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From Jo - Wednesday, 7th February 2007, 19:28 (GMT)
Hey Hey!!! How's Ireland??!
Things here are good, moving house on Saturday - can't wait!! Glenn got a 42" plasma . . . freakin males!! You'd think he was blind wanting a tv of that size! haha I told him he'll just about need to sit outside to watch it!!
Baby is moving around ALOT, i never used to feel him when i was wandering around/standing up - he's definatly letting us know he's there! haha
Hope your having fun chick, talk soon!!

Luv, Jo :-)
Baha - 42" plasma?! oh well, boys will be boys and indulge in their toys (i'm a tiny bit jealous! haha)
Awww that's cool Baby Beans moving round heaps - hope he's not keeping you awake at night! Say hi to your boys from me, miss ya heaps xxoxox
From kiwi nate - Tuesday, 13th February 2007, 07:35 (GMT)
Hi Sam..ive been at my new job for 3 weeks now..and its kinda scary..i mean..i might have to stay there long-term..which means i probably wont be able to travel Europe again until i retire...scary...Maybe its time for me to find a wife have kids and settle down eh..
Jen we are so jealous of your travels...
anyhow..hope u find a job soon
btw, whats eds email addy
hehe - NOOOOOO!!! Not settling down?! Sweet though dude, sounds like it's gonna be a great job if you think you're gonna be there for a looooong time ;-) will send you an email with eds addy etc
Take care xo
From tattie - Monday, 19th February 2007, 22:58 (GMT)
hey fruit , u got a job sweet ! so i guess the drinks are on u then the next tie ur around. where is the house and if u want a good pub try asking ppl where the gate cinema is and from there ask where the fracisian well pub is, p.s. they dont do ormal beer ask for the scottish on it will kill ya lol, ill try to get home once my shifts came down and then we'll do the pluncett challange , more details later lol , tell gaynor i was asking for her and i miss ya like mad

Sean "the tattie " XXX
hey tattie!
totally sweet having a job alright! cant wait for my first payday (this fri) - Look out cork!!!! will attempt to try as many pubs as poss before you get here next time... i have a feeling i know what the plunkett challenge involves... uh-oh! think we're going to text spud this weekend (dave) if we go out. you take care - keep growing the bottle collection at grove street.... love me xox
From Katie - Sunday, 3rd June 2007, 01:32 (GMT)
hey matey potatey,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (did you get my text or did I send it to the wrong Sam UK cell??!!) I have too many numbers in my ph for you! How is your hol going? Can't wait to see some pics. Big hugs chick, luv ya xx
Hey chicky!!
Yeah I did get the text - thank you :-) Ran out of credit to reply so was just waiting to get back from Portugal (today!). Will put up some new pics asap... watch this space!!
From Jo - Sunday, 18th March 2007, 23:11 (GMT)
Hey hey!!
how you be?! Hope you had a great St Paddy's day over there!! Things here are great . . . i've been bullied into a baby shower by mum and my bro's girlfriend . . . yay yay. So yeah that's this Saturday . . . I'm just going for the food . . hahahah just kidding!!
Take Care chicky, have fun!!!

Luv, Jo and bellybean :-)
LOL... oh damit!! I should've tried harder to get you to have one while I was still at home ;-) Oh well, free stuff for you and belly bean - YEY!!
From Diddle (Lis) - Saturday, 31st March 2007, 11:45 (GMT)
hey there lassie -
Your looking fantastic!!! WOW you been working out chicki

