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From Nathan - Saturday, 27th May 2006, 13:20 (GMT)
Damn i am so jealous. Seeing those photos of Greece inspires me to travel there again. I AM SO JEALOUS!!
well, only another 7 weeks till i go travelling for...wait for it..3 months!!!
sounds like your having lots of fun...oh and happy birthday!!!!
take care
kiwi nate
From Glenys - Sunday, 28th May 2006, 20:46 (GMT)
Hi Sam

Glad to from you.

Sounds like you are having a blast enjoy yourself.

Everything here is the same no-one left just coming to the end of a colour change. We are fairly quiet.

Enjoy yourself with your mum for the rest of the trip.

Take Care
From Aussie Nath - Monday, 29th May 2006, 02:55 (GMT)
eh spaz!

I knew u'd love the rouge! how kick ass is it.......the pythons, the drummer, the balancing dudes...and that champes is sooo yummy.....u woulda ordered 2 wouldn't ya? ha ha........keep living the dream biatch!

Yeah mate, loved it aye!! Miss ya heaps - nipple & I will have to give you a call when i'm back in the burgher

From kiwi Jen - Monday, 29th May 2006, 05:25 (GMT)
Hey Babe

Glad to hear that your drinking Europe dry! Missing you heaps and plotting our next roadtrip around kiwiland. Love ME
And equally pleased to hear that even during your time of illness you are not letting the drinking team down back home!! Miss you guys heaps - chat soon xxx
From Jo Grl - Monday, 29th May 2006, 20:55 (GMT)

Thanks chicky - had a ball xx
From Jo Booze Harg - Tuesday, 30th May 2006, 18:08 (GMT)
HARRRRPPPYY BIRRTTHHDAAYYY TOOOOOO YOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU - HAAAARRRPPYYY BIIRRTTHHDAAAYYY TOO YOOUUUUUUU DARLY WARLY!!!!! Hope you and your Ma are having a riveting time thanks Sweetie - and thart you gut a birthday bonk today if possible as well thanks - he he he! Have a super day - love you lots and miss yoouuuuuuuuu!!!! Spot ya soon thun Darl xxx mwah mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Awww thanks darly - no birthday bonks here, but had lotsa chinks with ma... chat to you sooonnn xxx
From Timbo - Tuesday, 30th May 2006, 21:42 (GMT)
Sammy you are a big gimp. Why the hell didn't you let me know you were coming to UK?

Glad to see you are well. I loved Santorini, the food and the views rock, I am going back for sure.

Hmmm I'm sure i would've notified you last year when i was coming over... otherwise you are right to call me a big gimp LOL. Back in London this weekend - will text you & hopefully catch up theen sweetness.

Me xxx
From mum - Friday, 9th June 2006, 03:22 (GMT)
Hi - back home safe and sound too - despite the numb bum from 21 hours sitting on a plane seat!! Had an absolute blast with you as well and would recommend you as a tour guide - negotiating the non english speaking countries would have been a nightmare without you. Boys present went down a treat with him and everyone else that sees it :) Congrats on the new job, hope it's everything you wish it to be. Love you and talk to you soon - xxxooo
From Jo - Monday, 3rd July 2006, 21:20 (GMT)
Hey Chick!!
Your looking FAB!! Pics are great!! HOPEFULLY I will be over there next year and we can catch up! That would be MAD!!!! hahahaha
Things here are good, bit blardy cold though thanks haha!!
Stay Peachy, will send you an email soon.
Luv, Me :-)
From Aunty Carol - Friday, 4th August 2006, 20:23 (GMT)
Thanks for looking after Jo and it is great to see her in your photos you sound like you are having a ball all the time. Lots of love Aunty Carol
Hi Aunty Carol!
Yeah we're having a fabulous time!! It's soooo cool having Jo here hanging out with me :-) Will no doubt collect many more photos for the webpage.... so watch this space! Miss you all heaps, Samantha x
From mum - Saturday, 5th August 2006, 11:02 (GMT)
hi looks like you guys are having a great time at the jazz festival - looking tanned and relaxed - lucky buggers! :) Hope the festival is a lot of fun - look forward to some more pics - have 3 or 4 for me!!
lots of love - mum
Hi Mum :-D
Weekend 1 over... and loving it!!!!! The atmosphere is electric, the whole city's buzzing... It's gonna be a fabulous and exhausting month - BRING IT ON!!!
Love you heaps xxxxx
From - Wednesday, 16th August 2006, 03:06 (GMT)
Hi - yep 21 - again! heard you had fun phoning the whanau! Must have had more wine after talking to me! Wot am I saying??? You don't drink and neither does Jo - much :)
Love MUM
No alcohol was harmed in the making of those phone calls ;-)
Tried to call Grandad to wish him happy b'day too, but the call wouldn't go through. Hope you had a nice day xxxx
From Natedog - Monday, 21st August 2006, 15:24 (GMT)
Sounds like you guys are having a ball. Great stuff. I like the pics, did you say late 20 degree heat in edinburgh? those poor wee scottish people must have been whimpering in that heat!

anyrod, im in st johan at the mo, off to italy in a couple of days..should be good..
have fun!

Lol... yeah, they moan when its cold... they moan when its hot... self proclaimed moaners, this wee scottish lot! Have a blast matey - oohhh so jealous!!! We are way envious of the skydive!!!!! Take care out there :-)
From Phill - Thursday, 31st August 2006, 04:35 (GMT)
It sounds as though this festival, of which you speak so fondly, was realtively large and busy.

