ahead but big find is the wendall, who is playing the best ffoty of his career. hate to say it but looks like a good buy for nsw at the moment....and will be laughing when all the try scorers against qld next year are rogers, sailor & tuquiri!
typical nsw form. seems to be the same in everything. qld creates the legends, nsw buys them. Bit like business isn't it.
From - Tuesday, 12th July 2005, 22:29 (GMT)
you are a funny little man
Zack or Justin, don't know, but's its one of you.
From Charlie McWilliam - Wednesday, 13th July 2005, 00:22 (GMT)
This sounds typical of London. I am extremely jealous. We used to carry on like this - any excuse for a party, it is an absolutely brilliant time. Keep up the antics it sounds like vintage poo form.

Cheers Charlie, also not very different to the old days at GrainCorp. Enjoy those trucks.
From George Rhodes - Wednesday, 13th July 2005, 22:27 (GMT)
Great idea Charlie, so good to hear the news. I will be in NYC from 23 August for 5 days, if you are going to be there then (although I suspect not) let me know, it's be great to catch up.
Take it easy,
unfortunately going to be there about 3 weeks later. will be in italy about that time tho, does that help??
From ? - Thursday, 14th July 2005, 04:09 (GMT)
day one, a bit cloudy, day two a bit sunny, day 3 got my feet all muddy
who's the funny guy ??? more like month 1 sunny, day 42 it poured down and i got muddy. its been great weather.
From Concerned friend - Thursday, 14th July 2005, 16:52 (GMT)
Sounds like you are having a blast! Just promise me you steer clear of the gangs, I hear they are worse than Sydney.......
Hope all's well in India Bugden !!!
From Bill Bailey - Wednesday, 27th July 2005, 02:24 (GMT)
Had an option to straddle any spreads lately? Markets here are pretty flat.
good to see your keeping your finger on the pulse Bill. Will keep you updated with what i come across!
From Pikey - Thursday, 28th July 2005, 22:48 (GMT)
Piss off Poo
don't worry, i have pikey. is bloody great not to be in the same city as you too!!! how's your bald head and hairy ears and nose going ??
From Mum - Thursday, 28th July 2005, 22:59 (GMT)
Polo?? Nothing but the English Best! but - better explain Sienna Miller please.
Home is very empty - Split's bed so cold, food dish still there etc. Sob, sob.
Lord's 2005 Test a 'bottler' to attend.
PLEASE 'stop still' if a Bobby speaks to you !! Dad & I were working on the theory Clapham should be close enough to 'lots of cop coverage' to be safe. Got to be positive - !!
Have to keep practising my tennis before we next meet --?!
Some great photos fella - hope you see some UK countryside soon.
lots of love
From Brice - Tuesday, 23rd August 2005, 21:43 (GMT)
Good news Charlie

The " donation pool " to secure your release from the drug running kidnappers in Colombia is now up to $3.80 and a Gatoraide cap... so travel in peace

Sounds like you are having a great time ! Good man and enjoy !@
SWEET, you guys at Man Australia are so generous!
From Justin - Tuesday, 30th August 2005, 22:12 (GMT)
Charles, I have two things to add.
Firstly, does Gibbsy the snowman realise that he was catching rays in the shade?
secondly, you are a big unit.
Cherio then.
I'll pass that on mate, and thanks for reminding me just how massive I am. Hear you've made the final's at colleagues, hope they remember your last finals performance and drop your sorry arse.
From matty g - Wednesday, 31st August 2005, 04:04 (GMT)
Rome's a beautiful place. I have to get back to France soon.
your not wrong there mate. Amazing. Haven't been to france, saving that for when i return.
From Jamo - Wednesday, 31st August 2005, 06:59 (GMT)
Seems like in the European hinterlands/carvery has got the better of you!!!!!
No.... good to see you're having a great time and starting to get very itchy feet about getting over there.....
Yes, finals time for colleagues....Caldwell is till gay and Pugsley has turned to Buddism.....

Over and out.....
yeah mate, have to admit the Italian food did get the better of me. Now off to the land of hamburgers and fries !! Maybe a few less pints would help too ! Great to hear colleagues hasn't dropped off since my departure.
From monika - Sunday, 1st January 2006, 11:08 (GMT)
Happy New Year Charlie!!!
and Happy New Year to you too Monika !!!
From Bops - Friday, 23rd September 2005, 02:11 (GMT)
Have a great time in the wild west, and don't miss any baseball matches. You seem to have "done" NY pretty thoroughly> Keep on the right side of the road ! All well here, cheers, Bops.
great to hear from you Bops. Will try our hardest to keep on the right side of the road, til now its just been hard enough to keep on the road, too much to look at out the window. Great to hear things are well at home.
From Mum - Thursday, 6th October 2005, 22:23 (GMT)
Hello Charlie
You're keeping very busy. This diary/record will be a great way for you to trace names of places you visit. Who's with you now?
Graeme Connors [Aussie Golden Guitar singer/songwriter] coming to stay 22/10 so Thallons, Gardners, Joyces & 10 others are coming to enjoy concert Samford Valley and stay weekend - real Aussie stuff for you!
Have a wonderful trip.
love from Mum
sounds like your getting on mother! good to hear your getting some famous people at the cottages! you better get him to leave a signed guitar for the pool room.
From BRIDG - Thursday, 13th October 2005, 21:38 (GMT)
Yo Chucka chuck....all system go on the trip by the sounds of it! Go you good thing. Have just arraived back in Austraia for 2 weeks...bit strange. It i bloody raining of you can believe the hell am I supposed to go back to London looking tanned and trim and beautiful (well, more beautiful)??
Keep up the good form.
your idea for this to be on the web site. good work bridg. most aussies would be happy with the rain, bloody winging poms!
From Gull - Thursday, 13th October 2005, 23:38 (GMT)
Wet Dog,
Great reading mate. Like everyone else I am v jealous although will see you over there mid next year so don't be burnt out by then!!!
Update your photos too. Am keen to see Bert in his prostitute get up!!
Take care mate,
working on the photo's for you mate. will see what i can do. well worth seeing too !!
From Lynne - Wednesday, 25th October 2006, 03:06 (GMT)
Hi 'Uncle' Charlie
Congrats on your new niece. Have just been re-reading your SA diary - & amazing photos - great stuff. We are heading over there Nov 8 via Easter Island - 5 weeks in Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina (looking forward to the red wine and meat!)
Lynne & Stuart
your very lucky Lynne. What a great trip. If only i could be back there.