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From - Sunday, 25th September 2005, 09:59 (GMT)
Cant be expected to get names rite all the time he he DOH ! :0)
Ok so 80 sleeps to go! Saving is going well, have been sick for the last two weeks boo! Will send you pics of the pub night soon. Miss ya catch ya up laters xx
From Adrian - Tuesday, 27th September 2005, 13:01 (GMT)
Hey Sam girl, Good idea on the website. Jack and myself were the two English, actually Isle of Man lads who failed to drink you under the table in Munich. Not quite sure who was looking afetr who at that point, who says chivalry is daed.We'll be back next year. In the mean time come to the IOM if you feel brave.
From lisa - Monday, 10th October 2005, 08:35 (GMT)
9 weeks to go!!!!!! - Ok so yeah you forgot to mention that minor! detail of where you were going to be working BUT the main thing is you have pennies coming in...Great to hear your still having fun. Can't wait to get over for the Hogmanay oh and to c U! Gna be a blast - Keep drinking ya pints - love mexoxox
Haha - yeees but i didnt knoooow where i was going to be working!
Yey we have tickets to hogmanay!!!
From DAD - Thursday, 6th October 2005, 19:22 (GMT)
Job..... that will be a shock to the forgot? to mention what sort of job.Sound to me like you are having won great adventure,needles to say i'm getting my ear bent about a euro trip in07 lol dad
Oh- its an office job... haha will let you know more once i get in there on monday... it's at the scottish widows bank working for underwriters - no idea really! haha
Cool - would be good to have some visitors in 07... lol xoxox
From Banita - Wednesday, 21st December 2005, 01:10 (GMT)
Hi Sam, Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year to you. Take care Chicky :-)
From mum - Saturday, 17th December 2005, 05:59 (GMT)
Hope your road trip is a blast - can't imagine you driving an 18 seater - so I'll say the mum thing - be careful. Have a blast and I'll talk to you Christmas morning. Haven't had a feel of the pressies altho I had to remove them from boy's hands!! The choch was in liquid form and neither of us had to feel that to figure out what it was - and neither of us felt the need to check the contents!! Love you lots and miss you heaps - mumxxoooooooooxxxxxxxx
From mum - Thursday, 20th October 2005, 04:49 (GMT)
thought we might have had a photo of the "crash face".........or even any new photo would be good.
now i have money i can pay for internet time.... sorry it's not that easy when you dont own a computer and have no money!! Plan on a marathon internet session this weekend & PROMISE to upload some pics for everyone :-)
sorry - no 'crash face' pics....
From Adrian Beale - Sunday, 23rd October 2005, 10:30 (GMT)
Hey Sam,
Hi from Isle of Man.
Just a quickky to see how the travelling is going. Just got back to work myself from a “make it up as you go” motorbike trip to Uk and Eire. Went with Jack. Had a real blast and met loads of people and got into some interesting scrapes. Wolverhampton excellent for a nite out. In danger of going travelling again. Watch this space.
Hope things are good for you. Take care,
Ade x,

