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From Philip Merryman - Sunday, 16th October 2005, 11:17 (GMT)
Finally remembered to check your site. Perth, Uluru, etc all bring back great memories of my trip. I too walked around Uluru and into the Olgas. The night sky was stunning - first time I had seen the Clouds of Magellan. You have done the new bit of the Ghan to Darwin - it was being built while I was there. I have a mate in Adelaide who is English and a cricket fan. Ashes fever here was incredible. Hopefully he can get tickets for the Adelaide test v England next year. I can then do the Ghan all the way this time. Perhaps I need to go round again! Enjoy the rest of the trip. Cheers. Phil.
The Ghan was good although I don't think it compared to the Trans-Siberian for interest. We watched the last match of the Ashes over here - brilliant. The Ozzies don't mention cricket much at the moment.
From Rich Leathard - Monday, 22nd August 2005, 07:33 (GMT)
Hi there,
Please feel free to leave a message, but no bad language please (especially Plymouthians, ex Worcester bouys, Bearded Ken and Betty).
From Johnny Stribs - Tuesday, 13th December 2005, 08:37 (GMT)
Great to hear you're having a fab time.

Have a great Christmas and New Year wherever you both are.

John & Nic
See you summer of 2006 for fun and games.
From Brian Hall - Monday, 22nd August 2005, 10:21 (GMT)
It's good to see you keeping fit and healthy there young Richard.

As your former Headmaster, I feel very proud of you.
Cheers Si.
From lee - Monday, 22nd August 2005, 12:46 (GMT)
Av you bumped into monkey or pigsy yet?Or seen that silly cloud monkey used to whistle for?
N0 - but I saw Sandy (the fishy one), hanging about outside McDonalds.
From Ming the Merciless - Tuesday, 23rd August 2005, 07:51 (GMT)
Richard Earthling,
Glad that your global trottings are going well on this planet you call earth. Hope you appreciate the time I have taken out of my busy inter-galatic warlord schedule to complete this !
Thanks Ming
From Charlie - Tuesday, 23rd August 2005, 08:56 (GMT)
Easy now

Seems like you are having too much fun...although obviously not as much as us at home enjoying 'the year of fun'. By the way I am not receiving your e-mails.
I'll try using the email address above.
From neal and freya - Tuesday, 23rd August 2005, 09:41 (GMT)
Plymouth Argyle lost. Its Freya by the way. Neal is going to sign on. Honest! We went to Cookson's wedding in York. It was a good night. You sound like you are having a fantastic time. Slightly jealous, got to be honest. We are all fine. Weather her ( if u r interested ) is pretty pants. Where r you going next? Enjoy yourselves. Look forward to the next e-mail.
From Abi - Thursday, 25th August 2005, 13:23 (GMT)
Sounds great, well maybe not the slaughtered sheep experience. We are off travelling soon, all the way to France to stay in a caravan. Don't be too jealous.
Take care of yourselves
Nothing wrong with France - had a great time there last year. Enjoy the break.
From Simeon - Monday, 5th September 2005, 09:43 (GMT)
Hi Sheena, im the guy whos taken over some of your files. Cheers for leaving everything organised and squared away. So far so good. You lucky thing it sounds great. Take care.
Hi Simeon
Thanks for the mail. Sounds like I have managed to hide my mistakes quite well! Good luck with the job. Sheena
From Davina - Wednesday, 7th September 2005, 10:21 (GMT)
Hey Guys
How are you both? Are you in Oz now? I am in the last few days of my trip with my sister now, in Ko Chang. Lapping up what i can of the rays before home. Can't believe it has all gone so quick!!! Let us know what your up to and have fun in the van.
Davina xx
We are in the south West of Australia now but we are heading for Alice very soon. I hope you enjoyed the islands of Thailand. Good luck with the move to Brighton. Sheena and Rich.
From betty - Thursday, 8th September 2005, 16:06 (GMT)
Viewing from Janettes. Fantastic - very impressed. Hope all is well and you are in Aussie. Take care. xx
In Oz now and all is well.
From Darryl Mug - Wednesday, 14th September 2005, 22:20 (GMT)
I will make you a pot.
I'd prefer if you could make me a small plate with a badger on it.
From Charles McCullough - Thursday, 22nd September 2005, 20:09 (GMT)
Easy now,

Looks like you are having a great time, keep the photos coming. the more, the better with Rich wearing silly helmets/kagouls. I hope all these trips have been accounted for in the spreadsheet otherwise the Leathard millions will be rapidly dwindling.

bye for now (you know)

