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From - Tuesday, 15th November 2005, 04:07 (GMT)
I am SURE I remember that guy in the COPS t shirt, from south, didn't happen to work at new world DID he can't beleive I am admitting to working there once.. EXPONENTS SOUNDED WICKED
Nar thats Nath - he's my aussie flatmate - never even been to NZ(!!!)...
From Jo Booze Harg - Wednesday, 11th January 2006, 03:15 (GMT)
OMG SUPER NEW PICS DARL - MWAH MWAH - brrrrrr you all looked a little bit chilly around the willy though thanks - ha ha ha!
You're looking super skinny and gorgeous Darl - love yer new dress - very glam! WOW you found Lindauer over thar - freaky deaky!
Wellety - me farking off to do shopping now - so vill clock in again very soon! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU HEAPS!!!! xxxxxx
haha thanks booze haarrrg - you always know the right things to say as I have been in desperate need of gym-going after all the christmas goodies we've been indulging in!!
Missing you heaps too - got to say 'hi' to Saige yesterday when I tried to call you - cant believe they dont go back till Feb!!!!!
take care scchhweeeetie MWAH MWAH MWAH XOXOXOX
From Katie - Saturday, 6th August 2005, 06:52 (GMT)
You are having sooo much fun chick! Good on you :-) Am very proud of you for thinking about the firefighter guy thing, you go girl and keep searching. I expect a number or an email addy from one very soon!! xx Paris sounds beautiful and it's cool that you are meeting people instead of spending too much time by yourself. I agree with your mummy xx travel safe - love you mmmmaaa
hehe i'm working on it chick - have mostly met aussies so far though! xo
From mum - Sunday, 14th August 2005, 05:24 (GMT)
yeah me again, just got back from grandads for our birthday get together. Fairly well behaved - well some of us have to work tomorrow!!! glad finally get to see something other than london on the picture front :) sounds like you're having a blast. 60 huh? how did you get to know so many in such a short time!that's my girl! luv u have fun!!xxxx
From mum - Saturday, 20th August 2005, 04:18 (GMT)
good to hear from you the other day, hope you are feeling better - perhaps the alcohol has killed the bugs!! Very interesting apparition you are cuddling into at Amsterdam - hmmmmmmmmm never seen one that big before - thank goodness!! sounds like you are having a blast - keep it up - Luv u lots mum xxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooo
From mum - Saturday, 27th August 2005, 01:18 (GMT)
hello my little beer guzzling daughter, are you sure it's the hat that's crooked in the photos and you're not on a permanent lean??HAHA. Looking forward to the next installment. Love U lots xxoo
From Sarah - Monday, 29th August 2005, 03:54 (GMT)
Herro Travelling SamGirl!!
I finally asked work to permit me access to this site - farkin fabulous! Love the piccies! Hv printed out lots & on billboard. Love the Amsterdam, um, phallic photo, all class! Nice to see yr keeping the side up, so to speak!! Gorg to see photos of London & Kim's place too. Keep on having a fabby time & showing Europe how its done! xoxoxoxx S
haha - sooo you like my work then?! keep saving those pennies my dear and you can see it all for yourself :-)
From Lis - Tuesday, 30th August 2005, 02:56 (GMT)
Ok so you know I am now a single GAL - Lifes to short to be treated like shit!!! OK soooo I am planning on getting some time off over christmas and new years and flying to UK * Just waiting on a quote- Gonna spend christmas with fano over there AND hopefulllllly new years with you and who ever else is around :0) Will keep you posted on everything mi love - Take care love me xxx
Yippeeee sounds all good chick!!!! hope you're sweet - keep smiling and looking forward to a brighter future (and seeing me haha)!!!
From mum - Wednesday, 7th September 2005, 02:34 (GMT)
As long as you're feeling better that's the main thing. We're actually starting to get a bit of sunshine now its so nice to see the sun. Loving the photos - gimme more!! Savings is going well, a little hitch here and there but a girls gotta have a few new clothes!!?? Catch up soon luv you, mum xxxxxxxxxxooooooooo
haha - yep a girls gotta shop sometimes!!!
love you tooo - will write a decent email soon when the nets cheaper xoxoxoxo
From lisa - Sunday, 31st July 2005, 00:59 (GMT)
From Booze Harg Laurie - Sunday, 31st July 2005, 22:32 (GMT)
Hiiii!!!! ha ha ha.
This is still very mental.. BUCKINGHAM PALACE????? Ahhhh you're really really tharrr!!!! We miss you heaps and love you heaps!
This is sooooo fabulous!!!!!!
From JoGrl - Tuesday, 2nd August 2005, 20:16 (GMT)
Happy to hear your having a FAB time!!!!!!!
OMG PARIS???????? how KEWL is that!!!!!!
Safe Travels Chick!!!!!!!!!!
Miss you LOADS & LOADS!!!!