Wow the trip sounds cool!!! Unfortunately for me my travelling has halted for a little while as I get the ol' savings happening!
From Jennie - Tuesday, 25th October 2005, 03:07 (GMT)
HEY DARLY!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man - sounds like you're just having an absolute BLAST!... Louls just filled my in on your lil trip... DOH!!... bloody good thing that there was alcohol involved otherwise you might have been in MAJOR pain!!! he he.... we miss you soooooo much over here - the booze hags are catching up on Friday, but will miss you :o(
2 more weeks of fat belly for me (well - here's hoping?)... getting very excited now and just want the lil munchkin to come and say ALLO to us!!!!.... MENTALLLLLL... anways - take care of yourself MWAHHHHHHHHHH! xxxx
From sarah - Monday, 31st October 2005, 23:01 (GMT)
Hello chick!
Loving the new photos, Cinque Terre absolutely gorgeous - ummm, where exactly is it?! (Forgive my ignorance!) Hope yr poor face is ok now, heard from Kim & saw her travel page, made me smile to see you in Tui shirt @ Beerfest, nice work! Glad to hear you have a job & groovy flat too, I'm imagining all the sexy Scottish lads with their nice wee accents! I have a new job - finally ditching the rat-faced troll of a boss here, going to work as a rep for Watties, spagetti!! Love ya lots, stay cool till after school xox Sarah
HEY YOU!!!!! Cinque Terre is in Italy - on the coast - sooo pretty!!!
oooohh free spagetti aye - will have to send you a bloody good email soon - will do when i buy some time at cafe :-P
From Jo Grl - Monday, 9th January 2006, 03:19 (GMT)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
Hope your roadtrip was fun filled!!!!! That pommy girl has emailed me some pics of you in a drunken state! hahahaha brilliant!!!
your pressie going in mail this week!!! bit late but hey - better late than never!!!!!!!

take care, talk soon.
Me :-)
drunken state... i dont know what you're talking about... lol xx
From Lisa - Monday, 14th November 2005, 02:25 (GMT)
ONLY 30 SLEEPS TO GOOOOO!! Whooo hoooo. Don't forget to ask your mum about your jeans and I'll bring them ova :) Not much else sorry I have all my familys xmas pressies to bring too - Take care you. GO THE AB'S !!!!
dont worry i only want my jeans - oh and some cds.. but yeah - i'm onto it mate!
how exciting - not long now!!
From dad - Wednesday, 23rd November 2005, 21:36 (GMT)
the exponents aye,,,can,t be bad,,sounds like a good time had by all. the harvey tartan is clan keith ,according to gary,lol dad..
lol - cool... i dont know ay different so that sounds good to me! Yeah the exponents was awesome!! Should be getting some pics soon... xoxoxox
From KIRSTI - Wednesday, 14th December 2005, 22:13 (GMT)
Hiya sammy sammy sam sam sam
sorry i didn't have a chance to speak to you when you called this morning. I hear you are having a fab time - You GO GIRL
Have wonderful xmas in the snow take care
Hey kirsty kirst kirst kirst!!!
Yeah you sneaked off before i could say hi :-P Hope you have a fab festive season - Hi to the rest of the crew @ Parbury
Take care everyone & i'll check in with you all soon x
From Jo Booze Harg - Friday, 30th December 2005, 19:42 (GMT)
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Darly Warly! I've had a very nice romp through this website page thingy - absolutely suuupppeerr entertainment thanks! Awwwww fanks so much for the Christmas card Darl - me fully loved the photo of the dude and the NORTY dolly booze hargs you sent - ba ha ha ha!
Wellety it's New Year's Eve already - farrrk's sake it all goes too blardy quickly! Can't vait to hear about your latest trip - tell me, did you manage to gut the bananas and chocolate sauce and tinfoil - snot to mention the sausages and bags of ice to keep them fresh etc etc - or did you fully tie the food to the roof instead thanks?
Love you and miss you heaps - hope you have a riveting new years and rollllllll on another one - tally hoooooo!
OH DAMMIT - i fully bllaarrrdy forgot about the bananas & choccie for xmas bbq!!!!! what a wally!!!
Yus it's hard to believe its a new year AGAIN! I have put up some new pics so you can see the pretty places i went to on the road trip :-) lotsa love to you darly - miss you heaps tooo xoxox MWAH MWAH
From Lolla Pie - Tuesday, 17th January 2006, 00:20 (GMT)
SWUUTTIEEEE!!!!! I love you in purple you look fabulous thanks!!!!! I looovveee those pictures of all those beautiful places!! AM SO going there thanks!!!
Oh oh case of lindaur is on its way!!!
HI DARL!!!!!!!!!!
OMG thanks soooo much for the wonderful photos!! i cant wait to get onto a computer that will let me see them as more than a thumbnail!!!
p.s. dont tease me about lindauer... mmmm lindauer.... tehe
From Jenn - Thursday, 31st May 2007, 04:04 (GMT)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my most favourite Kiwi in the world!!!!