Trying to keep a control on the spending but Sheena has gone mad - she keeps wanting to buy things like souvenirs, toiletries and even food!
From Nicki - Saturday, 24th September 2005, 13:01 (GMT)
hey guys, sounds like your having a wicked time and the photos look great - am so jealous. I'm back to work so have been completely chocker with work but am really enjoying it. Will check out the page again in a week or so. Keep having fun! Loads of love Nix x
Hi Nicki, I hope all the kids are well behaved for you this year - or you'll be needing another holiday soon.
From julie/darren - Saturday, 24th September 2005, 20:23 (GMT)
Hi guys nice to see you are having a great time. Kiddies keep asking when are you going to visit our house again think they are missing you. Twins started school last week look smart in their uniforms. Darren has gone down the pub with Andy L he bought a car for £2.50 today in Torpoint. He is sleeping on the sofa tonight, Kids think he plays like Uncle Richard poor man tomorrow morning then.
Hi. Hope you are all well and the twins are enjoying school. Tell them I'd come and stay but I'm half way around the world sleeping in a van.
From EUNICE& JOHN - Sunday, 25th September 2005, 15:57 (GMT)
Hi Both
We are enjoying your excellent web page.Now we have won the Ashes!!! suggest you keep a low profile,take care all the best.
Eunice& John.
The Australians seem reluctant to talk about cricket at the moment - and rugby for that matter. Still, they rule the world at Australian Rules Football. Glad you enjoy the site.
From anette - Tuesday, 27th September 2005, 18:51 (GMT)
Hiya you two, just browsing quickly through your page, im sitting in reception at Future Publishing (Quey house, the creative/music etc building, yay!!!) Im temping as an evening receptionist (still doing the pub as well). Hope your rock experiences are rocking. (...) I miss you.
Dont work too hard - you need to keep up the socialising as well. What pub are you working at?
From kam - Wednesday, 28th September 2005, 12:57 (GMT)
I have spent all my lunch time today trying to catch up with your latest news. You are both having fun.
I just come back from my CPD in Bristol and learn nothing .....or was cancelled without any notification. Don'tt come back to the modern world yet so soon! You will be confused. Enjoy.

If all goes to plan I wont be back to the working world for another 8 months.....hope I dont forget too much in that time! I'll prob need to do some serious CPD myself to get back up to date. Hope you are well.
From adam - Friday, 30th September 2005, 16:33 (GMT)
come back soon - one plant is already dead and the other one is growing mushrooms! doh!
One more plant dies and we will send Andy around! Hope you both are well. What boat did you go on in the Whitsundays by the way?
From Lee - Thursday, 6th October 2005, 18:42 (GMT)
Good to see your flyin the flag for us with the 'BRITZ' camper van badge.Bet the aussies lov it?Must be nice with the cricket victory still in the air.One of the things i remember when i was there was constantly being taunted with our in-
ability to play sport.
If your in Cairns,stay at 'UPTOP DOWNUNDER BACKPACKERS' if its still there?
Have fun kids!
They don't mention the cricket (or the rugby) at the moment. Its nice to have won against them for a change. We stayed in a campsite in Cairns but we need a backpackers for Sydney. Any suggestions?
From Moot - Friday, 7th October 2005, 05:47 (GMT)
Rich you're looking more and more like Frodo everyday! Sheena keep up the good work with ribbing Rich about the spreadsheet. I think he caught the bug scroogeous maximus from his old Clee Hall room mate!
See you soon Moot

P.S. We're going away the week you're in Melbourne, we'll leave the key under the mat!
I didn't know that you got a key down the YMCA!
Looking forward to catching up mate. I'll need some time off drinking to update my spreadsheet. See you soon.
From Martin - Friday, 7th October 2005, 13:21 (GMT)
Hi you two
Been reading too quickly: at first I thought you said the quokas looked like Rich - & then I saw the pics!!! It all seems to get better & better - have started planning my trip now even though it'll be 15 years till I can do it...
Keep living it!
If we are looking for animals that look like Rich, check out the frog on the North Queensland photos...
From Greg - Tuesday, 11th October 2005, 08:46 (GMT)
Good luck Sheena in spending 2 months in campavan in the Australian outback with Rich. I am sure with his Lord of the Rings Top Trumps and his in-depth knowledge of Text-io and other software engineering languages the days will just fly-by.
Gods speed to you both.
Greg & Jo x
Less of your sauce young Greg. The Lord of the Rings cards don't come out until we get to Middle Earth ... sorry NZ. Looking forward to the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe next.
From Simon, Emma and Josh - Sunday, 18th December 2005, 08:40 (GMT)
Merry Christmas to you both. Hope to see you in the near future. Enjoy 2006 travels!

Hope all is well in Deal with you all and you are enjoying the new job. See you sometime in 2006.