Luv, ME :-)
From BH Junnie - Tuesday, 2nd August 2005, 20:54 (GMT)
OH HOW FABULOUS DARLY!!!!! - sounds like you're having such a blast!! - we all ENVY you sooooo much and can't wait for more updates everywhere you go!!! REMEMBER DOLLY JUNNIE is thirsty and would like to go to every pub you do!!!.... he he....


Luv HEAPS xxx
From Katie - Tuesday, 2nd August 2005, 21:20 (GMT)
Hey mate :-) I hope everytime you think of your departure at the airport you think of our crazy folkdance just for you hehehe anyways HI chick and keep having loads of fun - oh and ps: don't forget i'm after an Irish Firefigher lol
luv you xxxxx
OMG - met a girl who has an irish firefighter boyfriend..... knew you would be jealous - but maybe he has a friend for you!? hehe xoxoxox
From stacey - Tuesday, 2nd August 2005, 22:56 (GMT)
Rock out with your cock out mate! Woohoo! You're doing it - what a trooper! Eagerly anticipating each update. (Don't) be good! xx
From mum - Wednesday, 3rd August 2005, 07:58 (GMT)
takes a little while for the ole brain to hook into these things but Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. :) miss you love you am envious but shit you go and have heaps of fun. luv mum
From POMKI - Thursday, 4th August 2005, 01:24 (GMT)
PAREEEEEEE WOW - Sounds like soooo much fun and maybe a lil crazy with the whole movie on the grass with a blow up screen thing going on hahaha
Your not a geek Bahahah!!! Your a travelling samgrl - Sounds like you having a fab time :) Love lis
From mum - Friday, 5th August 2005, 08:32 (GMT)
I hope you managed to hook up with Nic and you are not doing paris on your own - made me feel a bit worried that you were wandering around some strange city on your own - it's a mum thing, we worry. Looking forward to reading your next adventure - lots of love and cuddles -mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooo
hehe - no need to worry, bumped into Nic whilst randomly wandering towards the Louvre... spent the day sightseeing together - was so great to have someone to talk to etc :-)
love you heaps xoxoxox
From from MUM - Friday, 5th August 2005, 23:32 (GMT)
WOW looking at that itinerary its hard to imagine my little girl going to all those places - don't forget to make a note of the best ones for me when i come ova!!!Drinking wine under the eiffel tower - that's my girl - hope you got a picture of that- luv u - mumxxxxxooooo
YES i definately got a pic!
will upload some pics next couple days xo
From From diddle (POMKI) - Saturday, 6th August 2005, 00:05 (GMT)
Hiiiiiii - I have SO many nick names I don't know which one to choose, all thanx to you... Diddle bum.
Real glad you ended up bumping into Nic, was a little like ermm poor wee thing by her lonsome :) - So off to Brugge today for you. I LOVE hearing all about your travels and can't wait for the next - Thats it I'm addicted. MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH you funny grl, take care and drink lots. Hope the Euro's have helped you BIG HUGS AND KISSESXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
hahaha loook- this site is like your very own personal big brother or something.... lol
From auntie marie carol - Saturday, 6th August 2005, 13:29 (GMT)
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hope u r having fun nearly 50 wellprimed & having fun!!!!!!! young ones home in bed no stamina!!!!!!!!!!but we will party on as we expect u to luv to u from all of us pisst people xxxxxooxxxxxxx
DAMMIT i shoulda called while you were all drunken - happy birthday aunty marion... hope you had a great night xo
From mum - Thursday, 6th October 2005, 02:05 (GMT)
yay got your text this morning - great news on the job front!!!!!! Does this mean no more loans?? yay!!! just kidding!! - love you -mum xxxx PS Russell must be having a good time cos haven't heard from him! :)
lol... yeah everything should be peachy now... might even be able to save some pennies too!!!
From JoGrl - Sunday, 7th August 2005, 20:02 (GMT)
WOW, you sound like your LOVING it . . . YAY YOU!!! YAY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha OBVIOUSLY they're not as cool as your friends back home but hey . . . i'm sure they'll do for now!! haha
HAHAHAH i've never heard of half the places your going! d'oh!! well, have fun chick!! Safe Travels!! BE PEACHY! :-)Miss you LOADS, hugs and kisses xoxoxoxoxoxo
ME :-)
From pomki - Monday, 8th August 2005, 09:36 (GMT)
decided Diddle isn't very cool, people make fun of me when I tell them my name, jokes. Just realized I hadn't read 5th August note... After looking at the page twice.. WOW grl, I am very happy to hear you have met people.. WOW France sounds wonderful, LUCKY TART, guess you did make this happen yourself mind!
OK off you go bugger off and enjoy your next adventure MISS YA HEAPS OXOXOXOXOX
From - Monday, 8th August 2005, 09:44 (GMT)
OK so I have just reaad your travels in Brugge, whats with the starnge lady BAHAHA I cracked up when I read that TAKE CARE AMSTERDAM HERE YOU COME......