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From Debbie - Sunday, 16th October 2005, 10:31 (GMT)
Hello you two! Your pictures and stories sound great! I'm so happy that you're having such a great time! Just wanted to let you know that I'm thyinking of you and missing you guys!
Love Debs
Debbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been so long since I have heard from you. How is Belgium treating you? You have to tell me everything! And send me your address and Pieter's address. I want to send you both postcards! Love you! xxx
From yacine - Sunday, 29th January 2006, 21:43 (GMT)
hi girls what's new, where are you now ? is't the end of your trip ?
kiss Laura, good luck
Hey Yacine! Trip is over, I am back in London. Write me at my yahoo email address. Bisous!
From Sabrina - Monday, 3rd October 2005, 04:09 (GMT)
Hey mana This looks soooooooo cool!!! You look sooooo pretty!! I miss you. u have to come and visit us here in arizona soon!! I luv you!!
Thanks sweetie!!! I'll be in AZ in January - so not too far from now. Love you! Mana xxxx
From Ed - Sunday, 2nd October 2005, 19:36 (GMT)
Hey Ally,
Sounds utterly absolutely awesome! Glad that the adventure is going well and that both you and laura are having a wicked time. Anyway keep living it up and take care.

Thanks Edo! Hope London is treating you well. Ally xx
From Rob - Sunday, 2nd October 2005, 16:43 (GMT)
Hi again, glad the trip is still going well. It still makes me jealouse! I start a new job tomorrow so am working my bum of to be ready.
I am loving the adventures of Ally so far so keep us all posted.

Love Rob
Thanks sexy! Send me your address so that I can send you postcards. Ally xxx
From Paul - Thursday, 22nd December 2005, 10:09 (GMT)
Hi Ally,
Hope you have a wonderful xmas and new year. I'm off to the COLD uk tomorrow for a week. I was in India last week,amazing - I think you should add that to your next trip! Take care
Love always. xxx
Hope you have a wonderful time with your family. A big hug for Annabel. I'll have to catch up with you and hear all about your trip to India. Happy Holidays!
From Meme - Friday, 2nd September 2005, 01:27 (GMT)
To my darling Ally, I miss you sooo much, you were such a sweatheart over those stolen moments we spent together in Tacloban.

Love your Phillapino Stallion
Meme xx

P.S Make sure you get in touch with my mate Craig when your in NZ ;)
hahaha.... u weirdo! Be sure to say hi to Craig for me!
From Matt - Monday, 12th September 2005, 02:43 (GMT)
Hey sis,
Wow it sounds like you are having quite an adventure, you are so lucky!! Who would have thought, growing up as a kid in Maricopa that at the age of 23 you would be Thailand dodging pythons and hill tribe women, making friends with thai boxers, and riding elephants through the jungle with their master who cant sing?? haha Sounds like your having a blast sis keep us posted.
I love you!!!!
Your bro.
Hey bro! So glad you messaged. Did you get that package yet?
Definitely never thought I would be doing this way back in the day. But I guess that time prepared me for all the snake dodging...haha! Take care of you, really wish you were out here, I know you would love it. Love you!
From AUNT KIM - Wednesday, 3rd August 2005, 19:59 (GMT)
From yacine - Saturday, 15th October 2005, 01:04 (GMT)
hi, ood day I hope that you have a lot of fun, I travel with you through this site, therefore you must have fun for three persons at the time of your visits.
Wish you were here with us!
From Tamika - Monday, 15th August 2005, 16:17 (GMT)
HEY MANNA how is your trip going!!?? i just started school last tuedsay soo yeah i guess that is cool only i am not oing to the school hey well i'll email you later buh byeI LOVE YOU MUAWAH MUAWAH
From Olivia - Tuesday, 16th August 2005, 15:06 (GMT)
It looks like you're having a great time!!!
Gros gros bisous
From Tamika - Thursday, 18th August 2005, 17:50 (GMT)
MANNA you have to put more picks up so then we can see them ok well i hope that you are having fun i love you!! buh bye
Hi baby! Pix are up and more coming soon. Love you!
From Roisin - Thursday, 18th August 2005, 21:09 (GMT)
allycat post some pics of yourself we want to see you!!!!!!
Pix are finally up!
From Roisin - Saturday, 27th August 2005, 21:37 (GMT)
hey hunny bunny just letting you know that i'm following your adventures!!!! love you lots xxxx be a good girlxxx
From aunty pinky - Tuesday, 30th August 2005, 16:42 (GMT)
Hi baby!
I am so happy for you. Seems you are really enjoying yourself as you should. can't wait to hear more of your travels and see your pics. Please thank your wonderful girlfriends for looking after you. This is a trip you will never forget. Enjoy and savor all the tastes and wonders of Asia! I love you!!!
Thanks Aunt Pinky. Love you too!
From Angelina Maynard - Thursday, 1st September 2005, 06:38 (GMT)
Al, you are quite an explorer!! Sounds like you are enjoying your trip. Gosh, it is so nice to see your pictures. You have changed quite a bit... It seems like we haven't talked for years... I miss you AL!!
I know - it's been too long. Keep in touch! xx
From mildred - Thursday, 1st September 2005, 07:19 (GMT)
he he he.... you are so organised it brings a smile to my face!
sounds like you are having a good time, are you going to get to cambodia?
dont think i like the idea of everyone reading my comments so i'll leave it at that...big kiss and thinking of you lots (mostly thoughts of envy!) come back in one piece, dont stab yourelf or anything i might do x
You think Im!! No Cambodia - maybe on another trip. Lots of love hun!
From Grandma Sue - Thursday, 1st September 2005, 13:55 (GMT)
Hello, my sweet Ally...
First of all, congratulations on your graduation. I am so proud of you for having achieved such status. Keep going and reach for the stars, but all in fun, no stress included. I'm happy that you're doing this (and can do it). Just be careful in everything you do. Learn how to say no and mean it. I miss you, sweetheart. Keep sending pictures. My e-mail is not working so keep in contact with me at work. Take care. Love you lots!
From Raphy - Thursday, 1st September 2005, 14:09 (GMT)
This is very cool. Keep up the postings - it's like we are there with you!
From Phil - Thursday, 1st September 2005, 15:08 (GMT)
Hey Ally

Fantastic! Josie and Chloe love the pictures. A great reward for all of your hard work. Enjoy yourself.

Thanks!! Big hug & kiss for Chloe & Josie!
From sheena - Thursday, 1st September 2005, 17:09 (GMT)
my god, just arrived in milan 4 days ago and honestly was thinking of u n wanted to send u an email to say hello after going through all d email address..? i cant believed in r in asia . and u r even going to singapore. i go there alot for work and tell me wat date r u in singapore? cheers...ciao bella.
From cuzy shanna - Thursday, 1st September 2005, 17:18 (GMT)
hello sweety,
im very much glad you enjoyed your trip here in Tacloban, im hoping to see you next nyear ill be looking forward to that!! mwahh regards to all....
Miss you CuZ!
From Travis - Thursday, 1st September 2005, 20:13 (GMT)
Your vacation looks and sounds incredible! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us! Safe travels!!!
Thanks Travis! Hope all is good with you in the Windy City. xx
From Rob - Friday, 2nd September 2005, 09:38 (GMT)
Hi you, very jealouse of your travles adn glad you are having a great time!
I had a wee travel session my self the other week adn went to Venice with Lindsay (Romance but at a high price!). All was good except it floded when we were there!
Miss you lots Ally.
Love Rob could only happen to you, eh? Miss you too...I trekked in the jungle with a guy who reminded me so much of you. You two should meet some day. Your probably like long lost brothers or something. xx