St Pat's was fantastic here too.. Very messy ohh errr
Everythings going well here in OZ, have purchased a Dirt Bike.. fantasic piece of machinery..until you fall off and hit the ground with a cluf broken bones yet..hehe
I'll send you an emmy soon and let you know the dates I arrive as I shall pop in and say hiiiiii... not sure I am keen on trying the trotters tho.... Glad to see the you still have the jacket too.. came in V handy :)
Aww thank you for the compliment - i havent been doing anything special except walking a lot! A dirt bike you say!? wow!! glad to hear all's going well downunder :-D aww no trotters!? i cant understand why not hehe
From Katie - Wednesday, 18th April 2007, 09:18 (GMT)
hey matey
just been reading about your recent happenings...what fun you are having! Good pics too! You look really good. Love the hair like that. Sending you big hugs and love from Christchurch
Aww thanks love! Got your fab email the other day & will holler back at ya real soon! Hugs and loads of love back xxxx
From Jo - Wednesday, 2nd May 2007, 21:04 (GMT)
Hey hey!!
Well, it's my 2nd to last day here at Tasman, thought I'd visit your webpage to say a last HI!! haha (although I will be back here in Sept)
Email me on my yahoo email address, I will check it once a week and try to reply as often as possible.
Eeeekkkkk time is going too fast, can't believe I only have 2 weeks until I'm due!!!! I'm a wee bit freaked out about it. Glenn's really excited!!
Will text you pics, Take Care Chicky, Love you and miss you!!
Jo :-)
EEEKKK 2 weeks to go!!! OMG how totally exciting! I'm not surprised you're a wee bit freaked out though! Hopefully will talk to you before your wee one comes along. Take care - love and miss you heaps as well xxx
From JENN - Sunday, 6th May 2007, 04:11 (GMT)
easter sounded like a BLAST!!! Im staying on an apple orchard on Gabriola Island with a few Korean guys and the most golf crazed owner!! its a laugh a minute! we have a local surf pub 10min down road!! Unfortunately it means going uphill on the way home - not so fun after a few!!! But just been chillin with the locals as well as the wildlife of sea lions, seals, river otters, eagles and deer. fortunately no bears here!!!!
Cant wait to read the next Irish installment!!
HUGs from Canada!
OMG - that sounds soooo cool!!! What an adventure you're having missy! Glad there are no bears there too! Will send you an email, and update my webpage haha
Miss you heaps chicky xx
From tammy - Thursday, 10th May 2007, 22:57 (GMT)
hey hey chickie!!
just reading your blog - your having a blast of time arent ya matie!!!!
well we are all packed and ready to go to aussie on the 4th june so i will have to email you from there with the goss.
you have my new email address so yeah and i will send you pics etc of us bla bla bla.
anyhoo chick take it easy and i will talk with ya later
tam xx
hey heeey!
yeah i'm having a pretty good time alright :-) wow you guys are off really soon! hope the move goes well & look forward to getting a big update from ya!
take care chicky x
From JoGrl - Sunday, 5th August 2007, 02:06 (GMT)
hey hey!! thought i'd have a looksie at your webpage as it's been farrr too long since i've been on here!!
Hope you are having a peachy time chicky :-)
Life is great, Bradly is a little angel (thank god!!), can't wait for you to meet him :-)
Have fun. keep smiling!!

Luv, Jo Glenn & Bradly :-)
Hey chick!!!
I totally cant wait to meet Bradly as well - he's sooo cute from the pics you've sent me & I'm glad he's being an angel :-)
Still having a ball... Love and miss ya heaps xx
From Katie - Friday, 8th June 2007, 22:40 (GMT)
Awesome pics mate! What beautiful old castles and the beach looked very relaxing! We have snow on our lawn this morning!!!! So I'm jealous of you lazing around in your togs!!
Big hugs matey potatey xxx
SNOW!? haha that's crazy!! Its even been really nice in Cork lately :-) Was a fabulous trip... aren't you going to come and visit me... hehe - worth a try!
loads of love xxx
From Phill - Friday, 3rd August 2007, 06:30 (GMT)
man, it sounds like you are having an absolute ball!!! There are times I really wish i was back in the UK
You know you guys are more than welcome to come for a visit to Ireland..... any time!
From Aunty Carol - Thursday, 18th October 2007, 02:38 (GMT)
Thanks for the chocolates the thought was awesome. Jo is home safe and sound. Looks like your weekend was a blast. Hope your trip is all you want it to be. Lots of love. Aunty Carol
Hehe - no problem :-)
Hope you have a fabulous birthday!! Trip's going fabulously so far - truely amazing place to visit :-)
Big hugs xx
From Linda - Friday, 7th September 2007, 15:28 (GMT)
I am very jealous - sounds like you have had a great time since you left Scotland - I can't believe it is that long since you left us at the Funding Council. So what is the next bid adventure?
When are you coming back to visit us in Scotland? A big hug from me!
Yeah I've been having a great time alright - though nothing feels as close to home as Edinburgh did! Will pop an email through today xx
From Jo - Monday, 19th November 2007, 00:51 (GMT)
hey hey!!
how are things chicky??
d'oh! i can't get onto facebook to check out your pics! Will have to wait until you come home :-)
Things here are peachy keen jellybean, not much to report unfortuantly. 5 weeks till Santa hehe, we've got 2 weeks off - can't wait!

Keep having fun, Stay Peachy!

Take care chick, love and miss you heaps,
Jo, Glenn & Bradly
hey chick!!
Aawww boo you cant check out facebook - i'll put up some pics in the meantime... 5 weeks till christmas!! yikes, that means not long till i get back!!!!!
Miss ya heaps, love to you all xxxxx
From Jo - Sunday, 7th October 2007, 22:11 (GMT)
Hey Chicky! how you be?!
I be fabulous!! I'm guessing your on your Mid East trip? Hope your having fun and stuff!!
Things here are brilliant - hope they are with you too :-)

Take Care Chick, Talk soon

Love you and miss you heaps!!
Jo, Glenn & Bradly
From Jillian Kirkman - Thursday, 13th December 2007, 06:45 (GMT)
Hi!!!!! Just checking through old emails and stubbled accross this link!!!! I cant believe you are still travelling! Sounds like you have had a wicked time. im in Fiji at the mo, due back to Edinburgh on 17th Dec. Ill read more of your travels when i get home. Keep livin it up luv J
wow hi!!!!
I just got back to NZ on 8th Dec so looks like i would've just missed you down this end of the world!!! Hope you've been enjoying your travels as well - Say hi to Edinburgh for me... still one of my favourite places in the world!!!! Take care & chat soon xxx