Hope you have a mad trip in Portugal and i am so super jealous of your travel plans!!!

Im off to drink some wine to help u celebrate ur bday in true sam style!!! ;oP

Hey heeeey!!!
THANKS!!! Hehe I'm just getting round to replying to emails and stuff - LOVED Portugal!!! Lagos was fab - so pretty!! Looking forward to the day we can have a celebration drink in person again ;-)
Take care, email coming xx
From Jo Booze Harg - Friday, 10th February 2006, 05:46 (GMT)
Hiii Darly! OMG how exciting about your Ma coming aye - far out time goes so farking fast! I can't vait until you post the pics from that trip - Greek Islands sound fab thanks! Clock in again soon thun - mwah mwah xxx

From Jo - Thursday, 13th April 2006, 02:10 (GMT)
From mum - Saturday, 11th February 2006, 23:38 (GMT)
Hi glad to hear the ole antibiotics worked. You must have sent the germy germs my way cos the bugs hit me with a vengance last wee but those ole antibi's sure do the trick! Glad to read the research is a happening thing! Not excited yet - too far away but am really looking forward to it! saving saving and more saving - no life-but lots of saving :)- love you - bye xxxx
Glad to hear you're feeling better - Arent antibot's great. I've done a little more research and am getting idea of just how much this is all gonna cost (choke). Today I booked the first thing!!! We now officially have a flight to Athens! hehe
Love you loads xx
From tattie - Monday, 8th January 2007, 02:08 (GMT)
hellllloooooooo. this is a cool site girly, god i miss u guys. me and the lads wnet to that pub down the street ossians i think , wesley wound me up by saying stuff like " Na man its an english pub they'll kill ya, ya have to be british to drink there" ! turns out its an irish pub staffed with irish ppl lol i even did karoke ! nxt step X FACTOR !!!! any way i got ur email im glad u spent time @ home and guess what ???? i going home to in the end of jan or the start of feb i hope (when ever i can get time off)
so who knows i might be over for your welcome to ireland drinking session lol .
hey tattie!! good to hear from you! i think we're going to just miss each other in cork though.... no doubt will see you there soon enough :-) nice work on the karaoke... i'll keep an eye out for your debut performance!
From lis - Saturday, 6th May 2006, 03:17 (GMT)
HEY GRL!! Thought i'd best check in see how your going, Yey thur ya go off on ya lil travels again! I'm here in Oz, working for Mitsubishi (cars), weather is GREAT people are OK - I'm in OZ remember ha! Going back to NZ for my B/day weekend can't wait so looking forward to seeing everyone - Big long weekend planned! YEY our b/day month for me you and Jo!! GREAT . E-mail when you back - HAVE a fab trip! xxx
From Katie - Sunday, 28th May 2006, 00:10 (GMT)
hey you!!! I haven't been on this site for AGES! My school computer won't give me access to your site...??? Be great to have a catch up when you're back from your trip with your mum. You take care mate xxx
Hey mate!
Definately looking forward to a good catch up - hope my postcard found it's way to you - wasnt sure if you have moved or not!?
Hope all's good... take care xxx
From Jo Grl - Friday, 31st March 2006, 20:59 (GMT)
hey YOU!!
hows things in your part of the world chicky?! Things with me are PEACHY KEEN JELLYBEAN!!! Hope they are with you too!!
From JOGRL - Wednesday, 3rd May 2006, 03:36 (GMT)
I think we should celebrate for the WHOLE month haha . . . . sounds blaaarrrdy good to me!!!
Have fun travelling with your mum!! Luv, Jo :-)
YEY!!! I totally agree with you... oh wait - i WILL be celebrating for the whole month... hehe I'll have a drink for you every day! xx