I hope you enjoyed yourself.

I don't want to talk to you
I just want

From mum - Wednesday, 20th September 2006, 03:44 (GMT)
Hmmmmmmmmmm see you're still making good use of your Paris evening shoes!!! Ireland looks lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing more pics when you get home
Love you
Haha - yeah I totally regret not getting the other 2 colours in the shoes as well. Pretty darned good for 3Euros!!! Looking forward to showing you more photos - bring on the slideshow night :-)
lotsa love, me xxx
From Jo - Sunday, 1st October 2006, 20:14 (GMT)
Hey YOU!!
How you be?! I'm PEACHY PEACHY today!!! Feeling like my old self i am!! haha i like it alot! Although tomorrow could be different - but who cares it's today and everything is peachy!!
haha Glenn shaved his hair off!!!! I think it looks great - alot better than when he did have hair!! haha
Well, must go and carry on with my PEACHY day!!
Have fun chick!!
Lots of love, Jo :-)
So you're having a good day then?! Enjoy being peachy keen, jellybean! Talk to you this week sometime xx
From Katie - Thursday, 5th October 2006, 06:42 (GMT)
hey you! Just been reading about your travels - so exciting! Hope things are going well - talk soon....Take care matey xxx
hey matey!!!
yeah i'm having a great time still... cant wait to get home though and catch up!!!! not long now.....
hope all's goin well with you :-)
From mum - Friday, 3rd November 2006, 23:32 (GMT)
Yay so looking forward to you coming home. Hope you are taking boy with you to Malta - he hasn't been getting out and about much from what I can tell. See you on the 30th - not many sleeps left to go :)
23 sleeps to gooo!!!!
Umm... there's been a small problem with Boy.... he's certainly out and about - in fact you could say he's become rather independant of late.....
From JO - Sunday, 19th November 2006, 19:29 (GMT)
Hope your having a fab time!! YIPPEEEE your coming home in 10 days!!! hehe can't wait!
Things with me are good, I heard the heartbeat the other day!!!!!!!!! FREAKY!!!!
Anyhooooo, have fun, talk soon!!
Luv Jo :-)
WOW - that's so cool!! Still cant believe you're gonna become a Mummy! hehe
Malta's awesome!!!!! We're having a lovely time - so far havent done much but read and relax. Oh and drink a lil. haha
See ya sooooon!!!!!!!
From mum - Wednesday, 30th May 2007, 06:59 (GMT)
Happy NZ Birthday to you, Happy Irish Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Samanthaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Happy Birthday to You
Thanks Mum!!!
Watch out for pics of the birthday glasses.... hehe
From Jo Booze Harg - Wednesday, 30th May 2007, 06:07 (GMT)
HARRRPPPYY BIIRRRTTHHDAAYYY TOOO YOUUUUUUUU DARRRRLLYY - YAAYYYYYYY!!!!! Hope you have a super fabby day thanks overseas person!!!!! Love ya lots, Jo xxxxx mwah mwah xxx
Awww fanks darl :-)
Have some champers for me in NZ thanks xxx
From Scottish Margaret - Tuesday, 5th December 2006, 16:48 (GMT)
Hi Sam, hope you had a good journey home and are enjoying all that Kiwi sunshine. It's currently quite cold in Edinburgh and very very wet. Your poor wee feet would not be happy. Never mind it'll soon be Christmas and I'll be off for 2 weeks, yippee.
Take care, Margaret
Oh dear, it sounds like I'm in the right place then - got sunburnt my second day here!! I'm having such a fabulous time so far! Though I am missing everyone from Edinburgh (but not the weather), will send through an email shortly xx
From Emma - Monday, 11th December 2006, 20:56 (GMT)
Hi Sam!!!!
I accidentally deleted your cell number OOPS (thats me)
Give me a call again sometime we soooo need to catch up!!!
heya! will do :-D
From Jenn - Friday, 22nd December 2006, 18:25 (GMT)
helloooooo from the BIG APPLE!!!
Just wishing you a merry xmas in the beautiful warm sunny country of yours!!! meanwhile ill be freezing my tush off over here - a blizzard just hit Denvar and is headed my way!

Have a fab New Years and make sure you have a bt or 3 for me! ill be hanging out on the ski slopes of Vermont!! Oh its a hard life being a traveller sometimes!! ;oP

Anyways just before i go I wanna say something. I'm gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don't, send it right back. I want to be on you.

luv and miss u heaps
oh baxter, you're so wise... you're like a miniature buddah covered in hair!
luv and miss you heaps too chicky xxxxxoxoxoxox
From Jenn - Monday, 8th January 2007, 19:47 (GMT)
LOL! i bet tattie cant sing nearly as well as you did when we were in Malta!! lucky for me im still a karoke virgin!! teehee!!

Guess what i met a kiwi girl working in Time Square yesterday!! she was from Auckland as well - unfortunately she did know u!!! Lol! i love themisconception that u know everyone from your own country!

Anyways have fun. Im off to ARUBA tomorrow where there are highs of 30!!

love ya
haha - unfortunately she DID know me?! yeess... karaoke.... not something i'll be rushing into again.... Aruba sounds like it was luurrvveellyy!!!! lucky tarty face!!!! miss your crazy arse heaps xoxoxox